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    Review MTNL Broadband Plans in your City

    I like to review different and different plan of mtnl. Please share mtnl experience in your city. Just share your plan details, city name, cost, Advantage and disadvantage.
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    Re: Increasing Speed in BSNL Broadband

    Assume that we will get this amount of speed a day of this year or early next year,even though what will the FUP? Any conjecture.please let me know
  3. Re: Unofficial word on speed increase by Airtel Broadband

    What is this? IPTV users who pay as 500 rupees (1499/month) for speeds of 512 kbps bad day?To present a plan that is $ 500 cheaper and has 4 times the speed with unlimited data?

    Something is...
  4. Airtel broadband internet connection frequently disconnecting with Linksys Modem router wag 120n

    I bought a Linksys WAG 120N router modem and Airtel technician install it with the CD.The connection is constantly breaking. Airtel coach visited again and did a ping test that showed the connection...
  5. Airtel Broadband: Getting 2mbps speed on a 512kbps line

    on my 512kpbs connection, although pings are high (they are usually about 50 ms)> I am getting Downloading Speed 2.83mbps and upload speed -0.48mbps and ping 81ms. Don’t know how I am getting more...
  6. After quitting an application, Mac OS X Lion Freezes

    I bought a 17 "MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard in October, and since then to get out of a computer program from time to time blocking. As mentioned above, the cursor disappears; the screen locks video...
  7. Re: How to unhide file in finder using Mac OS X Lion

    I have 2 units affected and one of them is empty. In the event that a backup via time machine. I formatted the external hard drive and am used for something else.
  8. How to unhide file in finder using Mac OS X Lion

    After connecting an external hard drive that asked if I wanted to use it for backups. I selected my data drive backup, but changed my mind and canceled it. After that I cannot observe my files in the...
  9. Re: Unable to use Amazon mp3 downloader in Mac OS X Lion

    Yes, the first time that buying music from Amazon, you have got to download "Amazon MP3 Downloader"
  10. Unable to use Amazon mp3 downloader in Mac OS X Lion

    I just upgraded to Lion, and tried to pay money for an album from the music store in the Amazon .I downloaded a new-fangled Amazon MP3 Downloader, although each time I open the program, to download a...
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    Re: Linux mint menu keyboard shortcuts

    What do I write to get the job done with alt + f1 Mint Menu?

    I've disabled the shortcut for the GNOME menu Alt + F1, but when I mark in Mint Menu " F1 "as shortcut does not work. What should be...
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    Gnome help missing in Linux Mint 11

    Using Mint 11, and trying to study Gnome, I was dissatisfied to locate that the help system was left out. I establish and installed what appeared to be the right thing with synaptic, nevertheless...
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    Re: Unable to move windows in Linux mint

    It was not the subject or any of its components. Desktop Cube is allowable. I did a dirt free install of Mint 11 and the theme and associated components. No troubles there. When I enabled desktop...
  14. Corrupt restore using backup tool in Linux mint

    I just installed Mint 9 to a secondary computer. I made a split "/" partition and "/ home". the whole thing was immense! Then I used the backup tool new Mint to restore the / home directory that was...
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    Re: Plymouth splash is blank in Linux mint 11

    Name of a system that does not display anything on startup? Nobody really has an Apple OSX with a rotation icon, Windows has a logo, most distributions that are aimed at experienced users boot...
  16. Re: Unable to use Reveal Service in Mac OS X Lion

    I cannot think of any GUI plug-ins or enhancers. Despite having Growl, - but looking at my system preferences I see a number of third preferences and never use uninstall to see if they affect service...
  17. After opening two web browsers in Linux mint, system is not responding

    In Mint 11 opening a second browser, and beating the system boot from hard disks and slowed down so bad, even the mouse pointer is not proper. Impossible to reach the console or the system monitor to...
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    Re: Excel is not working in Mac OS X Lion

    Thank you. I'm pretty new to all this and, in retrospect, should have backed up my machine before upgrading my operating system which could be reversed if there was a problem. Sorry for the dumb...
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    Excel is not working in Mac OS X Lion

    Just download and install Mac OS X Lion and I am trying to open an Excel document that can be used in Snow Leopard and I'm going with the following message Cannot Microsoft Excel implementation for...
  20. Unable to sync ical/exchange in Mac OS X Lion

    In my case I was simply to create new appointments in iCal by double-clicking and setting dates and times. Trouble of "new event" that occur intermittently among other topics made to disappear in the...
  21. Re: IOPs on storage device is pegged by VMware View Desktop

    Might be using the desktop all the RAM accessible so that paging occurs.This would cause a set of disk beating; also make use of something like Altirs patch.
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    How to reinstall Mac OS X Lion

    I just installed the lion, nevertheless I had some troubles. The thing is that I had a lot of applications in folders in the Applications folder. And those who are in the folders still there. Even...
  23. re: unable to see files on Lacie 4big Quadra in Mac OS X Lion

    Are you running the verification of your internal drive or boot from a disk volume? Try to repair permissions on the volume, and then run to check and see.

    Also, make sure you receive the...
  24. Cannot see artwork from Mp3 in the Finder using MAC OS X Lion

    I've noticed some troubles lately with the lion and the art of MP3 files is no longer noticeable in the Finder. I am a new-fangled Mac user and had a lot of troubles with iTunes data transfer,...
  25. Re: Spotlight search broken in Mac OS X Lion, pop up will 1000 results every time

    Even already had a "test" user account for this purpose. Care Center's account 'test' work as expected; the results are returned that made sense.

    a number of care-related plist have to be corrupt?
  26. Re: Huge RAM eaten by safari after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

    I have 2 GB allocated when I come to the limit when the Mac, without memory, tends to go too slow stucking. Then I have two possibilities: 1) reset all 2) close other applications and restart safari...
  27. Huge RAM eaten by safari after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

    Since I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion on my MacBook Pro 13 "(mid2009) I be able to perceive that after a while the laptop becomes slower and free memory falls. If I surf the web with Safari in...
  28. Re: Snapz Pro X DVD Screen capture Software unable to work in Mac OS X Lion

    I have the same problem. I used to use Snapz hard to take screenshots summary for your personal use. I see that Ambrosia has a FAQ that Leon breaks the ability to take screenshots from DVDs or other...
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    Twain Sane won’t work in Mac OS X Lion

    Twain interface of Mattias Ellert Sane does not work correctly in Lion. In Graphic Converter, this does not appear. The image capture, preview button works, nevertheless the scan button does not...
  30. Re: Should I upgrade to Mac OS X Lion Since I use MagicJack, does it work with Mac OS X Lion

    I attempt the whole thing that people are telling me to make use of magic taking the lion and the shape! Blue light in the blink magic jack for a few seconds and then goes . so my iMac does not...
  31. Re: Slow multitasking with Corsair Nova Series 2 60 GB

    What is the NOVA series controller 2, for the reason that I have many names and never the same thing)? for the reason that perhaps a firmware update could help?
  32. CPU is utilized 100% by dock in Mac OS X Lion

    My process of spring, subsequent to a while, it starts to make use of 100% of one CPU core. I am able to kill the Dock process and the whole thing returns to normal once you reboot the Dock. I have...
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    iCal in Mac OS X Lion is really slow

    It takes one or two minutes to respond to keyboard input. All functions are blocked iCal until then. Is this a known trouble and no solution for this? I changed my iCal dock icon with the original...
  34. re: Operating System too slow to crawl after adding 3rd stick of 8 GB DDR3

    I bought them as individual clubs, ie they came in individual packages.
  35. Operating System too slow to crawl after adding 3rd stick of 8 GB DDR3

    If only install 2 8GB sticks, things work like a winner. As soon as I install a third Windows 7 Ultimate x64 does not formulate it past the "Starting Windows" screen.

    The i7-2600K is apparently...
  36. Re: Corsair Force Series GT SSD - Boot Errors and Lock-Ups

    It also updates the BIOS settings? I have the luxury of the plate and the damned that mind of its own and changes in my boot order.
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    How to restore menu bar in Mac OS X Lion?

    Therefore, no menu bar appears after installing 10.7. Spotlite only shown, but does not work, it shows "waiting" when the mouse over. Repairing permissions does not help. Any ideas? The trouble is...
  38. Re: Heatsink interference in Corsair Carbide 400R/Corsair H100

    Thanks for the input. I think my best best to leave it until an update of CPU / MB is in order. My knuckles are not fully recovered from last turn to get the fan back into place.
  39. Heatsink interference in Corsair Carbide 400R/Corsair H100

    I wanted to change my old case with the 400R H50 and H100 and keep my ASUS P5Q-E Q9650 processor. First, get the tapes from the back plate of H50 was a challenge and there is still a residue. Then I...
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    Re: VMware 4.6, Gemalto and win 7

    You do not have to redirect the USB card reader to the virtual machine must be able to share with the client.Would you mind to post the log files?
  41. Re: VMware View Composer unable to connect to vCenter

    Can you try using the admin account View and ensure that specific that is an administrator (NECC no. Only the local administrator) on the machine?
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    Re: Broken Active Directory in Mac OS X Lion?

    I have effectively added my systems to Active directory with no matter. nevertheless at the login screen I acquire a note bubble with the following error "Network Accounts Unavailable". In System...
  43. Unable to connect VMware view 5 via EVGA Client

    I am currently trying to connect to see through EVGA PD02 Zero Client. It does not work. Here is the error message in the event log of connection to the server:

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    HTC Amaze 4G Gets S-OFF

    I recently heard of the s-off available for Amaze, is it true?. Will I be pleased with the S-off; I am checking it in the manual but not getting the actual procedure to do it. It will be somewhat...
  45. re: How to upgrade Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P firmware with marvell controller

    Yes, how dare they make use of incompressible data, so the Sand Force controller must play on a level field with the Marvell or Intel controllers that do not carry out data compression? Not to be...
  46. How to apply Domain Group Policy to linked clones

    If you have an image that is not in the domain, and is assigned to the pool then this happens:

    Quick Prep
    Machine rebooted and is in the domain
    The machine is obtainable
    User logs...
  47. How to use Canon Selphy printer with Mac OS X Lion

    I have a Canon Selphy CP800 is extremely vital to me. Canon does not have updated drivers on their website and Apple still does not list the CP800, printer compatibility. Does anybody in fact updated...
  48. Microsoft windows 8 obstructing Linux to install

    I want to know that is it possible for me to boot my device to install another operating system in the presence of windows is not allowable or can say blocked by win 8 that it can’t boot...
  49. Unable to start up lotus notes in Mac OS X Lion

    I installed Lion last night, most of the programs without troubles, although Lotus Notes will not start up, any thoughts?
  50. Is it possible to run Final Cut Pro 6, and Color 1.0.4 on Mac OS X Lion?

    I have Macbook pro and I’m running Mac OS X Lion. Can I run color 1.0.4 and final cut pro 6.0 in Mac OS X Lion?
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