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    Re: Free Office App for Acer Iconia Tab A200

    This is one of the best application that can be used as same as office features, this is good for official uses. So inorder to enjoy this feature you have to make the installation of this app there...
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    Re: Which is best between Canon G12 and Fuji X10

    According to my information there is the presence of Front Dial in the Canon PowerShot G12, which is important to make improvement in handling and also there is swift manual control. This camera is...
  3. Re: ROM Dump after updating Samsung Captivate Glide to 2.3.6

    According to my information the ROM issue occurs after update if there some of the file is missing from upgrading devices. So while upgrading your mobile you should have a boot.img and a...
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    Re: Blackberry services restored

    Is that true then i will have to check my phone since i haven't got any confirmation about the same. Since you all are saying that then i will have to check about the same and will revert back to you...
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    Re: PLEASEE HEEELP!!!! folder lock for nokia c6


    You can check out some of the links over here that will give you the necessary software for the folder locking

    Download Free folder lock software for mobile phone

    Folder lock software for...
  6. Re: Will there be a siri security flaw in iPhone 4S?

    I think so no such kind of security flaws is there in the phone that is what I know about my phone as well. So that’s what I want to say here. Now it is too early to comment anything about the same...
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    Re: No PS3 version for Orcs Must Die?

    See the pc version of the game will be made available on October 12 of this year and hence you can get the pc version of the game instead. Don’t be disappointed with not getting the console version...
  8. Re: Is it true that if we spend the coins then we get higher score in Orcs Must Die?

    Using traps to get the orcs killed will definitely fetch you a lot of points. Also you are allowed to sue the cash the way you want to do. So that’s what I am saying here. hoep you have understood...
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    Poll: Re: Aakash vs. Beetel Magiq vs. Reliance 3G Tab

    I liked the screen of the magiq tablet and hence my vote will go for the beetel magiq only. Yes we should admit that there will be not much difference in the performance of the three tablets that...
  10. Re: Will Apple release iPhone 5 after releasing iPhone 4s?

    No i dont agree with you on the same, now since the iPhone 4s will not be doing so good so to compensate for the looses i think they will be releasing the iPhone 5 quickly, since the apple people...
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    Re: Is there 4G in iPhone 4s?

    I am a big apple fan and if 4G is there or not there it does not matter to me at all. since I love my phone nd I am happy with the features in which they are providing so I would be happy having them...
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    Re: Which is pre-loaded iOS in iPhone 4s?

    It is said that iOS 5 will be bring about 200 more new features in the iPhone 5. Some here is the highlight of some of the notified features in the iOS 5. I would like to note down 3 of them. ...
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    Re: Where to buy Chinese iPhone 4S?

    See there are lot of sources available which you can check and get the iPhone 4S from,, so you can have a check about the same. a lots of Chinese websites are available from where you can get it. now...
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    Re: Where to buy iPhone 4S without contract?

    Dude where are you the, unlocked version of iPhone 4S is already being announced in the market and you can check out for the same. only one thing is that it is a lot pricey and you will have to...
  15. Re: Is there a longer power cord available for iPhone 4S?

    That’s what the specialty of apple it will deliberately package the hardware stuffs that make you think that they are incomplete and hence you are forced to get one more product for the same,...
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    Re: When will Sprint release the iPhone 4S?

    I have been hearing the news that Sprint is going ahead with the pre orders of the sprint iPhone 4s phones. now it has also been said that sprint is planning to see $199 phone online. So that’s...
  17. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    I am not understanding why moto is not developing a fix for the issue at all, since I have seen a lot of suggestions that are there from android and all, yes there has been lots of them but I...
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    Re: Is Netflix supported in Motorola Electrify?

    Nope it would be very much difficult to say that it runs, since nowhere I have seen the compatibility of Motorola Electrify. Plus Netflix has also not mentioned any android version in its supported...
  19. Re: Is there a Remote Wipe functionality available in MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY?

    It is not a good application I have tried in my S2 and it is not a good application, it is always better to try out with the paid applications that will be made available in android market and one...
  20. Re: Stuck on Booting recovery kernel in Acer Iconia A501

    In this situation it seems to me as there can be a fault of the sd card or the folder as well. So the possibilities can be quite different for sure, that’s what I know. See the power...
  21. Re: Do eReader apps in Amazon Store get installed in Kindle fire?

    Dude you know what kf tablet do have pdf annotations and also a support for the xml files as well. So that’s what I am saying here. so unless and until you don’t know anything you cannot comment...
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    Re: Covers for Kindle fire?

    Guys you can even find a lot of options in Belkin Covers as well, so basically let me give you the introduction of the varities that are available for the product. So what I would like to say is that...
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    Re: Some questions regarding Kindle Fire charger

    As such I don’t think the kindle fire has any good battery. Since the average time given there is 8 hours. So I think people out there should think of more ways by which they would be able to...
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    Re: Pre ordered a Kindle Fire tablet

    Yes you have heard absolutely right. The independence of booting from the SD card has given the ability to jail break in many of the tablets. So that’s why amazon has taken a smart move on not...
  25. Re: How is Kindle Fire for document creation and editing?

    I don’t know about it I haven’t used kindle fire. So I am not the best person to answer out the question for you. Now what I want to say is that I have used Toshiba Thrive tablet. Just connect...
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    Re: 8 hours Battery life in Kindle Fire

    For me its not a concern at all, that’s what I am saying here. the battery of the tablet does averages 8 hours and nothing more. Since it is a very new tablet I would have expected it to last...
  27. Re: Unable to synchronize imap with read/unread flag using iOS 4.3

    Resetting the account does fixes out the problem in majority of the cases and many of them had got the problem solved because of the iOS 4.3 update. So let’s hope that the same method does works...
  28. Re: Error 1004 while downloading from App Store in iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3.3

    May be you all must be having some payment issues with the same and hence that’s what the issue would be, so that’s what I want to say here. I hope you all do understand what I am saying here....
  29. Re: Unable to synchronize imap with read/unread flag using iOS 4.3

    Using any alternate option like gmail would be the ideal choice for you at this point of time. So that’s what I think would be the ideal thing for you to do right now. So that’s it from my side...
  30. Re: BlackBerry Torch 9800 is unable to log on to exchange server

    This easy solution that worked for me ... approximately. Any idea why I can not organize my notebook? anybody? I could see, set up, but then the brand would be gone! I miss him. Always synchronized...
  31. Re: After updating Desktop Manager to v6 it cannot configure sync with BlackBerry Storm2 9550 (Verizon)

    I make use of Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2002 SP3. My BlackBerry device is a BlackBerry Storm 9500 with OS edition I uninstalled DM 6.0.0 by means of the uninstall button. I was...
  32. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 battery is not charging through USB

    Yes, when I did an experiment on it then I found that your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 will not get charge if you keep your Tab on, but if you will switch it off then you can charge it via USB when...
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    Re: How to download eBooks on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    Hey folks

    I can able to read books on the t the Galaxy s and its simple form Aldiko what it do is duplicate the ePub file of his quality that’s a ebooks pc program making good on your SD card,...
  34. Re: How to update Samsung Galaxy Tab 7(Sprint) which is not in Sprint contract

    I haven't completed it however still there are commands on this board to take away the Activation notice. If you did not see it just search for it you will definitely found it
  35. Re: Is it possible to Removing Stock Launcher in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    The LauncherPro has quickly turn out to be one of the best part popular home screen replacement for Android, and it’s straightforward to view why. The app is tremendously modify , and in sight of...
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    Re: Kindle Fire vs. iPad

    I was in Las Vegas last week and saw several people taking pictures with your IPAD. I looked uncomfortable and strange, but guess who was working for them. Personally I prefer to only carry a small...
  37. re: Unable to sync with Exchange 2003 getting Error Code 80072EE2, 80072EE7, 85010016 in HTC TOUCH HD WINDOWS 7 Phone

    The above users have given you the perfect and also the best method to do it and also you should try it and get it done for yourself and make the synchronize of the things which you wanted to do.
  38. Re: Getting WP7 Marketplace error and Zune Marketplace error

    I think the above user have helped you and also you can try it and get it done and also to solve the problem of yours and also you will be able to solve the problem of yours, so you should try it.
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    Re: Incorrect time stamp on windows phone 7

    It also had the same problem with T-mobile key HD7 with wrong timestamps incoming SMS. I thought a change to fix this problem:

    Go to Settings in the phone
    In that select the Date and Time
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    Re: Does Windows Phone 7 support VOIP / SIP client

    I cannot begin to express how disappointed I've been with my new phone with Windows 7. The phone itself is a C900B LG and I like the design of the phone, which is the operating system limits are...
  41. Re: Where can i get office communicator client for my Windwos Phone 7

    I am glad to inform you that you can surely download the application for your mobile from the Microsoft’s official website, as I have gotten the same from there only and that’s the only place...
  42. Re: connecting windows phone to Windows Vista HP DV 2000 Laptop not working

    I don’t think that Zune ever downloads on its own it always need to be installed manually and to download it just click here and that’s hwo you would get the zune on your system and then installed it...
  43. Re: Cannot send Push Notifications to Live Tile by Facebook App 2.0 in WP7

    Hello friend dotn worry about this when I was facing the same problem I have done a simple thing and it solved my problem and I would be liking to tell you about that and it is like just try to push...
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    Re: error message c1010007 in windows phone 7

    Hello friend I think that you are having some problem with your usb cable I mean may be it is not getting connected properly just look at the USB if you are having if it is connected properly. And...
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    re: Releasing date for Mango 7.5 windows phone

    No one knows that’s true but I am sure that there would be a big changes in the os and the features of the mobile this would be one of the best changes for the windows phone and guys using it would...
  46. Re: Should Microsoft to reinstate USB sync for Outlook

    Yap this query seems to be bit useful and it seems to be an interesting topic and many people have been thinking about this and there are number of solutions been said over many places but I don’t...
  47. Re: Unable to backup iphone after upgrading to iTunes

    I am facing the same issue. I have downloaded the itunes and my iphone 3gs is failing to sync. I am very annoyed. It is just getting crashed. I have tried reinstalling the itunes but nothing...
  48. Re: HTC HD7 mobile phone unable to start after failed update

    I am having the same problem that you are facing. I was also trying to update and my phone got stuck in the middle and rebooted. My screen went full white with the HTC logo. It was actually stuck on...
  49. Re: Facing error code 801812C1 while updating windows phone 7

    I am facing the same problem. I have the following,
    • Samsung
    • SGH-i917 (Focus)
    • AT&T
    • Phone Operating System version: 7.0.7004.0
    • Zune software version: the latest one, installed...
  50. Re: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Update on Google Nexus One

    The update is been available on the OTA, you just have to check on the OTA and as you have checked then you will be able to get the update on the phone, if the OTA is not able to detect the update...
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