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  1. Re: Recording screen through fraps slowing down Windows 10

    I am using Screen2Avi. It is not a very complicated software. It is a tiny screen recorder which gives you various resolution choices and create a video. You can then upload them as per your need....
  2. Re: Can I bypass serial key activation of Dataplex through Ollydbg

    No it is not possible. I had tried that. Dataplex will check your serial key on its server. It will verify the saem and then only it will allow you to activate the software. So even if you find a way...
  3. Re: Unable to copy Windows XP CD on Windows 10 pc

    There are some good cd cleaner that you can try using. These cd cleaner will wipe out the bottom part and then you can try reading the same back again. But if this fails to work then there is nothing...
  4. Re: Feed Demon takes a very long time to open a link

    You can open that in a web browser and I think that will be the best option. Just right click on the link and then open the same in new tab. And then copy the url and then copy that in the browser....
  5. Re: Which popular eCommerce site accept Bitcoin

    It is right that Bitcoin is not officially certified by anyone due to which you cannot use it on website or on any other purchase system. But there are some networks. And they are hard to find....
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    Re: Video Surveillance software for office pc

    You can use Camera Viewer Pro. This is the most simplest software I had used in my college. I live in a hostel and many of friends use various ways to enter my pc. I use this to catch them. And it...
  7. Re: Software to take ringtones of multiple music files

    I am using Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker. I am using this from long time and it really works well when it comes to making of audio files. It is fast and accurate and offer you easy ringtone...
  8. Re: Want some help to embeds pdf file in Microsoft Word

    Yes you can do the same. But it might make the file a bit heavy to share to email. You can insert that by adding object in the word files. Still you have to keep the word files separate for reference...
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    Re: Can readyboost make usb to work slow

    Sometime this issue is occurred to due to port issue. I am using also readyboost on my 2.0 usb pen drive. But I had not faced the performance issue that you are talking. You must change the port and...
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    Re: How to merge size of 16GB DVD video

    I had did this before. I had used windows media player to rip the video files. The process is slow but it will rip and will give you a readable video file format. If you want a faster solution then...
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    Re: How to convert PowerPoint files to html

    There is a feature available in Microsoft PowerPoint through which you can make a web page of your presentation. I had seen the output. It is not good but if still you want to try then you can...
  12. Re: Notepad is not saving my fonts on Windows 8

    It is a damage font I think. You have to re-download that or get a new one. I had seen this issue with Akruti font long time back. I had added that but it was not able to install. When I use that and...
  13. Re: Important things to install before making image recovery of windows 7

    If you want a full working pc then there are few more things you have to add. Like you have to add a acrobat reader. This will allow you to open pdf files in your system. Then you have to add...
  14. Re: Which software can help me to merge and crop videos at the same time

    I am using Bigasoft Total Video convertor. You cannot merge or crop the videos at the same time. You have to do that separately. When you crop the video many video editor will spoil the screen...
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    Re: Not able to install apk in Bluestack

    You can take backup through third party backup apps. And you can then copy that in your internal partition. All you have to do is download a backup app first. And then download ES File Explorer. Now...
  16. Re: What is the max size I can get after compressing a 700mb file

    Just try to break that into parts if you can and then carry them. I do this always when I am having a very large file. I use winrar to break the files in different part and through that I am able to...
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    Re: Microsoft Word crashes while scrolling

    The first thing you must do is create multiple copies of that file and keep it save somewhere on your pc. Try not to mess with the existing file. If the data is corrupt then you will face issue. It...
  18. Re: Which ebook can quickly help me to learn java

    Try Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition. This book is written by Bruce Eckel. It is a nice book that complete almost everything about Java. You will take a bit time to finally understand how this language...
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    Re: Want help to reduce a image size for blog

    There is one more way through which you can resize the image. But for that you will need Photoshop. You have to open the image in that and then you have to click no File > Save for Web and Devices....
  20. Re: Constant PC Boost installation message on iMAC

    Just avoid them. Do not install anything. If you are getting those popup then remove recently install application. Disable addons from your browser. You can try re-installing it back again. This will...
  21. Re: OneDrive wont sync after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    If re-installing does not help then try to switch to some other better cloud storage like Dropbox. You have more benefits there. This online storage offer you solution for storing files and you can...
  22. Re: Simple way to record HD sound from a regular mic on Windows 8

    I am using a HD recorder app in my android tablet. I am having Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I had attached a regular headphone that comes with it and it has a mic in it. When I record I am getting a very...
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    Re: Cpu-Z crashing on Windows 8.1

    It can be a compatibility problem also. Remove Cpu-z and then right click on its setup. Go in Properties and then click on Compatibility mode. From there choose Windows 8 or Windows 7 and then...
  24. Re: Unable to save Office 2011 files on Mac shared folder

    This is a permission issue only. I had faced this when I was trying to move some audio files in a local storage. It was a mac server. The most easiest thing you can do is use is Repair Privileges...
  25. Re: Is it possible to rotate a video in Movie Maker

    Movie maker has that option. You don't have to use some other tool. If you are using a old version of movie maker then in that you have to go in Tools > Effects. But if you are using a new version...
  26. Re: How to use Dolby Home Theater on regular headphones

    I do not think that it will work. You will need a surround sound audio system for that. You can attach a 2.1 or 5.1 audio speakers on it and check back. I am sure you will get amazing sound quality...
  27. Re: Screen resolution manager software for Windows XP

    Your display driver is crashing due to which you are not able to get the old resolution restored. It is essential that you must update the drivers first and check back. You won't need the tool if you...
  28. Re: Not able to add Youtube video on Powerpoint

    If you want you can embeds YouTube videos. For that you have to copy the html code of video. Go on YouTube and click on share under any video. There you can find a embed section. Click on that and...
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    Re: How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

    There no need to convert. You can just download a ebook reader from web and install that in your system. There are many free tools available that can help you to fix the issue. There are addons...
  30. Re: Which software is best for adding effects in old videos

    If you are looking for professional tools then Adobe Premier Pro is the best one. This tool is simply amazing and great enough to give you advance image editing option. You can just customize the...
  31. Re: Error message on installation: setup cannot find setup.exe

    I had seen this error is common with office setup. This kind of error appear if Microsoft Office is not properly installed in a system. There can be a older edition in your system which is not...
  32. Re: Delegate Control to rename and add/remove computer from domain

    Launch dsa.msc from Start > Run box. You have to right click on the OU to modify it. Just click on Delegation Control on the same. This will launch Delegation Control Wizard. Click on Next and add...
  33. Re: I cannot repair or uninstall Business Contact Manager

    Click on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 from Start menu. In that you have to click on Configuration Tools. Then click on SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Services. Right click not the same...
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    Re: Sony Vaio webcam not working !

    Did you tried windows update. I luckily got a software for old mobile on the same. I was trying to use its camera as a webcam tool. But without driver it was not working. I tried to locate the driver...
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    Re: Drupal handbook in PDF for free download

    You can find a huge amount of information in Drupal Documentation. It is available on where you can find the huge list of documentation. This is a full source of learning and offer each...
  36. Re: How to protect Word files from being shared on internet

    Go for digital signatures. If you share a lot file on web and want to maintain its author details then go ahead with the digital signature thing. This is very beneficial and easy to use. Once you...
  37. Re: Help to convert hand written html codes to digital for college project

    When you are scanning try to checkout in your printer settings about OCR features. This is commonly available in many printers. This feature allow you to convert handwritten codes to digital text....
  38. Re: How to fix ATIKMDAG.sys type errors for AMD GPU

    Atikmdag is the display driver. If you are getting a error like this then you have to re-install the old drivers back again. Sometime new drivers is not compatible and cause this kind of issue. So...
  39. Re: Reliable Uninstaller for Windows 8 to wipe browser toolbars

    Instead of going for only uninstaller go for a complete system tuneup software. This tuneup software has all features. It will give you uninstaller and also a tune up tool that will boost the system...
  40. Re: Is HDDExpert a better tool for testing hard drive

    HDDExpert is a disc analyzer which give you information on the damage component inside. It is essential that you must take the results. If there is a internal damage you will get the error on your...
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    Re: Combining pdf files in Adobe Reader XI

    You cannot combine a pdf file in Adobe Reader. You can just save that in different format. It is a reader not a pdf editor or merger. You have to find a different software to use the same. There are...
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    Re: Data Rescue vs File Scavenger

    I am using Data Rescue and it looks good. It came pre-installed when I had bought a laptop from my friend. It helps to recover deleted file well. And it is easy to use also. No software can work if...
  43. Re: Good Professioanl document management software

    I know one free tool which can help you to organize your file as per your need. One among them is OpenDocMan. This is a free tool through which you can manage your documents and organize them as per...
  44. Re: Where to get a good voltage reader software for overclocking

    Get Open Hardware Monitor. This is a advance tool and it offer proper information. You can do a number of different thing in it. It works fine with any system and gives accurate result. I am using...
  45. Re: Core 2 Duo pc very slow while exporting a movie from Movie Maker

    It is necessary that you must drop all the background process. If anything is working in the background then the tool will work slow and will not give you the kind of output you are looking for. Slow...
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    Re: Desktop music player for Windows 8

    Windows Media Player Widget comes by default in Windows 8. You can try to add that on your desktop screen. You can load up all your songs and videos in it and play. Just by double clicking on it you...
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    Re: How to extract only audio from a old DVD

    The best tool for this purpose is Bigasoft Total Video Convertor. You have to load the DVD in it and then you have to choose the kind of output you want. Just choose Mp3 and click on Start. I am...
  48. Re: Note taking application for Windows 8 desktop

    The best is evernote. It is web based. You just have to create a account and you can also use the same in your mobile phone. It works fine with all platform. Try it out. It is quiet simple and easy...
  49. Re: Is it possible to recover data from corrupt zip file

    There is a solution but it is complicated and time consuming. The frist thing you can try is use the repair process in Winrar. It has a repair utility that works mostly and allow you to recover your...
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    Re: How to instantly make a copy of CD

    You need a cloning software. There are ample of them available. Go on web and search for disc cloning tool. You can use that to create a similar copy of your existing cd and then you can use the same...
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