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  1. Windows XP SP2 Install hangs and fixccs.exe eats all CPU

    There are two things you can do. The easiest way is to re-install the SP2 back from scratch by downloading a fresh copy of the setup. Second thing is a bit longer and manual process. Here make list...
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    Re: Documentviewer.msi error on Windows XP

    You have to use windows xp disc for the same. Just insert the disc and through this you can simply replace the Documentviewer.msi file. I got the same error on Microsoft Office and the popup menu on...
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    SBS Server 2008 exchange setup

    I had configured by server before also. I am bit familiar with the process but not expert. And it is almost a year I had installed SBS. Now I want to perform a fresh installation. I am planing to...
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    re: Microsoft Excel 2007 General Mail Failure.

    I got my issue fixed by Office Diagnostic. That is one of the best way to keep Office application more stable. If that does not work then another option left is to run a repair setup of Office. You...
  5. Yahoo mail configuration on Windows mail fail to work

    I am trying to configure Yahoo on Windows mail. I am using AT&T network. I think there must not be any problem with it. The mails configuration settings are quiet common. But when I try to configure...
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    Lots of 529 failed logon attempts

    I checked a number of failed logon attempts in Security Log. It keep on increasing. There are around 529 listed till now. It looks that some user keeps on using wrong password. I had checked and...
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    What you can find in event viewer. According to...

    What you can find in event viewer. According to me the time has come to format your system. Take backup of your data as early as you can. Because once formatted you will face problem with recovering...
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    HTTP SSL services problem

    One of the SBS 2003 Server in my network i snot able to start the HTTP SSL service. I cannot find the reason behind that. It was working well and there was no issue with it. But somehow the WWW...
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    Re: URGENT OWA returning HTTP 500 error

    This is one of the working links that can help you. The problem that you are facing appeared due to security enhancement. So you can fix that by restoring system back to older date when the applied...
  10. Can't play DVD movies in Windows Media Player

    I am playing DVD movies in Windows Media Player. But due to some reason it is not reading my disc. All are new and I hope by adding new codec or making changes in the current resolution, this might...
  11. Can Windows Live Mail Work With Word 2007 to Send To Mail Recipien

    I’m having a laptop with Windows Vista 64bit OS and Office Home Edition 2007. Recently I started using Windows Live Mail and quit Vista Mail. Now the problem am facing is I am not able to send...
  12. How to delete email address in "auto-complete" list

    As my title suggests, I want to delete the email addresses that get stored automatically in the senders list and they appear when we type in email address while sending a new mail. Yeah, am talking...
  13. What does the "Page File Usage History" chart measure.

    I am having a Windows XP Pro system. I use the software to convert some movies file. I am trying to convert AVI files to DVD. The cpu usage goes to 100% at the time of conversion. I am using a Dual...
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    error 1913 cannot update windows/win.ini

    Yesterday I bought a Office Professional 2007 disc. When I’m trying to install it, It keeps saying the following:

    “Error 1913: Setup cannot update file C:/windows/win.ini.
    Verify that the...
  15. You can do that by downloading a trail version of...

    You can do that by downloading a trail version of Microsoft Office 2007 in your system. Just install the trail version and then activate it using your license key. It will work. That is the only way...
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    I will not recommend you to play with the...

    I will not recommend you to play with the settings of IIS. It is necessary that you must run CEICW again to find out appropriate settings. The configuration wizard will help you to reconfigure the...
  17. Cannot configure Remote Desktop on Windows 2003 Server

    I am using Windows 2003 Server. I am not able to setup remote desktop connection with that. It has stopped working suddenly. I am also using Wireshark on my system and I am bit doubtful that it is...
  18. How you are trying to re-register the dll. I am...

    How you are trying to re-register the dll. I am going to give you a small script that would help you more in troubleshooting the problem. I am going to list you some commands for cmd which will help...
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    Windows Movie Maker won't play on my tv DVD

    I am using Windows XP Pro with Movie Maker version 2.1. Apart from this I have a Samsung TV with a older version of DVD player. Now there are several movies which I created on Windows Movie Maker...
  20. Script to find last login time of a user in Windows 2000 Server

    I need some help with script by which I can find last login time of users on Windows Server 2003. The script that I had located does not work much better. The script that I had found works only for...
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    VPN error 721 on single workstation only

    I am facing issue with vpn connectivity. There is a single user only who is facing the problem. While others are able to connect. There are around 15 workstations on the network. There are also some...
  22. Re: Sharing PPPoE internet conection via wireless lan

    I need some help here to sharing a PPPoE internet through wifi. I am not able to find some specific options that can help me to do that. I am unable to locate proper guide also for that. I found some...

    I am going to post a small log of my problem. I am facing a problem with installation of WSS 3.0. The error source is DCOM. The complete description of error is at the end. Now I am not able to...
  24. unable to install media center extender for xbox onto MCE 2005

    I cannot install Media Center Extender on my system. I am using media center 2005 on my system. When I try to configure I am getting a error that there is a installation failure. It keeps on giving...
  25. Thread: Start up hang

    by sevaanan

    Re: Start up hang

    Thank you for your reply, I delete the program and it did resolved the
    problem. I will try and reload and disable the filter as you have siad.
  26. Group policy still applying even though disable on domain

    I had disabled a group policy in my system. But it is still applicable. I thought by disabling the same it will stop making any kind of changes. The problem lies with the default domain policy and it...
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    Stupid vista...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience friends but am too struggling with the same problem on Vista Ultimate and though I have started all services you guys mentioned above, my WMP media...
  28. Can't import outlook express messages into Windows Mail. Help?

    I was using Outlook Express so far as my default email client for various POP3 account. I have a huge backup of DBX file. Now I want to import this backup to the newly setup Windows Mail on Vista....
  29. Thread: Start up hang

    by sevaanan

    Start up hang

    This is Windows Vista system. Since last couple of days I’m getting an error message saying “service andrea AEADIFilters service hung on starting” under problem and report section. I don’t...
  30. Re: Network is terribly slow after SBS 2003 server was installed

    I am providing the reference of problem that I had faced on SBS after fresh installation. The setup was similar. My server also has a 750GB storage and it looks enough for data. But the data transfer...
  31. .net runtime 2.0 error reporting - error id 1000

    I am facing with a problem in my system. I am using SBS 2003 SP2. It looks to be working fine but due to some kind of hardware problem I am not able to understand why I am getting a .net runtime...
  32. Vista Windows Mail cannot remember my account login

    I am using Windows Vista and my default email client is Windows Mail. Every time when I turn it on it ask to add my account details. I checked the remember me box but still getting the same popup...
  33. Vista Home Premium Backup Fails (error 0x8007007B)

    I have few computers in my office running with XP and Linux. Recently i upgraded one of them to Vista Home Premium and migrated many files from a linux running PC. Now the problem is whenever i try...
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    In case of VPN you need a better internet...

    In case of VPN you need a better internet bandwidth. Going for L2TP is good, but that is a high cost operation. You will need to spend additional on buying certificates and adding more stuff. While...
  35. Thread: uipopuphidden

    by sevaanan

    RE: uipopuphidden

    I thought I was alone with this problem but seems like there are many more. Mine is HP Laptop running with Windows XP SP2 which was working fine until yesterday but since I installed Windows Update I...
  36. I am using Windows Mail on my Vista 32bit laptop....

    I am using Windows Mail on my Vista 32bit laptop. Recently I configured my Gmail account with the same as IMAP. Now the problem am facing is though email can synchronize but it always gives me an...
  37. Windows signs in and then logs off again after saving settings

    I need some help here with weird Windows 2000 behavior. I installed AVG and twhen the installation was done, the antivirus found number of virus in the system. I never thought that my 2000 system...
  38. Network drives show disconnected, sometimes, but still work?

    I have Windows 2003 Server Standard edition on my network. There are 4 workstations on the same. I am using Symantec Corporate Edition also configured on the network. All the 4 workstation has a 10GB...
  39. How to find or add Album Info on Windows Media Player 11

    I have a set of mp3 CD's. They are quiet old and I had copied them all to my hard drive. I want to keep a backup. I had merged them and copy all the songs on a single DVD file. But there is no album...
  40. Re: How To Transfer Fonts from one PC to another PC

    You have to go in C drive. The place where you had installed Windows. Go in the Windows directory and in that look for Windows folder. In that search for fonts. You just need to copy the fonts from...
  41. Displaying m4a in Media Player 11 Library and media center (Vista)

    I have a XP Media Center PC with 250GB Hard drive. On this HDD I have about 30gb music in MP3 format and about 40GB in m4a format. The problem am facing is m4a files are not visible in library....
  42. WMP 11 Wont Burn 'An Error occurred' C00D10DA

    I cannot burn a dvd in Windows Media Player. I am getting a error C00D10DA on the screen. I need some help here to make this thing fix. It was working before and I was able to burn disc directly in...
  43. Setting up Email Account in Windows Mail on Verizon network

    I need help to setup Email Account on Windows Mail. I am on I am sure that the settings which offer universal pop3 and smtp server will not really work well. I need some help here. I had...
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    Re: Disabling WDS (Windows Desktop Search) ??

    Thanks for your help jean, but I already did that. I disabled it from Services but still everytime I open Outlook 2007 and check Indexing Options, it brings up MS Outlook and re-indexes windows...
  45. How to make Word my default word processor instead of Wordpad?

    I am using Microsoft Office 2007 on my Vista system. Whenever I open any text file, by default wordpad opens up. I want Microsoft Word instead of wordpad. Is there a way to disable that. I am also...
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    Disabling WDS (Windows Desktop Search) ??

    I want to get rid of windows desktop search from my Media Center PC permanently because it is creating many problems for me eating up 100% of CPU resources. I don’t know how it got installed on my...
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    Activating IP Address Reservation

    I’m running a SBS 2003. I wanted to reserve and IP address for one of the particular workstation in this local network. I tried doing so but I get a message saying “reservation is inactive.” I...
  48. RE: Update for Windows Media Format 11 SDK (KB929399) continually inst

    Yes just do the same. Just install the update manually. Download the setup and then check back. I am sure that will be helpful for you. The update simply keeps on downloading again and again due to...
  49. Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working Error

    I am using Hauppang HVR-950 adapter on my laptop. I am having Vista Media Center. I am getting a error message that -- Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working. I keep on getting...
  50. Failed TCP/IP Internet Loopback Test Error Code NC315-5W

    I have a desktop running with Windows XP and the network adapter is Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. From couple of days I noticed some small problems with my network hence thought to...
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