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  1. Re: Gigabyte X58a-ud3r -Unable to write in usb 3

    Yes USB 3 is enabled in the bios, is the default setting. I tried with 2 different internal drives. One is a portable 2.5” and another is 3.5" connected to the box. The cable and the box are newly...
  2. Re: How to upgrade ram in Gigabyte H67A-UD3H-B3

    And as we discover the dedicated teams are the way forward, as it has been tested as a unit to run together and have passed the quality control manufacturing as I said before filling all the spaces...
  3. Re: Unable to enter Bios setup in Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3

    But when I try to enter the BIOS after a reboot of Windows, do not enter the BIOS again after several attempts by pressing the 'delete' key. Still unable to launch the boot menu by pressing 'F12'...
  4. Re: Memory Slot fully used in Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3

    The first thing you may find is that even though you have bought the same make and model of the module cannot still work together. The ideal is a complete kit is used to fill the spaces.

    You may...
  5. re: Memory compatibility problem with Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

    I think no. If you can see that everything is working fine for now then I think you should just leave it for now and if you get any issues with it in future then you can discuss that here and then we...
  6. re: Memory compatibility problem with Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

    So, now you mean to say that the automatic configurations worked for all the 4 sticks that you installed? And if it really happened, then I will have to say that you are really lucky. I think you...
  7. re: Memory compatibility problem with Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

    I think you didn’t realized what I wanted to say you. You have to change all the settings of the BIOS by yourself. And if required then I think you will even need to tweak them so that they can...
  8. re: Memory compatibility problem with Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

    Yes, they of course manage the sticks automatically but they manage them automatically if there are not more two sticks. Therefore, first install 2 Sticks, then alter the BIOS settings and after that...
  9. re: Memory compatibility problem with Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4

    I don’t know from where you got that understanding that the motherboard will support only 2GB sticks. As far as I know the motherboard will actually work without any problem even when you are using...
  10. Re: How to check actual Model of corsair VS8GSDSKIT800D2 is CL6 or CL5?

    For more information you can contact the official site expert. The expert person on the official site might be help to you for deciding that the Ram is in CL5 or CL6. You can also read many articles...
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    Re: Need information on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7

    EasyTune6 is a simple programme to get you started with overclocking and, as such, can be a useful tool. There is also AMD Overdrive, which is a further software programme for overclocking,...
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    Re: HP pavilion dv4 CPU not functioning

    Before doing any think you need to check that the CPU of the system has been really work or not. If this is not work then you need to use the special technique that work to solve your problem. in...
  13. Re: Advice about updating CPU on HP Pavilion 061

    HP machines are too proprietary to upgrade. The official site is an compatible system hardware of the desktop pc that can be help to do this connection. Then use such article and read it for as a...
  14. Re: Overclocking my Intel DP55KG Extreme Series

    If you really wish to overclock your computer then starting with changing the case will be better option for you. Other than this, you must add a custom cooler for your cpu. Mly suggestion to you is...
  15. Re: Unable to find Video controller compatible for VGA on Intel d101 ggc

    Looking at the matter I wanted to know about the computer configuration of yours. Which operating system do you have installed on the computer of mine? do you have done any changes on the computer?...
  16. Re: Phenom IIx4 955be is sounding as a race engine

    Looking at the situation I wanted to know whether you have connected the CPU fan pin with the Motherboard or Molex? If you are have connected with motherboard of yours than you will be able to reduce...
  17. Re: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 stopped working

    I think getting a replacement for the hardware would be the best option. And It seems as you must have warranty remain for the product, so why to have another one when you have option to get the same...
  18. Re: Is TX650 V2 PSU compatible with Intel DP67BG motherboard?

    Yeah I would say it is somehow necessary as whenever we update any hardware in the machine it is quite significant to make sure whether the newer hardware will be compatible with the existing one?...
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    Re: SEO Outsourcing Pros and Cons

    Google's spiders/algorithms are now at the focus where the sites with the greatest and most drastically correlated substance will constantly get to the top near the finale. Yes, you would be able to...
  20. Re: How much ram do I need to run Sims 3 type of PC game? ‎

    In this process, Operating System, and Processor on your computer system also plays major role along with the video card. Then if you really want to check the performance of the video game on higher...
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    Re: Best Cooling product for a RAM

    As per the discussion about this issue, I have one issue that is that perfect way that help to check the temperature of the RAM and other hardware devices. Then I read many articles related to this...
  22. Re: eMachine ET1850 - Which Power Supply need to use on Motherboard

    I have read the specification of this desktop pc and they explain that the Maximum Power Supply Wattage is as 250 W. then before selecting any power supply you need to check this important thing. It...
  23. Re: Unable to bootup Packard Bell Imedia 1529 Desktop

    Well, definitely the hard disk has got corrupted. I would say that you will have to replace the hard disk that you are having. I would say that if you want to check your hard disk then try to unplug...
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    Re: Hyper TX3 cooler for Athlon II X4

    Well I would say that it is ok if you are having some noise or temperature issues. Try not to put much load on the cpu. As you have mentioned that you want to go for CM Hyper TX3 cooler, then I would...
  25. Re: Difference between AMD Triple Core processor and AMD Quad Core processor

    If you like to play games on the computer then I would say that only a few games use quad core at the moment such as GTA 4 and crysis 1. Actually quad core optimized games are becoming more common...
  26. If you need something for video game then go for...

    If you need something for video game then go for amd. On that you can get the best graphic output. While Intel is best for processing stuff. Like video editing, archiving, etc. AMD is quiet nice when...
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    Re: How to find out which motherboard I have

    If you search on the Google for the software then you will get plenty of the software’s to find out the motherboard details on the running system. So you can get any of them and also if you want...
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    Re: MSI R6850 cyclone idling at 1100

    Following messing around searching for a purpose, I revealed something. Since I disable my second screen (be it in windows desktop boss or reactant) and unequivocally have a solitary screen the times...
  29. To find that you have to find the specification...

    To find that you have to find the specification of your motherboard. Only on that basis you will be able to get the answer. If your board supports upto 16GB of ram then you can add it. But there is...
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    Re: Cannot start emachine E4252

    I think there is some issue with your psu. Make sure that it psu is fine. I have a lot of experience till now so I know that the shutdown generally happens if there is some issue with the power...
  31. Re: Why Hyping ARM based notebooks are not liked by the users?

    Shrewd easy capacity processors will be moderate. The Stuff is similar to that processor that Linus Torvalds was finishing up a while back. Brilliant and speedy processors will utilize heaps of...
  32. Re: What upgrade would you get in Athlon X2 3600 AM2?

    You can add the extra RAM on this system. This will be also helpful to enhance the system performance and in response this will be help to speed up the system. The RAM installation will be help to...
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    Re: USB ports and Mobo USB ports on PC Case

    Sometimes it could also happen that the USB card we used is doesn’t contain this correct USB port. Then in such cases, we need to insert this sound card to the other system. If it can’t work then...
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    Re: Help in Choosing GPU vs CPU Gaming Computer

    In the gaming computer the GPU means the graphics card play an important role. We need to much take care about what the GPU present on it. If this system can’t hold the good graphics card then most...
  35. Re: AMD C-50 processor vs. intel Atom N570 for notebook

    I am not very much aware about the Intel N570 processor but still according to me you should get AMD as I am also using the same and I can say that you’ll surely get better performance as you are...
  36. Re: Until the CMOS is cleared Asus P8Z68-V Pro keeps hanging

    What I am thinking that you haven’t done anything wrong with your system then why are you facing this problem? Just recall that you haven’t done any major changes in the Bios or anything for the...
  37. Re: What is the Advantage of Touch Screen Monitors?

    Well the above user have told the most of the advantage and also the disadvantage of using the Touch screen monitors but I want to add that there is one more disadvantage that the displays get dirty...
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    Re: Intel Xeon vs. Intel core i7

    See you are right actually as they both are feature specific, I mean to say some of the feature that you’ll have from Xeon that you’ll have from the Intel I7 and vice versa.

    Thus according to...
  39. Re: Windows 7 64-bit uses 10 GB instead of 12GB RAM

    The same problem I have faced in my windows 7 system. I'm also completely clueless about what's causing the problem. Then I perform this RAM reinstallation task on my system. This makes an effort and...
  40. Re: How much RAM is needed to get rid of page file?

    As far as I know, ECC ram are mostly used for servers and most of the desktop motherboards do not use them. And also, the amount of RAM purely depends on the programs that are executed on your PC....
  41. Re: Latest Fix for MSI K7N2 Delta2 LSR/Platinum Users

    W6570NMS.B62 - IMAGE BIOS
    readme.txt - This file
    flash.bat - batch file (use this to automatic flash when you boot under clean DOS)
    AWFL833C.EXE - AWARD/MSI flash...
  42. Re: ASROCK Z68 Extreme 4 having poor performance with intel core i5 2500k

    See there are too many software through which you can simply test the CPU and they all has their different way to examine the processor and it’s functionality. Thus according to me you should try to...
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    Re: BSOD with ASROCK Z68 Extreme 4 motherboard

    Make sure that the overclocking hardware’s are working perfectly, I mean to say make sure they are working steadily if you have any, because they are also one of the factor that can cause such a...
  44. Re: How can I bypass the bootup selection screen from MSI Z68A-GD80?

    I don’t know why the above mentioned issue is occurring but I can figure out if you can answer the below mentioned questions. What operating system do you running on the computer? What is the...
  45. Re: Windows 7: Login process initialization failure

    Have you tried to start the computer in safe mode? If not yet, then you should try it now and check if that is booting in safe mode.
  46. Re: After upgrading BIOS 1.E of MSI P67A-GD65 the mouse is moving vertically in BIOS menu

    You told me that you have started to face the above mentioned issue after installing the latest version of the BIOS on the computer of yours. however I think you will be able to resolve the issue...
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    Re: MSI Z68 GD 80 G3 not working

    There is no much information which will help me out to figure out the root cause of the problem. What is the hardware configuration of the computer? which operating system do you have installed? Is...
  48. Re: Not getting post beep or Video from MSI P41-C31

    Are you having any other PSU by which you can give it a try? If you have that then you can try by using that and let us know that if this was helpful to you in any way.
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    Re: ASRock P67 Extreme 6 and Adaptec 5405

    Adaptec's Data Conditioning Platform is help in carry business importance to subsequently generation data centers by condition data as it moves from side to side the I/O path. Adaptec's Data...
  50. Re: Browser Server Work Around in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    The better workaround is to go to the Server browser while keeping your cursor at the foot of the screen until it fully loads the server list which takes about 30 seconds. Then select the browser you...
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