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  1. Windows Media Center Channel Scan Finds all Channels but...

    In my Media Center I have few of my favorite channels and its used to work great. But now some of my channels like 9.1 and 7.1 are not coming ? The same time, My TV had the same problem, I think the...
  2. windows media player network sharing service has stopped working

    I was having a desktop earlier which was working fine. Now I assembled a new computer with pretty good configuration and installed Windows Vista 64bit OS. System is working very fine except one thing...
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    media share with Direct Tv

    Hello Friends,

    I am trying to use my Windows Media Player 11 with Direct TV to watch videos and pictures directly on my TV, I am not sure regarding the procedure to add it. Can you please...
  4. Thank you very much for the help Hilfiger. I ran...

    Thank you very much for the help Hilfiger. I ran netdom query fsmo and here are the results;

    Schema owner

    Domain role owner

    PDC role...
  5. NetDiag Default Gateway Error -->DcDiag Advertising Error

    I’m running a Server which is giving me some problems since last few days. Don’t know why the server time is not getting synced with the Active Directory. After few troubleshoots with Netdiag and...
  6. Windows live id password location / secret option ?

    I was having a Vista desktop with all my important data, passwords, etc. Last week its motherboard died and hence PC stopped working. I bought completely new desktop, installed Vista and done all...
  7. Internet Explorer 7 'error on page' at the bottom of left hand corner of screen

    I am new member on TechArena forums, I am getting error message in the bottom of my Internet Explorer 7 page (bottom left hand corner - in toolbar). Internet Explorer automatically reads, 'done' with...
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    Re: Windows Photo Gallery

    Thank you, I'll try it.
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    Re: Windows Photo Gallery

    Thank you very much for the help Andrus K. I tried restoring my system to a restore point created a month ago but i still get the same pop up everytime.

    What now?
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    Windows Photo Gallery

    I wish I wouldn’t have installed Windows Live components on my system. I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition system and last week I installed Windows Live with Windows Photo Gallery....
  11. Save My Settings Wizard wizard removed from Office 2007?

    My system at home is used for Gaming as well as for doing official works. Hence as per new games that releases, I keep updating or changing the systems. Until last time when I was using Office 2003,...
  12. Re: Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

    Than you very much for posting the solution. I tried going through those steps but at the 4th step where I need to click Accept, I’m not getting that option anywhere. Is that method applicable for...
  13. Is shoparhive a reliable provider of Office 2007 license keys?


    I was looking to buy a new Office Edition for my son’s laptop. I searched the web to get best deal and came across an website called Shoparhive. They are selling Windows Vista and Office...
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    GPUPDATE - Failed to refresh use policy

    We are running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 DCs. On some of DCs, whenever I try running gpupdate, I use to get the following error message everytime:

    "Failed to refresh user policy. Error -...
  15. WMP11 + Vista - video but no sound when playing mpg file

    Hello friends,

    I have windows xp installed on my machine. I have a CD with me, on which I have some short .mpg video stored on it. When I am playing this videos, its plays fine. When I am...
  16. Can I disable the End-User License Agreement notice?

    I am having a fully Genuine Office 2007 Professional suite. Bought it last month from Microsoft itself. After installing the same, its been a month now still the ‘End User License Agreement’...
  17. Are these files suspicious? Needs to be removed?

    I am concerned with few unknown files on my C Drive. Hope you guys can help. Yesterday when I was checking my C Drive on XP Media Center and found these files:

    1.) with .SQM extensions - (hidden)...
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    Windows XP Default Luna Theme

    It had been years since I cleanup my hard drive running Windows XP. So I thought to delete all unnecessary files, clean unwanted registries and all. While doing the same by mistakenly I also gathered...
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    Re: 0x424 (WIN32: 1060) in Enterprise Root CA


    I have checked the service Certificate Services is not present in my service.msc. But in Add/Remove Program all flags are enabled for Certificate Authority option as I already said....
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    0x424 (WIN32: 1060) in Enterprise Root CA

    Hello, Quiet some months whenever I am trying to open Certification Authority MMC, I am getting a error message "The specified service does not exist as an installed service 0x424(WIN32:1060)". Even...
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