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  1. Re: Stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs

    For Hardware Monitoring:

    CPU-Z-Little program for checking your CPU sort, clock speed and voltage. Likewise checks your RAM and motherboard sort.

    GPU-Z-Same again with the exception of for...
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    Re: unable to uninstall EasyTune6

    The only simple way of fixing this problem is to delete your entries within the Install Shield folder in Program Files directory. You should also note that this folder is a hidden folder. Out of All...
  3. Re: Is the Information about End of Support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is true?

    The information you have given is not does not give complete information regarding the end of support for a range of Windows versions as stated
    Check this site...
  4. re: AppleMobileDeviceService.exe slows the CPU and doesn’t sync iPhone 4 with iTunes 10.4 and windows XP

    You can search on the internet and you can go on the apple website and you will be able to solve the problem and also you will be able to get the solution for the problem. Hope you will be able to...
  5. Re: System previously being sync with iPad error message while connecting new iPad

    I'm using Vista and there is a trick to get your iPhone working order. When the system try to do the restore the iPhone backup is elected to restore as soon as the box with the restoration progress...
  6. Re: Getting blank iTunes store window in iTunes 10.4

    I would like to say that downgrading would help as I did it and got this problem resolved. So try to follow the steps below,
    • First, go to the Control Panel>>Programs>>Uninstall
    • Uninstall...
  7. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    As others have said, you can go to each site (as well as Oracle to try Virtual Box) and get a free trial for each of the products. I would recommend giving each a try and see what you like. I...
  8. Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 lost the Bluetooth Connectivity

    I have the same problem with my Lenovo T61. Everything was fine in v5.0.1. I tried everything I can think of to disable Bluetooth diagnosis, reboot, and check DM 6 profitable, reboot and check the DB...
  9. Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    Android developer CVPC has just released a pre-alpha build of VLC Player. So now we can officially say that pre-alpha version of VLC player for android is available. I would say that if you want to...
  10. Re: How to build VMware 5.0 environment for home lab

    For my own home lab, I went the cheap route. You will not find these items in the HCL, but they work for me to test things for my own purposes. The key is to remember that the necessary components...
  11. Re: Different -x parameter in VMware workstation 8

    I must have done a poor job of describing the trouble .In the workstation versions before 8, if you used the parameter-x to start each VM in its own window, and has had more than one window open when...
  12. re: VMware workstation 8 for windows- full screen VMware player

    We removed the old way of redesigning how fullscreen.v5 when full screen mode works on the workstation 8. Now is a combination of old full-screen mode (which only worked for burning VM) and the rapid...
  13. Re: Unable to resume or suspend in VMware workstation 8

    Just installed on my workstation partition Ubuntu 8. No problems with graphics performance so far with Linux server.
  14. Re: Client Operating system freezing often in VMware workstation 8

    The default settings are preferences / "Allow some virtual memory to be exchanged." Switch to "Set the virtual memory ", this could be a reason why it uses less memory and yields a freezing point.
  15. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    It would be much faster to download 500 MB workstation 8 and the use of 30 days to test it and test the features of yourself than for someone else to download a 3.4 GB disk operating system...
  16. Re: Long mode not working in VMware workstation 7

    Also, if you go to VM-> Settings (processors) and clearly set the preferred way "Intel VT-x or AMD-V", you acquire a mistake note more informative.
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    Re: Windows 7 IE9 Rendering broken with Fusion

    Macbook Pro 13-inch model 2009 (which still has an nVidia graphics card there) that runs lion. But a friend of mine could also reproduce the problem on an iMac in 2010.

    In both cases, virtual...
  18. Re: How to convert VMware workstation 8 to VMware workstation 7?

    It worked beautifully! Thank you very much. Return to a system working again now
  19. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    That does appear irregular. I haven't utilized Outlook express in an extended time so I cannot express if it is ordinarily carriage or not. Perhaps attempt a special send client actually for the...
  20. Re: What is the value of VMware fusion 4 features?

    I thought it might have been the case. I do not think people want Ditch your snapshots, which made for a very good reason (I did). To me that mean that the functionality of contraction is what has...
  21. Re: Bridged Connection do not work in VMware workstation 8

    Exactly the same trouble here too. It is very serious for me. I would love to V7, and if anyone knows of a process / tool, then I would like to hear about it. There are many other troubles that do...
  22. re: Can VMware viewstation/awd view client be encapsulated as ThinApp?

    Additional shortcuts generated by the application are not static. So it will be different from one user to another.
    These shortcuts are automatically deleted when the user logs out of AWD.
    Due to...
  23. Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    I am experiencing the same trouble. I did not try to change tabs or whatever, but I imagine my trouble is related or has the same roots. On the whole, when I run a single game in VMware, all graphics...
  24. Re: Need Software for Modem / computer Speakers

    I think you will be able to get the software on the internet as per my knowledge I do not knowing any software which can fulfill the requirement of yours.
  25. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    I utilize Open Office on my alternate computer but I don’t utilize that workstation so far additional. On this one I’m utilizing Microsoft Office 2010.
  26. Re: How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    You might consistently compose a image backup that could permit you to restore your workstation back to the method it was when you did the backup. Vista and Win 7 have visualization backup...
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    Re: Install Ms office 7 over Ms office 2010

    I too was having same problem but I was able to tackle it bu myself and how to do it I will tell you you can install ms office 2007 over 2010 as you do not need to uninstall the office 2010 , this...
  28. Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    Make certain to see depending on if you could probably utilize an order line DIR to record the folder substance. Since you would, it be able to conceivable that old unpatched issue with Windows we've...
  29. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    In the event that you positively cloned the drive, that is an EXACT copy of the old drive, then the situation is the one of a kind drive identifier. Windows appoints a drive identifier when it...
  30. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    Same with me when I attempt try to application it heads off to rundll32.exe or something similar to that. I suspected that it lack the capacity to create a shortcut to run the Picture Viewer....
  31. Re: Unable to mount ISO files on Virtual Clone Drive

    I was also about to suggest you the same thing as you are expecting, like if suppose you are having problem with the virtual clone drive then you should try to make use of any other programs....
  32. Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    Is there any method to generate a license file containing the license key? (in view of the fact that I am not able to make use of the graphical interface "Enter License Key" option.)

    Location of...
  33. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    Does anybody have a technique to install Lion from a USB flash drive (Mac OS X Install working by means of Fusion 4.0.1?
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    Re: Getting Black Screen in VMware fusion 4.0.1

    What if 3D acceleration is disabled on the virtual machine? With VM off, go to the virtual machine -> Settings -> Display and accelerate 3D graphics set to off.
  35. Re: VMware view client disconnect after every 15 minutes

    Here are some that stay connected. I cannot put my finger on what. They are all in the same pool. I think it's really true thin clients to stay connected, but I'm not positive about it. Forcing RDP...
  36. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    The winpatrol are the software that works well with this updated Microsoft essential security program. It lists the programs that start with Windows and utilize to stop programs from doing this. Then...
  37. Re: How to swap Outlook personal storage table to MBOX

    The Personal Folders (.pst) are in Unicode format in Microsoft Outlook 2010. The maximum size of .pst is pre-configured limit of 50 GB. Also if we want to change the size of the file in Outlook 2010...
  38. Re: Backup and restore using virtual machine manager in Red hat Linux

    ok, that would be quite bigger to mentioned all the thing over here, thus I am mentioning the link you can visit that for sure.
  39. Re: unable to open more than one Excel document at a time

    are you getting any error message or some warning while opening the document? If so then it would be better if you mentioned that as well so that we can assist you further more precisely. Because I...
  40. Re: Looking for Virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring tool

    Anybody monitoring vdi of environment
  41. Re: Unable to perform certain operations using quick time pro 7.6.6

    I had Quick Time Pro, which I misplaced someplace flanked by Leopard and Lion
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    Re: Lost connectivity in VMware view 4.6

    Using View Both RDP and PCoIP session last for a short period of time with full functionality but simply drop. No message, no error whole session just goes spoof .Normal RDP to the same VM works fine.
  43. Re: What is the need to upgrade to VMware view 5?

    Optimization and Person PCoIP Vista makes me want to go out and update at this time of course, nobody wants to be the one to find any error or problem with a product so it is always the best analysis...
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    More information:

    External URL -> https://cs.domain.local:443
    PCoIP external URL ->local_ip_of_CS: 4172
    External URL -> (for example)
    PCoIP external URL...
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    Re: Citrix vs. VMware View 5.0

    Some docs are also obtainable for end user; attempt to discover them with Google. Intended for the Admin side, the Xendesktop setup is a little more complicated. With View 5 the WAN optimization and...
  46. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    Using this software you write script. The next step is to be use an tape each segment and try to put all them together. This software provide such kind of facility. This is the software that provides...
  47. Re: Microsoft word 2011 for Mac Crashes in Draft View between Advanced Search and Footnotes

    There is already solution posted on this thread please read it completely and the solution doses not work then the please give us any information could help to outline out the trouble
  48. Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC does not accept the 25 character product key

    The PIN necessary at the link that you have given is only 25 alphanumeric characters BUT 27 is necessary.
    Very annoying
  49. Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is not updating on my Apple PC

    look at this

    you will find the answer for your question above
  50. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    I also suggest you to search on the internet and you will be able to get some sort of the good tools will be available for you and also might do the work which you wanted to do.
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