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    Re: Want a good wireless headphone for TV

    When it comes to a headphone for a TV then you have to first check that you are having any input in your TV or not. If you are not having a audio jack then how you will be able to use it. Second...
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    Re: Stylish mouse under Rs.1000

    HP Z3600P Wireless Optical Mouse has a nice look. This mouse comes for Rs.900. But it is quiet nice and has a white body. It is a costly product but durable and as you can see it is also branded. The...
  3. Re: Which brand in the market makes the most reliable hard drives

    I think Seagate is not bad at all. They are quiet popular in hard drive brands and they are selling a lot of products around the globe. You can try using a SSD if you want. That will help you more in...
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    Re: HP Scan to network is not working

    Can be some issue with the printer configuration. I hope you are using the right IP address for scanning. You can locate that through the printer
    g. Just go in the menu and there you have to tap on...
  5. Re: Sound distortion on Creative Gaming headphone

    You have to reset your audio settings. And you can do that by re-installing the audio device. It is very simple. But you have to keep your audio driver ready with you or else it wont well. You can...
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    Re: Looking for wide format printer for office

    HP Officejet 7000 is also not a bad option. I have this in my office. I think you can find this one cheaper compare to the above. This printer allow you a print size upto 13x19inches which I think is...
  7. Re: Is it possible to use a universal remote on Mac pc

    You can try out Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. It might work on the mac system. All things that matters is installation. In Apple TV you can find this very easily. You can go in the settings...
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    Re: Recovering files from a dead hard drive

    If the drive is not working at all then it is good to forget the same. You cannot recover it and the agency that you go for will be far more costlier. That is the reason I always use a cloud storage...
  9. Re: Unable to increase cpu fan speed while overclocking

    Testing will always help you to find at what point your pc is going to crash. You can on that basis overclock your pc. There are few essential things you have to check before moving ahead. First...
  10. Re: Building up a budget amd pc for high end gaming

    My friend has a decent system. We are able to play all type of games at maximum resolution on that. He own a AMD FX8350 pc with Nvidia 650Ti 2GB DDR5 graphics and 16GB RAM. But he has a liquid cooler...
  11. Re: Possibility of upgrades on a Mac based system

    There are less chances available through which you can upgrade your mac system manually. That means you have to take them to apple care. And I agree about the high price thing. It is quiet sure that...
  12. Re: Is adding 2 fans on the cpu case is enough for Core i5 pc

    It is good if you can spend a bit more amount on the cpu fan. Do not really on the stock fan by Core i5. There are some good one in the market. Just buy a bigger one that has copper pipes. You might...
  13. Re: Is it possible to build up a pc under Rs.20000 for gaming

    There is one configuration that I can suggest you. You can go with AMD FX4100 processor with Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3. This will alone cost you around 10k. Then you can go with a 4GB ram and 250gb hard...
  14. Re: Looking for a affordable multifunctional printer

    I agree with that. HP ha some really awesome printers through which you can take out more print in less account. There are few models that are good in this line. One among them is HP OfficeJet Pro...
  15. Re: Does an ssd upgrade cause rise in cpu temperature

    It is not due to ssd, it is due to the cpu fan. You have to replace that to fix the issue. It looks your cpu fan is old or it is not working fine. Go in the bios first and check the rpm of fan. See...
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    Re: No steam machine until next year

    It is good to find some dedicated gaming systems. Here we use our regular pc for gaming purpose. We have to buy a graphic card and other hardware to get the best output. We can expect all this...
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    Re: iBall Tarang static sound on full volume

    The first thing you have t check is the speaker power connection. Check that it is nicely fixed on the socket and not loose. If it is then the power connector is shaking due to which you get that...
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    Re: Static current on CM 690 II

    It is a grounding problem. This appear due to flaw in the electrical wiring at your home. It is not a problem with the psu or with the cpu case. If there is no proper grounding then you can feel the...
  19. Re: Among HDMI and Digital which one is best for audio output

    There is a difference in the audio. It is not right that both are one and the same. HDMI is capable of passing hd audio. It is not just meant for videos. But through digital you cannot get hd audio....
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    Re: Cpu case for gaming pc under Rs.5000

    If you need a bit budget offer then you can save a bit money. You can go with Antec CSK 3000. In combo offer you will get Antec C20 cpu fan with the same. I am using the fan which is really nice...
  21. Re: What does caution message in Crystal Diskinfo means

    It can be hardware problem. You have to test your drive from another effective tool. And it is also good advice to keep a your data copied at some place. If you ignore that you might loose it. I had...
  22. Re: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 vs NZXT Phantom 630 Gunmetal Grey

    For me NZXT Phantom 630 looks like giving a very durable build quality. Thermaltake looks weaker here. I also agree that Phantom 630 is really amazing in looks. But better have a look on some more...
  23. Re: What is the maximum system a quad core cpu can handle

    Just clean the system and I think that would help. Adding one more fan to the radiator will help you more. By default there is a single fan that comes with the cooler. You can add one more to make...
  24. Re: Planning to buy Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

    Razor also offer some budget gaming keyboards. Razer DeathStalker Essential is one of them. It also falls in the price range of Rs.3000. It is a usb 2.0 keyboard that is good for regular gamers....
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    Re: How to get HD audio from a old Vista PC

    There are some audio effects available in the same panel. Just configuring 5.1 surround is not enough. In the same section you can find Enhancements. Click on that. From there you can choose various...
  26. Re: How to use 3TB hard drive on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard

    Did you tried using GIGABYTE 3TB+ Unlock Utility. If not then just download that from the below site. Download and run it. You will get option to unlock the drive space easily through that. I am not...
  27. Re: Getting “HTTPClient Library not found” message while doing micro-program setup for AMS2500 from web

    There is a link below about HTTP Client. This link has information on different packages and issue occurs with them. You have to locate proper troubleshooting links and try to fix out the problem. I...
  28. Re: How to setup Corsair H90 Liquid Cooler on Intel Core i5 processor

    You only require to take care about fitting the same on motherboard. I am have a Gigabyte Z77XUPH board. The cutout of this cooler is not compatible with my board. I tried to connect the same but it...
  29. Re: Office pc custom config suggestion under affordable price

    I am going to list you around 2 to 3 different models. You can then go ahead with the same depending on your requirements. I am not going to take keyboard mouse, cpu cabinet and psu in this. This...
  30. Re: Which gaming headphone offers surround sound output

    A good model will easily cost you above Rs.3000. The cheapest one that I saw in the market is Philips SHG7210/10. This one comes for Rs.1700 that is not bad at all. But I never used it. That is the...
  31. Re: What are the different type of wireless display device

    Chromecast is the most popular and cheapest I think. You don't really need anything to use this thing. It is a usb based wireless device that allow you to have a simple connectivity. You can connect...
  32. Re: Blue screen error with Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB

    Bluescreen error is directly associated with the hardware. You will have to remove the newly attached hard drive and look for some other solution. Try to locate a compatible or working hard drive.
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    Re: Game controllers for Apple iPad Air

    Gametel is a good controller. It is a wireless controller, but I had heard complain about the same. It does not really work well with iOS devices. It was actually designed for android platform. In...
  34. Re: Which type of screen guard is best for any Smartphone

    I did not thought there are different types of screen guard in the market. I just buy anything. I need one that can stay for longer time and protect the screen from scratches. I have kids at home who...
  35. Re: My 16GB usb is showing 64mb file space and does not format

    There are some tools on which you can test the usb. I had got the issue with a 4Gb pen drive. I was trying to make a bootable Linux usb from it. So I formatted in different partition format. But when...
  36. Re: Need advice to capture HDR videos from digital camera

    There is a tool for that which you can use. It is called as Photomatix. The software help you get the right hdr photo with less manual changes. It is a very easy to use software through which you can...
  37. Re: Does SSD matters in a 4th generation Intel Core i5 laptop

    There is one more budget solution avialable. It is called as SSHD. They are hybrid choices. You can buy a hybrid hard drive where you can get benefit from both. You can use it like the regular hard...
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    Re: Any way to use extra 240w ATX PSU

    I think it is better if you sell it off. Because if you keep it, it might stop working in coming time. You can give that to someone who has a old pc. Cheap psu will be a good solution for them. A psu...
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    Re: How will I know failed hard drive in RAID

    You will get error on your screen. If you had installed the OS on the raid drive, then it will not boot. It is a hardware failure. You will get the indication on the desktop instantly. If the drives...
  40. Re: Wide format printer for printing big size banner

    Large format printer are very costly. They are ideal for industrial usage. If you need a industrial level solution then going for Xerox is a good choice. Because here you have some high end printer...
  41. Re: Wireless mouse with high range for projector

    At the time of buying a wireless mouse see the wireless frequency. On that basis you can have a good mouse. Any mouse which offer you 2.4Ghz of wifi frequency can give you a more long range support....
  42. Re: How to configure HP Officejet Pro on ePrint

    First you will require to enable the service. I think it is disable. I will give you a simple way of doing that. Go on the official website of hp and look for the driver download of your printer...
  43. Re: Most silent and cheapset cooler for regular ATX build

    Cpu fan noise is really annoying while working. The fan speed only increase when the cpu gets hotter. That is the internal feature. For cooling stuff I do not
    think there is much to see. Now to get...
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    Re: Paper constantly stuck on Hp Deskjet 1022

    Whenever you are keeping a bunch of papers in printer tray ensure that they are proper separated. Sometime the paper are sticked due to which you get this kind of issue. Just separate the paper and...
  45. Re: High end Sound card suggestion for audio editing

    That is not a valid solution. When we talk about audio work, the best audio hardware is needed. Because some good audio can be only heard on a good hardware. There are wide range of card available on...
  46. Re: Looking for a mini-tripod for perfect macro photography

    Joby has a few models of flexible mini tripod in the market. There are ample of type of models available for different tripod models and it is also quiet easy to use. Joby Gorilla pod also comes in...
  47. Re: Seagate 2TB ST2000DM001 hard drive making weird noise

    Hard drive's also get damage due to shock or power failure. That is one of the most common cause which many people ignore. That is why it is necessary that you must keep your data at different...
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    Re: Method to setup Kingston HyperX 3k's in raid

    Raid setup will surely make your system work better. Everything here depends on the motherboard and drive specification. To some extent this will be complicated for everyone to match the right...
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    Re: Is Antec P280 good chassis for gaming pc

    I too think you must go for a budget cpu case here which is more easier to manage. In future you can still upgrade to a high end series. Antec P280 type of cases are widely recommended for high end...
  50. Re: Which one to choose from Kingston V+200 or Intel SSD 520

    If you want the proof among which is the most fastest SSD then you can simply checkout ample of test report on the web. Intel rocks here. While Kingston comes after that. So if you are really serious...
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