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  1. Re: Bluetooth headphone disconnects while playing music on Lumia 720

    I think you are correct. As I have try everything but still the problem exists, it could be because of the incompatibility. I’ll probably buy a new Nokia branded headphone tomorrow. Thanks by the...
  2. Bluetooth headphone disconnects while playing music on Lumia 720

    I am having a Lumia 720 and a Samsung Bluetooth headset. I'm facing a very strange problem, tried a lot to figure it out but not successful. As this phone is having bluetooth capability, i connected...
  3. Is it screen size of monitor make difference in FPS rate?

    I want to get more information about general monitor here, that should screen size of monitor makes any difference on FPS rate or not. I have 22 inch monitor which gives 60FPS. Now I want to change...
  4. Eset NOD32 lock sata drives while using external drives

    I install this ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 antivirus two days before on my Windows XP Pro SP3 and now I decided to uninstall this antivirus. The reason behind it is because it automatically turns out when...
  5. Help - Need HP LaserJet 1200 Drivers for Mac OS X Lion

    I use this HP LaserJet 1200 printer on my laptop system. Thank you so much for making wonderful printers. The laptop I used is dual booted. I want to connect this printer to my Mac OS X Lion system...
  6. Is it any hidden catches in MTS Mblaze account with Rs494 Recharge?

    I want to get this MTS Mblaze account with Rs494 Recharge plan. I search a lot about it but can’t get any better information. Here I want to know that is there any hidden caches in this plan?? Also...
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    Dell Venue Pro vs. Samsung Focus Flash

    I want to buy best windows based mobile phone. Last few days I looked so many mobile phones and finally I found two best smartphone. These both phones are Dell Venue Pro and Samsung Focus Flash. I...
  8. Bluetooth transfer Address Book to Car on Motorola Droid Razr XT910

    I buy this Motorola Droid Razr XT910 smartphone in last week and there are plenty of features present on this mobile phone. The Razr brand has always enjoyed a reputation of being the sleekest and...
  9. Re: Some keys not working in Lenovo USB with TrackPoint 55Y9053

    I’m not talking about hotkeys in this issue. It's quite frustrating that basic keys like alphabet keys and return key won't work. I need perfect solutions over this issue that will be work to fix...
  10. Some keys not working in Lenovo USB with TrackPoint 55Y9053

    I use Lenovo ThinkPad T400 notebook and now I am facing problem on its keyboard. There are some keys present on this keyboard system has been not doing any actions after pressing. As per title...
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    Screen Resolution on Lenovo IdeaPad s10e

    I buy this Lenovo IdeaPad s10e notebook in last week and now I am facing the screen resolution adjustment problem onto it. I already try to set the resolution onto this notebook but when I try to...
  12. How to install CWM on already rooted Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727

    I buy this Samsung Galaxy SII i727 mobile phone last week and now I want to first perform rooting task onto it. Then I want to install CWM (that is ClockWorkMod Recovery) onto this rooted smartphone....
  13. Re: Capacitive Buttons not lighting up on HTC Vivid

    The HTC Vivid is a powerful Android phone with a beautiful screen and fast 4G LTE data on AT&T's brand new network. Mine don't light up either. I noticed it last night when I was using the phone in a...
  14. Is this Nero 11 Platinum Update Disc also provide Adobe Flash Player 11

    I want to buy this Nero 11 Platinum Update Disc. This is helpful to me for installing as well as recovering the Nero software. Now I need to get knowledge about is this disc also provides Adobe Flash...
  15. Dell XPS 600 not starting with only showing diagnostic light #4

    I use this Dell XPS 600 desktop pc and now it gives problem. When I try to start this desktop pc, it doesn’t start but the diagnostic light #4 is being ON. I don’t know why this happen onto your...
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    Limited HTC Watch on HTC Sensation XE

    Few days before I purchase this HTC Sensation XE android based smartphone and now I realize more concept about this mobile phone. It features 3G, 8 MP camera, 4.3 inch S-LCD capacitive touch screen,...
  17. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update on LG Esteem MS910

    I recently purchase this android based LG Esteem MS910 smartphone and now I want to makes update onto this mobile phone. The new LG Esteem MS910 Android GPS is a new potential backpacking tool you...
  18. Packet data connection is not working in Nokia c7-00

    Hello I have a packet data problem in my cell phone I am unable to use internet from my cell phone? I recently got Nokia c7-00 Symbian touch-screen Smartphone for myself. It is a slim touch screen...
  19. Unable to use runtime created image as Tile background on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    Come to the Windows Phone update central for information on the newest updates, including the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Hence I did this OS installation onto my mobile phone. Now I trying to set...
  20. Roboform not working with Mozilla Firefox 7

    Last six month I have work on windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox web browser. Last few days, I received alert message that indicates new Firefox version is available. Hence yesterday, I did this task and...
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    Unable to boot MSI P67A-C45

    I have problem with my MSI P67A-C45 motherboard. When I try to boot this motherboard, then it gives booting problem. I try to solve this problem but it goes failure. I read so many site but not any...
  22. How to transfer large files to the USB internal storage on Sony Tablet S

    I have work on Sony Tablet S tablet pc and I use this for the internet surfing as well as playing video games. Now my problem here is that last week I done downloading task onto it. The file size is...
  23. Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 upgrading new processor and 128 GB disk

    I used this Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 tablet pc. Yesterday, I read one article that mention about this tablet pc. In this tablet pc, manufacturer within few days launch new processor and storage space....
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    Re: I want a refund for Dungeon Defenders

    Ok thanks guys for the suggestions that you have given here appreciate the work that you have made here and that’s what I want to say here.
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    I want a refund for Dungeon Defenders

    I want the refunds for this game sicne the game is not working at all. I got the game from the steam and want the steam sources to give me the full money back since the game is not working and also I...
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    Help - Need Windows 7 Asus Tablets

    Last few days I am trying to buy the Asus Tablets that provide the Windows 7 OS. Then if any person knows such type of windows 7 based ASUS tablet pc then please share your own experience here....
  27. Re: How to update Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Sony Xperia neo V

    Thanks for your valuable reply. I try this solution on my system and one thing that this will be work for me. Especially the file present on the official site will be giving me the proper...
  28. Re: How to update Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Sony Xperia neo V

    I try this downloading task using such third party site but it goes failure. At that time downloading starts but at the middle it goes failure. I don’t know the reason but I need the perfect way...
  29. How to update Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Sony Xperia neo V

    I buy this Sony Xperia neo V smartphone in last month and now I want to update the android version to its 2.3.4 latest version. I am waiting some excellent replies that work to do this update task on...
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    WEP password on Netgear WNCE2001

    Currently I want to use Netgear WNCE2001 Wi-Fi Internet Adapter and connect it to the Verizon wireless Mifi. At the time of connecting this two devices I faced problem which is ask me that WEP...
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    re: Where to get Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    I try to contact the nearest seller but he couldn’t able to provide me the same type of headphone and hence I need perfect solutions over this issue. Can anyone help me to find this headphone?
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    Where to get Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    I decided to buy new Audio-Technica ATH-M50. So, can I buy this device? I hope many users already buy this device. Then please share your valuable reply over this headphone. Anything will be...
  33. Which is better-Carbon Fiber or Copper for graphics card cases?

    Here I want to get some information about the Carbon Fiber and Copper. I want to get some points that differentiate the heat Dissipation of this two products as well as I want to decide that Cheaper,...
  34. Re: Need a product Key to Reinstall Windows 8 Developer Preview

    I use USB flash drive as a first bootable drive and it would be work to fix such reinstallation process product key issue. This will be not gives any problem and the installation have been completed...
  35. Re: Nothing happens when i click the metro applications on windows 8

    When I'm using Skype, my webcam works perfectly, but whenever I try the metro webcam app that gives problem on windows 8 system. I don’t know why this happen. Can anybody help me to fix this issue?...
  36. re: Need a product Key to Reinstall Windows 8 Developer Preview

    I continue to catch the identical error message each time difficult to install, "Unable to verify product key" not confident what the trouble is here. I try the same product key that you mentioned on...
  37. Need a product Key to Reinstall Windows 8 Developer Preview

    I have work on Windows 8 system and I used Windows Developer Preview on it but now I think there is some problem onto it. I think this software has to be crashed and hence I decided to reinstall the...
  38. Re: Windows keeps restarting on startup after installing new Ethernet card

    I completing the Ethernet card insertion processes today, I got a continual reboot cycle with no error message. Then I use an installing driver onto it. still this will be given me the same thing....
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    Need to repair AIWA Stereo

    I have an Aiwa 3 disk CD changer/stereo that is Two years old. The difficulty is this, when I put in a CD it does not spin or identify. If the player detects this CD then player broken it within few...
  40. ITunes Artwork not working with Mac OS X Lion v10.7

    I have just upgraded to Mac OS X Lion v10.7. Previously I could mount my NTFS formatted drives. Then I install ITunes software onto it for gathering some music files onto it. Now the problem is...
  41. Does MSI 880G-E45 support power on by mouse or keyboard function

    HI I Have an MSI 880G-E45 motherboard and now I want to do some process on this board. This process is necessary to activate a power on by mouse or keyboard function. I hope that this function is...
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    MSI NF980a slowly boot USB Key Drive

    I buy this MSI NF980a series motherboard six month before and that time, I don’t know why this gives problem on it. Can anybody help me to fix this issue? When I try to boot USB key drive then it...
  43. Ice Cream Sandwich is a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb

    Yesterday, I read one article and this article has to be mention that the Ice Cream Sandwich is a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Is this correct or not. I want to install this OS onto my...
  44. Kindle Fire docking stations, stands, and keyboards

    I need some information that can be helps me to understand that this tablet pc has to be need some special type of the hardware accessories and few of them are as docking stations, stands, and...
  45. Toshiba require to update android market app for getting Google movies, said by Google

    I have work on the Toshiba's 10-inch Thrive Tablet pc and now I facing problem with this tablet. The problem is that I can’t able to handle the Google movies application. When I discuss this...
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    Android Full version on Kindle Fire

    The latest Kindle Fire for only $199 is more than a tablet. On Wednesday morning in New York City, Amazon will expose the Kindle Fire. After reading some things about this tablet pc I take decisions...
  47. How to change clubs in master league in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

    Two days before I buy this PES 2012 video game and then I install it onto my playstation 2 gaming device. I really like the master league championship of this game. After finishing installation, this...
  48. Re: Unable to make phone calls and no bars on iPhone 4

    I have already tried this solution but it can’t work. Can you give me another solution? I must wait for your valuable reply.
  49. Unable to make phone calls and no bars on iPhone 4

    I buy this iPhone 4 and now the problem is that when I try to use an activated data plan, then it gives problem with this connection. In this situation I am not able to regularly make phone calls....
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    Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev.2.0 not working

    I have use a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H motherboard and AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor present on it. Now problem is that it won’t detect the processor. This happens when I upgrade the BIOS with...
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