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  1. Cannot send or open attachments in


    This is windows 7 system and i recently started using the new Well the interface looks good with the integration of skydrive and other apps. The only problem i am facing is with...
  2. Re: Windows 8.1 can be installed on Windows 7 or only on Windows 8?

    Okk, now that was something useful stuff. Thanks for sharing the same Orlando.

    By the way, can you just tell me one more small thing. As I loved the new interface and the features of Windows8, I...
  3. Windows 8.1 can be installed on Windows 7 or only on Windows 8?

    Hi, i need a small info from you guys. I am running a Windows 7 Ultimate desktop desktop. It is 64bit operating system. I recently read somewhere that Microsoft has released new Windows 8.1. I was...
  4. Re: Window 8 apps are always pending and will not download from Marketplace

    Thanks for the help Paisley007, but unfortunately that dint worked for me. I tried those steps twice but yet the same result, none of the apps are updating or downloading from Marketplace.

  5. Window 8 apps are always pending and will not download from Marketplace

    I recently upgraded one of my laptop to Windows 8 Pro. Installation went fine without any problem. Did all configuration and settings, internet working fine, all ok. But here is the problem. When i...
  6. Nexus 10 tablet freezes and crashes frequently

    I recently bought Nexus 10 (about a week ago), installed several applications on the same in past 3 days. It worked fine for 3 to 4 days but now whenever I open few applications such as Google Chrome...
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    Good DSLR camera under Rs 30,000

    Need to gift a good DSLR camera to my brother, he has completed his photography course and he will soon pursue a job in the same filed. So before that I was thinking of gifting him a Good DSLR camera...
  8. How to completely wipe off phone data before re-selling it

    I found a article on web that states you must not sell your mobile phone before formatting it completely. I am confused with that. My brother just sold his iPhone. He usually use his debit card to...
  9. Micromax A90 Smartphone coming with Android ICS

    I just found in a news that Micromax is releasing a new phone with Android ICS. Till yet whatever phone I am using I am quiet satisfied with that. But I had found that Micromax devices lacks a good...
  10. Re: Changing difficulty level in Darksiders II

    This sounds something new. I have heard difficulty levels in easy, normal and hard mode. But what is this Nightmare mode and how it works ? is it different from normal or hard mode ? :blink:
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    Nvidia Drivers VS MSI Drivers

    I have been using the graphic card that is of Nvidia and also I was using the graphic card for the purpose of the game play in the laptop of Lenovo in which I am using it. But now I am just planning...
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    Dragon Age II Game Not Running Properly

    I would have been tried almost all the possible thing in the game but I don’t know what is basically the problem with it. The game is awesome to play and it has been around 5 days the game is not...
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    Re: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    Hey thank you for the information that you have just given to me now it is that I can just buy a reasonable rate laptop that will be working out well along with the work that is being performed by me...
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    Blasted Internet In Frontierville

    And also it is that I am about ready to quit this game as much as I love it. Between this, to which this Blasted Internet/refresh has gotten worse, on top of all the other problems and it is just...
  15. Does anyone Know About Mozilla Web application Products

    I have been using the Mozilla Firefox since long and have been using it for the browsing and also for the purpose of downloading all the files from the internet by using this file. I have heard that...
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    Re: Bare Knuckle Fights In Fight Night champion

    Hey thank you for the feedback that you have just given to me I would just like to get the proper details of the game of the fight night champion and why the name so given in it as the game is the...
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