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    Re: NisSrv.exe safe or virus

    Even I didnt know about this NisSrv.exe file but after checking out, it seems to be a 64bit based program made by microsoft and it is a safe file for sure. If you have installed more than 2 security...
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    Re: How to get rid of Optimum Installer

    Download a tool called TDSS Killer which is a free software developed by Kaspersky labs that allows you to identify and remove rootkits from various category that anti-virus programs can not remove...
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    Re: getting rid of Playtopus

    So, you mean to say that you are getting a pop up message of Playtopus on your computer which cannot be removed? I would suggest you some steps to delete this adware from your computer. First open...
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    Re: Is MPMINISIGSTUB.EXE safe or a virus

    There is a file published by microsoft by a similar name called MPSigStub.exe which usually supports in updating all the signatures. But to be on a safer side, I would suggest you to test the...
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    Re: Gorillaprice file corruption

    There is another program called Revo Uninstaller Pro that also contains a set of tools to thoroughly clean your computer. It is therefore possible to find objects that launch at startup or erase the...
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    Re: hijacker, help to remove it

    After following the above procedure you should also try to run anti-malware tools such as Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM). It is an anti-malware software that is responsible for eradicating the...
  7. Re: How to recover User ID and Product key using Malwarebytes

    Below information was written on Malwarebytes website:
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    Re: How to get rid of PortaldoSites?

    First of all you will have to uninstall everything that your cousin has installed in the last days from Control Panel which might include some shareware or freeware software. After that open Internet...
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    Re: getting rid of sweetpacks virus

    You need to also remove SweetPacks Default Search from your Internet Explorer or else, whenever you will search for anything on the internet then it will use the SweetPacks search engine showing...
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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 reboot cycle

    Even I used to face similar kind of problems on my Ebook reader. So, I just left my e-reader all alone and stopped trying to reset it or either pushing any other buttons or stuff. The next day in the...
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    Re: is cltmng.exe virus?

    You can also manually clean that file in your Windows 7 machine. To do that, open Task Manager and end processes for CLTMNG.EXE, CLTMNGSVC.EXE and CLTMNGUI.EXE. Also remove the SearchProtect folder...
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    Re: How to remove Iminent Virus?

    First of all click on Start and then go to Control Panel. After that click on Uninstall a Program and then choose Iminent and Iminent Toolbar and uninstall both. Now open Internet Explorer browser...
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    Re: MTNL 450TC1 modem wifi settings

    If you want to setup wifi in your MTNL 450TC1 modem then open the router page by typing in the internet browser. Afetr that go to Interface Setup > Wireless. Now you need to make the...
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    Re: Tool to track internet history

    There is another way to track internet history without any software, just look in the history stored in your pc. What ever website you visit on your computer is stored in temporary files and history....
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    Re: Unable to create new Mailbox in Exchange 2007

    Just follow the suggestions that I am going to give and see if that works for you. First of all open Exchange Management Console. After that expand Server Configuration and then choose Mailbox. Now...
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    Re: Sony Reader PRS-T1 not starting up

    I was also facing same issues with my Sony eReader. I just kept on resetting it again and again until it started working properly. After that it worked for 5-6 months flawlessly. I think that this...
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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    You can already buy the Universal Power Kit In Asphalt from website only. It is a replacement for the AC adapter and cable on your Nook HD+ or if you would like to have an extra set then it...
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    Re: Download Free Antivirus Software for Mobile Phone

    If anyone wants to download antivirus for Android mobile phone then there are more than 1000's of antivirus software listed on Google Play store. Just sign into your gmail account in your android...
  19. Re: File created in older versions of MS Office shows corrupted when opened in 2010 version ?

    Can you tell us what is the file extension of the worksheet or word document that you are trying to open? You should probably try to save the documents as .docx instead of "xlsx" and see if that...
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    Re: How to remove VAF music toolbar

    After removing VAF music toolbar from programs list you will also need to reset your Firefox browser. To do that click on the Firefox button and then go to Help and then to Troubleshooting...
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    Re: charger replacing for NOOK HD Tablet

    If you are looking to buy the AC adapter and cable for your Nook HD as an extra set, then you can purchase a Power Kit that is available for your ebook reader from the UK store of Nook website. This...
  22. Re: How to get rid of system progressive protection virus

    Even I had the same problem but then I found a tool called Trojan Killer to remove system progressive protection virus from my pc. You can use this software for a free trial period of 15 days. Also,...
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    Re: cannot download from Barnes & Noble website

    If you have a Windows 8 pc, then you need to open the Store from the start screen. After that swipe right to left on the screen so that the charms sidebar appears. After that use the search function...
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    Re: removing malware

    If still you are facing the pop-up problem even after following the above solution then you will need to remove some Cookies from your web browser. So for doing the same you will require a tool...
  25. re: What is new in Kindle PaperWhite new firmware 5.3.8

    There are many performance improvements in this software update generally. It includes, the term used in the search which is highlighted in the search results, like, when we search for a word or...
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    Re: How to remove PC Power Speed Virus

    Are you using Microsoft Security Essentials installed in your computer? If yes, then you wont be able to use Windows Defender. Can you double check whether Windows Defender is not uninstalled or...
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    Re: Windows Defender Offline wont boot

    I think that you havent changed the boot sequence in your pc in order to get Windows Defender Offline CD to boot first. So, to do the same, you have to restart your pc, and depending on your computer...
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    Re: Onyx Boox M92 eReader frozen

    Can you try to use a different Wall charger and see if that works. Also try to connect it to computer via USB cable and see if you get any life out of your ebook reader. If nothing is working for you...
  29. Re: Sony eReader PRS-T1 at 50% battery shuts down

    Even I was facing a similar problem with me eReader where the battery was fully discharging in a couple of hours even after full charging it. So what I did to fix it was, I charged the device with...
  30. Re: blocked by Norton Internet Security 2013

    Well, doesnt have anything wrong at their side and havent be hacked either. So, this issue is definitely happening due to a last update that was released from Norton that messed up...
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    Re: AVG 2013 will not scan

    I talked to AVG about this issue and they told me that if I have Malwarebytes installed, then I have to uninstall it from my computer and remove Avg 2013 with the AVG removal tool and then reinstall...
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    Re: Using Bitdefender with Malwarebytes.

    You should be able to run both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes Pro on your pc. What you can do is try to remove the Malwarebytes at the time of installing BitDefenders (it should give you some...
  33. Re: cant find product key for Norton Internet Security on my pc

    When you will open Norton Internet Security on your computer then check at the bottom of the main screen, there will be an option for Subscribing or Renewing the license. Just click on it and then...
  34. Re: horizontal lines in the middle of the screen in Kindle Keyboard ereader

    Can you try to upload the picture of your eReader, so that we get a better view. But I think that the screen might be broken and because of that no hacks can be done to change the color of the...
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    Re: Alureon.A Infection, how to get rid of it

    Can you try to download RogueKiller by searching it on the net. Be sure to choose the version that is compatible with your operating system, that is, whether 64bit or 32bit operating system. After...
  36. Poll: Vote for the best Firewall Software for Windows OS

    As you all know, all the latest Windows operating system includes a inbuilt firewall protection for security reasons, which is enabled by default. This means that most of the un-applied programs may...
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    Poll: Which is the best Image Hosting Service

    Hello people. I wanted to know which is the best image hosting website/service you have used so far? There are many that I have used. For instance, check out Picasa which is not so bad but with...
  38. Re: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    I do have the same issue and doubts regarding the traffic priority, even I am in desperate need of prioritizing my other network activities than the backups but unfortunately until now I haven’t...
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    Re: WIN HDD/HDD Virus found on Windows XP

    I think you need to run some malwarebytes online and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go to some official website and after that search for the malwarebytes and then download this on your...
  40. Re: Clicking on “Neutralize all” in Kaspersky 9 antivirus does nothing

    Just try to find out information under Active threats, to do that you have follow the steps. Open Kaspersky Internet Security program, now select the Quarantine on top of the Kaspersky Internet...
  41. Re: How to Unlock Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Instantly

    A user using TMobile right now and would like switch to Virgin mobile network. He has to know that Virgin mobile phones has no sim card to insert that network is called as CDMA. But it is easy to...
  42. Re: Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

    I think the account is corrupted and if this happens then you will not allowed logging on into the machine by this user account. I recommend you to go for the any other user account, if you not...
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    Re: How to take photos by my Asus inbuilt camera

    As per my knowledge about this, I think to send or to upload any picture either form the local machine or from the online any web site, you cannot able to do this operation by the inbuilt web cam...
  44. Re: Change mobile service provider without changing number

    Many providers are ready for it on its website relevant information. Contract customers can apply for such number portability in their old provider before four months before the contract expires....
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    Re: Hard disk not responding after booting

    Did you tried to start your machine by boot from the installation CD or DVD. I had the similar issue and by this process I recover the machine. But for that first of all check whether the machine...
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    Re: Intel core i5-760 having bad heatsink

    I am not having so much idea or information regarding this issue, but one of them, the most important tool which is used to cool your CPU is the fan. If the fan is not a good or not the working...
  47. Re: Acer Ferrari: deleted files are not showing in Recycle bin

    There is software application which is known as “Disk Doctors”, by this you can recover the deleted file from the drive from where you delete that file. For that you need to turn off the machine, it...
  48. Re: Not able to access windows internet security files

    I encountered so many times this problem and to solve this issue there is a solution which is named as System File Checker (SFC), it is a scanning process. I suggest you to run the SFC scanning...
  49. Re: SONY digital camera is not working in Dell laptop

    I would like to suggest you to first uninstall the camera hardware driver and the firmware that you installed in your machine. and also remove all the application or the files those are relating with...
  50. Re: how to make recovery partition in SATA hard drive

    I suggest you to full scan your machine with the update version of antivirus software application. Though the problem that you mentioned in your post is might be occurred for any virus affect. In the...
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