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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications

    Thank you very much for such useful info Maq. Its exactly what I wanted to know. I’m happy to see they are launching it with 5.7 inch display.

    By the way, I also heard yesterday that there will...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications

    Hope i get the correct info here. As my title says, can anyone here please let me know the complete final specs of upcoming Galaxy Note 3? My current phone was dropped form the table and got damaged,...
  3. Re: How to remove Ads from Windows 8 applications

    Thanks for your suggestions dude but i dont think i am going to do any illegal thing. There are millions of softwares which we use on our XP to Win 7 computers, did you see any Advertisements on...
  4. How to remove Ads from Windows 8 applications

    I dont know of it sounds illegal but that is what i wanted to know. Just like Android free applications where we saw whole lots of ads around the corners, even Microsoft has started doing the same....
  5. Re: Unable to Sync Contacts with Outlook 64bit using HTC Sync Manager

    Nope, i dont think the problem would be because of 64bit OS or Office Suite, because as far as i can see the official requirement of HTC Sync Manager, here is what they have mentioned:

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    Data speed is very slow in Motorola Triumph

    Is anybody else having this situation? I have recognized moderate data speed the final few weeks and soon after that I was having amazing speeds but now its 50-120kbs (3G) which intends no YouTube...
  7. How to ROLL BACK from recent update in LG Optimus S?

    It has been generally a month that we have endured with this Update> It is quite disappointing-things similar to the SD card safe to evacuate! When this happens-it influences the Camera-those...
  8. Getting rid of “polling, get oemsbl_mode = 1" in Spice Mi-410

    I purchased a Spice Mi-410 two months back and all items were fine till today. I redesigned my phone from stock froyo ROM to WellcoM A99 gingerbread rom utilizing SUTL3 (v1.7.4) and update course of...
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    The Haunted: Hells Reach tutorial

    Hello! In consideration of there are no tutorials in how to play this game, different than recognizing what icons are for, then. Anyone of you please guide me and provide a short tutorial about the...
  10. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to get extra-long desktop support

    This makes me happy. I peruse that 12.04 will have 5 year back for both desktops and servers. I constantly thought for the present year's wasn't that extended, regarding that some contestants...
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    Re: Flight dynamics in TAKE ON HELICOPTERS

    I'm not positive if I'm deciphering your inquiries right? Pedal liveliness is in event. The cockpit has clickable binds and working checks. I've been playing with my Saitek X52 and CH Pro Pedals...
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    Flight dynamics in TAKE ON HELICOPTERS

    It blankets a portion that fsx hasn't, the cooperation with ground life/extra vehicular first individual encounter and multiplayer joined together. As a major aspect of the first flashpoint...
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    Acer Iconia Tab W500 Reliability

    Actually I was wondering from every last trace of you holders how reliable the Acer Iconia Tab w500 is and of any hardware situations individuals have had with them? All your replies will be greatly...
  14. Games similar to Scrabble for both Android and BlackBerry

    So I possess the Android and my life partner has a BlackBerry. We both get a charge out of the event Scrabble, so I was maintaining a specific end goal, which is to identify a game such as that is...
  15. Rocksmith game for an experienced guitar player

    I was in the process of doubting that there are any possible experienced guitarists who have picked this game up yet. I've heard that this game forces you to play at a straightforward level until the...
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    Rocksmith Game Designed for 21 frets or 22?

    A concern on Facebook declared the game was planned for 21 frets but reviews are expressing that it is made for 22 fret guitars. I informed a couple of individuals that tackle the game on Twitter and...
  17. In my Kindle 3 the Typing Notes Keeps Freezing

    Please help me as soon as possible. Whenever I type a note now in a book, when a few lines the interface freezes up and I for the most part lack the capacity to recovery the note. Any plans? I have...
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    How to perform syncing in Kindle 4?

    Could someone tell me how to do whispersync? I hold an record that has my Kindle 4 enlisted and additionally my android telephone to the same record. I make a point not to see the books...
  19. Unable to update GeForce GTX 560M driver from 169.03 to 280.26

    I just purchased my Alienware R3 M17X. I had it accompanied the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M GPU. Right now, the driver is 169.03 in the event that I recollect effectively. I'm cognizant that there are...
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    How do I edit my contact's details in Skype?

    One of my contacts has 2 portable numbers in their parts. The main number is the same as the second one but has the nation code twice i.e. mobile 1: 954545......, portable 2: 9585......The first...
  21. Led off resulting no charging sign in Backbeat 903

    I was listening to music. When I pushed play/pause catch, suddenly the sound was gone. I thought its electric storage device was out, but I would be unable to consider an indication of charging when...
  22. NFC capabilities not available in New BlackBerry Torch 9860

    I have a new Torch 9860 OS7 but there is no NFC connection choice. I moreover have a new Bold 9900 OS7 and it does have NFC. Is there an update or approach to put NFC in the 9860? Please post your...
  23. Is WiMAX still possible in iPhone4S and 4G WiMAX?

    Listen up fellows, here is something else to speak of for a few days.. Like seeing each one of those Sprint bits of hearsay of them beyond any doubt getting the iPhone--an iPhone 5 and the iPhone...
  24. Will Ice Cream Sandwich update will come in HTC Desire HD?

    With news murmuring around that Ice Cream Sandwich should be out soon (October Maybe) Do you feel that we will see official upgrade from HTC to Desire HD or they will keep disregarding Desire HD...
  25. Toshiba Satellite L655-S5117 failed to resume from sleep/ power profile issue

    Toshiba-Satellite Laptop / Intel Core i3 Processor / 15.6" Display-Helios Black-L655-S5117 Order Date: 11/08/2010 Hey Guys! Since I shut my laptop's top while I'm logged in my profile, the framework...
  26. Allowing particular users to have access- Xp Networking

    Approve here is the scenario. We have a server running windows xp home. The server has offered folders which every last trace of the users have access to. There are just 5 representatives here. There...
  27. Nuclear Dawn Game low Performance in Mac when many indicators are drawn on screen

    This issue doesn't seem to alter my Windows installs, simply the Mac ones. In the midst of the maps (for example Hydro or Clocktower) when a large number of pointers for focuses and players (the...
  28. Service Policy rule setup on 5510 for SMTP traffic

    I would like to have prior knowledge regarding Service Policy manage setup on our 5510 for SMTP activity.

    outside-class1 1 True Match EMAILSIGServer any tcp/smtp class outside-class1
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    Need Fujitsu scanner drivers for mac

    If you don't mind help me! I require help drivers for a Fujitsu fi-5220C scanner. I have attempted but pointless. So I need help of you guys. I hope I get some help from you all. Thank you in advance.
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    Unable to get Nokia N9 to power saving mode

    Hey all I cannot get my N9 off power saving mode? In addition at what time I attempt to advance send states check connection setting? It would be ideal if you answer soon to this post as all my...
  31. Cannot sign into Games for windows marketplace using windows live Id

    I actually downloaded the GFW Live market place client being as how I needed to demo an event on my PC + I'm determined to play the ne AoE online. At the same time it won’t give me a chance to mark...
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    RAM memory of Nokia N8

    I hold a plan I could love to impart. As we all know the Nokia N8 is hurting for in RAM memory. With the sum total of my applications fixed I am alternate with around 90mb of RAM. On top of my N8 I...
  33. Wired computer internet speed is slower as compared to Wireless computer internet speed

    I possess the 20mbps strand optic connection. My region has newly been having situations with the broadband and Virgin has just altered the proposed situations. On the other hand I awhile back would...
  34. Linksys WRT400n configuration for an access point

    I have a brand new WRT400n that works well as a router. I am all in all pleased with it. I could get a kick out of any chance to design it as a right to gain entrance indicates on my LAN; comparative...
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    My Netgear Wnt802T stopped working

    Is my access point Wnt802T stopped? I have a WN802T, which I have had for about 6 months. I got back today to do some work in the workplace. The Network union light is out, the satellite light is...
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    Unable to recollect my blackberry Key-Lock

    Hey any individual! If its not too much trouble assist me as I neglected my blackberry key-bolt and there's some info I have composed them in the notes. I totally require them as they are quite...
  37. How to transfer data from mozy online backup to Mac?

    Can someone please tell me how to transfer files from mozy online backup to my Mac OS x 10.5.8? I have been downloading indexes for a week and additionally ez7z to help change over the pc information...
  38. Unable to format Windows including missing NLTDR

    I had a computer that was windows vista. I need to move it to Windows XP. I hold the disc and all and attempt to reformat the C: drive, but it was giving a hard drive error. I then would have liked...
  39. How to maintain T-Mobile G2X and make it running great?

    My inquiry to all of you is identified with look after of T-Mobile G2X and how to keep it running fabulous? Since feasible do specify strides to clear all feasible call logs, text/picture wires, and...
  40. What tablet/ e-reader should I purchase for regular book and comic reading?

    So I look for the response should be 'an iPad + some eink book lover', but would be able to utilize some affirmation from you all. I'm searching for a mechanism that is fabulous for perusing standard...
  41. Why Hyping ARM based notebooks are not liked by the users?

    Why do the IT media appear so dwelled with advertising upcoming ARM-based record books? You'd surmise that the netbook makers in reality studied and took a few clues from their first few discharges:...
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    How to Activate Scan in Officejet 6500A Plus?

    Can anyone help me with my printer because I have to activate it every single time during scan? To scan from adobe first then you need to restart the framework to get every last item to work. Please...
  43. Which gives better performance Crysis 2 or the original Crysis?

    I have caught Original Crysis was a part preferred Graphics and deeper necessities over the Crysis 2 (both PC form). In any case is it accurate to say that it is in legitimate-time? Or has the...
  44. Draw & Send Lite free version application for creating greeting cards is now available

    Hi everyone! I have a small query for all. Actually I have heard about an application named Draw & Send Lite application through which we can create greeting card. The most positive part is that it...
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    How to Learn Basic English Grammar

    I would like to let you know that I am week in English grammar so need lessons. I don’t know how and what to proceed with? I want to learn in such a way that I can teach others too. So I have to...
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    How to Create a Resume

    Hello! I am interested in preparing Resume for myself and my friends and for making a well format resume I need help of you guys. So how a resume should be? What all format or field required in it? I...
  47. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 compatible with Quad-Core CPU

    A few months back, I went over a section over the web recommending that the X1 will have a quad-heart i7 choice by the close of June through August timeframe. Well few months are very nearly over and...
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    Lightweight Free Anti Virus Software?

    Hello! I doubted that any individual knew of a good antivirus program, as I actually got an online internet connection lately. The situation is I'm stressed that an antivirus project could back it...
  49. Unable to change the Locked Default search Engine URL in Google Chrome

    I did the below steps:

    Click the wrench symbol on the program toolbar.
    Select Options.
    Click the Basics tab.
    Click Manage in the "Default venture" area.

    Then after that join the Url or...
  50. FarmVille Habitats producing nothing practically

    I have Habitat 4 living spaces, have gather every one of them 3 times each and every now for 12 gathers, 11 sustains and just 1 secret toddler. All around crappy proportion assuming that you inquire....
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