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    Good Cpu cooler with 120 or 140mm fan

    Want a cpu cooler that has a 120mm or 140mm fan. I want one for my AMD system. Most of the coolers comes with common socket size. That means you can use it easily on any processor. I am having a AMD...
  2. Windows 10 upgrade error Error 0x80073BC3 - 0x20009

    I am not able to figure out why I am getting a upgrade error while I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I got a iso file for that which I had used to make a dvd. And now when I am going ahead with...
  3. When Geeksphone is coming out and what is the cost

    I heard about a new kind of smartphone that come with dual boot OS. It is called as Geeksphone. I am trying to find the exact cost and feature of this device which I am not able to locate. Different...
  4. Settings up a wired camera as wireless on lan

    I am having few good usb cameras. I bought them from my friend who was running a cyber before. I want to set this as a wireless camera. I have long patch cords with me. But the camera is not having a...
  5. Facing slow performance issue on Lenovo A369i

    I am having some problem with Lenovo A369i. I had bought this phone some months ago and this is working really slow. I am not able to find any option to speed it up. I had tried a lot but it still...
  6. Poll: Vote for the best smartphone that simply comes under Rs.8000

    There are so many great budget phones in the market and I want to find the best one here. So for that I am making this poll. I want to find out which is the best Android smartphone under rs.8000....
  7. Getting low read speed on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5

    I am not getting a proper data read and write speed on a gaming pc. I have - Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard with AMD FX series process. It is a gaming pc and there is a 2TB drive on the same. I am...
  8. Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

    I had changed my monitor to a 274inhc widescreen gaming monitor. It is from BenQ. Before that I was using a 18inch monitor from Samsung. I played Far Cry 4 on that which worked very well. But after...
  9. Can I hide a app with password in Smart Launcher

    I want to hide app and put a password on that. I am using Smart Launcher. It is the most lightweight launcher I had seen. I was using Nova before, but
    my phone does not work well. It lags a lot....
  10. Two things that you like the most about iPhone 6

    What is the best feature you had seen yet about the new iPhone 6. I am trying to find out the two best things about the phone. I do not want any complete review of that. I had seen a lot of things...
  11. iPhone 6 just a big size device nothing impressive

    Every time when Apple release a new iPhone version they provide some amazing feature that is never be available. But this time they looks to be out of idea. The device is just bigger in size. That's...
  12. Webcam application keeps on working in background

    I am using a web camera application that allow me to add different type of effect on my screen. After turning it off I can still see the process running in Task Manager. And it keeps on appearing. It...
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    Which cloud storage offers a 50GB space

    I am looking for a huge storage space cloud support. The one that can offer me around 50GB of space where I can store many things. I had seen Dropbox that limit to 2GB and Gmail Drive that is limited...
  14. Kingston Wi Drive remains undetected on pc

    I am using Kingston Wi Drive for backup. I have a 16GB version that has a integrated wifi in it. I am unable to use that on a pc. When I connect I can see the green light glowing on it. It turns on...
  15. Does mounting monitor on wall can cause neck issue

    I am planing to mouse all my monitors on the wall in my office. There are 14 workstation in total and due to small desk people are having issue in keeping their mobile phone and other stuff. So if I...
  16. Windows 7 Pc takes long time to show desktop after gaming

    I am having a standard gaming pc. There is a single graphic card that belongs to Nvidia 600 series. I am having AMD FX series processor and 4GB RAM. I had installed a few games in the system. Like...
  17. Re: NetGear DG834N connectivity failure on Windows 8.1

    Start with updating the router firmware. You can do that directly from the dash board. Sometime outdated firmware cause a lot of connectivity issue. If there is no hardware fault in the system then...
  18. NetGear DG834N connectivity failure on Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 is not easy to use according to me. I have this on my desktop and I am having issue with connectivity on the same. Before on Windows 7 everything was working just fine. But now on Windows...
  19. Re: cannot configure Logitech K400 in Setpoint

    Even I am facing this similar issue with my Logitech K400 which is not showing up in Setpoint at all. I have also tried to remove and reinstall it to the latest version, also removed all logitech...
  20. Impact of high speed micro sd card on android tablet

    I am using a Micromax tablet. I am using a regular china sd card that came with a old phone and it is still working. It has as 16GB storage. I copied some hd movies in that. The tablet works very...
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    Cpu case replacement for Mac desktop

    What are the possible solutions available through which we can replace mac desktop case. I am not able to find any budget solution here. The case that I have is bit broken. It is because of a kid....
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    hijacked by V9 Portal site

    I have been recently hijacked by the V9 Portal website. No matter if i am opening Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome, my start up page and search provider has been changed to I have...
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    Images slow down the wordpress website

    I want a bit help here to simply improve my site performance. I am having a bit issue with the slow performance. The site just slow down on its own due to lack of proper image optimization. I had...
  24. Which telecom provider offer Free Facebook

    I am looking for a subscription through which I can simply use Facebook without using a data plan. I had seen in news that a few telecom provider are offering a option through which we can get a free...
  25. How to detect whether a site has malware or not

    Everyday we visit various website. Most of them are served through Google. Now when you click on a site how does we can really find that this site is secure or not. Especially when it comes to...
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    no video with Radeon R7 260X

    I recently purchased a new Radeon R7 260X graphics card and also a new power supply. After installing the PSU and checking everything working well, I installed the graphics card only to find the...
  27. Can I add Gorilla Glass on my exiting Lenovo phone

    I have a lenovo device. It is a mid range phone that does not has a gorilla glass on the top side. I want to know that can I add this separately. I had seen in a YouTube video that there are few...
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    Automated android backup on Windows 8 PC

    Want a auto backup software for my lava device. Recently after installing a new app the phone started restarting on its own. I have to run factory settings. I want some way through which I can simply...
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    Poor sound quality on Moto G headphone

    I am having a old headphone that I am using on Moto G. It is a Sony headset and I was using this before on Samsung Grand. The headphone is good. After connecting the same to Moto G the audio quality...
  30. Advice for buy new battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is a high end device. And to use it fully you need a powerful battery. It comes with a 2800mAH battery. I am planing to buy one more. I had seen a few replacement battery on Amazon...
  31. WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    I am using a WD Elements WD5000E035-00 model hard drive which was working fine but now it is not recognized in my computer. From last week or so it was taking sometimes to show up but when I was...
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    Poll: Best Advertisement blocking software

    There are many advertisements blocking software available for different browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or even Internet Explorer (I think). But I wanted to know which is the best ads...
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    How to get rid of PortaldoSites?

    My computer was all clean from any viruses or malwares because I used to turn on all the Realtime protector scanning running in the background with the Microsoft Security Essentials. Yesterday one of...
  34. Remote desktop control app for Windows Phone 8 OS

    Is there a remote desktop app available for Windows Phone 8 OS. I am unable to find any good app for the same. I had tried looking around various places. I want to buy a windows phone, but only after...
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    Unable to send email on Yahoo in Firefox

    I am not sure whether I am the only who is facing this problem. I am not able to send email to anyone from Yahoo. Sometime the inbox take really long time to load. This is really weird. This problem...
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    Scourge: Outbreak connection problem

    I have recently purchased this new game called Scourge: Outbreak and I am not able to join any games or host or have any of my friend join me. When I click to connect on it, then it will just sit...
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    Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    My uncle is using Xonar U7 compact sound card. It is a Echelon edition. This sound card looks to be amazing, but when I connected my 7.1 surround sound audio channel the quality is pathetic. My...
  38. Re: Gionee Elife E7 not detected on my pc through usb

    The problem lies with the right usb driver. If there is a pc suite then it is more easier to use such phone. Elife E7 is a high end smartphone and Gionee is not giving any pc suite for that. It is...
  39. restore system icons to default in windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my laptop and I am attempting to restore all my system icons on my computer back to their default setup. I have done the Restore thing but I am not able to find any solution...
  40. Gionee Elife E7 not detected on my pc through usb

    I am trying to copy some files in Gionee Elife E7. After connecting that on my laptop I can see popup for new hardware. But I am unable to see anything inside My Computer. I also have a Nokia hone....
  41. Facebook stopped working after updating to iOS 7.1

    I am not able to open Facebook after updating to iOS 7.1. After taping on the app it starts but then crash within few seconds. I had tried this a number of time but it is not working. At first I...
  42. Re: South Park: The Stick of Truth crashes at start

    Well, I am facing a totally different problem. The game launches fine but at the time of fighting the game starts to crash. Is there anyone who is facing this same problem when fighting with the bad...
  43. Using a text based browser only can help me to save bandwidth

    I want a good text based browser. I have to make some project and my internet is working very slow. I am not able to surf any pages in it. In a article on web I had seen that using a text browser can...
  44. Mozilla Firefox freezes when I open multiple videos on different tabs

    There is some issue with Firefox in my pc. I am getting a poor browser with really slow output. Whenever I try to open videos in different tab I am constantly getting freezing browser. This use to...
  45. How to repair broken charging port of Acer Iconia Tab A100

    I want some help to fix the broken charging port of Acer Iconia Tab A100. I had connected it on the dock. This morning when I lifted it up and used my regular charging it was not working. I tried a...
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    How to password lock usb on Linux Mint

    How to add a password in pen drive on Linux system. I am trying to do this on my uncle's laptop. I has Ubuntu on it. I want some help through which I can simply lock a usb. Or lock a folder. I h av e...
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    Video Capture card for gaming pc

    I need a Video capture card. I am making some tutorial videos for a game. I will make the video and upload the same on YouTube. I want a good card for that. I can find various TV Tuner cards. They...
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    Re: Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

    I am using an Office Multi-Language Pack / Proofing tools 2007 and I wanted to install Microsoft Office 2013 on my pc now. When I am trying to install MS Office 2013 then before the installation...
  49. Galaxy TAB 3 vs iPad Air for new year gift

    Which is better among Galaxy Tab 3 and iPad Air for a new year gift. I want to buy one from my brother. He is student and knows a lot of technology. So I want to gift a tab on which he can go ahead...
  50. Acer Aspire S7 wont wake up from Sleep sometimes

    I have a Acer Aspire S7 that I bought from my local computer vendor. It is running on the latest Windows 8.1 operating system and has got some issues with the Sleep functions. If I close the lid then...
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