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    Re: Superfetch Opinions in Windows 7

    Superfetch service has been greatly improved in Windows 7 and can speed up most used applications on your computer using a portion of RAM to store data that is accessed more often by applications....
  2. Re: how to restore an toshiba laptop to factory settings

    Another alternative procedure that you may be interested to make a backup of the system and installed programs, similar to Recovery, but not the same and if you need to restore, reformat or reinstall...
  3. Re: Need help with EVGA GTX 295 Quad SLI graphic card

    GeForce GTX 295 Edition CO-OP, it combines both cores at 576 MHz and 1792 Aboard MB of memory GGDR3 to 2016 MHz. It has two parts player running in SLI on a single PCI-Express 16x, hence the term...
  4. Re: What do you mean by Computer Viruses and Virii

    The virus first detected using the IRC protocol was "script.ini", it was a macro that took advantage of an option of receiving automatic files, spread among users in the same room as the user...
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    Re: What is fbi gui manager

    This happens because after hitting the F11 key before Windows starts Partition this leads to the recovery that allows you to format or repair your a hard disk drive but not always in my case, I had...
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    Re: Error code 0x7c91b21a

    Re-register these important files and check IE settings:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Choose Run.
    3. In the Run box, type: regsvr32 Mssip32.dll
    4. Click OK.
    5. Repeat this time typing: regsvr32...
  7. Re: What are the specifications of GeForce GTX470 and GTX480

    Nvidia has its first two video cards based on the Fermi-architecture introduced. The GeForce GTX470 and GTX480 are high-end cards to compete with the ATI Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5870. The launch was a...
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    Re: Details of Acer Aspire One A110-AW

    The notebook has 3 USB ports. Card Reader multiformat: supported by full-length SD-Card, Memory Stick, xD Picture, and MMC supported by the presence of adapters. Connector LAN, VGA for external...
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    Re: iChat : video and audio stopped working

    If Secure other services (iTunes Store, etc.) are not available, a secure Web site displays an error message. Certificate is required to secure applications such as Mail, SSL warning message appears....
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    Re: Soundtrack Pro 3 keeps freezing

    Have you checked the system requirements? Ensure you have not overlooked any hardware requirements asking Soundtrack Pro 3. Sometimes the movie files and audio are damaged, causing unexpected...
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    Re: Windows live messenger error code 8004840a

    The causes of error code 8004840a are:

    - You may no internet connection.
    - You may have a firewall blocking the connection to Messenger.
    - Service. NET Messenger may encounter difficulties.
  12. Re: The program could not find any available destinations to which scans can be sent

    When the computer is On, a software group called TSR (TSR) programs automatically loads. These programs activate some of the profits of the computer, such as anti-virus software, which are not...
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    Re: PS3 Error Code 8001050F

    This error is affecting the vast majority of users of PSN. This problem arises when you log on to Network, but can also occur with certain games (eg, PEs 2010, CoD: MW2), mentions that we could not...
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    Re: Hppusg.exe application error at startup

    Verify that the PC supports USB and check the USB chipset :

    Right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    Select the Device Manager tab. (In Windows 2000 Device Manager appears on the...
  15. Re: Features and specifications of Dell Aero mobile

    With a photo sensor to 5 megapixels, this smartphone 3G and Wi-FI is the first model available from Dell on its domestic market and could be officially unveiled today at the opening of the exhibition...
  16. Re: Features of Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 Digital Camera

    Unlike the launch of the G1, the first m4/3-camera, Panasonic is no longer just the realm. Olympus has a relatively short period three m4/3-camera 's on the market and would also work with a...
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    Re: What is Ati2mdxx.exe? Is it a virus ?

    The process and Ati2mdxx.exe file is assistant ATI display adapter (ATI Display Adapter Assistant) is installed along with ATI graphics cards and provides additional settings. You can upload an icon...
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    Re: HP Printer Error 0xc18a050a

    Check the estimated ink levels

    1. Check the estimated ink levels remaining in the print cartridges.

    2. Open the Toolbox from the printer. There are two ways to do this:
    Open the HP Solution...
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    Re: What are the features of Apple Qmaster 3.5 ?

    Apple Qmaster 3 includes enhanced features for registration. The Apple Qadministrator implementation and the line interface and provide registration information for a selected service or cluster....
  20. Re: Itunes cannot run because it detects an issue with QuickTime

    When you try to solve different problems, it may be useful to determine if a problem affects a Windows user account specific or all accounts. Follow these steps to create a new user account in...
  21. Re: Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones Price List in India

    For me, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Communicator is the best, it runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. Brief specifications Communicator XPERIA X1: Memory: 400 MB, work in the frequency bands...
  22. Re: LG GT350 : Features, Specification and Price in India

    One of the most important feature of LG GT350 is the touch screen with WQVGA resolution (240 × 400 pixels), but neither should we forget that the keyboard has been improved and now has four lines...
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    Re: iDisk error 36 while uploading files

    Temporarily disable a possible existing firewall or proxy settings. Contact your network administrator or ISP to determine whether the proxy server supports WebDAV connections, if you use a proxy...
  24. Re: What are the Features of Microsoft Excel 2008 for mac

    In Microsoft Excel 2008 for mac, you can create modern-looking graphics using new models and graphics tools that include special effects such as 3-D, transparency and shadows. You can preview and...
  25. re: Kodak Digital camera is not recognized by windows 7

    If your Digital camera is not recognized by your computer for the first time, it is likely that your camera needs a special driver to copy the images. This driver is generally available on the...
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    Re: How to remove System Live Protect

    To remove System Live Protect Norton AntiVirus 2010, Smart technology Norton Insight Network allows you to scan faster, fewer, - - Dynamic analysis selects only those files that are under threat. So,...
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    Re: Apple USB Keyboard doesn't work

    Try to log on to another user account different. If the problem does not occur when you are connected to another different user account, you should look for software related problems. Make sure the...
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    Re: Apple TV not connecting to internet

    If you continue to experience difficulties, try restarting your computer by disconnecting the power cables:

    * Apple TV
    * your TV
    * wireless networking equipment or AirPort Base...
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    Re: Internet sharing via Airport not working

    First check that the cable or DSL modem has a light or an "waiting" ( "standby"). Some well known modems do not connect to the Internet when in standby. If this is your case, make sure the modem is...
  30. Re: Mac os x : Fixing Time Machine backup error 11

    If you use a Time Capsule as your backup disk, make sure using the AirPort Utility, if the Time Capsule configured correctly and connected to your network. Open a Finder window by clicking on the...
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    Re: Problem installing QuickTime on windows 7

    Disabling System Services and Startup Items from a third party may have the consequence that some software or OEM hardware on your computer stops working correctly. This may have implications for the...
  32. Re: Mac starts up without loading System extensions

    If only active when you stop system extensions (Mac OS 8.x full) the computer boots correctly and your problem does not recur, then there is an extension conflict. If using the group "Mac OS 8.x...
  33. Re: Compressor Error Message : Unable to Submit to Queue

    Check your computer name in Sharing. It is necessary in the Sharing pane of System Preferences display a Computer Name and a Local name server (even if sharing is not activated for any service).

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    Re: How to remove Ultimate Cleaner malware

    Ultimate Cleaner is a rogue anti-spyware (rogue) who moved without permission, the malware displays fake alerts you that you are infected with spyware and recommends that you purchase anti-spyware...
  35. Re: How to Create the signature directly in SeaMonkey or Thunderbird

    To Create the signature in Thunderbird :

    Go to Tools menu → Settings of the accounts (Edit → Settings from the accounts on GNU / Linux or Mac OS X).
    Select the name of the account you want to...
  36. Re: Mac Error : Permissions differ on system library

    The folders that do not have write permissions can be left in the Trash, but not allowed to delete the folder or the files it contains. Remember that in Mac OS X more than one bin, one for each user....
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    Re: iChat not working with MobileMe

    You can easily determine whether your own settings are configured correctly by trying to chat with another member of MobileMe. If you can chat safely with other partners, but not with a particular...
  38. Re: How to import address book from Thunderbird to Evolution

    For importing address book from Thunderbird to Evolution, it does not offer by default from its interface can be exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Values), but there is a semi-hidden utility that...
  39. re: Mobileme Error : There was a problem saving to your keychain

    Make sure your keychain is unlocked. The lock icon is next to your keychain to appear open or unlocked . If your keychain is locked, select it and click the lock icon located in the upper left...
  40. Re: Alert : You need to replace your data on MobileMe

    Confirm that synchronization is not already underway. If a synchronization is underway, the activity indicator is displayed during the search for Safari bookmarks (if bookmarks are being...
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    Re: Problem with Iphone voicemail notification

    Use iTunes to update your iPhone and install the latest version of the software. Make sure your network connection is good. You can check if you can make and receive calls. Try to call your home...
  42. Re: You are not authorized to play Ipod Game on this computer

    Make sure you have the correct model iPod. iPod nano (3rd generation), iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic or iPod (5th generation) is required to use the games. See the article Identifying iPod...
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    Re: iDisk Error 5016

    If you do not see error messages other applications, but still receive an error -5016 when trying to connect to iDisk, or if you recently made changes to the Internet connection of your computer, for...
  44. Re: iWeb Publish error: An unknown error occurred

    Sometimes, timing errors on the network can cause problems when you publish to MobileMe from iWeb. If you've already managed to publish and your computer and your Internet connection has not changed,...
  45. Re: Unable to detect the signal from my router (SSID)

    If you can not run your router in your home, please change the following settings. If you do not know how to change these settings, please see the manual of your router, the manufacturer of router or...
  46. Re: How to Add or edit Entourage Auto Spell Checker

    To Edit the replacement text in Entourage Auto Spell Checker :

    Click the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect.

    Click in the list below the field to replace the entry you want to edit, and then...
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    Re: How to repair iphone 3g cracked screen

    After repair, it is possible that your iPhone is equipped with a newer version of iPhone OS. It may therefore be necessary to update your applications App Store to ensure their compatibility with the...
  48. Re: Entourage : The recipient can not open my attachment

    You can send files and folders by dragging them to an e-mail message. When you attach a message to a folder, it will be compressed in zip format from Entourage. Folders can not be sent without...
  49. Re: How to Import Outlook contacts into Entourage

    Copy contacts between Entourage and a Windows computer : You can copy contacts between Entourage and a Windows) computer as CSV file format, in which the entries are separated by commas. You can...
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    Re: which is a good program to record voice

    Try Speak A Message, it is a good program to record voice.Speak A Message replaces the written text of the emails for your own voice. This is an application that automatically sends email messages...
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