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  1. Re: Cannot print with wireless Lexmark printer, help needed!

    The issue lies with the router security settings. You have to go in the web control panel and ensure that security settings are configured on minimal to access the printer wireless. Try to change the...
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    Adding CALS to SBS 2008

    We have a SBS 2008 running at office. We have purchased few more CALS (Product Keys) and wanted to add to this SBS08. So can anyone here please tell me where and how can I add the CALs in my SBS...
  3. Re: The User Profile Service service failed the logon.

    Hey guys, even i'm struggling with the same problem. And as Illeana stated above, though i'm running Windows 2008 with SP1, That hotfix doesn't seems to be working for me. Any idea what is wrong?
  4. Microsoft office 2007 word open document very slow

    I am using Microsoft Office 2007. I had installed this recently but it looks to be working very slow. I thought the new edition will improve the performance but it is much slower than Office 2003. I...
  5. What's the best antivirus solution for SBS 2008?

    I am looking for a good antivirus for Windows SBS 2008. I am not having any idea about applying a corporate level solution that really works. I had seen some threads in this forum which showed that...
  6. IP-based AUTD failed to initialize. Error code: [0x80004005]

    I need some help to deal with -- IP-based AUTD failed to initialize. Error code: [0x80004005] error. I am trying to find out some solution on the web but still not able to get the exact settings. It...
  7. Join computer to domain without domain admins right

    Is it possible to join a computer to the Windows Server 2003 Domain without admin rights. I am having some of my friends who are facing problem with the connectivity and our network admin is out of...
  8. End-of-life Support for Microsoft Office Standard 2003 SP2 & SP3

    Can anyone help me to find out service pack for Microsoft Office 2003. I went to Microsoft website and found that there is no support available for the same. Microsoft has just end up the life...
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    Adprep for for 2003SP2 DC

    Hi, I need a bit help from you all. As of now I’m having a Windows 2K and Windows 2003 SP1 DC. Apart from these I was trying to promote a new Windows 2003 with Service Pack 2. But while doing the...
  10. What to do for Deleted account in Windows Server

    What should I do if there is some kind of Event ID created when a user account is deleted. Because now there is no indication or notification on the screen that says anything about account deleting....
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    Windows XP Spider Solitare

    How can I change the sounds in Spider Solitaire. I went inside the options but cannot find anything available there for configuring the sound settings. I want to add some different sounds making the...
  12. It is possible to find product key of office

    I have a laptop. It came pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2007 in it. Now I want some help to find out the product of this Office package. I am not able to locate the same. Because I want to...
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    List of Invalid characters for a username.

    I am looking for list of characters that are not allowed to use in username under Active Directory. I am unable to find that. I am facing some issue with AD configuration. I had seen some users who...
  14. Can someone explain "Extra Registry Settings" to me? GPMC and RSOP?

    I am facing trouble with some set of policies on SBS. There are some new policies like SyncForegroundPolicy. This is located under extra registry settings. I need some help to find this out. It is...
  15. Icons, taskbar, and start menu disappears - Explorer.exe

    When I open My Computer I cannot find anything in the same. Usually when you open my computer you can see the partitions and other icons on the same. But when I open it there is nothing. It is...
  16. Can I view user account SID and GUID via ADSI

    I am working on attribute objectGUID and objectSID. The value here are quiet different. I had used some other utilities where I found different value. Know I just want to verify which one among them...
  17. Activesync over air error 0x85010001 on Windows Server

    I need help in setting up Active Sync. It is not working. I am trying to configure 4.5 version mobile which has 6th edition. Now the connectivity is fine and there is no issue with other settings....
  18. Open programs/documents not showing in task bar

    Don’t know what went wrong all of a sudden on my Windows XP Pro desktop. I was working with several word files, browsers and folders opened this morning, all files were showing up in the taskbar....
  19. Where I can find template for a TV commercial script?

    Can anyone provide me a download like of TV Commercial Script. I have to create one, but I am not able to get a sample to start. I had tried to find it online but there are number of useless things....
  20. Re: System Icons Missing in Notification Area!!!

    Thank you very much for the help Daisyel. Tthe above worked on my machine (vista ultimate)

  21. Windows Mobile Device Center will not launch (BIG PROBLEM)

    Hi, I recently upgraded one of my Windows XP running systems to Vista. Installation went fine and every seems to be working good except one problem. Due to some unknown reason my WMDC (Windows Mobile...
  22. Packet Miniport Scheduler #3, code 31 (can't load driver)

    I am facing problem with vpn connectivity on my network. I am getting a error continuously. The error code is 31. It says about some driver which fails to load up and it does not allow me to get a...
  23. vista won't reboot after update failed to install

    Hi, i am having a Windows Vista running HP laptop. Today morning when i ran Window Update, my system received huge list of updates. I allowed them all to install. During the installation it got...
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    Problem with Global Catalog

    There is a parent and child domain setup configured on my network. Rightnow there are two domain controllers configured. There is a global catalog server which is one the parent and child. Now we had...
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    Word 2007 Spell Check not working.

    Word is not fixing any spelling in Word 2007. I am quiet frustrated with the same. This is a new upgrade. I had just installed Office 2007 over Office 2003. After that things looks to be working...
  26. System Icons Missing in Notification Area!!!

    Since I upgraded my XP to new Windows Vista, I noticed that many times my system icons use to get disappears suddenly from the Notifications Area. As per troubleshooting I tried customizing the View...
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    WMM doesn't recognize my Sony DCR-TRV350

    I need some help with using a camcorder on my Windows XP pc. i am having a firewire connector on my pc. I am using a Windows XP system. It is actually a laptop that has a firwire port on the same....
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    Microsoft Office button keeps on blinking

    The Office button keeps on flashing in Microsoft Office. Is there any activity in the background. I happens in all the application. In Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. It looks there is some activity in...
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    Remove Icons from desktop

    Yesterday evening i downloaded a small Game from web and installed it on my Vista laptop. Installation went fine, and it placed a shortcut icon for the game on my desktop as well similar as most of...
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    0x00000050 Error and No Safe Mode

    I am constantly getting a bluescreen on my system. The error is - STOP: 0x00000050 (0xc1080212, 0x00000000, 0x80576D44, 0x00000000) Page Fault Error. I am not able to find the issue behind this...
  31. Windows XP Disconnected Network Drive problem - Drives lose mapping

    I am facing issue with Windows XP. The network drive keeps on disconnecting at its own. First the network drive was stable and was working really well. But now the issue is more annoying. I had...
  32. LDAP user authentication error with VBScript from ASP

    I am using a ASP page that allows different users to access via AD. But somehow the code stopped working. There is a error on the screen. The error number is 8007054b. I went on the web to find out...
  33. Re: 10 most asked questions during an interview

    Can anyone provide me the list of 10 most asked question at the time of interview. I am not able to find the same on web. I found a long list which is much more confusing and annoying. I am looking...
  34. EXCHANGE: Outlook 2007 Cannot collect Exchange Mail

    I am setting a new server with Exchange. The edition is SBS 2003. I never thought it would be complicate to configure the server but somehow I am not able to make it work properly. I am trying...
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    Repair Local Area Connection

    I am getting constant connection failure problem here. I had contacted my ISP who said the problem lies on my end. There is some issue with local area connectivity. Each time I am getting a issue...
  36. Free Templates and Transition effects for Movie Maker

    I am looking for some great templates and transition effects for Windows Movie Maker. I am not able to find any better stuff for this tool online. Movie Maker is the most default one that I use for...
  37. USB flash drive not appearing in My Computer

    I just purchased a 2GB SanDisk Cruser Micro Flash Drive. I was having a very old usb before that works well on my Windows XP system. Now when I connect this new one it is not working. My system is...
  38. email icon greyed out in Office Home and Student 97

    I upgraded my Windows XP computer to Windows Vista Home. Also installed Office Home and Student 97 suite on the same. Everything is working fine except Windows Mail. I have a Word file which I want...
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    .net runtime event log error 0

    I think some recent changes has screwed the server stability. I using SBS 2003 server. I need some help here. There was some problem with WSUS. So I removed it. I was thinking to re-install the same...
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    Not able to change desktop background

    I need some help here with Windows XP desktop. I am not able to change its background. It is simply not working well. I am trying to apply a picture but still it is not coming on the screen. Tried to...
  41. error while installing Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

    I am getting a error while installing Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. The error is setup is unable to find Enterprise.WW\ I had formatted my system and now performing a clean...
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    Office 2007 error cannot create work file

    I had just done with the upgrade installation of Microsoft Office 2007. I installed the same on Office 2003. The upgrade files are proper. There is no issue with the setup. But when I try to save the...
  43. Disable popup message Cannot find proofing tools in Office

    I am working on Office 2003. It is a multilingual edition of office. It is working fine but somehow there is a issue with a error that appears constantly on my screen. First I am getting a error...
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    CHKDSK upon system reboot

    I am using Windows XP here. It was working fine but there is some problem with the OS. It is getting extremely slow. Now it froze up completely. I restarted the same manually. On boot chkdsk started...
  45. Safe to delete stuff from C:\Program Files\InstallShield InstallationInformation\?

    I just want to know that is it safe to get rid of file located inside C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\. There are more than 300 file inside it with different number of...
  46. Creation of BuiltIn\Distributed COM Users group

    I had installed Windows 2003 SP1 on one DC. I am following Microsoft Documentation for the same. Now I am stuck on the Distributed COM Users gruop. This is available in Builtin folder in AD. I had...
  47. Installing games without using CD to play the games

    I need some help to install a game. I am looking for some way to keep a game copy in my pc and install it whenever I need to play. When I run the setup to launch the game, it ask for the cd. It does...
  48. The requeste media failed to mount. The operation was aborted.

    Can anyone help me to deal with the error that I am facing. I am not able to mount a media file. It is giving me mount failed. I had tried to fix the same a number of time but still it is not...
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    How to remove sid history

    How can I wipe out the SID History Attribute from Windows Server. I am having a admin access to a child domain that has Windows Server 2000. The ADSI here is moved and due to which I am getting a...
  50. I got the problem fixed. It is due to Kerio...

    I got the problem fixed. It is due to Kerio firewall. I removed that and the blue screen issue is gone. It is not working well. I used hijackthis. Later on I search on web about the issue and found...
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