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  1. Re: reset taskbar icons to default in windows 7

    Have you tried closing the associated app, un-pinning it from the taskbar, then pinning it back again from the original exe?

    Solution: You should try to restore your system in proper way.
  2. Re: unable to change account picture in windows 8

    Your Account picture is generally associated with your MS Outlook and you will see it when you logon to your computer and on your Start screen. You can use one of your favorite pics for an account...
  3. Re: How to put an audio in a gif file

    The GIF file is an image file & it cannot contain an audio stream. You will need to create a video file. If you want to combine sound and animation, you need to use something like Flash.
  4. Re: How to completely disable downloads in Windows 7

    Disable antivirus software from your machine & check your browser settings 'Ctrl+H' and start your PC in Safe mode.
  5. Re: How to rename multiple files at the same time in Windows 7

    When you have multiple files in a specific folder, renaming files individually is an long process and it takes more time. You do not have to rename files individually, then follow the steps are given...
  6. Re: Windows 8.1 error "The stub received bad data"

    1. Try to Perform SFC scan to check if there is any system corrupted files.
    2. Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files
    3. If the above method not works in your...
  7. Re: Application to fast upload YouTube videos

    You can try 'You Tube Uploader Software' to fix this issue..
  8. Re: How to find which usb will give me maximum data transfer rate

    USB 1.0, USB 2.0 connections are the half-duplex, meaning data flows in only one direction at a time.

    USB 3 and Ethernet are full duplex and do meet expected transfer speeds better.
  9. Re: Want some help to embeds pdf file in Microsoft Word

    Hi Fozia,

    To fix this issue, you need to follow few easy steps, hope it helps..

    Step 1: Open MS Word & Go to the Insert tab > Double click on Object which appears in the Text section on your...
  10. Re: Unable to add Internet Download Manager on the latest version of Firefox

    To resolve this issue, please follow the steps are given below:

    1. Open Internet Download Manager and go to the Help tab > Quick Update.
    2. Open Mozilla firefox browser, on the Tools menu choose...
  11. Re: How to reduce size of Windows Image file

    I am having the same issues where my C drive occupying huge space and my system showing error messages like: 'Low Disk Space', You are running very low on disk space on Local Disk (C:). To free space...
  12. Re: My entire windows 7 desktop filled up with popup ads

    Install AdBlock Plus, AdBlock to get rid from unwanted ads from your device. If that doesn’t work, try searching your computer for voga 360.
  13. Re: Want help to split large pst files

    You can try Manual solution to overcome this issue by Archiving & Export Options. In case, manual method doesn’t works, then there is no other option then going for a third-party utility like-...
  14. Re: Need help to clean Gmail inbox filled with spam

    You should create 'Gmail Filters' to sort out emails that are important and those which are spam.
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    Re: Error 0x8007045D?

    If you got error 0x8007045d, It means there is a 95% chance that your PC has registry problems. This error message mainly caused in one way or another by Misconfigured System Files. This error can be...
  16. Re: What are the chances available to recover data from damage rar archive

    Dear Xiti,

    Ok, As you are getting a message on your Win 8 PC that your rar file has been damaged, So After reading your post, I have tried to google some manual method to repair rar file and also...
  17. Re: Windows 7 backup failed with errors 0x807800A1

    To overcome this issue, please follow the steps are given below:

    Method 1:
    Check Volume shadow copy service in services window. To check it follow these steps:
    i) Click on Start and type on...
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    Re: affordable Antivirus software

    You can try 'Free Avira Free Antivirus software'. It provides two main areas of protection. It is also called a strong antivirus engine that constantly monitors you PC. Avira offers constant...
  19. Re: Outlook 2010, getting an 0x8004210A error in ONLY one out of 4 different accounts I have set up in outlook 2010

    Try to disabling the Email scanning part of your AV and check if that fixes the issue.

    Microsoft has a knowledge base article mentioned below that provides more information on the same error...
  20. Re: Office 2010 SP2 network resource unavailable error while setup

    Try downloading Office 2010 SP2 manually and then try installing it from the Microsoft website and type 'Description of Office 2010 Service Pack 2' in search box.
  21. Re: How to increase shutdown time on Mac

    Here is the solution I found on the Macforums site:
    Enter the three commands into Terminal in the following order:
    • sudo chown root: admin /
    • sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel
  22. Poll: Re: Which is the best Download Manager ?

    'GOZILLA' is the best Download Manager
  23. Re: How to convert PowerPoint files to html


    I am having the same issue and i tried this solution and i m sure it definitely helps you to fix this issue, please follow the steps are given below:

    Open ispringsolutions in your web...
  24. Re: Uploaded images not visible on site

    Please check the complete path & name of all images and check your web page in a local browser. While your image path is correct then the pictures will start working.
  25. Re: How to permanently skip ads from a YouTube Video

    For Google Chrome users there is an extension called Skip ads on 'YouTube' - No illegal block, which allows you to skip the ads and go to the video.
  26. Re: Lots of spamming issue on WordPress how to fix

    To fix this issue, please follow the given below instruction:

    1) Require Moderation: Go to the settings > Discussion, Here you will see more options Wordpress has for cutting down on comment spam....
  27. Re: Firewall option stopped working Windows 8


    1. What happens when you enter safe mode?
    2. Do you receive error 0x8007042c?
  28. Re: How to get free full version of Windows 7 Home Basic

    You can use 'Windows 7 Home Basic' software provided by Microsoft.
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    Re: Definition of a String in Java?

    The string is a class built into the Java language defined in the Java.lang package. It symbolize character strings. Strings are ubiquitous in Java.
    Strings are generally used in Java programming,...
  30. Re: In Windows 8.1, how to remove popup tip box

    Hi Egan,

    Do what the tip is asking. It will never appear again.
    If you don't have a touch-screen, do it through Mouse pointer and it will never appear again.
  31. Re: Need help with Error Code: 0xC0070643

    You should Log onto your computer in Safe Mode and Right click on Start button, select explore. Scroll down to Program files or open and then scroll down to AVG Folder. Double click on this folder....
  32. Re: How to Import Excel Contact List into MS Outlook 2003?

    Yes, it is possible to import excel contacts list to Microsoft Outlook 2003 with the help of advance Excel to Outlook software provided by SysToolsgroup. Our organization provides ‘Free- Trail...
  33. Re: Change the wrong spelling and grammar underline in Word


    To change the color of the wavy underline that specify Spelling errors, follow these steps:

    Click on start, type run.
    In Run dialog box, type regedit and click on OK button.
    Locate and...
  34. Poll: Re: Which is better – idea, Airtel or Vodafone


    I think Vodafone is better as compare to other..
  35. Re: Unable to remove extra space from Microsoft Word


    To overcome this issue, please follow the steps are given below :
    1) At the End of the document, or starting with the document MS word shows blank space and to ignore this you should double...
  36. Re: Jumping from one sentence to another instantly on Microsoft Word


    You should want to define page number in your entire Microsoft word document and use “Goto option” to jump a particular page. But you need to create an index page in your first MS Word...
  37. Re: Sync all facebook photos with Android Contacts

    To fix this issue, please type this Title on youtube search box. I see one video on you-tube regarding this issue and it definitely helps you to overcome

    "How to sync facebook contacts and photos...
  38. Re: Registry is corrupted error on Windows 8 boot


    To fix this issue, please follow the Microsoft site. I found one solution from Google but i m not able to post links there. You can take help from google and type "How to recover corrupt...
  39. Re: Getting Error 0xc0000020 error while trying to open any browser on Windows 8

    To fix this issue, please follow the given manual solution, might it helps you-

    1) Start your computer & log on as an administrator.
    2) Click on Start button and select All Programs>>...
  40. Re: Restoring deleted registry keys back with CCleaner


    If you want to restore registry backups, then Right click on the .REG file created and select Merge. By default , these files will be present in your ‘My Documents’ folder.
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    Re: Error 0x80070021 on Outlook.

    Outlook Error code 0x80070021: This error message mainly cause due to third party add-ins or plugins in MS-Outlook. But, there is workaround through which you can fix this bug and cause behind it...
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