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    How to earn from Youtube Videos and Ads?

    Hi there,

    One of my friend told me recently that he started earning few bucks from his youtube videos that he uploaded on the site? Is it true, if so then how can I earn some decent amount from...
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 710 keeps on hanging

    Ill suggest you to restore your phone to factory settings:

    Turn off your phone
    Press and hold Volume Down, Power and Camera button at once
    Once the phone starts vibrating, release Power...
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    Re: List of top Institute for CCNA in Pune

    Top 10 CCNA Institutes in Pune -
    Appin Technologies lab
    CNC Webworld
    Expert Websoft
    HCL career Development Centre
    Jetking-Learning Centre
    ATS Infotech Ltd
    Java Soft technologies
    GIT IT...
  4. Re: System freezes after overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 965

    I doubt your system might be stable at 3.9 GHz. I have gone through a number of article and many people have mentioned that AMD Phenom II X4 965 doesn’t stay stable when clocked above 3.8 GHz.
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    Re: How to reset windows 8 password

    So you are in quite a weird situation, since you are not able to login I guess you will have to use some third party software for resetting the password. There are a couple of one’s out there but...
  6. Re: Error code: 0x8007025d while installing windows 8

    There might be something wrong with the ISO that you might have downloaded and you might have to download the ISO again, according to the error some required file is missing. I want to know form...
  7. Re: Overclocking Dell inspiron 15r se 7520 with AMD Radeon HD 7730M

    Games like Battlefield 3 and Far cry 3 are resource hungry and on laptops they might suck up your 2GB ram straight away. Overclocking laptop GPU is really not a good idea as all of its hardware are...
  8. Re: How to use Micromax MMX353G USB Modem in Windows 8

    Why don’t you both contact Micromax support for the same? If this would have been a common issue then they might be aware and might have come up with some alternate solution to fix it. Rather than...
  9. Thread: Error 88780078

    by karrma

    Re: Error 88780078

    I think you will have to download and install WGAPlugin and for that you can download WGAPluginInstall.exe file. You can check out Microsoft site for the same, in case you don't fine it there you can...
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    Re: Best colleges for BBA course in Kolkata

    These are the best BBA colleges in Kolkata:

    The Bhowanipur Education Society College
    Affiliated to: University of Calcutta
    5, Lala Lajpat Roy Road
    Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani
    Kolkata -...
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    Re: Photofunstudio has stopped working

    Have you tried running your PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.0 BD Edition 6.00.028 in compatibility mode??? I was getting similar error while running PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.1 HD Edition in windows 7 and I had to run it in...
  12. Re: Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe comes up with error 0xE1 (Dr.Debug codes) while resuming from hibernation

    Yes you can try updating bios in this case but before doing that I will suggest you to clear cmos first. There are different methods for clearing cmos but I will suggest you to follow the simplest...
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    Re: Is Adexmart site safe for buying devices?

    I am not here to promote Adexmart but trust me it is one of the best online shopping sites in India. I have compared their product and their price with other known online shopping portals and have...
  14. Poll: Re: Which one is better brand in laptop, Dell or Compaq??

    I think dell is the best, i haven't used Compaq laptop by now. I have bought my laptop a year ago and before getting it i had asked many people for suggesting me best brand for laptop and most of...
  15. I don’t think Windows Mail can read pst files....

    I don’t think Windows Mail can read pst files. What you can do is convert the backup in .CSV file format and import in Windows Mail. And for thunderbird you will need to go with import/export...
  16. Re: Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

    6. Now right click on my computer icon and select properties. Go to Hardware tab -> Device Manager. You will find a new port installed under Ports (COM & LPT) category. Remember the com port number...
  17. Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

    How to Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

    Download the USB Modem driver for china mobile phone from the below attachment (here our case will be China Mobile...
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    Re: Windows Mail asking for user id & password

    Well in your second case or error message, You cannot use port 995 without enabling SSL option. The previous error message its pretty critical. I think this could be because wrong server name or by...
  19. There can be bad sectors in your pc. It is...

    There can be bad sectors in your pc. It is necessary that you must run a good disk analyzing software that can scan your hard drive system and look for bad sectors. It is quiet important to find them...
  20. LDAP Issue - LDAP BIND against Windows 2008 DC does not work

    I am working with an Authentication SErvice that does LDAP Connections to 3 different Domains. This server with the Authentication Service is in a different Domain and Network zone. Windows Server...
  21. How to create and print envelopes with Microsoft Word

    For special occasions or for everyday use, you may need to create your own envelope. Armed with a good printer and Word software, nothing easier: you choose the location of addresses, the size of...
  22. Re: Solution for "cannot delete emails in Windows 7 Live"

    Yes, you can apply the solutions you saw for Vista on Windows 7 as well and they actually work. Also you must be knowing that Windows 7 and Vista as many similarities in features, options or menus....
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    Re: How to check if all DC are working properly

    You asked how you can check if your DCs are working properly. Well it is very simple. Unless you get any error message in your Event log or on your display, it means your DCs are working fine. SO...
  24. Re: Difference between Norton Internet Security 2009 & Norton 360 version 3.0

    There's no much difference between them. Norton 360 version 3.0 uses engine 2009, one can say same protection and technologies of Norton Internet Security 2009. Norton 360 just comes up with some...
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    Re: Cannot complete WSUS 3.0 reinstall

    This is caused because the domain suffix(es) for this machine are not properly configured.

    Either the default domain suffix is not being supplied by DHCP (if a DHCP client),

    or the Computer |...
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    It's not a "certificate" per se, it's the Certificate Trust List -- the list of trusted root certificates that allows the entire infrastructure of the certificate system to work amongst all systems....
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    A certificate has a period of time in which it's valid. Common validity periods are 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years from the date of creation.

    What this message is saying is that there's a...
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    Uh... I presume from the machine where you obtained the Server Event log item.

    The error is talking about the LOCAL machine -- the machine where you're attempting to install the STL.
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    Depends... if there's a bad certificate in the catalog.. we all have an issue.

    However, I had no issues importing it into a Vista SP2 system, so I'm inclined to work from the premise that there's...
  30. SBS 2003 R2 Cannot Access http://companyweb from server

    A couple of weeks ago, something changed on our server and I am not able to judge what exactly has changed, but I am not able to access http://companyweb while on the server. I am able to go to any...
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    Re: SysWow64 Redirection for cmd.exe

    Copying qwinsta.exe from c:\Windows\System32 to c:\Windows\SysWOW64 doesn't seem to be a better idea. SysWOW64 is not meant for containing 64-bit executable. Anyways you can check out this...
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    To sync a device in WMP, follow the below method:...

    To sync a device in WMP, follow the below method:

    Start the Player, turn on your device, and then connect your device to your computer. If prompted, select the option to sync the device using...
  33. Have you tried using Publisher?? as far as i am...

    Have you tried using Publisher?? as far as i am aware you can do that in Publisher. Publisher will help you in tiling the pages, after that you can use some free programs for printing them in...
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    KMAT 2009 syllabus

    Hello, I am doing my MBA and therefore I wanted to know the syllabus of KMAT 2009 exam, can anyone help me please?
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    Re: can't get into safe mode

    Which kind of keyboard you are using?? Is it a usb keyboard or PS2 keyboard??? Some usb key board doesn't work in bios and in order to carry out the required task you will have to use a PS2 keyboard....
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    Re: Running carmageddon in windows xp

    Don't worry about it guys....I got this game to run on my home computer which uses windows 98 and it runs great. I'm not worried about running on windows xp because it's too complilcated. Thanks...
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    Running carmageddon in windows xp

    I have problems playing Interplay's Carmageddon 1 on my pc. I have a P4 with 2.8ghz and 256 mb ram installed in my pc. The game install's fine and runs on my pc also but the problem is that...
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    Where is Hotspot Mobile Centers in Delhi ?


    I want to buy a mobile phone and therefore many of my friends are suggesting me to buy it from HotSpot Mobile Centers. So, can anyone one of you who might be knowing the place of that area...
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    Blue Screen of Death with ATI2DVAG.DLL

    Have searched the forum, but unfortunately no solution.
    I describe everything once:
    "It was a Problem detected. Windows has been shut down so that the computer is not damaged.
    The problem...
  40. Re: Vista RC1 installation error 0x80070570 solution

    Can you tell me which OS you currently running on your system and which Vista version you trying to install? Mean while you can check other suggestions given in this thread:...
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    There is a tiny application which you can use. It...

    There is a tiny application which you can use. It is called as Hijackthis. You can download and install this application in your pc. Hijackthis is a great tool for finding out running processes in...
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    Re: Product Key doesn't work

    You should have totally uninstalled the Trail version before installing the purchased one. Just download Windows installer cleanup tool and remove all Office applications you get in the list. Once...
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    I think that you need to create SPNs for some...

    I think that you need to create SPNs for some custom services running on member servers of the domain, disabled Kerberos logging and now these errors are gone. You can try to get some more refrence...
  44. Yes, with the KB941090 update or hotfix you will...

    Yes, with the KB941090 update or hotfix you will be able to delete the stucked undeletable email message from the Windows Mail from all the folders. Also, if you want to stop the cause to prevent it...
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    Re: creating shortcut keys for a desktop shortcut

    I don’t understand why is it so necessary for you type ‘none’, What shortcut key you really thinking to assign to this shortcut ?

    Whatever it is, windows will not allow you to assign if you...
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    There is another application called Killkeys that...

    There is another application called Killkeys that proposes to lock the keys of your choice when you run an application in full screen. Its basic configuration, however, performs its functions file....
  47. Follow the below instructions to solve this...

    Follow the below instructions to solve this issue:

    First of all you need to right click computer under the start tab and select manage
    After that just click on the Device manager tab and you...
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    RE: System volume on disk is corrupt.

    You should try a system restore. This will fix the problem. If you are not able to do anything in the normal mode, then simply do it from the Safe Mode. Restart the laptop, keep pressing F8, select...
  49. Re: Registry cannot load the hive FIXED but lead to LOSS of everything :(

    I think the very first thing you need to very first is System Restore. Just go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > System Restore and restore your computer to a date before the...
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    Re: HELP!! Missing Codec

    Download and install GSpot it will help you in diagnosing issue with Mpeg, Jpeg or AVI files and will let you know the codec required for playing them. If that doesn't help than download and install...
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