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  1. Re: Features Lacking in Logitech webcam pro 9000 installed on a mac

    The QuickCam Express is using the software at a resolution of 640 × 480, the iBook, but I managed only 352 × 288. Meanwhile I've solved the problem of webcam, but I read yesterday delighted that...
  2. Re: How to make a bootable device out of Nero burner

    I do not consider that it is possible to make the disc as of which you can boot from within Nero. According to me you should make use of the something similar to Acronis to do that. You can backup a...
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    Re: Compare Samsung Vibrant and Mytouch 4g

    The thing is, if not in HSPA +, the phone will not make a difference. Vibrant is a good machine. So try both. You have 30 days to test whether a phone in their area of these criteria are accessible....
  4. Re: Unable to establish Internet connection on my Motorola Defy

    The Advanced Task Killer? OK, to know good times. While the Internet connection is working again now but it's worth a try if the faithless tears again tomato high hooves. Then, when more stable...
  5. Re: Unable to sync my Motorola Defy with exchange server

    Since I do not this problem with my old Samsung i900 Omnia had, I suspect the problem on the Defy. Or on the side Z-Push or in connection with Android. Might be possible that a parameter that makes...
  6. Re: How can I take backup after upgrading firmware in Motorola droid 2

    This is an official sbf from Motorola. What you had it, I can not tell you, because DAT is certainly more ROMs without the branding and a different provider). I can not imagine that just so that...
  7. Re: How to copy text in the built in mail program of Motorola droid 2

    You can set up your Gmail account under both Motorola droid 2 as well as under other accounts, even simultaneously. Advantage: You are the messages displayed in the widget, but you can at one click...
  8. Re: Motorola droid 2: how to synchronize PC outlook?

    In the Market there is a client. This can currently only sync contacts. It will probably give the so-ne beta halfway can also sync calendar. Alternatively, there are NEN client from Synthesis, which...
  9. Thread: Pets in Sims 3

    by Rompage

    Re: Pets in Sims 3

    In fact they could put something more in the basic game but if you look at that put all the expansions once the 2 1 and 2 you earned less than we were a game of biblical proportions already...
  10. Re: Unable to built external stair case in Sims 3

    I was able to man the stairs in the basement but I have another problem. If you join the ladder from the floor that descends into the basement does not use the sim and I'm forced to leave a space...
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    Re: Bailouts in The Sims 3

    Regarding the matter of changing clothes frankly it's never happened to me! If I change a Sim, then changed my family, with whom I met the old sim, he had the change that had left me. Not only for...
  12. re: Need to know the Intel GL40 Chipset CPU compatibility?

    Chipset, the only issue that may arise if the BIOS does not recognize the chip books. Notebook, and / or the model of board model (can be found out or SiSoft Sandra, Everest or CPUZ sometimes often)...
  13. Re: Will it be worth to switch from Alienware to Macbook pro

    I have a MBP 13 "and 15" I had got rid of them so that I can get a great gaming laptop. Mac so I cheated and went to the Alienware M11x R1 I loved it. Portable, light, and play games I played so...
  14. Re: Can dragons be cliff racers in elder scrolls

    Even in Morrowind there weren't all that many. And even where there were they seems very fond of foyadas, they could be taken down with a few quick sword swipes or a spell. I hate wild guar more. You...
  15. Re: Bluetooth is not working properly in my LG E720

    Once I have the same problems as described here, I was faced with the decision to exchange the phone or have them repaired if necessary. However, this does not make sense. It works otherwise...
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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Well I was also facing the similar kind of issue few days back and what I did here is that followed the instruction by Facebook itself it was saying me that Your account has been temporarily...
  17. Re: Duke nukem forever: Scenes from the trailer are not present in the actual game

    Maybe the old versions still leaked I would at least like to play again. On some really old screenshots is indeed ne chainsaw and other weapons have been seen as the only present all known from Duke...
  18. Re: How much time is required to finish single player campaign of Duke Nukem Forever ?

    Nothing is difficult to understand an average, but his message did not say he was looking for an average. He is trying to get a specific value, which is simply impossible. And if you will ask me then...
  19. Re: The elder Scrolls: why players usually hate Mer?

    I haven’t seen everyone hating all elves part of it is just gameplay mechanics its easier to set up dialog on a racial basis than it is to account for each NPC individually. Some races just have a...
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    Re: The Elder Scrolls: What is Sheogorath?

    So in conclusion, it can be argued that Argonians and dragons do, in fact, share a common ancestry, or kinship if you will. Species have scales, they have claws and spines, they have tails, they...
  21. Re: The elder scrolls: which is the best moment in this game?

    Well, all became Chimer Dunmer, and our skin was pale and eyes ablaze. Of course, I only knew that at the time that had happened to us, but Azura said: "This is not my act, but his act has chosen his...
  22. Re: The elder scrolls: Who is the best Nerevarine, Shezzarine or Tangerine?

    The Shezzarine is Pelinal Whitestrake, alternately known as Hans the Fox, Harrald Harry Breaks and various other names. He is supposedly a mortal avatar of the god Shor, who is the representation of...
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    Re: The Theoretical Power of Sithis in TES

    That's who they worship. I really don't see them worshiping Shezarr very much. However, since they all murder and do it with the exact same techniques that Mephala taught the Morag Tong, it is she...
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    Re: Moth Priest in The elder scrolls

    In a universe like the TES universe, an immortal society could mythically retain all its citizens inside itself, and safeguard them from true mortal death, through the collective memory of the...
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    Re: Deadliest warrior in the Elder scrolls

    The Blades are much more highly trained than the palace Guards..they're there for show/intimidation. And the Blades utterly failed to defend their Emperor. That doesn't make the mythic dawn great...
  26. Re: Ambiguity is the downfall of The Elder scrolls lore?

    Well, since we've already seen one aspect of the Dragon-God of Time, however limited by the game's individual engine, we have enough to go on to make some assumtptions. Think back to the majesty of...
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    Re: How can I learn Elder Scrolls Lore?

    Going to warn you something. Try to ignore opinion pieces and summaries. I cannot tell you with the vast amount of people led completely astray with lore and facts due to reading a bad summary. Your...
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    Re: Who is Akatosh in the Elder Scrolls?

    Of course even while his attributes were different it is important to remember that Akatosh WAS the same as Alduin and Auri-El - reality and gods specifically can get a bit schizophrenic like that....
  29. Re: What is the importance of blood in the Elder Scrolls

    No they don't. They go weak too. See Hassildor's wife, she's in coma. The player thing is due to game play reasons, I bet they got scared of l33t kidz getting whiney about "being vampire is so hard ...
  30. Re: Which was your first map in The Elder Scrolls?

    Started with Morrowind, and then played through most of Oblivion right after I purchased my 360, but lost interest after about my 30th Oblivion gate so I went back to Morrowind, then tried a bit of...
  31. Re: Changes in magic system of The elder scrolls

    Oblivion also got rid of the having to switch stances aspect making magic even more "easy". And let’s be honest, how cool was it when you played dark messiah and used the ice spell to make someone...
  32. Re: The Elder Scrolls: Do dragons exist in this game?

    It's not uncommon in modern fantasy to paint dragons as intelligent, nor is it particularly uncommon for them to be misunderstood good-aligned beings, or have good and evil factions such as with the...
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    Re: The Elder scrolls Official Speculation

    Also, regarding the discussion of other games - if I'm interpreting this correctly, unless it's directly related to a potential future TES announcement, it's off limits. No proposing or "ruling out"...
  34. Re: The Elder Scrolls: What Morrowind great house do you belong to in?

    But Hlaalu are greedy bastards with no honour, who break deals and cheat customers if there's an advantage. They resort to thuggery if they can't legitimately beat their competitors products as well....
  35. Re: what are the minimum gift chips that can be sent in Zynga poker?

    Guess I'll be looking elsewhere to play poker with make believe money. I have never seen such a stupid company in all my life. They do everything they can to discourage people from playing their...
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    Re: Zynga poker: Cry me a river contest

    Well, it all started with me messing around on some 100k minimum buy in tables. I worked my way up to about 2.1 Million in about 20 minutes. I've been higher before, almost to 200M and I knew how...
  37. Re: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js error on Internet Explorer 9

    Since the tabs are crashing when you go to that and other websites, you may have a bad install. You can try uninstalling Internet Explorer 8 and re-download and install it again. But as you said that...
  38. Re: How to disable iPhone App Push Notifications?

    I was also facing the similar kind of problem with My apple iPhone and I was also going through the same phase since it was too much irritating and after troubleshooting a lot I found out a...
  39. Re: Unable to save control of Dirt 3 game on my pc

    have you tried the above solution if not then better do it because it worked for me and I am sure that it will surely work for you also.
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    Re: Zynga Poker: Unable to take high hands

    But, if it does take all in account then shouldn't it put everyone in order. May not be possible but kind of defeats the idea of ranking you in that area don’t know. I may be way off in my thinking...
  41. Re: Zynga Poker : Supplying chips to your enemies

    While I'm sure a lot of people enjoy playing this game here, let's keep in mind Zynga poker is not really poker but a shoddy imitation at best. The rules are different, the buying structure advocates...
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    Re: Cannot access my Zynga poker account

    Got a major problem, I use Firefox, my sister uses IE, Eight days ago we BOTH click on cities and select tables, the screen opened to a blank , just a black nothingness, no table now dealer, nothing....
  43. Re: How to prevent Zynga Poker from disconnection?

    The server is easily able to recognize if you are really having connection problems or just faking. Since it is only play money, and this site should be used only for entertainment, I like the idea....
  44. Re: Zynga poker: Team service took all my chips!!

    Is it true that Zynga removes chips from earners when they did not buy their chips from Zynga? And you say to justifying there is a violation of the TOS without providing any proof or explanation. ...
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    Re: is really a good future for System Admin???

    Both experience and degree ranks high on their own standards. See if you are gathering maximum number of experience as a system admin and in future when you apply for the post related to the same in...
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    Re: Brink: No knife kills?

    I find no skill in the knife, glare usually knife kills only occur when you accidently run into an enemy. At that moment you both panic and start trying to back away while slashing madly at each...
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    Re: is really a good future for System Admin???

    Well first of all calm down my friend there is no need to be panic. So what I want you to do here is that see what you can do the best. I mean if you are a good software programmer and have interest...
  48. Re: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings unlocked on Direct2Drive

    Yes this files are available on the same I have recently downloaded the files and on my system and installed it successfully and I am sure that they will be definitely available on yours. I hope that...
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    Re: Brink on my PS3

    Personally, I hope anon is the cause for the system to be down. I think people don’t see the big picture. Assuming that this was done by anon, then anon would be causing problems for Sony. The...
  50. Re: So which one is the best Hockler Machine Pistol or Caesar Revolver in Brink

    There's only one machine pistol in the game. Besides, the beginning weapons in Brink are said to be the best in the game, with the later unlocks being much more specialized weapons. But anyway, I...
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