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  1. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH blue screen of death upon boot

    I am using a Corsair 750W power supply and I also tried another same brand 750W power supply from my friends pc but still it was giving me the same blue screen error. So, it isnt a power supply...
  2. Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH blue screen of death upon boot

    I have got some problems with the Gigabyte Z77X-UP4 TH motherboard and also the Gtx 680 video card. I was having the Radeon 6870 card in this motherboard which was working fine without any issues....
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    Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

    I am looking to purchase a SSD but cannot make up my mind. I was looking at the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 and OCZ Agility 4 SSD 256 and it seems the OCZ one is costly. I cannot decide for myself which...
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    Re: Information about the IPAQ 212

    It is not necessary to exit a program to open another or to save memory: the system manages memory automatically. To open a program, tap Start, then select the desired program list. If the
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    Re: Windows 7 - More Secure Without Admin Rights

    UAC is not a "security boundary", but permits easier to work as an admin and is Vista-level bypass in spite of everything, or almost certainly far from easy. Or, as expressed by Leo Davidson: UAC in...
  6. Re: Can't open links with Internet Explorer 9 Beta

    "Focusing on the page and not in the browser" is the usual classical Microsoft's disparage the user. That brought in windows, as we know, a huge number of users who do not even know the difference...
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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce GT 445m performance?

    Furthermore, can simultaneously decode two streams in real time to implement such as Blu-ray Picture-in-Picture (2x1080p DXVAChecker lt). Also called PureVideo HD, the ability of the HDCP encryption...
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    Re: Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

    Ergonomic keyboards have been in the region of since the in the early hours of computing, but it was Microsoft's Natural variety that popularized them. These gash the keys and made them easier to...
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    Re: Compile kernel for centos 5.5

    If you want the real meaning of kernel then I must say that the kernel is what makes Linux "Linux". Every allocation has a Linux kernel at the center, frequently with their own tweaks built-in but...
  10. Re: Windows XP bootable CD requesting for CD in drive A

    I downloaded and slipstreamed in XP, making a fresh directory copy having my i386 folders, and updated to SP2, most probably. I ran PE Builder, which currently runs with no refusing the version, and...
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    Re: How to transfer pc files to a Macintosh

    You can transfer PC data from Apple Retail Stores and Apple experts. Apple Retail Stores propose a number of levels of file transfer services. For additional information on PC files or Data Transfer...
  12. Re: How to modify number of CPU core's enabled when Windows Vista or 7 boot

    I have Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor on my computer and my OS is Windows XP. Since my processor has 4 cores, most of the applications runs with all the 4 cores up and utilizing it. However it...
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    Re: Mac Mini with OS X Server Snow Leopard

    The following are the specific configuration required for the OS X Server Snow Leopard :

    Podcast Producer 2: Mac with Mac OS X Server 10.6, 2 GB of RAM plus 512 MB of RAM by heart and a Quartz...
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    Re: Windows XP and Time Capsule

    Because of a physical reorganization of service needed to save space, I intend to remove the "server" to install the database on a disk-type SIN. 3 computers with a wireless function, I chose a Time...
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    Re: Backtrack 4 Final Install issues

    I already made a USB version with this new UNetbootin, but I have not yet installed. The biggest progress in this version is what is based on Ubuntu and therefore has an automatic installer (and a...
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    Re: How to Back Up and Restore Virtual Machines?

    Hyper-V uses one of Two Mechanisms to back up VM EACH. The default backup IS Mechanism Called the "Saved State" method, WHERE IS the VM could Into a saved state "during the processing of the event...
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    Re: Strange Upload Problem on Hyper-V

    First, download the install file from web (openvpn-2.0.5-gui-1.0.3-setup.exe). This is the GUI version of OpenVPN. Basically it's good ole OpenVPN with a minimal graphic interface That Is available...
  18. Re: Is Hyper-V R2 performance better than VMware Workstation 7?

    VMware Workstation 7 thus comes with an interesting list of new features, but that do not surprise those who follow such developments Fusion. The latter, a client virtualization public for Mac OS X,...
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    Re: Hyper-V / VM mixed up VHD files

    You mount a hard disk file Virtual Machine file (. Vhd) as a loop device in Windows Server 2008. This problem occurs if you mount a file. Vhd as a loopback device using the Hyper-V Windows Management...
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    Re: Dualboot XP / Edubuntu

    The problem is that some packages are inseparable from the meta package (normal is the principle of meta package). If I install edubuntu on a ubuntu boot SPASH or theme (icons, window decorations for...
  21. Re: Not able to access Administrative Shares on a Windows 7!!

    I would suggest you to boot your computers to clean boot and check the issue. Follow the steps to perform a clean boot :

    Log on to the computer with an account that has administrator rights.
  22. Re: Blue Screen while startup of Hyper-V server R2

    There are Several features in Windows Server 2008 That You Can Use together to create backups and Perform recoveries of your server systems and data. These include the Following :

    Shadow Copies...
  23. Re: Getting the duplicate MAC addresses on Hyper-V host

    Windows Server 2008 R2 includes three new features that enhance the performance of the application network in the virtualization environment. Support for Jumbo frames, previously available in...
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    Re: Information about the Virtual PC and WoL

    For options of the motherboard, I found in the doc :
    SME Event Wake Up
    When set at Enabled, any PCI-PM event awakes the system from a PCI-PM controlled state.

    Disabled Disable this...
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    Re: What is virtualization?

    I think that you first should know the concepts of virtualization. The software that can run on a single machine multiple operating systems and multiple applications separately from each other as if...
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    Re: File Transfer Speeds in Hyper-V Machine

    For communication with the VMM agents on servers in the library, VMM uses WS-Management (WSMan) through port 80 for controls. For authentication and encryption using Kerberos. A library server must...
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    Re: Virtual Server on Hyper-V

    Hyper-V requires Hyper-V x64-based processor year, hardware-assisted virtualization, and hardware data execution prevention (DEP). Hyper-V is available in x64-based versions of Windows Server...
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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    This is solved with the following statement in a command console :
    advfirewall netsh firewall set rule group = "Remote Volume Management" new enable = yes
    or open the firewall and creating rules...
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    Re: Not able to Boot Linux with GeForce 6200

    Since your Windows XP is working correctly, there are chances of Linux to be corrupted. So I would like to suggest you to reinstall the Linux again and then try to boot it. Also install some...
  30. Re: How to Increase the system speed having Windows 7?

    Try removing the annoying UAC (User Access Control). If you've ever used Linux, this service will remind you of your command, but to bad. Basically heavy these dialogues are asking confirmation every...
  31. Re: How to edit, create or delete a mode of Power Management in Vista?

    A method of power management is a set of hardware and system settings that manage how your computer uses and conserves energy. The modes of power management can save energy, maximize system...
  32. Windows 7 - BSOD when connecting my OCZ Rally Flash drive

    Hi friends,
    Last time your help was really grateful. Now I am facing some problem with my OCZ Rally Flash Drive and Windows 7. So, I thought that you guys would prove helpful for me again. Actually...
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    What are an Atomic Variables in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have recently completed some part in the threads section of Java programming language. Now I am stuck at the point where I have to define an atomic variables. I have never gone through...
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    How to use GridLayout in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have completed the Layout Manager and with that I have also completed some layouts that are present in Java like flow layout, border layout, etc. But now when I am trying for grid...
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    How to use Key Bindings in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I am new for the Java. I have done some basic things in the Core Java. Before that I have completed with C++ programming language. Now I want to do the key binding in my application...
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    How to write a Caret Listener in Java?

    Hi Friends,
    I not have much knowledge about the Java. Now I want to get the focus where the user will type the next character and for that I want to use Caret Listener in my coding.!! But I don't...
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    Implementing forms with ASP

    I am very new to the Active Server Pages (ASP). But I am not know how to use forms from the ASP.?? Also please tell me hoe can I retrieve the information from the form..?? Also can I process...
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    JavaScript for Dropdown HTML control

    Hii Everyone,
    I am designing a web page. I am trying to make a script for creating a drop down control for arbitrary content. I have tried lot of scripts but was not getting the desired output. So...
  39. How to nest boxes inside parent boxes in CSS?

    I am doing the assignment in CSS. I want to nest boxes inside parent boxes. I have tried many methods but I was not successful. Can anyone explain me how to nest boxes inside parent boxes in CSS?...
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    How to use Form Validation in JavaScript?

    I have just started with the JavaScript. I have done some basic program in the JavaScript. But now I want to use the validations for the form.!! Since I am new I don't have any idea to use the...
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    How to keep freeze pane in HTML from Excel?

    I want to save an Excel file as HTML. The main thing is that I want to keep the selected freeze pane of Excel in HTML form. Is it possible.?? I don't know much because I am the beginner. Is there any...
  42. Start and Stop Services in a single batch file?

    Hello Friends,
    I was wondering, that is it possible to start or stop a service using a single batch file.?? Can I use the "if" type structure to do the both services in one batch file.?? I am very...
  43. 5280 installation:Fatal error and MSI.dot4wrp

    For the All-in-One 5280 printer, I am trying to install the software suite from the CD provided. I keep getting the "5280 installation:Fatal error and MSI.dot4wrp" error, at the same point during the...
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    What is the Automated File Transfer??

    I just heard that the I can do the Automated File Transfer. But I don't know how to set that. Also is there any standard secure file transfer tool for a windows environment? Please help me soon. I...
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    Can We Auto-Run Excel Spreadsheet.??

    Hi Friends, thought that you can help me in solving my query. Here is my question. Is it possible to make a spreadsheet pop up automatically once logged on to a machine on a network without making it...
  46. HP NX6125 Cooling Fan start/stop at boot issues.?!

    I am facing the problem of the fan with a HP nx6125 laptop. When the power button is switch on, light come on and go out suddenly, drives spin and fan starts. Then after a couple of seconds, there is...
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    Static variable initialization

    I know how to initialize a static variable. My variable is a structure, I know initialize a variable type int, double, etc. .. But not a structure.
    I use a class and I want my obj1 variable to...
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    Dell Axim X51v vs Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC

    I am going to buy a new pocket pc and i have only two choices Dell Axim X51 and Dell Axim X50v. Both are running on windows, can any one teel me the difference between this two pocket pc. I also want...
  49. Belkin Wireless router won't connect to internet

    I have network of 10 computer and all the computer connected can access through linksys router. All are running windows xp. The problem is after installing belkin router and 2 more computer my...
  50. Canon Prixma MP198 giving Service Error 5100.

    I am having the Canon PIXMA MP198 All-In-One Printer. After some prints it started giving some error. I don't have much idea of All-In-One Printer. The engineer came and assembled the printer. I...
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