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  1. Re: Cpu recommendation where overclocking is not required

    It is best to first make a list of best gaming cpu. And then you can decide what you want. As far as I had seen on many sites, Intel’s Core i5-4690K is the most popular one. It is best for those...
  2. Re: Looking for a cheapest LGA 1150 socket motherboard

    It is weird. I think you must show your board to some other service center. If the board is under warranty and it has stopped working then you will get it repaired for free. But if there is any...
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    Re: Kingston 1600mhz memory running at 1300mhz

    Actually the memory controllers can be found on the CPU itself, you can check it out on this link - The Intel...
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    Re: Core i3 pc rebooting on MSI board

    Check the power connector on the motherboard and test back. You have to remove that and place it back tightly. Also check the cpu power connector. And then turn on the system. If this reboots on its...
  5. Re: First time overclocking Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor

    I also think the same way. If you are not having a liquid cooler then it will be very complicated for you to work on the same. Overclocking can be tough if your pc is not complicated updated. Like...
  6. Re: Poor resolution through hdmi on Intel DZ75ML-45K

    You have to check a few things here. First of all your screen resolution. When you add a new display you can choose either to clone or two use only one. Use the TV only as you primary display. Then...
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    Re: AMD FX 8320 getting too hot and pc turns off

    Install a temperature monitor app on the same. That will help you in fixing the issue. There are ample of tools available. One of them is HW monitor. This software will give you the temperature...
  8. Re: USB 3.0 data transfer speed very low on Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H

    Just before doing anytime update the drivers. Visit the official Gigabyte site and download drivers from the support section on the basis of your motherboard model. Select the operating system before...
  9. Re: What are the things that can be done to reduce pc overheating

    For better cooling use the best thermal paste from the market. You can buy a good one from any popular hardware store. Thermal paste help you to establish a good connection between your cpu and cpu...
  10. Re: Comprising Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 for gaming

    It is quiet correct. Price matters a lot here. Core i7 can help you to build a ideal system which can give you mix features of gaming and overclocking. But when it comes to budget solution where your...
  11. Re: Advice for upgrading psu for Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5

    I had recently upgraded my system. I was looking for a decent psu that can help me to keep my system work fine and also it can provide a proper power output if in future I add more hardware. I had...
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    Re: Budget 8GB ram for mid range gaming pc

    Don't go for a single 8GB stick. Instead buy two 4GB. Combining your old one you will have total 3 Ram in your system. If any of this are damage then you have more choices. I was having a single 4GB...
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    Re: New 4GB Corsair RAM causing Bluescreen

    Always verify the specification before buying. If your system specs is perfect them sometime due to improper placement this issue appear. You can remove the ram an clean the edges and then insert it...
  14. Re: Where to get a good budget combo boards for gaming

    I had just got a new combo board for my office. It is not for gaming but good enough to run applications and video editor working. I do think there are combo boards available which are really meant...
  15. Re: Difficulty in accessing bios of Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H motherboard

    Most of the time usb is disabled in the bios. But atleast you should be able to enter through ps2 keyboard. If that is not working then just try the different ports on the backside. There are...
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    Re: Ideal RAM for server level performance

    You have to first decide the upgrade size. Like you are stuck with 8GB. Better go with higher. For server you can even go above 25GB. There are ram available in the market. Later on check for other...
  17. Re: What is the difference between cpu logical and physical core

    It is right those are hyper threading stuff which was used in dual core cpu. It is not gong to give you anything on overclocking. If you are seeing a logical core cpu then you are gong to buy a old...
  18. Re: Does on-board Intel HD Graphic is enough for 32inch display

    The latest 4th generation Intel processor offer 3D support on the board video memory. If you have a upgraded system then it is far more better to ahead with that. Because it offers you on-board 3D...
  19. Re: How to cpu clock speed is calculated for gaming purpose

    Whenever you go for buying a new processor ensure that you are buying a multi-core cpu. Multi-core cpu offer you multi-tasking and are more powerful. They manage different applications easily and...
  20. Re: Which AMD FX series cpu will be best for video editing

    AMD FX are high end processor models. Some of them are 6 core while some of them are 8 core. Now there are some overclocking models also. They are costly and fast enough to give you high frequency....
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    Re: Asus Rampage IV motherboard for overclocking

    It is always good to go for extreme system if you consider overclocking as important. One thing which I will recommend you is to add a good liquid cooler on the same. This kit will help you to keep...
  22. Re: System fail to boot after adding new DDR2 ram

    You are right about that. The board can be damaged. It is necessary that your board must get proper power and if everything is proper you will get the bios screen. Try to check the psu once. I think...
  23. Re: System fail to boot after updating the bios of Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard

    It looks that you had flashed the wrong bios file. You will have to locate the right file and then you can go ahead with a clean setup once again. This will resolve the problem. You have to use a usb...
  24. Re: It is ok to use AMD FX8320 processor on a low end Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2

    AMD FX8320 is a high end gpu. It is a 8core processor which needs 125watt of power to run. While the board which you had mentioned does not support that much watt. Only cpu socket does not matter....
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    Re: Different company ram on old board

    This can be due to different specification. Can you post your motherboard and ram details. The complete motherboard model and ram model. You can find that through CPUz. Install this tool in your...
  26. Re: Why some old RAM are still better compare to high end series

    I was going through a short article which says in detail what actually matters to make a good ram. Here everything is important like the ram capacity, the material used to build it, and the quality...
  27. Re: Which processors are launched recently which are ideal for gaming

    It is not really required that you have to buy a high end cpu for gaming purpose. You can also buy a standard cpu and configure it with mid range hardware. It will work great. Extreme processor also...
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    Re: Using MSI Z87I for a htpc setup

    That's a very high end bard. Do you really think you need that for a presentation pc. There are more reasonable boards already available in the market that can provide you a more better solution....
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    Re: Core i3 system getting too hot while gaming

    Try to open your system case and check that there is no dust in it. I think due to lot of dust over the cpu fan air is not getting out. It is trapped inside which is increasing the cpu temperature....
  30. Re: Is there any good motherboard available that has 3D movie feature

    It is correct. There are hardly any board available which comes with on-board 3D support. It is actually a gpu feature. You will require to buy a good quality graphic card from the market which has...
  31. Re: How to determine which memory speed is better for system

    I think it does not really matters. Those stuff are checked for high end gaming pc and for servers. While on regular stuff you can go with any kind of ram configuration. Which is bit enough.
  32. Re: It is worth to upgrade only cpu or motherboard as well

    Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Motherboard motherboard offers you LGA 1155 socket. And there are few set of Intel processor available in the market which gives you the same socket support. I think you can go...
  33. Re: After updating bios in MSI Z77A-G45, getting PC Beep

    The best will be carrying the board to your nearest service center. That will be more better. Because they have a specialized pci cards through which they can relfash the bios back and fix the issue.
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    Re: Antec 920 cooler for i7-3930k

    I have Antec C40 is another great cpu fan for keeping the system cooling in terms of gaming and overclocking. I do not really overclock at extreme rate. I keep in at reasonable rate so that the...
  35. Re: Difference between Normal Kingston Memory and HyperX

    HyperX ram is mostly recommended for server level. Those are high end performance ram. I do not think you really need that.But it basically depend on your choice. The ram offers great performance...
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    Re: Haswell vs Sandy Bridge-E, which runs faster

    I agree with that. I was having a single gpu before. Then I added one more. Now I am able to play games on my HDTV at full resolution. The screen goes well and has no issue. Before that when I try to...
  37. Re: Kingston Hyperx Blu memory with Asus M5A97 issue

    As per the motherboard specification, Kingston Hyperx Blu memory will work on the same. In that board you can add around 4 sticks of ram upto 32GB DDR3 ram. And Kingston Hyperx Blu comes in from...
  38. Re: Will Kingston HyperX Predator memory work on Asus M5A99X motherboard

    That is correct. At a price of Rs.35,000 you can get a great gaming processor by AMD with 2GB card and also a bigger size monitor. The price list can be found on web. Do not go for desktop. Go for...
  39. Re: Which Intel Core i7 processor is good for laptop

    Whatever series you buy you must go for third generation Intel Core i7 processor. I can give you suggestions about some gaming laptop. Because if it is a gaming system then obviously you you will get...
  40. Re: Which are good 140mm fan available for intel processors

    There are some nice models available under Artic. The manufacturer offers you some decent cooling solution to keep your system work fine to some extent. It works just fine with any system and has...
  41. Re: Hard drive not detected on Intel motherboard connected through RAID Card.

    I am doubtful about the card. I think it is faulty due to which you find no indication on your screen about installation. Using SATA to IDE converter is a good choice because it is a cheaper solution...
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    Re: Which Motherboard comes with TV Tuner

    There is a mini board available. The model is ASUS P8H67-I. It is a HTPC board that comes with integrated TV Tuner card inside it. There is a TV out jack on the back side. You just have to connect...
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    Re: No display on HDMI port on ASUS M2A-VM HDMI

    Do not open the case if your system is under warranty. Because if you do that you will loose it. This is one of the most common issue with branded system. You must call the service center for...
  44. Re: Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 front USB ports not working

    It seems as if there is some kind of hardware issue with your usb ports, anyways have you tried uninstalling and installing latest USB drivers? If you haven’t, than you can give that a try and...
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    Re: Best Intel motherboard for gaming

    I will suggest you to get one from below. Gigabyte boards have always been good for gaming.

    Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA1155 CrossFireX/SLI Dual Lan Dual UEFI BIOS with Bluetooth 4.0/Wi-Fi Expansion...
  46. Re: Intel i7-2600k overclocking stability with Prime95

    As you say that Intel i7-2600k processor cannot go over as 4.5 GHz as your computer crashes, I think that you should stop overclocking it. I mean what is the use force overclocking if it is not...
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    Poll: Re: ASUS P8Z77 WS vs. GIGABYTE GA-X79-UD3

    I think that Asus P8Z77 WS is the best motherboard if compared with GIGABYTE GA-X79-UD3. It has a good performance and good features in it. I suggest you to use it along with an Ivy Bridge processor....
  48. Re: Intel Xeon E3-1265LV2 support on DQ77KB board

    I think that there has been some minor mistake in making the specifications and the compatibility list of the Intel DQ77KB processor as I don’t think that Intel Xeon E3-1265LV2 should give any...
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    Re: Downgrade Asus P5k-premium Bios

    I was with the same requirement, did a lot of research and ultimately got an answer for it. In order to downgrade your board with AMI BIOS I used Boot USB method.

    For a successful downgrade you...
  50. Re: Bios update from 039 to 045 fails on Intel DZ77GA-70K

    Other than that error that you are getting I am also getting some error message saying that "Flash update failed!" and "Updating Intel Management Engine [failed!]". However I understood the error...
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