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    Re: How to reboot Blackberry

    Just try ALT+Right SHIFT+DEL which will perform a soft reset. This will help you to reset your Blackberry phone.
  2. Re: Can’t find Call Block List in Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

    I completely agree with you. This has to be a program that somebody has to develop; possibly with Mango on the horizon we will make out it shortly.
  3. Re: Windows Live account not linked with Xbox live account for Windows phone 7

    This trick did not work in my case. I at a standstill don’t know how to "On Xbox Console move this gamer tag to the recently created temp LiveID". My temp Xbox live ID is at a standstill on my...
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    Re: Need Antivirus program for Windows Phone 7

    Security vulnerabilities as well take place on every platform. On the other hand, controlled environments, for example telephone and IOS Windows 7 will have about any bug rate because each piece of...
  5. Re: Can’t find Call Block List in Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

    No, there is no block list characteristic on the phone and I have not seen an application to carry out this in the market. I utilize YouMail for a while (this restores the email service on the AT&T...
  6. Re: Can’t download ringtones on Samsung Focus Windows phone

    If Microsoft is not paying attention to a forum where users comment on what is needed to improve the product or things of interest that can be taken. So what hope have you against a giant deaf, blind.
  7. Re: How to change Windows Live ID that is signed already in Windows Phone 7

    I did the similar thing, and currently I am wedged. I can't change my email address back to what my WP7 Windows Live ID is looking for whichever.
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    Re: VPN support for Windows phone 7

    While I agree with the idea that applications for third party solutions will take time. I think the MS applications that are totally and in fact have been part of Phone 6.5 have to be as a minimum...
  9. Re: Need help for Windows phone 7 Storage and Options

    It will be interesting to use MicroSDHC that supports capacities from 32 GB to 2 TB (2000 GB) in WP7, a question of the devices driver support for the cards. I'm certainly mine overspending.
  10. Re: Getting “Marketplace is not available in your country/region” error while install applications from Market Place

    Unluckily India is not in the list of countries supported by market, however, if you’re Live ID and the region where the device is set to one of the unsupported error message: "Market is not...
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    re: Need Antivirus program for Windows Phone 7

    Not that I know of. MS would have to come to remember - WP7 cannot multitask third party applications. You do not need a phone in your reality. Just do not install anything outside of the market. MS...
  12. re: Blackberry Bold 9930 Verizon Release Date and features

    The latest BlackBerry Bold is somewhat same as Bold 9700 in shape and bigger than the Bold 9780. BlackBerry Bold Touch both 9900 and 9930 has a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash which can...
  13. Re: Edof cameras are good enough to capture good images

    the Nokia E5 is also very good device and it is loaded with a 5-megapixel EDOF camera , but it is a fixed focus camera with built in software that make sure everything in the picture that is...
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    Re: Is Bluetooth available in Dell Inspiron 1440?

    Bluetooth is a useful feature for file transfer. You can use Bluetooth to transfer files from one Bluetooth-enabled device to other like from one laptop-to-mobile or laptop-to-laptop. You will need...
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    Re: iPod touch 4g, Is it saif to jailbreak?

    I have also done jailbreaking on my device and believe me its totally safe and legal. There is no reason to worry about it. And it’s very simple to do. Once you have done with jailbreaking, you...
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    Re: Sony Vaio, M series car charger

    Yes you can buy a car charger for your laptop for sure. But if in case you can you are not able to find any car adapters for your Sony Vaio M Series netbook, then there is another product which you...
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    Re: Need HTC Sync version for MyTouch 4G

    As I have called the customer service and simply replied: There will be a launch of HTC sync for this device because it was not built with this capability. However, you can sync with Google, making...
  18. Re: Lenovo R400 while typing pointer goes some chars back automatically

    why don’t you try and check in mouse properties and check the version. Does it show the version is something like this You can find this in mouse properties, in hardware tab. There you...
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    Re: Can’t get SMS Smileys in Nokia E52

    I determined not to make a new one, and that is accurately what I need to write. For those who necessitate smileys / emoticons / anything you call it: You utilize disputes that are fun emoticons,...
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    Re: No firmware update for Nokia C5-00

    You are entirely correct. I agree with you 100%. I have Nokia C5 and that cannot be updated. Not with Nokia Software Updater or via telephone. Why? Why does not the new firmware on my Nokia 061,005...
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    Re: Nokia E5 won't start after multitasking

    I bought my phone in Italy. It worked perfect for 2 days and then I realized if I'm in the web browser and press the start button I get "System Error!" with OK as the only button you can press. Keep...
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    Re: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    It has a virtual QWERTY keyboard, Microsoft Exchange email with Microsoft Direct Push expertise IMAP. IM and SMS services included, sustains Flash and multitasking. It as well has GPS, light sensor,...
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    Re: Planning to buy Motorola Droid Bionic

    I need it now. My Droid also just kicked the bucket and I re-activate an old Blackberry to give me until the next wave of phones is released. First come - will be the bionic, some other phones...
  24. Re: Sony tells Microsoft for buying their PS3 product exclusivity

    Here I am not trolling; I am just to asking a fair question. MS is torn by the purchase of exclusive agreements with developers, but now that Sony is acquiring offers, why did Sony get a free pass?...
  25. Re: What was the maximum number of book you kept in Kindle

    I have about 450 right now, but there are new files that I have to move anymore. I had forgotten about the Alt + number to go to a page. I use Alt + top row for numbers of many things, but do not...
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    Re: Does Sony VITA has ended up Sony PSP Go

    All of this matters nothing & I am sure all this is true, for example, Sony & game developers to pick, not 100% the fault of Sony. & there was a game that means crossing the compatibility of the...
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    Re: Kindle to read screenplays

    Beware eReaders scripts - no matter if it's Kindle, Nook PDFs, etc. do not flow well. Upon creating your account, you would in an editor like ePub Sigil, and then upload to a file .EPub. There is a...
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    Re: Can I travel with the Kindle on Airport

    My Kindle has just broken through the machine x-ray at the airport in San Diego Lindbergh. I have flown many times with him and not the problems, but this time I was reading it while waiting in the...
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    Re: Nook Simple Touch vs Kindle 3

    The new Nook hardware is truly great. B&N to sell a lot of them and hope they do. Amazon responds well to competition. I will continue with my K2 at the moment, but really in the K4 will always...
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    Re: The Darn DRM in Kindle

    Amazon's DRM is basically free. They just add in on the fly when you download the book. A small amount of additional processing on the server. I would be hard to say that even the cost of 1 cent. No...
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    Re: Signature page on their Kindle

    If the firm can be personalized with a message for you / your name, etc, will not that make it special? With some type of tablet and connecting the right, which could be loaded into the e-book...
  32. Re: How to get worldwide Web access for Kindle users

    I do not know about the IP address, to Mexico and have no problems. I am "registered" in the U.S. but with a U.S. address that could make the difference. I just had to request a new K2 so we'll see...
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    Re: Would you like a Touchscreen on kindle

    I really have no concern with fingerprints - even with a backlit display for my iPhone / iPhone; I see the fingerprints when activated. I still read on my iPhone a lot and use the iPhone to read...
  34. Re: Is Reading Amazon Kindle is like a computer screen

    The backlit / reflective is important, and the screen is much easier eInk eyes. But I wonder about computer screens flicker with regular. The typical CRT screen refreshes 60 times per second (other...
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    Re: Kindle Stuck on USB Drive mode

    For the restart you would like to carry the switch for an extended time (15-20 seconds). whereas you are holding it the Kindle can typically do things (flash the facility light-weight or blank the...
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    Re: Why did you purchase Amazon Kindle

    I have my e-book first because I love to read, and I loved the idea of having 100s of books in my hands when I was away from home. It was a paperback edition of Sony, and I had a year and a half...
  37. Re: Get rid of Bookcase because of Kindle dependency

    I had a lot of paperbacks that had amassed over the years. The majority of them had been read as a minimum a pair of times. The covers were damaged and had been taped. They were dirty and old. Some...
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    Re: Joe V Book Style Cover for Kindle

    I love the design, Joe V. excellent choice. Personally, I like the corners on coffee leather. My only suggestion would be to return to the position of the pressure so it starts on the front and wraps...
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    Re: Kindle: Which Oberon design is prettiest

    As purple is a mixture of blue and red, there are shades of purple are extra blue in them and purple shades with extra red in them. That really should have more names for different shades of purple!...
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    Re: How to read any fake books in Kindle

    When the Model T car came out, buggy manufacturers were not happy. Buggy whip manufacturers were devastated. There employ were fired in masse. I am also sure that many people lost the feeling of...
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    Re: How useful Kindle is

    When I was younger I read a lot. So I just bought a bunch of books. With the Kindle I am reading a lot of new and enjoy it and make time to read. The size is perfect, and even a cover of Oberon is...
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    Re: Kindle Demographics

    I think it would be interesting to know the demographics. A survey this excludes people who do not tend to join together so I'm not terribly accurate, but better than nothing. Incidentally, Amazon...
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    Re: Does Amazon Kindle save you money

    I for one am 100% sure to acquire lots of books much money as I have had my Kindle. But I have to get original to pay for them: alter stack usually just became occasionally at Coinstar for a rider...
  44. Re: Kindle rates lower than the Nook as per the Consumer Reports

    I am furious about this. Because the classification of Consumer Reports, my 3 Kindle now works much less well than it did before! Why Consumer Reports does not keep his mouth shut large, and not cut...
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    Re: Amazon Kindles for children

    A quick look at the titles available for download on Kindle reveals nearly 1,000 books for children (although very biased stories of young adults). If eReaders books stay alive a rebellion, my...
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    Re: Can we put pdf files on Amazon Kindle

    I am reading a PDF e-book at the time of my Kindle - and I discovered a trick that really helps. I use the "source" to change the screen orientation to "landscape" every time I'm reading my PDF file....
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    re: How to synchronize kindle for Android

    As extensive as they are both indexed with the similar Amazon account, it will occur mechanically for all books acquired through Amazon. For books not acquired or get via Amazon (for example classics...
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    Re: ADs on the Amazon Kindle 3

    Simple to utilize, have kept the information simply reachable during browsing groups and simple searching to find the information you need quickly.
    Quick Response – It present a solid platform...
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    Re: Kindle 3: Power button sticks

    The switch is very simple and very little can go wrong. However, tolerance in the manufacturing process can be different because the process is more refined. Maybe the bar is thicker and the case is...
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    Re: When the Amazon kindle 4 come out

    This is all the time a problem. I know someone who bought a Kindle 2 Just before Kindle 3 was announced, he complained for a week, but now he is happy with Kindle 2. I guess the main question you...
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