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  1. Is the Goldeneye 007 Reloaded game good or should I wait for Modern Warfare 3?

    Anyone of you please help me. I am quite confused about this Goldeneye 007 Reloaded. I am interested to know from you experts that this game is good or should I wait for Modern Warfare 3? Please post...
  2. Black screen followed by a message informing that Windows was not genuine.

    I run Windows 7, and today when logging on as Administrator, I met a black screen for an amplified period of time, emulated by a message informing me that my Windows was not real. Inasmuch as I know...
  3. The Haunted: Hells Reach 1st update bugs and features

    Healstone still shows up when you just start to play with associate in addition CQC weapon executes don't restore your steadiness anymore, Artefacts on Win XP x86 Radeon 4800 512 MB. Attainments...
  4. Big transitions scheduled for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Hi everyone, Oneiric the overall transition to gtk3 and Gnome3 and some noteworthy purpose (similar to an official instrument for font customization and so forth) isn't achieved yet. So I wonder, is...
  5. TAKE ON HELICOPTERS Fire Fighting Mission’s?

    I feel a distinct desire to declare, GOOD JOB on the diversion! It reminds me of that old game SimCopter! TOH is precisely what I thought the fate of SimCopter could be like and here we are, in the...
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    Acer W500 tips and tweaks

    Well, here we go again. I'm still when an excellent TM2 to replace my Envy 13 but until then and now that the Asus EP121 has gone to an good home, I'm once again here with an Acer W500. I'm no...
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    Unable to sync computer iCal to iCloud

    I in previous times would utilize gmail for all my calendars, and just match up iCal and my iPad through gmail, but now that I'm getting my 4s I need to get rid of gmail and do all items just through...
  8. CHICHITEC Battery from Sensation in the HTC Amaze 4G

    I have the aforementioned batteries from a Sensation. They appear to FIT the Amaze, but will they damage the phone in any manner depending on if I utilize them? Could any individual confirm? Thank...
  9. How N64oid will perform on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

    Anybody have any sign in how N64oid will perform on the Galaxy Nexus? The GPU is less than overpowering, and with the prominent build in screen resolution, its being strained even harder. I don't...
  10. Unable to access the data wirelessly in Seagate GoFlex Satellite

    I purchased Satellite few days in the past. It stacks of stuff on it. PC via USB works fine-carries on quite similar to USB disk might as well. Pain is nothing can then access the information via...
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    How Long Does your Kindle Battery Last?

    I've heard individuals state that their Kindle just ought to be recharged once a month, but I should charge mine once a week. Is there something off with it, or do I actually read too much? (I...
  12. Is it possible to run a GeForce card with a Radeon in a PC?

    I have a Radeon Graphics card on my HP Pavilion Windows 7. Is it accurate to say that it is install for me to institute a Nvidia GPU (GT Force 570 declare) just for CUDA computing? Please suggest...
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    Re-downloading not possible for Skype

    Hi! Skype has been uninstalled from my PC. When I mark in I try not to see where to download. Do I need to erase my present file & make a new one to have the ability to download Skype again?
  14. Plantronics Voyager Pro pairing with Skype in PC

    My question is very genuine to you all experts. I want to pair my Voyager Pro with skype in my PC. If you know anything, then please give suggestions to me regarding the same. All your replies will...
  15. Do you like “Drizzt” in Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter?

    Well, I was investigating a website and he had these shots of the existence-estimated Drizzt and Guen (through the scale on her appears alarming little) model at Comic-con. Whilst I've never totally...
  16. When will Verizon Wireless available for BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza?

    I am really very excited to know that when will Verizon Wireless be available for BlackBerry Touch Monaco/Monza? Does anyone know if or when it will be available? I yes than please post your replies...
  17. Is mATX Z68: Gigabyte's GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 worth buying?

    Newly I am interested by buying Gigabyte's GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 for myself. I generally tried for the-Z68ME-D2H for something like $35 less but did not so before acquiring I would give anything to take...
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    Toshiba Satellite A665-S6094 overheating

    I have a weighty situation with my laptop here. I am utilizing a cooler and the framework will actually shut down when I am playing a diversion. I even turn on the "eco" capacity to support with the...
  19. MOTOROLA TRIUMPH Signal strength and GPS troubleshoot

    Here are my issues with my phone following 2 days. I don't expertise all these issues can happen on one phone. Flatter sign robustness that the different VM phones. I tested side by side and special...
  20. Laptop compatible enough to run EVE Online and Dragon Age Origins

    I did some exploration on this, but all items I spot is too expensive. All I see is i3s and i5s with cards in neighborhood of Geforce 550-555M. This is over the top excess for me, so I attempted...
  21. Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    I'm researching encryption alternatives for our company issued Android phones. We as of now utilize an Administration Kit with Mobile Security 8 but I saw that android encryption isn't good to go...
  22. Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 MO feature Directed by Intel Virtualization Technology

    I just acquired a gigabyte MO GA-PH67-UD3-B3 and could jump at the chance to utilize VT-D Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O offer. Does any single expertise to get the BIOS UPDATE for...
  23. Will there be any sequel to Driver San Francisco already?

    I have gotten notification from one of my associate that consistent with that item Ubisoft has spent $ 24.000.000 for the mark Driver and the studio Reflections Interactive. Driver San Francisco is...
  24. Failed to retrieve stuff list in Ovi store through Nokia N8

    Whoever encounter this situation before in the OVI store, you unable to recover stuff post in your ovi record. While downloading, u can’t see the stuff record that u downloading and additionally...
  25. First impression of New Marketplace for Xbox 360 games

    A smart step from MS, which let the PC players to spot their favorites easier as the Xbox titles, and the browser-buy methodology, is working all over the place on the backed nations. Why the...
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    Axes Flash in Windows 8 mobile

    My inquiry to every one of you is exceptionally remarkable. My issue is identified with Axes Flash in Windows 8 mobile. What I have found is that there is no flash on windows 8 touch screen gadgets....
  27. How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    Is there any manner to save/backup the MS Office suite that came preinstalled on my PC? I no longer have a COA or instatement circle good to go to reinstall it need to something unfortunate happen to...
  28. Linksys WRT54G Netflix for ROKU streaming player

    More time is spent downloading than viewing motion picture. Is 54Mbts fast enough? Are there settings that are wrong? Link source requires that there is no corruption on their side.
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    Failures in Netgear RP614v4

    I began utilizing RP614v4, was working fine then one day nothing worked out-issue w/ service provider (they resolved it was router, machine can access virtual internet when straightforwardly joined...
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    For Bankruptcy- Mandrake Linux Files

    Freshly I have perused a post that MandrakeSoft, the fiscally strapped maker of the Mandrake form of Linux recorded for the French identical of bankruptcy protection from creditors. Can someone...
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    DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I am utilizing Vista Ultimate. It has distinguished different information dvd's in the past, but now it doesn't. I don't think the situation is the physical disc mark. I have attempted numerous...
  32. Will shutting down a PC via power button will harm it?

    I actually had a $7,000 3D computer assembled running Windows7 and the developer told me never, ever close it down utilizing the power button in light of the fact that it could in the future damage...
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    Master Reset on myTouch 4G Slide

    My query to you all is related to master reset on myTouch 4G Slide. I don’t know to perform master reset. I want to know how we should prepare ourselves before a master reset. Also let me know the...
  34. Filing a complaint with the BBB regarding T-Mobile G2x

    I actually did the Gingerbread update and I'm not upbeat with the picture clicker. I called LG and T-portable concerning this and they declare they cannot do anything concerning this. I solicited...
  35. Need floorstanding speakers under $1000 for a small room

    I'm determined to be picking up an Onkyo NR609, and require a couple of speakers for a more or less 9' x 9' room. I won't have a great deal of control over how far they are from the divider, and...
  36. Unable to find version ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.9’

    So I've been attempting to get OpenOffice to receive SCIM (and by enlargement, Japanese) enter under KDE for some time, with no mentionable achievement. Fixing the KDE augmentations from the...
  37. Critical error during Installing HP PSC 1410 All-in- One Printer

    I have a few times attempted installing HP PSC 1410 on brand new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The predominant time, I actually connected to the USB and Windows 7 can't identify a "basic...
  38. Display driver crashing in DirectX 11after Overclocking GTX 580 Twin Frozr II

    I have several GTX 580 Twin Frozr II OC in SLI. The nvlddmkm.sys appears to collision and restart when about 10-15min on gameplay on DX11 amusements (I have perceived it happen in F.E.A.R. 3 and...
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    Is Dell Inspiron N7110 Good for gaming?

    My concern to you exercises is Dell Inspiron is useful for gaming? I had an old laptop of HP AMD Phenom but not beyond any doubt what the sequence was, I figure it was DV7. I have requested it from...
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    List of Best Search Engines

    Here I am looking for the search engines. So I want a list of best search engines from you all. Among the list which would be the best search engine for me? Also let me know about searching a search...
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    What Causes a DNS Error?

    I have seen in many places about issues while using internet such as the DNS error. I really want to know about the term DNS error as I personally have experienced the same. I would be glad if you...
  42. Windows Indexing Program giving low rate to my new purchased Lenovo T520

    Welcome all; I actually just obtained a Lenovo T520 as well as my twin blood mate. Both of our workstations have the same specs:

    i7 Quad Core 2.2GHz
    NVIDIA 4200M
    4 GB RAM
    500 GB Hard Drive...
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    Water Spilled on My laptop

    Anyway, I spilled water on my laptop (dell) then afterward turned it quickly off. Then I recalled hearing "don't shake it to get water out"-check. I utilized a paper towel to get every last trace of...
  44. Google Chrome Mouse Gestures in macbook pro OS X Lion

    Google Chrome form (sort about: rendition into the location bar): Operating System: Error Message: Extensions commissioned: 12.0.742.122. I've updated my macbook professional to OS X Lion, and I...
  45. Decreasing hard drive space after installing newest version of mcafee

    Good day I was in the process of doubting that this is an ordinary event. I accept before I upgrade to Version 11 of my McAfee Internet Security, even assuming that I redesign the adaptation of the...
  46. Playstation 3 with Action replay system

    Is there set up to be an activity replay framework for the playstation 3, for recreation trick codes and recoveries downloads and whatnot; it might be commissioned on the PS3’s hard disc. I have...
  47. Request for Auto-Download option in PS3

    I simply a contemplation, but for individuals like me, who switch every last item off at the points when its not in utilization (e.g. overnight, and when I’m grinding away in the day), it could be...
  48. How to Access Desktop from Toshiba Thrive Tablet using WiFi Connection?

    I've had my 16 Gb Thrive for a few weeks now and have no issues to any detectable degree and never had a SOD or any possible situations. My concern is a common one about WiFi lattice...
  49. Asus RT-N56U router VPN not working with wired connection

    I am having pain getting VPN to deal with my RT-N56U router when I utilize a WIRED reciprocity. The VPN customer express it is associated but when I attempt to gain entrance to the VPN lattice, it is...
  50. Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    I downloaded Firmware via the virtual world union about several months in the past (BSP.C5500WWB-1020.1) Internet TV has not worked after the download. When Internet TV is chosen the TV heads off to...
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