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    Re: Collector Edition for Stronghold 3

    After looking at the post of yours I wanted to tell you that I was expecting that there will be something like Wolf statue or figure or something that kind of the thing. But still I am expecting...
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    Collector Edition for Stronghold 3

    I am looking to preorder Stronghold 3. I wanted to know what are the stuffs are supposed to be included into the Collector edition of this particular game. Let me know if you are having any useful...
  3. Re: No Webcam device on BIOS of Lenovo ThinkPad T404

    Hey friend thanks a lot for replying. I have installed Windows 7 x64 and BIOS 3.22 on the computer of mine.
  4. No Webcam device on BIOS of Lenovo ThinkPad T404

    Well I am having Lenovo ThinkPad T404 from past couple of days. It is having webcam option 6474-c17. I have noticed that there are no webcam device on BIOS and hence there are no image device in...
  5. How to clean Lenovo ThinkPad T510 and improve the battery performance?

    Well I am having Lenovo ThinkPad T510 from past couple of months. So far I have not done deep cleaning on the laptop of mine. Do you have any technique to give deep cleaning on the keyboards of...
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    What is the scenario in NFS The Run?

    I wanted to know something about NFS The Run. Well what kind of the trouble does jack do get with the hottest wheels? Let me know if you have played the above mentioned game. I am waiting for the...
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    Can we play as cop in Need for Speed The Run?

    I am having a particular query regarding Need For Speed The Run game. Can I play as cop? Let me know if you are aware of the thing which I have stated over here. I am waiting for the prompt replies...
  8. Unable to run Football Manager 2012 on MacBook Pro with 1280x800 resolution

    I don’t know why I am not able to play Football Manager 2012 on the MacBook Pro of mine with the resolution of the 1280x800. Well I was able to play Football Manager 2011 on the MacBook Pro of mine...
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    Cannot connect with Luvinia Online launcher

    Well I have installed Luvinia Online on the computer of mine. the launcher is starting successfully and it supposed to download the patch successfully on the computer. as I am clicking on login...
  10. Luvinia Online crashing due to Invalid arguments numbers’ error message

    Recently I have downloaded and installed Luvinia Online on the computer of mine. Well after installing the game on the computer of mine I have tried to play the game on the computer of mine. As I am...
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    Create an internet hotspot with 3G connection

    Hello, everyone I have a question for all. I am connecting to internet with Tata Docomo 3g Dial-up connection and I would like to create a Internet Hotspot on my PC so that other computers and...
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    Revue Keyboard not working.

    I have recently purchased Google TV with the Logitech Revue companion box with keyboard. I tried to use it and I am able to use it without any issue accept, that some of its keys are not working. I...
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    Can I get GPRS setting for my LG KP500?

    Hello, I have purchased LG KP500 phone and I want to connect to internet using it. Do I need to activate GPRS for it? How can I activate it on the phone? Please help me as I want to access internet...
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    can I send video through email?

    I am facing trouble sending Videos through email don’t know what to do, I tried sending it through various networking sites but the problem is that when I post it on the networking sites it is made...
  15. Guitar Hero III Legend of Rock not running in my PC??

    I bought Guitar Hero III Legend of Rock as a gift for my daughter. It is a PC version and when she tried to download it on our laptop it didn’t work. Our laptop is HP’s Pavilion zv5000 with...
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    Is ASUS UL20FT-A1 laptop worth it?

    My Friend has just purchased Asus UL20FT-A1 and I am trying to know about its knickknacks. I’ am using it and its quiet good have no problems as of now the display of 12.1 / 1366x768 is Ok for me and...
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    Re: unable to delete Gaelicum.A using AVG

    Thank you very much for your help. I don’t have an installation disc for Windows XP Home, but I have a Windows XP Professional CD to my other computer. I can put my hard drive as slave on another...
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    unable to delete Gaelicum.A using AVG

    My computer is infected Gaelicum.A. I have AVG as the antivirus on my computer, but this virus I suppose came from the phone of my friend. I don’t even know where the infected file is so as to...
  19. Indie games you want to own, not in the Steam Store.

    So I've been in a separate shooting in recent times with Earth Warzone anomaly: the ball and the Super Meat Boy Audio surf see plenty of playing time (I'm still waiting to play Magica with someone)....
  20. Lenovo Think pad doesn’t support external Mic.

    I am trying to record some audio through the 2-in-1-combo-audio jack. Every time I connect an outside music player to the transformer by audio jack, the transformer does not recognize that something...
  21. want to install WhatsApp software for my Nokia E7.

    I have recently downloaded the WhatsApp software application for my Nokia E7. I had already installed in my mobile, it is too good as a messenger. But there is one problem with my WhatsApp software,...
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    VPN that runs on multiple platform

    Hey guys I got question, I am a traveler I recently bought Samsung galaxy tablet now I wan to connect my tablet with my pc at my home I want to access my files likes pictures , music and documents...
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    How much memory is enough for Black Ops?

    I am planning to buy black ops game, as I liked it very much interested in gaming, I saw this game at my friends place since then I am crazy about this game. I want to buy Ii but first I want to know...
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    Re: Memory Upgrade for Fujitsu Amilo Pro V2020

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, I guess you were right I was pretty apprehensive in the beginning about buying two 1GB ram stick what if it doesn’t support it would be total loss. But...
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    Memory Upgrade for Fujitsu Amilo Pro V2020

    Hi all, I have a notebook form (Amilo pro V2020) Fujitsu, I want to increase the speed of my notebook and as advised by my friend I want to upgrade my RAM to achieve that, but unfortunately in the...
  26. Re: How can I enable SD/MMC device of Toshiba satellite A355-s6935 laptop?

    Thanks for giving me such nice support ,I try to install windows 7 and I successfully install windows 7 but when I trying to install driver for supporting windows 7 then I realized that Toshiba has...
  27. How can I enable SD/MMC device of Toshiba satellite A355-s6935 laptop?

    I have Satellite A355 –s6935 laptop, it is working fine but after august I have noticed some problem in laptop. When I boot my laptop I always used my SD/MMC card slot and it is also working fine...
  28. How to determine the model number of my Toshiba satellite pro T455 laptop?

    I have Toshiba laptop from last 5 months. I had lost my laptop model number from the machine, it is hard to get the model number. I need to download some drivers for my laptop, but it is asking for...
  29. unable to installed Windows XP after cleaning HDD with gparted

    I am having eee 1001x system used many third party software in my system wanted to clean my HDD so that I downloads third party software from internet and use it for cleaning my HDD but after...
  30. What can I do if f6 key not working Asus 1008ha

    I am having laptop of Asus 1008ha its working fine but after two days I realized that f6 key is not working. I am very tense because fn+f5,fn f6 keys is specially used for setting brightness. right...
  31. XBOX and WII are freezing while connected with television

    Recently I have bought a brand new LCD TV for my home. I have spent a lot of money to purchase it. But the problem is that whenever I am connecting my XBOX and WII to the LCD and try to play nothing...
  32. How to listen podcasts on the Motorola droid?

    Hi recently got a new Motorola droid phone for myself that works really well with android with great features. I wanted to ask that is there any way to listen to podcast on my Droid phone? as I...
  33. Re: How to Transfer data from computer to Motorola droid phone?

    Thanks for your reply, I basically want to transfer some of my music, videos, and pictures from my computer top my Motorola Droid. Transferring these data via Bluetooth will take too much of time so...
  34. How to Transfer data from computer to Motorola droid phone?

    Hi I have recently purchased Motorola droid and I must say that it feels great using this cell phone. I wanted some information about Motorola droid as this is my first Droid. I wanted to transfer...
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    Re: Will Fast Video Download work on firefox 5?

    Thanks for your respond, the main function that I am looking for to work on the latest version of Firefox is “Fast Video Download” apart from this I also want
    • Roboform for Firefox 7.2.9...
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    Will Fast Video Download work on firefox 5?

    Hi last month I bought a new computer for myself. I had installed many software’s on my computer including Firefox as a browser. While using my computer I keep on getting pop-ups that ask me to...
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    Re: can Zaurus ZR-5800 work with Windows 7?

    Thanks for replying. I agree that my Zaurus has become old now, but I still feel good using it. As after doing some research about Zaurus I found that there are still many people using Zaurus. There...
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    Re: can Zaurus ZR-5800 work with Windows 7?

    One more thing that I forgot to ask that, I wanted to know that what kind of adapter I will require, to use IR device with the USB port on my computer. As my computer also has IR adapter for wireless...
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    can Zaurus ZR-5800 work with Windows 7?

    Hi I have been using my Sharp Zaurus ZR- 5800 PAD from past one year, but recently I have a problem using it. As I purchased a new computer and apparently it does not have a floppy drive and I...
  40. Cannot increase the refresh rate of CRT monitor ?

    I have purchased a desktop computer system , I have windows 7 in my computer as my operating system, I have Intel’s core 2 duo processor installed in my system, with 2 GB of RAM and chipset...
  41. Digital signature required for usb/nic connections is not rcognized by Windows?

    I have got a desktop system from Zenith computers , I was using Windows Vista first which I was using for past 6 months, then I found it very complicated and I decided to change it so upgraded...
  42. Error message :" Add printer" in laptop having Windows 7

    Hi my friends ,I have got a Acer laptop system . I had purchased it six months back from eBay website . I use Windows 7 operating system. I have got Intel core 2 duo processor and 160 GB of...
  43. Re: ppoe dialup error while connecting through bridge ?

    I beg you pardon for my lack of information given to you , I am trying the system through the bridge , I recognized the error when pppoe dialer connection failed , so I got there is some issue with...
  44. ppoe dialup error while connecting through bridge ?

    Hello my friends I have got a desktop of HP in which I have Windows XP service pack 3 installed in and to be precise I use it as a stand alone system. I have assigned static IP Address and Subnet...
  45. Cannot remove the picture library option from the desktop background menu ?

    I have got a desktop system from Dell, I use Windows 7 as my operating system, I have got some issues with my windows libraries, before you ask me the system configuration , I will tell you that...
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    Accessing data from Data Warehouse

    I am a first year Bsc Student. Although there are five subjects in my upcoming semester, but there is one subject that attracts me the most , it is DBMS or you can call it as database management...
  47. ms word shows an error " can start the converter" when opened in 2010

    I have go a desktop system I work in a software company as a data base manager and I have been assigned a task to collect all the data from back ten years by the data base administrator, and form...
  48. How can I append video files in powerpoint slides ?

    I have got a desktop system with windows xp home edition and MS Office 2003. I am a BE student and I have got a project on my way.My project is on a construction firm that shows the purchase and sale...
  49. What are the advantages of a object oriented language over the procedural language?

    I am a HSC student studying of science field. I have planned already that I will opt for software development. However I know that C is the base of language but still it is about to be discarded from...
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    Re: How can you reorder pictures in Facebook ?

    That was a very very handy piece of information you provided. I really thank you for the way you guided me. Since I was a newbie to this social networking site, I had a lot of questions in my mind ,...
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