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  1. Re: Firefox 35.0.1 freezes until mouse is moved

    This bug was reported in Firefox due to a malware issue which is installed in your laptop and you are not aware of it. You can try to run some free programs to scan for malware on your system and...
  2. Re: master password box keeps appearing in firefox

    I suppose that if you uninstall and reinstall Firefox then also it will not wipe out this issue at all unless the issue is that Firefox is completely corrupted. I also do not know whether this is the...
  3. Re: Which is the best addon to block tracking cookies in Google Chrome

    The best addon for such usage is Ghostery. It is the best one to block tracking cookies. It is capable of detecting various web trackers. But it wont help you in fixing redirection problem or ad...
  4. Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    I am using hostgator and it has a WordPress installation service. It is done online and it works well. When you click on the WordPress app it ask you for the login details. This consist of username...
  5. Re: Getting constant clipboard error on OneDrive

    It can be due to your internet connection. That might be not proper due to which you are getting the error. You must simply try to resolve the same by checking that your net connection is not...
  6. Re: Some simple seo things that I can do on any new website

    It is not bad to buy or subscribe for a tool that can help your site to rank well. There are many of them which are good enough to give you information on what is going on web. Instead you waste time...
  7. Re: Can multiple social media account help in site traffic

    You can do that but on a low level. It is not right to flood your social media page with unlimited article updates. That will cause a bit issue while managing. When there is too much traffic from...
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    Re: How to encrypt a email and send in Gmail

    You can do that very easily in Microsoft Outlook. It has a internal option through which you can encrypt the content of your email message and send it. For that you have to click on Message tab and...
  9. Re: Internet Explorer recognizing excel files as rar

    Looks like there is a bit issue with default program settings in your pc. You can restore that through Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs. Click on the first one Set your default programs. From...
  10. Re: Internet Explorer stuck on Stop Working error on Windows 7

    The browser is very annoying. It is also slow. I do not think Internet Explorer can work like Firefox or Chrome. In my case it is very slow when I am using more than 4 tabs. It is hard to see...
  11. Re: Unable to get exact map location through Bing map on Surface tablet

    For that you have to go in the settings of pages. Just try this. Login to your facebook account and then click on the facebook page where you want to add the map. Go in pages and then add a name....
  12. Re: How to auto-share Youtube videos on Facebook fan page

    Through some third party app it is possible to post videos on the Facebook profile page. But you cannot post it on the fan page. I had created a separate Facebook account which is linked with the...
  13. Re: delete top websites and bookmark in android version of firefox browser

    I would recommend you to clear all the private data which will remove all the websites fromt he tops sites listing which are not bookmarked also. To do this, tap on the menu button on the home page...
  14. Re: Error parsing Request: The request subject name is invalid or too long. 0x80094001 (-2146877439)

    You might need to enable the parsing of request attributes for the subject information and for that you can use the below command and run it. It will allow for enrollment via web enrollment pages....
  15. Re: Dealing with so much spam in multiple gmail account

    There can be some third party email client which can offer you more better spam control. You can use them if you want. It will automatically manage the spam and give you appropriate output. The web...
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    Re: Plugins to speed up WordPress blog

    There are tons of plugins available for Wordpress. But one thing I will recommend you is to go with a proper hosting provider. Only plugins are not going to help you to get fast site performance. You...
  17. Re: Google Chrome resolution problem after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    If you are looking to fix this problem then just right click on the desktop and then select screen resolution. After that check the bottom of the page and then click on "Make text or other items...
  18. Re: Google Search for a particular Website showing its "Recent Post"

    I checked the Google Blogspot and there is nothing mentioned about this "Recent Post" search update anywhere. The top post is only has some details about Helpouts which seems to be a recent update...
  19. Re: New Facebook Graph Search now peep into your comments

    They are just getting too personal know. There are tons of users who comments on various stuff. Now they are going to scan that also. I think future Facebook is going to crawl our profile pic, tags...
  20. Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    You can even set Internet Explorer 11 Preview to some custom and put any text you want in there instead of setting it to either Firefox or Chrome. After that everything will be loaded fine without...
  21. Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    Try to re-install it. Remove and install the latest version. Sometime yahoo messenger has this kind of problem. You can go in Control Panel > Uninstall a program and get rid of the same first. Then...
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    Re: tracking Google Adsense cheque in india

    There are many people who are facing some problems with Bluedart and its late services. It will be best if Google adsense can give some more options for payment. There are many CPA networks that give...
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    Re: Windows 8.1 (64bit) question

    Nope, it is not possible to update from any 32bit Windows to 64bit. You must have the 64bit installed on your system to upgrade to another 64bit version.
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    Re: remove facebook pic used by

    This thing happens when you sync your social networking account to your mailing services. Outlook will simply pull pictures from your facebook account that you have connected and also all...
  25. Re: Unable to install OTA firmware update on HTC 8X

    Unfortunately there is no HTC PC Suite so that you can try using the same if OTA update is not working. By the way can you tell me from which region you are and what network you are using?
  26. Re: How to remove Mixi.Dj search from Firefox browser

    Note that you will also need to remove the anything related to Mixi.Dj from the Control Panel also. After that you will need to also open firefox and then type about:config in the address bar of...
  27. Re: How can I hide my comments and like on Facebook Post

    It is available in your privacy settings. You can try to block those guys from your profile. Facebook is loaded with some set of privacy settings that can help you to get rid of this problem. Just...
  28. Re: FB connect not working via app sharing on blog

    Looks like a buggy app. Contact some developer for that. You had not properly configured it due to which the app is not sharing your content. You will need to get help from some developer who can...
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    Re: Android 4.3 apps incompatibility list

    Thats correct Langward, apart from those two apps, even i came through several apps that wont work such as HBO GO, 3D Tiles Live Walpaper, IMVU 2Go, and more.

    We need to wait for few more weeks...
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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Facebook has become a place for people to spam and to run this kind of fake things. It is necessary that you must not click on any kind of apps or like pages if you are completely sure that update...
  31. Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    There is a new feature in the People page in So, incase you want to find out your groups in, then go to the search box and type the name of the group to display and then...
  32. Re: qcksrv malware warning visiting every website on Google Chrome

    There were many people who were facing the same type of problem of malware on their google chrome browser. The problem was actually caused by some of the below extensions mentioned and inorder to...
  33. Re: File contained a virus and was deleted error with Internet Explorer 10

    There is no way to reinstall Windows Defender in Windows 7, but with the below steps you will be able to overwrite your corrupted Defender to a working one:

    You will need to find another Windows...
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    Re: Kobo desktop app is very slow

    Have you tried to press this keys Control+Shift+P when you are in the library to switch from the proxy server features? Just give it a try and check if the connection gets faster. Or otherwise use...
  35. Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

    Have you tried some Memory Cleaner software. One such tool is called RAMRush - RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer. It is a program whose primary purpose is to collect the maximum amount of memory so...
  36. Re: Samsung Galaxy S II Plus vs Galaxy Grand Duos

    No way. If you are comparing these two devices then i will not suggest you to go with Grand because such having superior specification doesn't means that the device is better. If so, there are...
  37. Re: Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones Announced

    In general, operators have expressed full support for the initiative of Mozilla, as the new OS is open source, and free variable. Through this network operators many people will be able to adapt to...
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    Re: How to earn from Youtube Videos and Ads?

    Basically, if you want to make money on YouTube, you have to become a YouTube partner, which allows you to display ads on your videos, and then you can earn a percentage of the revenue generated by...
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    Re: Will iPhone 5 has any 3D screen support

    I had seen the same on some news also. But instead of 3D screen I had heared about 3D camera. iPhone is a awesome device which has a better display this time. It looks Apple is working on some decent...
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    Re: Print 4x6 Photo from Hp photosmart 6510

    Yes Picasa is well and good for printing as well as for sharing your photos. I am using the same. I tried HP software and some other photo editing tools, but they are bit confusing. The problem of...
  41. Re: Where can I find a good tool to compare two data folders

    There is a very basic tool for that. It is called as WinMerge. This software can help you to compare and merge two folders. It check for the most latest file and provide you a visual report. In that...
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    Re: When Blackberry 10 OS is releasing

    Does RIM will release some new tablets also. I had seen the video on youtube and the interface looks a bit different. But much smoother and nice.
  43. Re: Using Patch My Pc to update Windows system

    Usually it depends on you choice, whether you want it or not. The software provides you to manage third party applications so that you can stay updated. It is not complicated nor it is difficult to...
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    Poll: Re: Google Chrome vs Rockmelt

    If you compare with Google Chrome then I would say that Rockmelt is the best browser till now that I have ever come across. Reason is quite simple; Rockmelt makes most of my task as simple as...
  45. Re: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    Why you need to worry about upgrade on Ivy Bridge processor. They are already high end. Omni desktop are quiet good with better specification and widescreen support.

    I had seen the specification...
  46. Re: Can I print more than one Excel worksheet on a single page

    Not if they're above/below one another. You cannot directly create a new new worksheet for each section. You'd have to make a single sheets with link to the various sheets, then print that sheet. No,...
  47. Re: NFS is not working properly after installing latest graphic card driver.

    Here you haven’t mention the configuration of your graphics card and the version of NFS you are dealing with. For NFS new version you need at least 1GB of graphics card and if it is of nvidia then...
  48. Re: graphic performance is not good of Serious Engine 3 with SLI

    I was also getting the same problem with my system also and I have also SLI setup of the graphic card in my computer. now after trying so many solution I have remove one graphic card from my system...
  49. Re: Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

    If you wish to use the Skype for the Computer then this thing you should have with you, the Things include are Broadband Internet Connection and there should be the PC with the Windows XP or the...
  50. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    As per my suggestion both the Firefox and Chrome are the excellent web browsers for Windows user. None of them is wrong to the web action. However more and more power user is swapping toward the...
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