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    Re: Nokia C5 00 Message Memory and Sms issue

    That looks a weird issue. I hope you had not deleted those message accidentally. First go in Contact and on the top side you can see History. In that click on Messages. You can see the messages in...
  2. Re: Need External spare battery charger for blackberry 9930

    You should try to buy JM-1 Battery Charger this is one of the best charger I have seen, and also the battery charger for Blackberry will supports all the blackberry Mobile phone. so you should get...
  3. Re: Which is best between Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.3?

    There in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the presence of brilliant super AMOLED Plus display, this portable device is thinner and lighter than other tablet. The combination of the Samsung's superior...
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    Re: Screen scratched for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    You can also try to make use of the Scratch Remover NOVUS No. 2 and NOVUS No. 3 are some of Scratch Remover that can be used for removing faded and discolored plastics from screen. And beside this...
  5. Re: Samsung Captivate Glide fails to receive IMAP emails

    May be this issue is with this reason, may be you have switch to some other operator services and because of that reason you can’t able to receive IMAP emails. Or there may be chances that your...
  6. Re: Samsung Captivate Glide support NFC technology or not

    There is no such application or feature I have seen in this Mobile Phone. :bleh: :bleh:
  7. Re: Need help for Rooting Samsung Captivate Glide with 2.3.6

    According to my information before rooting your Samsung Captivate Glide, you have to do flashing of your mobile phone to 2.3.6 by following the instruction that were come during process. And within...
  8. Re: Nokia e65, how to reset it to factory setting

    Try to remember if you have changed the default security code of the phone and if you have not changed it then it should be the default one.

    Alternate option that you can do is a hard reset on...
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    Re: No PS3 version for Orcs Must Die?

    Playing the game in the Xbox is an entirely different experience for sure, I just picked up the copy of orcs from a local store and I did get the fortune of playing the game in my Xbox and that was...
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    Re: No PS3 version for Orcs Must Die?

    Yes that is quite true and I fully agree you on the same and its all upon the developers to take that kind of decision, so I would say that you better wait for sometime and let the developers come up...
  11. Re: Is it true that if we spend the coins then we get higher score in Orcs Must Die?

    No dude once you upgrade the weapons and all then there is no need to set the trap for the orces and all, simply they are not required at all. so upgrading the weapons is also a option by which you...
  12. Re: How to get the gore removed in Orcs Must Die?

    Dude which version are you exactly talking about here, I am not understanding that only. So do reply on what do you mean by here. please it will be a great help for me, I am really desperate to know...
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    Poll: Re: Aakash vs. Beetel Magiq vs. Reliance 3G Tab

    Yes I absolutely agree with you on the same, even I would not go with any reliance 3G tablet at all. so that’s what I am deciding over here,, I would ideally go with the aakash tablet. Since it has...
  14. Re: Will Apple release iPhone 5 after releasing iPhone 4s?

    No I don’t think so they will be doing that since I have been hearing various rumors pointing that the apple people will no longer be releasing the iPhone 5. Currently apple is going through bad...
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    Re: Is there 4G in iPhone 4s?

    Yes it all depends on the Verizon and the sprint people if they are actually implementing this feature in their iPhone 4S. so that’s what should be looked out for and my senses say that 4G will be...
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    Re: Which is pre-loaded iOS in iPhone 4s?

    Ok will the iPhone 4S will be getting an update after that since iOS 5 is such a advanced operating system that I have placed and I would like to see them receiving more updates for the iPhone 4S,...
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    Re: Where to buy iPhone 4S without contract?

    Yes that is completely correct and even I second on that, now those people who are switching to the unlocked version of iPhone 4S then they have to see to it that they will be getting only GSM...
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    Re: Infinity Blade II available in iPhone 4S

    Yes it will run according to me since both the devices do have similar configuration and hence I think that it will run very well in the iPad as well, that’s what I think should be the case here....
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    Are you sure the Google people have mentioned the triumph device that we are talking about here, see do have a check about the same. since the triumph was released just afre the google people...
  20. Re: Outlook 2007 and Gmail not working with Motorola Electrify

    CompanionLink Software is a good tool that you can check out and hence I think that it is the best tool that you can look out for syncing the android phone with the outlook program. I don’t know...
  21. Re: Internet experience not good in Acer Iconia A501

    You know what the problem is with the tablet only, that’s what I am saying here, so what I am saying is that the browsers like stock browser and Dolphin HD do work well with the Folio 100 and...
  22. Re: Unable to root Acer Iconia A501 with factory shipped Android 3.2

    Just go and download the you can also search it in google for the file and you will be able to get it from there only. So go ahead and try out with the...
  23. Re: Need to download Acer HC 3.0.1 for Acer Iconia A501 3G

    Yes it is working good but still there are lots of new firware that has come up and I would advise you to have a check at this link , hopefully you can find some information out there about the same,...
  24. Re: Falcon Acer A501 version 4.015.01 & 4.031.24[CWM and Rooting]

    please note that yo have to format the drive before the installation of the ROM that we are talking about. So that’s what you should be checking in for sure. so do watch out for that it is very...
  25. Re: Multilanguage Honeycomb 3.2(HoneyVillain 1.2) pack for Acer Iconia A501

    Here are the features of the pack that I would like to give you so here are some of the points that I will note down make sure you have a check about the same.
    - Rooted/Superuser
    - Google Music...
  26. Re: Some questions regarding Kindle Fire charger

    See the basic thing is that a normal charger charges a battery double the speed of the usb charger. As such the tablet is having the lcd display so that does requires a lot of current. So had if...
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    Re: Pre ordered a Kindle Fire tablet

    Yes surely I would like to help you with this one as well, now here is the link , you can order it from there. Anything else that you want to know then do let me know as soon as possible on the same.
  28. Re: How is Kindle Fire for document creation and editing?

    Have you all looked at the Quickoffice Pro app. If not then you should have a check about the same and hence that’s what I am saying here. I don’t know if QuickOffice PRO HD works with the kindle...
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    Re: 8 hours Battery life in Kindle Fire

    Yes you should have that conditions applied for the same the duration that has been displayed there is with wifi off and nothing else. So that’s what I want to say here. I hope you all do...
  30. Re: iPhone randomly deleted all text messages how to get it back?

    No way the servers do not keep the messages in their servers, so please remove that from the suggestions that you have given here.
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    Re: What is the keylock icon in iPhone 4?

    Yes it is a vertical screen lock it just acts the same way as that of the switch on the side of the iPad. Now with the screen lock you will not be able to switch the screen from horizontal to...
  32. Re: Which are the Special Units in A game of Thrones: Genesis

    What i expect from the units are as followed:
    Tully(Singer)-This units appears to be unique with the ability to remove a batalition from a fight and just turn the war.I am hoping for some moral...
  33. Re: which one is better nook color or kindle fire

    I opt to buy a Nook Color because the kindle lacked color. rather buying another device, I will prefer it buying as large as the IPad, so it becomes easy viewing magazines. It would be really be...
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    Re: Installation failing in KVRT

    I think The FileHunter detection can help you better by which you can easily remove the selected detections.Just try this out,uninstall your Combofix and then go to start > run and type cmd > OK and...
  35. Re: Unable to transfer data from myphone to skydrive

    This is completely useless though because the MyPhone service has been offline. If this is true then you need to set this service to the online mode. For doing this task you can take the help of...
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    Re: Kindle Fire vs. iPad

    Both of them are the cool devices and also it best for the price to buy. But, the one thing this is missing that is the IPad is having the Camera on it where the Kindle Fire does not have it.
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    Re: Need Drivers for HTC HD Window 7 phone

    I was also having the same problem which you are having it and I was having it with HTC Mozart. The driver was not installed on my Windows 7 x 64. Well doing the Setting the driver manually, it has...
  38. Re: Getting WP7 Marketplace error and Zune Marketplace error

    Could you make sure your region coincides with the settings (phone, Zune account, WLID). Have you ever succeeded in buying something from the Zune Marketplace (applications, songs, movies?)
  39. Re: unable to purchase some add ons for Age of Empires online

    Sorry friend after coming over here I saw lots of threads and many of the sites but I wasn’t able to solve the problem nor I wasn’t able to get any reply which I thought would help you nor I have...
  40. Re: Unable to play selected video in windows phone 7 while connected to zune

    I have also solved this problem from the same solution when I was having this problem I too just uninstalled it and again installed it and the problem was solved. And I think that is the only thing...
  41. Re: Nokia su-33W TV receiver compatibility with nokia N8

    I have gotten this from the nokia care center only, and thus would like to suggest you that you should try to visit the nearest center and then have it from there only.

    But according to their...
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    Re: How to Connect Windows Phone 7 with Zune

    In my suggestion I want to inform that you should try to make the use of unzoone. So first you have to Uninstalled zune software after that you have to run unzoone. Then you have to restart the...
  43. Re: Error message computer must be connected to the Internet while trying to install blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6

    You can also get the answer or the solution on the internet and also you will be able to get the appropriate solution to solve it and also you will be able to solve the error which you are getting it.
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    Re: How to use blackberry phone as a USB device

    I do not think you might need more information how to do it, as the above user have might told you the correct and also the perfect method to do and also you will be able to do it and also you can...
  45. Re: Need MAC Desktop software for Blackberry Bold 9900.

    Here in your case also I will recommend for download the BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.1.3.10. I am telling for this software because, there so many of the users which was having this problem were...
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    Re: Release of Windows Phone 7.5

    I don’t think that it is ever early with any of the technology. If you are coming up with one of the phone in this month and a other upgraded version in the next month then too it is not nearly so...
  47. Re: Syncing BlackBerry Desktop Software with Mozilla Thunderbird

    I would advise you to download the Download Google Sync application in the phone, so that’s what you should be doing. Open that application center your Google account details and then get started...
  48. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    Who uses the computer for several hours a day, especially in the summer and never let it rest, you will notice the problem of restarting. In these cases it is due to the high temperatures at which...
  49. Re: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 coming with honeycomb?

    I was searching on the internet and I was going through the article of the Samsung and also I have gone through the article of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, I have found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9...
  50. Re: Simple and Safe Unlocking methods for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    There is no method as such for doing the unlocking of the tablet, if I would be at your place then I have been go to the Google and have searched for the link or any related software which would be...
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