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  1. Re: System back loud noise while exporting video from Movie Maker

    You have to checkout the processor temperature. When you expert a hd video from movie maker it really needs good processing power. The higher it is the faster videos will come out. And this might be...
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    Poll: Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    You are just ignoring the features that WhatsApp+ offers you over the current version. It is much better and has many things that the original app does not has. I think WhatsApp must implement all...
  3. Re: Recording screen through fraps slowing down Windows 10

    I am using screen-o-matic. I am using this from long time to record my screens. The best part of this screen recording software is that you don't have to install anything. It works through a browser...
  4. Re: Software to take ringtones of multiple music files

    For that you have to download various software and you have to test them one by one. And then only it is going to work. There are very few audio editors available that you can try which are...
  5. Re: What are the chances available to recover data from damage rar archive

    I am quiet searching for the solution on the same from long time and I am not able to figure out how this thing actually works. Sometime a tool works and give you the kind of output you are looking...
  6. Re: How to track calories in Bing health and fitness app

    I agree with one thing that if it comes to fitness tracking then there is nothing like android. Because it have some really efficient models that are ideal for getting you in shape. Like Sony Xperia...
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    Re: How to merge size of 16GB DVD video

    To do that you need a video convertor type of thing. Or else it wont work. You have to copy all the videos and then keep them in a single folder. Arrange them in the format you want. After that you...
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    Re: How to convert PowerPoint files to html

    I do not think that is possible. You have to create a new site based on the theme. You cannot use convert the file into a HTML page. All you can get is static pages with no clickable links. There are...
  9. Re: Skydrive eating too much cpu on Windows 8.1

    I also think this is some kind of virus issue due to which you are getting the problem. You must try scanning your system again and again with a good antivirus. Remove skydrive from your system and...
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    Re: 3DMark showing up incorrect results

    Most of the issues like this occur due to outdated drivers. You have to verify that first. You have to go on the official site and download the latest drivers and update them. Also update your...
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    Re: Version mismatch error on Input Director

    You have to re-install the software in both the pc to get rid of the problem you are facing. Or else you will keep on getting the problem. It happens sometime when you are having two different...
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    Re: Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

    Go in AppCleaner and start with cleaning unwanted apps from the system. Remove all those stuffs which are not needed. It is essential that you must remove the applications that you don't want....
  13. Re: Windows 7 slow after installing Corel Draw Suite

    Try using CCleaner. It is a very nice pc cleanup utility that works really well and is capable of cleaning up your system. It is essential that you must wipe out everything to boost your system...
  14. Re: What is the max size I can get after compressing a 700mb file

    Reducing video size through video editing software simply means you will loose the quality also. So it is better to stick with the existing format. Do not just convert it or use any other video...
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    Re: Is Xbox Music better than iTunes

    Before this Microsoft was using up Zune and now they had started with this new Xbox Music. I think Microsoft provide a direct access to iTunes or Spotify in the console that people can go for the...
  16. Re: Cannot find audio driver for HP Pavilion Media Center a1320in Desktop PC

    It is always complicated to locate the right drivers after formatting. Sometime you can find that through models, but sometime it is hard to find the same. Like in my old xp pc there was no vga...
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    Re: No audio after Window 8 recovery

    I had used windows imaging many times but each time when I restore there was some issue. Sometime the explorer crash, or sometime my outlook does not work. Then I switched to Norton Ghost. It is a...
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    Re: Want help to reduce a image size for blog

    You can do that in Picture Manager. You can reduce the size there. It has some pre-configured resolution. You have to select one of them and apply it. The size will also reduced. Like if you want to...
  19. Re: Data migration from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 7 64bit on Dell desktop

    In above suggestion you have lots of manual work to do. You will have to transfer things one by one through copy paste. You can use windows easy transfer. It is a very nice software that will easily...
  20. Re: Constant PC Boost installation message on iMAC

    There are huge amount of fake tools like this. Once they enter they will keep on adding new thing until your entire system is slowed down or it crashes. I had faced this issue common only Windows....
  21. Re: Comodo Backup Incremental settings for Windows 7

    One problem with all this backup tool is that when you create a backup they generate a weird file. It is not like the regular one. For example if you are copying .doc files then you get a .bk file. I...
  22. Re: How to manually install games obb game cache data on Bluetstack

    The folder is not visible inside Windows. But you can see that through the file manager inside Bluestack. At first I was also confused. But then I found the above post and found it is really nice. It...
  23. Re: Simple way to record HD sound from a regular mic on Windows 8

    When you are recording try to cover your mouth with mic. And don't try to push more air. In this way you will be able to produce nice audio and also disturbing sound in the surrounding will be...
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    Re: Cpu-Z crashing on Windows 8.1

    Looks some files are not stable. You can remove Cpu-z and install it back again. If it crash after that also then it means your system has some serious system file problem. You can run system file...
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    Poll: Re: Corel Video Studio Pro vs Pinnacle Studio HD

    Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is recommended for those who are professional. It gives you faster processing and smart video editing options. It has some smart option through which you can instantly edit...
  26. Re: Advance volume mixer tool for 5.1 Audio Channel

    You need a sound effect manager for that. Then only you will get the kind of output you are looking for. One tool that I know which can help you to get a proper kind of audio output is Sound Blaster...
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    Re: Compressing a high size mp3 to smaller

    Why don't you break that into parts. Divide that into 5 to 10 parts chapter wise. That would be much more easier and simple. You can then move the set of files in your phone and leave others aside. I...
  28. Re: Which software is best for adding effects in old videos

    It is very complicated to get the kind of output you are looking for. You have to first process the videos to an hd video and you can only get that done through some professional video editing...
  29. Re: Application to run virtual videos for webcam chat

    There is a nice software for this. I use this frequently to attain video lecturers. Because at some place I have to keep my webcam on to communicate. And the camera is stopped working. So I cannot...
  30. Re: How to edit and merge vcard files through Excel

    I do not think you can merge all those vcard files into Excel. When you were exporting a vcard file through app you have to choose create a single file. Many app this feature. Try to test a set of...
  31. Re: On screen diagram software for project work

    I know one tool for this purpose. But I am not really sure whether it works on screen or not. This tool allow you to have a smart diagram features. You can simply create flow charts and use it. The...
  32. Re: New features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    It is better to test it out on some other pc. Checkout all the things you use frequently and then only upgrade to the new one. It is common that sometime we blindly upgrade to a new one and then we...
  33. Re: Image Enlarger software with good resolution output

    There is a tool for that called as BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 5. This tool has amazing features that can increase the size of image offering you more better output. The tool help you to create more...
  34. Re: Google Docs vs Microsoft Office Web for online document editing

    Both are great online tools, and the choice here depends on the usage. Microsoft Office gives you more private space and less spam, while in Google you have to deal with tons of spam everyday. The...
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    Re: Combining pdf files in Adobe Reader XI

    Till yet that feature is not provided in Adobe Reader XI. To use that you need a separate tool. There are many free online website which has this feature and it allow you to merge pdf files. If you...
  36. Re: AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Crashing on Windows 7

    Looks like this new edition is buggy. Now you can try one thing here. You can try to run system restore to get your old settings back. Then you can try to re-install the driver update back again by...
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    Re: How to split a widescreen into small parts

    The easiest one is Maxto. This software is really simple to configure and manage. It offers you a pre-layout settings through which you can set a specific region. I had found the app working really...
  38. Re: Is it necessary to get Lightroom if I am already having Photoshop

    If you get the complete Creative Suite pack, then you get everything. It is always wise to go for the latest CS suite so that you can work well on the same. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop everything...
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    Re: Microsoft Word error while opening a file

    Try to run a repair setup of office. It will fix the issue. Go on Control Panel > Add/Remove or Uninstall a program and in that click on Microsoft Office suite. Click on Change and click on Repair....
  40. Re: Poor mp3 audio quality from Bigasoft Total Video Convertor

    I am using a free video to mp3 convertor tool. I am taking out music from latest songs that I download from Youtube. So the audio output on that is simply great and it is processed. While in regular...
  41. Re: Codec pack for Media Player Classic Home Cinema

    I think Media Player Classic Home Cinema is capable of playing all kind of video files. There is no limitation in video files. Try to re-install it or search for any updates. You can visit the...
  42. Re: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0 crash on recovering mp4 file

    The issue can be due to bad sectors. What is the location where you are recovering your files. I think Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0 does not recovers the file on the same destination...
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    Re: Word 2007/2010 PDF looks very bad on linux

    Looks like the files are not converted properly. Try some other tool and test back. There are some set of nice tools available through which you can create proper pdf file and then use in different...
  44. Re: How to recover damage bkf files of Windows XP on Windows 7

    That is because you had downloaded a viewer . Look for SysTools BKF Repair software. This tools somewhat helps to extract files from damage bkf files. I am not sure how effective it is, but I think...
  45. Re: Internet Download Manager fails to download videos from Youtube in Windows 7

    Flashget is another nice download manager software that works fine with web browsers and also with windows. It is nice but it has a bit issue with different websites. While if you are only specific...
  46. Re: Windows Media Center alternative for Windows 8

    I am using XMBC. It is really nice. It is just not a media player, it is a kind of media center software. It is correct that you can run almost all kind of audio/video format on the same. It also...
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    Re: How to run live video on windows desktop

    There are tools like DreamScene, DeskScapes, Rainmeter, etc. that allows you to make your desktop works more better. Somehow it is complicated here to get the right tool. Because windows officially...
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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    I had gone though that VLC process. It is really very complicated. You have to do a lot of changes in it and if you are not a geek then you will not get results. VLC is a nice media player which is...
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    Re: Fatal DirectX Error - Hitman Absolution

    Hey SALAZAR can you let me know the complete Fatal DirectX Error that you are getting?? The other details along with the error will help me out in finding out possible fix for it. If possible better...
  50. Re: Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice or MS Office 2010 or MS Office 365 in Windows 8, which one?

    I think you should go for MS Office 2010 as it provides the best softwares in it. You can also use MS Office 365 as it will be the advanced version of MS Office 2010 itself, but since I haven’t...
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