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    Re: Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office system

    Hello Hockson,

    If you are adding on a server, you don't require to give a restart for the same.
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    Re: Best Ebook for learning Joomla

    You can surely refer to the ebooks mentioned here for understanding joomla. One of my friends had made a shopping site using joomla some months ago with shopping cart extensions called...
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    OCZ Vertex 4 128GB or OCZ Agility 3 120GB

    I am willing to add a new 120GB SSD in my system and I have narrowed down my choice to OCZ Vertex 4 128GB and OCZ Agility 3 120GB. Currently I am confused between both. I am not able to make out...
  4. Re: Samsung 7 series notebook won't charge above 80%

    Same here, God knows what’s wrong with my Samsung 7 series notebook. Just like your case it won’t get charge above 80%, I am not able to make out if this is due to some kind of setting issue or...
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    KB2286198 failed with Error 8007371c

    Whenever I try to run Windows update I am getting 8007371c error. I found this in the Event Viewer. And it is just related to specific single update only. It is a important security update that I...
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    microsoft office 2007 product key pleas?

    I bought a new Office 2007 Disk but it din’t came with any product key. I tried contacting the vendor’s customer service but they are not responding. Can anyone please let me know where can I get...
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    Microsoft Update KB973869 keeps on installing

    After running fresh Windows update check I found around 13 pending updates. There is one one client system which shows this pending updates. Approving them in WSUS in Windows Server 2003, it must...
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    Re: Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office system

    Hello Pine Le,

    You can install the compatibility pack on a individual system. If you have any more doubts about the same let me know.
  9. So now i have tried Broadcom stack for Vista, I...

    So now i have tried Broadcom stack for Vista, I did not had any issue in installing the drivers but "Bluetooth Stereo Audio" is missing on x64. In my case i am having a virtual machine, if i disable...
  10. Is there any way to use Bluetooth stereo audio (A2DP) in Windows 7 x64?

    I have installed Windows 7 RC x64 in my laptop recently and i am not able to get A2DP working with internal Bluetooth device. I have tried downloading latest drivers from my hardware vendor but their...
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    To Restore the Deleted Administrator Account

    I have a windows XP Pro computer at my home. Today I created a new Admin account with all Administrator privileges and at the same time by mistake I deleted the original Administrator from the system...
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    RE: Internet Explorer will not connect

    To me it probably appears like your system is infected with some malware or Virus. First thing you need to do is update your Antivirus program, and perform deep scan. See if it finds anything....
  13. Does now Adobe offers a 64bit edition of Adobe Flash

    I am quiet facing a big trouble in using Adobe Flash on Windows 32bit as well as Windows x64 bit. The issue lies with some Internet Explorer plugin used inside the browser. Some the new flash upgrade...
  14. New free calendar templates for office 2003 and 2007

    Hey guys I just came here to share something. I was roaming through the newsgroup and came across few discussion where people were asking for calendar templates and people said it is not available....
  15. Thread: Sbs 2008 backup

    by S Kent

    Re: Sbs 2008 backup

    Even I agree with the same. USB Drive backup for SBS2008 is the best choice. Once I restored my Full server in just 20 minutes using the same.

    Insert SBS2008 DVD
    Selected restore
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    Project 2007 -> 2003 converter

    I am using MS Office 2003, Project 2003 on Windows XP computer. Yesterday I received a mail with 2007 MPP file as attachment. When I try to opening this in my Project 2003, it tells me to download a...
  17. Re: Keyboard and Mouse not working after using System Configuration

    Most probably it could have been because of conflict between some drivers. You should try doing System Restore from Safe Mode. Before doing the same i will suggest you to better give a try to "Last...
  18. Microsoft MS08-067 KB958644 Security: Critical Patch/Update Released!

    Microsoft has released a critical/emergency update, you all can go through below article and obtain help and support for the security update.
    MS08-067: Vulnerability in Server service could allow...
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    (UPDATE) MalwareBytes AntiMalware v1.30

    MalwareBytes AntiMalware v1.30 has been released (October 22nd, 2008). It will fix some minor issues with protection and miscellaneous issues with heuristics which were reported earlier. Just make...
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    Re: Network icon says not connected but I am

    You said that you are on a wifi network. So is it a protected or public network. You can try changing your SSID and then reconnect your device once again. It is better if you can hook a router in...
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    Windows Installer (Vista)

    I bought a new HP desktop that came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium SP1 (64bit). It worked fine for a week and now when I try to update or install any new program, system gives me the following...
  22. CANNOT RECEIVE MAILS- POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Error: 0x80004005

    I am using windows vista mail, it was working fine from past 3 months since the time I configured it, but from past 2 days when I am trying to receive mail it gives me the error message An unknown...
  23. Stop full screen auto-hiding top and bottom bars

    As we all know when we play any video in Windows Media Player in Full Screen (Alt+Enter), there use to be two blue bars, 1 at top and 2nd at bottom. Earlier it use to be stuck there on the screen but...
  24. Upgrades never work for me. I had also performed...

    Upgrades never work for me. I had also performed a upgrade and only after that things went wrong. Office stopped working. Instead of running upgrade it is much better that you install it from...
  25. I will also advice the option to update your nic...

    I will also advice the option to update your nic driver. It is one of the best way to fix this issue. We are not aware when this kind of problem appears and that is due to outdated drivers. Firewall...
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    re: Windows Vista Connection Status Unknown error

    Try system restore I think that will help you. And if you are having a desktop then better buy a lan card. There are ample of them available at reasonable rate. I had added one pci wifi card in my...
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    Lost Administrator password

    One of my user has lost his Administrator password for SBS 2003 server. I want to know if there is any method by which i can retrieve the password or reset it somehow. I need to do that urgently so a...
  28. There is nothing to worry much about that. The...

    There is nothing to worry much about that. The core is not utilized or the task manager is not having any option to display both of them. But still it is active in your system. You can try to use...
  29. No Audio Device Installed in Vista Ultimate x64 (SP1)

    I am not able get my sound installed in Windows Vista. My friend helped me in upgrading the x64 edition. Before that I had installed 32bit edition which was having the same. We thought this might be...
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    Disable IPv6 first and then see whether the wifi...

    Disable IPv6 first and then see whether the wifi works or not. There can be a connectivity problem with IPv6 settings. You can go in your adapter properties and remove the tick from the same. I am...
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    This is not a serious issue friend. You just need...

    This is not a serious issue friend. You just need to launch MS Word, click on help menu to "Detect and repair". This can sometimes be due to corruption of the file Locate it, rename it...
  32. Thread: Uninstall WSUS

    by S Kent

    Uninstall WSUS

    I had installed WSUS previously and since it is not in use i want to uninstall it. My problem is that when i am trying to uninstall it from control panel then it says it will uninstall " SQL desktop...
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    Re: Vista will not show jpeg thumbnails, Help!!

    As you said your Files wont show up, does it means that the file extension wont show up? If yes, open the folder, click on "tools' scroll down to " folder options" then click on the view tab in...
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    Manually Add Hotfix to WSUS?

    I just want to know if it is possible to add hotfix to WSUS content list manually rather form Microsoft Update Catalog using Import option? actually i am having a patch which is not available on...
  35. I am using Windows 2000 server. I am too having...

    I am using Windows 2000 server. I am too having the same issue. It looks the software is buggy with this Windows edition. You cannot simply rely on it for backup. I had contacted Microsoft support...
  36. Windows Vista 64bit is not detecting my mouse and keybaord

    My new mouse and keyboard are not working in Windows Vista. It is a 64bit edition pc. I am having my old one, but I just purchased a nice multimedia combo. It has set of additional buttons. To keep...
  37. RE: print job stuck in que for printer hp psc 1410 all in one prin

    You have to restart the printer spooler service. That will do the job I think. Now there is two way of doing the same. First you can simply reboot your system and second you can go in Administrative...
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    Page Numbers in MS Word 2007 document

    I am having number of documents and i want their numbering to start as page #1 from third page. I also want alternate page number position for even/odd numbered pages. Is that possible in MS Word...
  39. Office 2007 Enterprise: does not install :: digital signature does not validate or is not present

    I’m trying to get out of a problem with Office Enterprises 27 since last 4 days but it just kept me annoying till now. I bought a Multi-Licensed Office disk, have already installed it earlier on my...
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    Re: WMP11 Can't Play m2t

    Hay, thanks for replying buddy. I tried changing the file extension to .mpg as well as m2v as suggested by a guy, but none of them work yet.

    Also the decoder URL you have given seems only made...
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    WMP11 Can't Play m2t

    I have a Windows XP SP2 running computer with pretty good config such as Intel 3GHz P4 HT, 2GB mem, Radeon 9800 Pro, etc but still my Windows Media Player 11 is not able to play High Definition...
  42. It can be a kind of hardware fault also. I think...

    It can be a kind of hardware fault also. I think the slow networks can be result of hardware which is not responding well enough while you are trying to access internet. There is a hotfix available...
  43. Re: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup Regstry Key missing

    Ok, but if this scenario is not supported, why can I upgrade from WSUS2.0 SP1 to WSUS3.0 x64???

    If I must do a clean WSUS3.0 Installation, how can I convert the WSUS2.0 SP1 SQL-Database???
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    Unattended office 2007 MUI installation

    I need some help to start a unattended MUI setup. I want to do this for a Office 2007 edition that is already installed in my system. When I run setup.exe /admin I am getting a error on the screen...
  45. Hello, Thanks for your answer. You're rigth,...


    Thanks for your answer. You're rigth, WSUS is running on a Windows Server 2003 R2 x64. I'm sorry, but this is a clean WSUS2.0SP1 installation on a new Windows Server 2003 R2 x64, not an...
  46. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup Regstry Key missing

    Hello everybody,

    I want to migrate WSUS2.0SP1 to WSUS3.0, but the installation fails with the following failures:

    2007-05-07 16:33:47 Success MWUSSetup Validating pre-requisites... ...
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    Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Drivers

    Where I can find drivers for Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. I need the driver that work in Vista. I am not getting it on web. The same is also not working in my system. I had contacted Microsoft a tons...
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    Re: Need help for svchost crash

    Try to run windows update. Looks like some kind of issue with some internal files which are not stable enough. If windows update cannot help you much. Then the other thing which left is to simply run...
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    missing PRO.MSI file...what to do

    I am having a Xp laptop running with MS Office 2003. It was working fine without any problem since months but suddenly I when I tried opening a Excel file today morning it refused with an error...
  50. 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI NIC Driver for Windows Vista

    Where can I find 32bit Vista drivers for 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI NIC. I had this card in my system. It was having XP before then I added the new OS. It is just a trial edition. I am testing...
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