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  1. Re: AVG - 2013 'An error occurred when saving the configuration: Specified File was not found'

    I had not used any uninstaller but I had simply uninstalled it from control panel as I uninstall other program. I dint knew instances of antivirus remains in system even after uninstalling them....
  2. Re: AVG - 2013 'An error occurred when saving the configuration: Specified File was not found'

    I am running windows 7 and I have deleted C:\ProgramData\AVG2013\cfg folder but I am still getting the same error message. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling AVG2013 but no luck. It seems as...
  3. AVG - 2013 'An error occurred when saving the configuration: Specified File was not found'

    My AVG 2012 pack had got over and I had installed AVG - 2013 today. However just after its installation when I tried changing some setting I got an error message saying 'An error occurred when saving...
  4. Will you choose a Netbook instead of a Tablet

    Tablets has gain a nice response in market. But yet those devices are not suitable for business needs. So what my question is what netbook will you prefer in place of a tablet. The price tablet's are...
  5. Mac OS X Lion is continuously pinging some http sites

    Happy to use this OS in my macbook air just recently purchased it and would love to explore more from this OS. In the recent days I have been using this mac for a long period of time and don’t know...
  6. Does Mac OS X Lion Server is required to download Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

    Hello friends, I am using the MacBook Pro and I was planning to download the Mac OS X lion for it. But I have read it somewhere that I need to have an OS X Lion server when downloading it? So what I...
  7. Where to find BIOS Update for IBM MT 2199

    I found a very old desktop in my library. It was dead and not used for long time. The model says something IBM MT 2199. Looks really big with vertical layout. The desktop seems to function well. I...
  8. Where to find a suitable Transonic UHF Decoder

    I am looking for a suitable Transonic UHF Decoder. I tried to find the same on web but there are not resoable product available. I need a proper decoder that help me to work at my warehouse. One of...
  9. What can I do to fix Seagate 7200.11 Bricked hard disk q

    Is there a way by which I can fix a bricked hard disk. The disk shows up super slow speed and sometime does not work at all. I had seen the issue lies with the disk motor which is not spinning at...
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    What are Zynga Slingo x2 and x3 Bonus

    While playing Zynga Slingo I had seen many time x2 or x3 type of icons in the slot. When I click they disappear. Do I really collecting them or they are some kind of extra thing which is used while...
  11. Re: Error message on Datacard SP35 PLUS printer.

    Hey friends I have tried to print on the card a logo which is actually in the png format. But there is problem it comes nothing out. If I covert it to jpeg it is very fuzzy. I have no idea what to do...
  12. How to use principal component analysis in Microsoft Excel

    How to perform principal component analysis in Microsoft Excel. If there is any template for this then it will be or great help. Thanks in advance.
  13. Two 23" & 24" LCD or one 27" LCD Monitor for Dual Screen

    There is something I want to know and I am really confused here. My uncle wants to setup a dual screen monitor. He asked me to provide a quote for the same. Here he has a 24" LCD monitor. The monitor...
  14. How to add similar characters in Excel Cells

    I want to add the suffix "scc" into the contiguous cells of several columns on an existing Excel spreadsheet. There is existing data (alpha/numeric) in each of the cells already, so the scc suffix...
  15. Is it possible to configure dual screen in Microsoft Excel

    Does anyone know how to set up support in Excel for dual screens. The only way I can seem to get it is by having two Excel sessions running. Word is much easier, you open the document and drag it...
  16. How to build a Macro which can split data among Worksheets in Excel

    I would like to create a macro that will automatically create a worksheet based on name. For example, if I have a file of sales data by sales rep, how can I create an individual worksheet for each...
  17. Need Capability Study Template for Microsoft Excel

    Does anyone have a template for a Capability Study in Excel. I tried searching for the same on excel official website. But there no templates provided for that. It will be also helpful if anyone can...
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    How to type X bar in Microsoft Excel

    How can I type the character x bar (for the statistical mean) into an excel spreadsheet? I can do it in a word document, but not in an excel sheet.
  19. How to get deciles output in Microsoft Excel

    I am trying to find deciles as well as P20 P30 ... P90 for a large dataset. Does Excel have a function or an easy way to perform this operation?
  20. How to combine Month/Day/Year seperately in a different column in Microsoft Excel.

    I have the month (October), day (3), and year (2005) contained in three cells. I want to combine them into one cell where I can have the date as 10/3/2005. I have been unsuccessful using concatenate...
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    Opening WK1 File in Microsoft Excel 2007

    I have some old files in wk1 format. I am now using excel 2007 and it won't open the files. Is there a fix in the registry or something ?
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