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  1. Re: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    What I could possibly suggest you to do is get two wallpapers by searching on google, one of day and the other one of night and have them change every 12 hours in your computer. You just need to...
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    Re: stop wallpaper from changing in Windows 8

    I have created a REG file to prevent changing desktop background for all users, you can download it from the attachment below. Once downloaded, save the .reg file at desktop and then double click on...
  3. Re: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    Well, I guess that if you want to do something like that then you will have to get a program that can modify the system files and it is also very risky and I would not recommend you to do that. There...
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    Re: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    It seems to me that there is no accident with the way it is showing to you, ir normally was designed to work that way only. There are many other features which are absolutely not left to the user to...
  5. Re: dragging a window auto maximises to full screen

    Well, I also dont know about any key to temporary disable that but it can be turned on or off in the Ease of Access settings, but note that if it is turned off then it will disable the window hot...
  6. Re: reset taskbar icons to default in windows 7

    If nothing is working for you then the only possible fix is to run System Restore on your Windows 7 computer. To do that, open System Restore by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button....
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    Re: getting classic color scheme windows 8

    Have you checked the Deviantart website, there is a "Windows Classic Theme for Windows 8 RTM" available on the same website that you can download and test it on your Windows 8 pc. After checking it...
  8. Re: Microsoft Office and Excel issue with theme

    You normally use the AeroLite.msstyles as VisualStyles in a HiContrast mode to simulate the Classic Themes look. You simply do not have to modify the registry, just modify the theme by editing the...
  9. Re: changing tiles background color in Windows 8.1 start screen

    I have been using OblyTile and it is working great for me. With this software, you can easily create a tile for any software, shortcut, folder, or Web site. You can customize the name, background...
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    Re: remove fade effect in windows 7

    You need to open Control Panel and then click on System icon. After that click on the Advanced System settings link at the left side and then close the Window afterwards. Go to the Advanced Tab and...
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    Re: method to change icon of PDF file

    You can also checkout another software called FileTypesMan that allows you to manage all the file extensions on your system. This is somehow a little more complete alternative for the "File Types"...
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    Re: Tool to customize Windows 7 desktop widget

    If you need something for Windows 7 widgets only then you can go ahead with XWidget. This is a smart tool through which you can customize the desktop widget as per your need. It is a free tool and...
  13. Re: cannot change Windows 7 Home Premium themes

    Have you solved the problem? If you have not then you could not have a slideshow.ini file incase you were not using the Windows Slideshow feature, but instead the theme was doing the changing. If...
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    Re: how to change taskbar color in Windows 8.1

    Incase you are looking for a skin that has an easy to use installer for Windows 8.1 operating system that will automatically match taskbar color with Start menu color and also set the trasparency or...
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    Re: Weather app for Windows 8 download

    Well, actually you will need to let the apps use the location and it should be also enabled by you for the Weather app that you are using. I was also having this same problem, so what I did was I...
  16. Re: set old Windows 8 background in Windows 8.1

    It is very easy to change the background in Windows 8.1 but for that you will need to use some images that are resident on your pc. I am not on Windows 8 right now, so I wont be able to upload that...
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    Re: How to disable libraries in Windows 8?

    There is no way to permanently disable libraries in Windows 8. So, it seems that microsoft has build an operating system that doesnt want users to disable this feature with the help of registry hack,...
  18. Re: customize places bar for applications in Windows 7

    Well, I think that you should have made a different library that should have pointed to the path you wanted. You should not play with libraries much of the time but it will be worth it to do or so.
  19. Re: How to get folder icon of Vista in Windows 7

    Well, you need to tell us first what kind of icon is used on the Vista taskbar? I am trying to do what you said but I think that a larger image of 256 x 256 pixels would be needed for a new icon and...
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    Re: How to change boot logo in Windows 8

    There is also a Boot UI Tuner freeware tool that can be used to disable the HP Logo. You will first need to download that and install it. After that try to open an elevated command prompt by pressing...
  21. Re: How to change font color in taskbar of Windows 8

    I dont know if there are any setting in Windows 8 which will allow you to do what you want, but you can try a Windows 7 app that can add different color effects to the taskbar, check if it works for...
  22. Re: In Windows 8, how to get ending screen similar as lock screen?

    After some searching on the web I was able to find a solution for changing the lock screen that you get when you sign out from Windows 8. Check by expanding and searching this path -...
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    Re: change welcome text in Windows 8

    There is also a way to do this by modifying the registry entry. Check below for instance:

    First of all type regedit in Searhc Box and then press Enter, a registry editor will open.
  24. Re: How to get clock on second monitor in taskbar Windows 8

    It would be good if you can get some third party tools like Timekeeper. It is nothing but a deskband, like the taskbar, which is able to display the current date and time in any formwat that you...
  25. Re: how to make desktop icons invisible in windows 7

    Cant you simple right click at any open space on the desktop and then click on View and then try to uncheck the Show Desktop Icons option. After that you can see that all your desktop icons are...
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    Re: Digital Camera around 5K

    These are best 5 Digital Camera within 5K:

    Fujifilm FinePix AV200
    Sony Cybershot DSC-S3000
    Canon PowerShot A800
    Nikon Coolpix L23
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2
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    Re: How to change title text color on Windows 8

    The method suggested by "Xavier1234" is good and actually works fine. But I think that the person who doesn’t have knowledge of working on registry entries should avoid this method. Also let me...
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    Re: Get Custom Cursors for Windows 7 64 bit

    Yes I too think that there should have been some customization option for mouse cursor in Windows 7. It is the same old mouse cursor that was in existence sine Windows XP. I want the bronze mouse...
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    Re: Add ReFS support to Windows 8

    The best part of ReFS support for Windows 8 is that it has many themes and patches to try on. They are actually fun to try on. But many un-signed themes have problems with missing .dll files.
  30. Re: Create shortcuts on taskbar for specific URLs in Windows 7

    This type of feature is available in almost every web browser. But I would like to tell you about Internet Explorer as it are easily available in Windows 7. You can do the same for Google Chrome,...
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    Poll: Re: Yahoo Widgets vs. Google Desktop Gadget

    Both the desktop modification tools, which are Google Desktop Gadget and Yahoo Widgets are built on XML and JavaScript. Google Desktop Gadget provides abilities like detaching the sidebar from one...
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    Re: Install .theme files of mac on windows 7

    You can try out the below method as well:

    Download Universal Theme Patcher and after patching file reboot your system
    If you have downloaded your Mac Theme then Open Theme Installer folder and...
  33. Re: Do you think Mountain Lion 10.8 upgrade is good?

    I agree that this cloud storage thing in Apple’s operating system has messed up with the proper systems. One has to now not transfer the data individually, but rather do it by migrating the...
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    Re: Customize Windows 7 desktop with Splinter

    It is possible to create fancy themes and interactive desktop using splinter because of its collaboration with five of the desktop functionality present in Windows 7. The five functionalities tat...
  35. Re: Switch from universal theme patcher to windowblinds

    If that does not work then you can try doing a system restore as well.

    Open Start Menu and type type rstrui.exe in search box and hit enter, now check out for System Restore option in the link...
  36. Re: Unable to install Norton internet security 2010 on windows 7 64 bit

    Hey, I had the same problem when I tried to install the Norton internet security 2010 in my computer. The problem was with the services which were running in the background. I don’t have that much...
  37. Re: Which Nokia phones are compatible to WhatsApp?

    I would suggest you to go for Nokia Asha 302 as it has in-build WhatsApp and many more application. Just check the below content you will come to know what all application whould you get with...
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    Re: AMD Radeon HD 7990 in CrossfireX

    One can expect the fruits of AMD technology called ZeroCore, this technology low consumption to zero when monitor is off or in black (idle), but this technology Crossfire configurations completely...
  39. Re: Need help with rebuilding thumbnail preview of icon in finder

    You have mentioned that by selecting show icon preview option also you are facing this issue and that is why I will suggest you to reset Finder preferences in your computer and after doing that you...
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    Re: Red Alienware Skin Pack for Windows 7

    All components of this theme installed automatically, without user involvement after starting the installer. After installation is complete, restart Windows, and immediately assess its original...
  41. Re: Cannot export Gadgets or Widgets in Desktop-X

    Well explained. Anyways, allow me to put some light on other queries that shika is facing.

    > To find the export or the save command that you were asking for, simply right click on the object...
  42. Re: Transform windows 7 looks to Ubuntu with Ubuntu Skin Pack 9.0

    The fact the both ubanto and the windows 7 is nothing to do with each other there is nothing that you can learn trough this pack and it is cleaner that has nothing to do with each other...
  43. Re: "file name too long" error message when try to install new icon packager on Windows 7

    Not sure with solution as I have windows vista Ultimate 64 bit running on my machine and not windows 7. Anyways but looking at your sub folders name i.e. Application Data, I can only comment that...
  44. Re: How to place the folders in the list at the top of start Menu?

    I am not sure but I think because of the sorting option of the start tab you are unable to make any appropriate changes, maybe “All Programs” is selected to be sorted as per the names. You can...
  45. Re: Windows 7 machine does not allow me to drag icons without having blue background around them

    I do really appreciate your affords, I am really impressed with it. This solution definitely helps us with enabling and using the custom themes without modifying the system files. There are certain...
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    Re: Bad user interface for Windows 8 Beta

    I find the color combination used in splicing interface of Windows 8 bad. It has become an eye sore for me. All the colors used are either too bright or create a mayhem when they are placed together....
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    Re: ObjectDock for Windows 8 Metro UI

    The new bar present on Windows 8 called Metro right Sidebar. In fact it seems now certain that the style of the new Windows interface is really a bar on the desktop like the following, which will be...
  48. Re: Deskscapes 3.5 configuration program is not working

    I will suggest you to remove the Dreams from the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\ and after that I have to reinstall the Deskscapes software in your computer. Now after reinstating the Deskscapes...
  49. Re: Need suggestion Windows 8 Metro Style tile Icons?

    Windows 8 Metro Style tile Icons is the awful . infact the whole metro idea is boring , I don’t like it . those are the huge step backwards but if you can make some tweaking, then I...
  50. Re: Windows 8 shutdown process is simplified by using Start8

    Well I do agree you. Stardock let us get the desktop experience rather than that of Microsoft providing the tablet interface. In windows 7 if I right click on Windows 7 start button then I am...
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