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    Re: Google G1 Android mobile phone

    Google G1 is no very outdated old model. Today the most recent phone which appear is Google Nexus. You must have a look on this phone. Equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system...
  2. Re: How to Get MMS on unlocked Blackberry Bold Touch 9930 for AT&T

    There are the needs to make the input for the entire AT&T carrier apn settings. There you have to set your APN, Username and password. There you have to change the APN setting and register the...
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    Re: Starbuck Application for Blackberry OS7

    As I think that this application is not that much of useful for most of the people using Blackberry Mobile phone, so according to my suggestion before installing this Application in your Mobile phone...
  4. Re: Which is best between Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.3?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, have big enough to see games in a bigger screen so the 7.7 is as good. The spec for this Tab seems a little bit dated as compare to Note 5.3, the storage is also impressive....
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    Re: Screen scratched for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    You must have to make use of some screen protector or a case; there are several cases available there on the many official links such as eBay and Amazon. You can visit any site and get the best...
  6. Re: Camera app start automatically in Samsung Captivate Glide

    I don’t have this Samsung Mobile but however I know some information about this type of issue, maybe there are some of the side buttons which is mapped towards the camera and also there are the...
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    Re: Why 4GB Sansa Clip Locked Up

    I think the firmware is the good solution for this kind of issue with this Sansa music player. Or alternate you can format your Music Player to overcome this issue.
  8. Re: Samsung Captivate Glide support NFC technology or not

    Even I have also try the same thing to do in my Samsung Glide, so for that I have install several application from Android market which supports NFC. And finally I have installed that application in...
  9. Re: USB JIG is compatible with Samsung Captivate Glide for resetting the flash counter

    According to my information the USB jig is compatible with original Samsung Captivate Glide, so there is nothing to worry about to make use if this USB jig for resetting the flash counter.
  10. Re: ROM Dump after updating Samsung Captivate Glide to 2.3.6

    May be you have not flash your PDA Odin, so first Flash PDA Odin to get 2.3.6 and then make advanced restore with CWM with help of system file and not with boot.img. This will works to overcome this...
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    Re: Blackberry services restored

    No it is not restored at all, i just called up the Vodafone customer care and asked about why i am facing the problem they have still said that everything is still left to get back to normalcy. So...
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    Re: PowerMac G4 & SONY DSC-T100 Camera

    I am giving you the necessary details just follow them .

    1) with the help of the usb cord that has been given to you with the camera. Connect your system and camera.

    2) Turn on the camera...
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    Re: Where to buy Chinese iPhone 4S?

    I don’t understand why are you going with the Chinese version f the iPhone 4S that’s what I am not understanding at all, so that’s what I want to ask here, hope you did understand what I am...
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    Re: Will it be possible to jailbreak iPhone 4S?

    Yes I have the following steps for you just follow them and let me know if that was of any use for you.
    1) go and run the program Snowbreeze 2.8b8, now a small arrow will appear at the top right...
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    Re: Where to buy iPhone 4S without contract?

    You know what that will cut down a lot of roaming charges for sure that’s what I am saying here. The same is not possible with the contract version of iPhone 4S that’s what I know here. now...
  16. Re: Constant internet connection required for SIRI?

    don’t think so that is even possible at all. Since nobody is going to take the phone call and also at the same time use the Siri as well. No I don’t think so that will be possible at all....
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    Re: When will Sprint release the iPhone 4S?

    It is juts rumored that you will be getting the phone from October 14. So you can check out that as well. So if you want you can give a pre order now. So whenever it is made available then you can...
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    Re: Nokia 5800 error "Start up failed"

    Ok first of all check for the .ini file and see if it is restored while you had the phone reset. If you can find it then save the .ini file as UTF-16, UTF-8, Microsoft Notepad Unicode. See if that...
  19. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    The Motorola media link is not supported by Triumph. That’s what I know. Since I have checked the compatibility list of Motorola media link and I could not see the name of Triumph in the list....
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    I think Motorola is one of the least companies that I have seen that can update their phones with the latest android software. Since the latest android updates are always received on Samsung phones...
  21. Re: Outlook 2007 and Gmail not working with Motorola Electrify

    Can’t you find a ignore letter text option at the top where with the help of that you can avoid that, so that’s what you should be doing here. I hope you have understood what I am saying here. I...
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    Re: Role of acceleration in NBA 2k12

    Even I do agree with the same over here, that’s absolutely correct. Players should focus on some pushing stuff otherwise the middle players would be left pushing the rock like a point guard. That...
  23. Re: Internet experience not good in Acer Iconia A501

    Yes that is one suggestion that you can surely check out for sure. in case if nothing is working out for you I would ask you to check out the following links that will help you in getting the 3.0.1...
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    Re: Covers for Kindle fire?

    I got a marware cover for the K4 and I got it for around $20 from a local store at my place and it does looks good. I think online stores will be a little bit pricey since they are not much available...
  25. Re: How is Kindle Fire for document creation and editing?

    Kindle fire has a docs to go app. Since many of the android devices do have docs to go app in them. that’s what I am saying here. I thought this application is ok and not so good. That’s what I...
  26. Re: iPhone randomly deleted all text messages how to get it back?

    If you have created a backup with the help of the itunes then you can restore all the messages from there, so that’s what you should be doing here and so the necessary advise for you all. anything...
  27. Re: What are the good and bad features of Rugby Challenge Game

    I really agree that the need to overhaul it completely because i have found that there is no resemblance with the real life scrums and the scrums in this game.They need a hooking mechanic as well as...
  28. Re: Facing error 8018119B while updating HTC DH7 WP7

    I think there is some problem with the windows vista operating system. I would suggest you to install the operating system back again and check whether the problem gets resolved or not. You can also...
  29. Re: KES8 can not be activated as it fails to synchronize with admin kit

    You can also do the above process by via a sms by sending a SMS which will contain the URL of the installation package through an Administration Server and as soon as you open this URL a "Kaspersky...
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    Re: Kindle Fire vs. iPad

    I had a 7 "Android Tablet for almost a year. I never use the camera. The fire Kindle has all the basic elements of a large tablet. At the cost $ 200 it will change the game.
  31. Re: HTC HD7 mobile phone unable to start after failed update

    Well windows phone 7 has been in news since long for this. There is some problem after updating. I would say that only thing you can do is try out removing the sd card, try factory resetting
  32. Re: After installing apps htc hd7 mobile phone restarts and fails to restore

    I would say that try out the factory reset option. Remember that if you reset your phone then you will lose all apps and settings.
  33. Re: Facing error code 801812C1 while updating windows phone 7

    I would say that try out windows 7.5 update. I am sure that this update will resolve the problem that you are facing. I think you should more on this on the google. I think this will surely help you...
  34. Re: Facing error code 8018001E while updating LG Optimus E900 Windows Phone 7

    I would suggest you upgrade your phone to windows phone 7.5 update. I am sure that this will your problem. You can search on the google regarding windows phone 7.5 update.
  35. Re: Unable to backup iphone after upgrading to iTunes

    I would suggest you to try to downgrade the itunes from I think this will resolve the issue. I think the up gradation has created some problems. Just check it and let me know. I would...
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    Re: Does Windows Phone 7 support VOIP / SIP client

    I'm with you on the SIP functionality, striking poor for a mobile operating system that think otherwise as complicated as that of competitors (iPhone, Symbian, etc ...) On the side of the timing of...
  37. Re: Where can i get office communicator client for my Windwos Phone 7

    I think you must have visited some another link for sure, because the LINK which is mentioned by the above user from that page only you’ll get the downloading link for the application you are...
  38. Re: Unable to play selected video in windows phone 7 while connected to zune

    Try uninstalling the YouTube app then reinstall this is the only thing what I can suggest and this would be the best solution I think and I have been suggesting the same to almost all the friends who...
  39. Re: Unable to upload images to Facebook or SkyDrive with WINDOWS PHONE 7

    I think that almost all the phones which are having the facebook application does have problem and there have been number of patches been release3d which has been solving all these problem and so i...
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    Re: How to Connect Windows Phone 7 with Zune

    According to be there is the conflict between the software and the Drivers, because when any of them is corrupted or not install properly then such issue occurs, so you just try to uninstall all the...
  41. Re: Yahoo email was hacked via Blackberry 8530 Curve

    I do not think that you are so bad, that you will not able to understand, well whenever the email account is been hacked then it can be hacked from anywhere and also it has been hacked by anyone in...
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    Re: Need Drivers for HTC HD Window 7 phone

    I think it would be the best and also the perfect method to get the drivers for the phone and also you will be able to install the drivers on the system.
  43. Re: Facing error message while launching blackberry desktop software

    I was facing the same problem with me. I was so annoyed that I planned to change the operating system. I got installed windows xp and let me tell you that my problem got resolved after that. So I...
  44. Re: Is desktop manager 6 compatible with blackberry 8820?

    Well I don’t think that the latest version of desktop manager 6 will work with the blackberry 8820 phone. I think you should try out searching about this issue on the google website. I am sure that...
  45. Re: Getting error "Music services failed to load" using desktop manager 6 in T-Mobile Curve 8520

    I would say that keep the desktop close. Navigate to the 'Blackberry\system\' using blackberry user tools. Then try to move or delete the folders 'Media Sync' and 'media' from the system directory....
  46. Re: Facing error message”App error 523 reset” in blackberry curve 8520

    I think there is some issue with your blackberry phone. I would suggest you take your blackberry phone to the blackberry store and in touch with an expert. You can also once talk to them on the phone...
  47. Re: Getting Handheld Application Loader Wizard error message on blackberry torch 9800

    Actually I am trying to update my device software for two months. I tried to wipe off all the previous versions. But I am not able to do this. I am very much annoyed. I would like to know anything...
  48. Re: Getting Error Code 0x80040057 in blackberry Bold 9700

    I would first try to delete the intellisync folder and then reset the sync options. I am sure this would help.
  49. Re: Getting error message "This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded" in blackberry 9000

    I think the application that you’re trying to load is not compatible with your phone. There are many applications that are there which are not compatible with few devices. So there isn’t a big...
  50. Re: Unable to migrate BlackBerry Desktop manager to a new mac system

    Just check whether the drivers of the usb are compatible with the latest version of the blackberry desktop software, so first you should check out that first and that’s what you should be doing it....
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