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  1. This can be a malware issue also. You can try a...

    This can be a malware issue also. You can try a set of different antivirus which will be helpful in fixing the issue. The first thing you must do is install Malwarebytes Antimalware in your system....
  2. Re: Master of the Guild in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    It’s a particular purchase that unlocks all tiers up. The wording of "acquiring higher tiers" makes people to surmise that you should pay for every tier in parts. Related to shopper perplexity...
  3. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    Such problems are basically occurs due to the max interval in tuning and optimizing the internet connection and the browser setting. So you should try to tune and optimize your Internet connection,...
  4. Re: What are the options other than Netflix on apple TV?

    Well I think that if you want new releases then I agree that Netflix is not the right choice. I opted Netflix b/c of all the older shows. I would say that instead of buying a dvd or bluray, amazon...
  5. Re: Cannot Connect to OnLive on 2mbps in India - error "your connection speed to internet is not sufficient"

    Well, after 30 minutes of waiting I finally got to customer service OnLive, told them what was happening, and I had run a series of tests that test my connection, that happened to me and said that...
  6. Re: How can I check that who visited/viewed my profile in facebook?

    I think there are many code and ways developed by the hackers to do this but I am not sure. I would say that if you want them then you will have to google a bit on the internet. And you are right...
  7. Re: My favorites not working and giving error message after installing internet explorer 9

    I think you should un-install the internet explorer and re-install the internet explorer 9. I think there are some missing files which is creating problem. As you have mentioned that you have deleted...
  8. Re: Wired computer internet speed is slower as compared to Wireless computer internet speed

    To begin with of all you would be able to head off to device manager, right click on your network adapter and head off to lands, head over to the progressed tab, select the 'speed & duplex' property...
  9. Re: Cross Browser Testing WINDOWS XP, vista and windows 7

    There are at least 6 to 7 versions of Microsoft IE 8 and there are probably dissimilarity in layout due to bug fixes in the latter liberation a list of versions is obtainable on Microsoft's official ...
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    Re: Good GPS system for Car and mobile phone.

    hey for the same reason I am using the Google Map installed on the Blackberry mobile. and this helps so much in my case. and here also I would like to say you that I also don’t have the much...
  11. Re: How to extend network to two rooms with 2 wireless linksys routers

    There is one more thing that you need to do. You must set every router to a different broadcast channel. If they are on similar channel then you can make use of a laptop otherwise printer within the...
  12. Re: Will we ever be able to transfer funds to our friends Steam wallet?

    I think it may be useful, but I think gifting a game is also the same thing. However, it will not be any bad if we have more other option. Because, it is possible that when we gift a game to our...
  13. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    TCP/IPv4 DNS settings did not serve a useful purpose. I have found assuming that I stop the Background Intelligent Transfer Service that this svchost is still engaged, but the underlying level...
  14. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    You can download Opera Mini v5.0 web browser for mobile devices on the iTunes App Store. This is the web browser for maintain the scripting of the browser. The iTunes app store helps to do this task....
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    Re: Armenian bitmap font for opera mini

    I do not know how to take into account complex scripts, but the above statement is not true for you, such as Georgian alphabet is borrowed from Opera Mini, which also choke points individually.
  16. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    Don't use Opera Mini. It's not any better than the stock browser. This opera mini browser makes an problem when we try to use it on the mobile phone. then the best way is to be use other browser for...
  17. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    The other way to fix this problem is use an reinstallation process if the other functions of the opera mini not work very well. This reinstallation of the web browser also helps to make some...
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    Re: Opera 11.50 fail to close completely

    I have the same problems but according to one of my friend suggestion I find the solution for my problems, so for closing down the opera completely. You should have to close the entire Tab before...
  19. Re: Hardware acceleration not working with Internet Explorer 9 and Flash Player 10.3

    For solving this problem I suggest to you for use an porper upgrading to Flash player 10.3 task. This will be capable to slve this problem. you need to use it and then check the problem.
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    Re: Steam Server Down

    Exactly, I know that other messaging services like AIM, Yahoo, MSN and X-Fire send mass messages to their customers to let them know when updates are made or anything else that may affect their...
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    Re: Browser stops working in windows XP

    The best option which I can suggest you is you can go to the internet or go the Google website and search for the problem which is been get by your friend, so you will be able to get plenty of the...
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    If you want the safe and the best browser for your system then I would suggest you to go for the Internet Explorer 9 as it are the best and also the best to use with the windows operating system, so...
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    re: Rapid-release policy for Firefox

    Who says to wait, said exciting new features postponed for the next release. And during that time, Chrome and Internet Explorer even gaining ground because their releases come out faster. Mozilla...
  24. Re: Cannot scroll to other tab in Firefox 4 with PDF opened

    You can make use of the portable Firefox browser and see if that shows you the same thing. Portable Firefox runs without installation from USB stick or other removable media and is therefore suitable...
  25. Re: Firefox add-ons disabled after beta update

    Firefox asks daily editor of the Web server looking for updates for the browser, but also for the extensions and themes you use. However, these searches can slow down the startup of Firefox. You...
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    It had passed me as well and I now noticed it as I wanted the page speed add-on Firebug in use and this was not shown. The Firefox 5 is here. The gorge is updated Firefox, although I think that...
  27. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    It may be the reason of too many extensions / add-ons or tabs opened when you are using the Firefox during the time of the surfing.
  28. Re: Don’t need the bing search tab opened by firefox 6

    I think there is some virus in your system which is creating some problems with your firefox. Try to degrade the version of firefox and see whether the issue has got resolved or not. As you have...
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    Re: How do I see saved passwords in Chrome 13.

    I would rather advise you not to play with such passwords or you may fall in to the subject of password stealing and may get the under the criminal activities and may be the subject of punishment....
  30. Re: How to Encrypt Gmail, Facebook and other Text-Based Messages

    There is some software or even there is a link which helps us, but I do not remember the site name, you can search on the internet and you will be able to come across it.
  31. Re: After updating Google Chrome v13 the page load very slow on the new tab

    That was suggested on the post earlier to you that not thing is working on this problem the only option you have now is to wait for a while and revert back to the Google Chrome version 12 for...
  32. Re: Bookmark Manager shortcut gone from Chrome 13

    As far as I remembered, I was knowing this keyboard shortcut since the Chrome 6 was released and it is just a keyboard shortcut and we are talking about the menu shortcut. Now the shortcut is gone...
  33. Re: Bookmark Manager shortcut gone from Chrome 13

    As I am experiencing now, Chrome 13 is having many issues with it. I think it is a temporary bug and if it so then I think it will be fixed in the next few updates and you will get your bookmark...
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    Re: Weak magic in Might & Magic Heroes VI Beta

    My proposal to you is to make elevated tier spells more moving in any game as x1.75-x2 or the past tier). Ex. when going from single target (1x1 square) dmg spell to 3x3 square AOE dmg spell, keep...
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    Re: Using VOIP phone instead of landline

    I am using as my provider. I have combined it with Linksys PAP2T and let me tell you that it works great without any problems. it is very easy to configure even if you are not an technical or...
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    Re: Cannot read profile using chromium browser

    If you are looking for the terminal menu and don’t know what it is and where it is then I would say do not worry. Go to the main Applications menu>> go into the Accessories menu and >> select...
  37. Re: How to Recover Deleted Safari History in Apple OS X Lion

    Hey I was doing as you suggested me and it works for me. But it was working until yesterday. But now it stopped working. When I am trying to see the cookies, I go to the Safari-Preferences-Security...
  38. Re: Someone is using my home internet connection

    You can see the log of sites that have been visited on the router and check if that has any of the sites which is never visited by you.
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    Re: Turning off Google Instant feature

    Which browser do you using? well if your answer is Mozilla Firefox than you have to use the following steps to fix the matter of yours.

    You have to get and install the OpenSearch plugin installer...
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    Re: Disable-Stop-Remove Google Instant Search

    Just take a look at this thread and see if this is helpful to you or not as they also have discussed about the same. There are also a lot of the similar topics on this. I hope that you will get the...
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    Re: How to Learn Basic English Grammar

    While improving an expansive dominance of English vocabulary is significant, its likewise important to fathom the standards of Basic English language structure. Vocabulary gives you the expressions...
  42. Re: What Is the Difference between URL Rewrite and Redirect?

    Most Internet users don't give importance concerning the contrast between a URL rewrite and redirect in light of the fact that it all happens old-fashioned. Be that as it may, computer programmers...
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    Re: How Does A Search Engine Work?

    These web spiders head over to the web space and accompany each connection on the site. The information from the virtual space or online presence is then filed. The expressions are then saved for...
  44. Re: How to change the country/region settings in marketplace account

    Not that I have some idea as to relevant internal what is happening, but my expectation is that a solution is not soon forthcoming. From what I understand the immutability of the region ID, Zune /...
  45. Re: LG RD 6210 is now available in open handset market

    If you really want to buy a CDMA open market handset phone then you can also go for Samsung guru SCH-B519 CDMA mobile phone. This mobile is little bit expensive then LG 6210. However, you will get...
  46. Re: Microsoft Security Essential: Ox8007000d error code - Virus definitions failed

    I am having the same problem with my windows 7. And also it is not detecting the flash drives and external hard drives. But it is allowing only itunes to play and to run from the cd/dvd drive. I...
  47. re: How to remove Buzqo homepage From Mozilla Firefox

    If above all solution not working to solve the issue and after that I would like to suggest you to reset the Firefox browser and after that make sure your facing the issue or not. To make reset your...
  48. re: How to handle vacations w/o offending neighbors in Farmville?

    I don't remove people who aren't around for some of weeks. I know stuff comes up, computers break, etc. I might put out a "hey, where the heck are you?" message on your wall just to ensure you have...
  49. Re: Google added Full Screen Flash on Dual Monitors as a proprietary part of the browser in Chrome 5

    For those considering; I'm running the Chrome dev channel, and utilized the first google effect for a hex editorial manager to alter the keys. This was the remark that bailed me out; I think the...
  50. Re: A new Web app can track Google Cr-48 Chrome OS netbooks as they are shipped

    I gained my CR-48 yesterday with no notification ahead of time acknowledge from Google. Cherish this machine. It's exceptionally stealthy with no imprints, logos, or serial numbers at whatever place...
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