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    What is a Dbus Error?

    I have a Dell laptop and i recently installed ubuntu operating system on my laptop. I am new to ubuntu so i have no experience about this operating system and it's error. I heard about Dbus Error...
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    Windows 7 Safari 5 proxy settings

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 operating system. I just downloaded Safari 5 for my Windows 7 and it not allow me to connect to the internet. When I try to load a page I get the proxy settings error...
  3. Want to transfer PDF file from my laptop to Ipod

    I recently purchase a new Apple ipod. I also have a Apple Macbook Air laptop. I want to transfer PDF file from my Apple Macbook Air laptop to Apple Ipod. I don't have any idea it. How can i transfer...
  4. d3dx9_43.dll error with Call of Duty Black ops game

    I install Call of Duty Black ops game in my computer. But i have problem with my Call of Duty Black ops game. I am getting a message on my computer screen that there is d3dx9_43.dll is missing. I...
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    Any similar tool like Norton ghost

    I have a Apple MAC pro laptop. I want to keep backup of my computer with the help of a any backup software. I heard about a Norton Ghost backup and recovery software. I try this software with my...
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    Login Password does not match with Windows 7

    I am using computer with Windows 7 operating system. I kept a login password for my account. Now i try to open my account but is not allow me to enter in my account. It show "wrong password" message....
  7. Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard not working with my pc

    I have a desktop computer and i mostly use my computer for playing game on my computer system. I bought Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard to use for gaming. I have a problem with my new Logitech G13...
  8. I want to know about Mtnl 3g mobile broadband

    I have a Samsung Monte mobile phone and i am using dolphin Sim card in my Nokia E65 mobile phone. I want to know about Mtnl 3g mobile broadband service. I want to use 3g mobile service in my mobile...
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    What is needed to run Linux?

    I am using using Window Xp service pack 2 operating system in my home computer. I want to try with new operating system. My some of the friends working on Linux operating system. Linux operating...
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    Windows Media Player for Apple iMac computer?

    I have Apple 24inch iMac Computer. I want to play Windows Media video and audio files on my iMac computer. I haven't an any idea about the supporting software/ application for my new Apple 24inch...
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    Windows XP expired please help

    I am using Windows Xp operating system in my computer from last two years. But my windows Xp expired and i am not able to activate it. I try to install another copy of windows Xp but there is a first...
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    Portable Hard drive restart my computer

    I am using my computer from last four to five years. I have 80 GB hard disk drive in my computer. I bought new 160 GB Portable Hard drive for my computer. Whenever i connect Portable Hard drive to my...
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    Contacts list corrupted in Nokia C5

    I have a Nokia C5 mobile phone. There is a some problem which i am facing with my mobile. I have a number of contact list in my Nokia C5 . But now when i try to open it it show "file corrupted"...
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    7Customizer Boot Problem in Windows 7

    I recently assemble a new computer and i install windows 7 operating system in my computer. I try to create a customize window installation with the help of 7Customizer software. But i am facing a...
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    Intel X25-M SATA SSD 80GB READ is slow

    I have a computer with Intel's X-25M Solid State Drive (SSD) 80GB hard disk drive. I bought it last months from reputed hardware showroom. I have a problem with my new 80GB hard disk drive....
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    Multitouch problem in Windows Phone 7

    I have a Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. I have some touch problem with my Windows Phone 7. When ever i try to touch on my screen it work properly but there is a multitouch problem i face with it....
  17. Macbook Air not booting properly, then auto powers off

    I have Macbook Air laptop. From last some days i am facing problem with my Macbook Air laptop. When i power on my laptop it lake time to boot and there is a some booting problem with my apple laptop....
  18. Fallout new vegas issue with mouse acceleration

    I install Fallout new Vegas computer game in my computer and it install in my system properly. But there is a problem i have with my mouse whenever i am playing with this game. Working of mouse is...
  19. Samsung S5620 Monte picture messages not opening

    I have Samsung S5620 Monte mobile phone. I try to open my picture messages but from last two days my mobile picture messages not opening. I received some picture messages and i try try to open it but...
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    Dell Adamo XPS 13.4" Ultra Thin Notebook

    I am currently using Pentium P4 computer system in my home computer. Now i am Looking for new laptop. My one friend suggest me Dell Adamo XPS 13.4" Ultra Thin Notebook. But i haven't an idea about...
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    Medal of Honor 2010 graphics are too blurry

    I install Medal of Honor 2010 game on my computer system. There i didn't get any problem in between the installation of this game. I have some problem with this game. Graphics are too blurry and...
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    Which is the Best Racing Game for Mac?

    I am using MAC operating system in my computer. MAC is a graphical user interface-based (GUI) operating systems and MAC is developed by Apple Inc. I am interested to play a racing game on my MAC...
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    Re: Pc suite for Gfive U898

    I have same Gfive U898 mobile phone and i download PC suit software and install it in my computer system but there is a problem in connection of Gfive U898 mobile phone to computer. There is no any...
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    Htc Hd2 Pc Suite

    I have a HTC HD2 touch screen mobile with advance features. HTC HD2 mobile have large 4.3-inch display. I want to share my data with my home computer device. So how can i share my computer data or...
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    Micromax Q3 headset setting

    I am using Micromax Q3 mobile from last few months. I lost my Micromax Q3 mobile headphone last weak. Micromax Q3 mobile showing problem in profile. Micromax Q3 mobile display the general and headset...
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    Linux based OS just for RDP

    I am currently using window vista operation system in my computer. Now i an planning for linux based operation system for a security purpose. But, i haven't an any idea about linux operation system.I...
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    Missing images in E-mails on iphone4

    I have apple iphone4. When I get some e-mails i noticed that e-mails with images just show a question mark in a box and didn't show exact image. I always face this type of problem with my e-mails...
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    Nokia E63 offline mode

    I have nokia E63. Now a days it show the error that nokia E63 phone on a offline mode and "no Sim card inserted" message display on a screen. How can i change it from online mode to normal mode? If...
  29. My camara and video are not working in Nokia N70

    Hi, I have Nokia N70. From last one year i am using this phone. Nokia N70 is a excellent phone. From last some days my Nokia N70 mobile camera is not working well. So taking photos and video is not...
  30. Processor LED turns on when system shuts down (DP55KG)

    I have a question related to my computer. When each time i shut down my PC , and it turn off. Then the red processor LED of my main board turns on. Even after, if i switch the PSU off and/or unplug...
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