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    Re: unable to install Office 2013 in Windows 8

    It could be possible that there might be corrupt files relating to Office installation, so try to run SFC /SCANNOW in cmd and see if that helps. To do that swipe in from the right edge of the screen,...
  2. Re: unable to install Visual Studio SDK and Emulators on Windows 8.1

    If you want to install Hyper-V in Windows 8 then it needs the processor to support the Secondary Level Address Translation, in short it is called SLAT. But for Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012, this...
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    Re: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    It is always a good way to reinstall Windows and all other software if you are replacing any hardware parts like motherboard, processor, etc. If you change any of these hardware and keep the same...
  4. Re: cannot uninstall app in Windows 8.1, error code 0xc0000142

    You can try taking Ownership on Windows 8.1. To do that right click on the file or folder and then go to its Properties and click on Security Tab. Now to take ownership you need to click on Advanced....
  5. Re: How to get Lightscribe app working on Windows 8

    Incase you have upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 then the installation makes a folder Windows.old on your hard drive. So, if you have not deleted it before trying to install Lightscribe then go...
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    Re: unable to sign in to Windows App Store

    If none of the above solution is working then try to Refresh your Windows 8 computer by following my steps. First you have to boot to the System Recovery Options using your Windows 8 DVD disc and...
  7. Re: OneNote 2013 Free error message "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"

    Even I was getting the same problem with OneNote on my computer. So to solve it I just uninstalled the complete package of Office suite and then reinstalled it again. Now OneNote is working fine just...
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    Re: Netflix App for Windows 8 not working?

    Even I am facing some problem with this app. It is not working for me either no matter what I do. Once I install this Netflix app on my Windows device, then I can easily load the app fine, I can also...
  9. Re: Which is the best System Optimizer for Windows 8

    You can use TuneUp Utility if you want, it is also a nice System Optimizer for Windows 8. With the new TuneUp Program Deactivator, you can turn off programs on demand completely and automatically,...
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    Re: cant install Realplayer 16 on Windows 8

    Can you try to update the video card drivers in your computer and see if that helps. To do that press Windows key + R and then type devmgmt.msc and press Enter on your keyboard. After that expand the...
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    Re: Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

    If nothing is working for you then try this method. Just restart your pc and then get into Safe Mode. After that open registry editor by clicking on start and then in the search box type regedit....
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    Poll: Re: Best Free PDF Editor Program

    Another one that you can add in the list is PdfEdit tools. PDFEdit Tools is a powerful application to rotate, add, delete, extract pages or merge PDF files, as well as headlines and add footers and...
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    Re: Flash video hangs but audio works properly

    If RealPlayer is installed on your system, please disable the RealPlayer Browser Record plug-in. To do that follow the below steps:

    Launch RealPlayer
    Click the RealPlayer icon in the...
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    Re: installing gpedit.msc on Windows 7 manually

    There is a Group Policy Editor Installer that you can download from this link. Once you have downloaded the zip file then extract it with tools such as winzip or winrar. After that you need to...
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    Re: How to delete Real Player's system folder

    Yes, the System Folder is just the Cloud Feature which gets installed after the Real Player latest software is installed in your machine. Since there is not much you can do about it, so why dont you...
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    Re: best calendar application for windows 7

    You can also use Google Calendar Sync which is a tool that allows you to sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. It offers the advantage of being able to manipulate the flow of data and...
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    Re: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    You just need to go to Add and Remove programs and then go to Microsoft Office @007 and click on change. After that check add or remove features and highlight Access and click continue. After it is...
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    Re: media usage rights acquisition error

    Can you check whether some options are checked within Windows Media Player? Just open WMP and then go to Options > Privacy > Enhanced Playback > Device Experience and then see to it that "Download...
  19. Re: Link to download Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition

    I hardly think that there might be any download link available for the Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition. But to get this software the only way should be to borrow the similar version of Office...
  20. Re: Opening image file with Picture Manager from command line

    You can also try to pass the images to another program if you want. Like for instance, incase you have a picture editor called ImageEdit and if it supports command lines opening of the files and if...
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    Re: get line number in Notepad and Wordpad

    If you are talking about getting a current line count in the notepad then you will have to download a tool called TextPad. You can manage multiple concurrent documents and can easily edit them at the...
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    Re: Java problem in Windows 8

    Try to test few things on the desktop version of the Internet Explorer browser. Open Internet Explorer and then go to Tool > Manage add-ons and then in the same window highlight Toolbar and...
  23. Re: Java Auto Updater wants me to update java everyday in Windows 7

    Just try not to run the Java Auto-Updater by disabling it and then it will not ask you to install the updates continuously. To do this click on Start and then in the search box type msconfig and then...
  24. Re: cannot download videos from internet using RealPlayer

    Which internet browser are you using? Have you checked if the add-on is enabled in that browser? If it is not then go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs Tab > Manage Add-ons. After that you need...
  25. Re: Adobe flash player on Kindle Fire to watch youtube videos

    Even I was facing the same problem with my Kindle Fire ebook reader. After a lot of searching I was finally able to get a partial solution. When I was on youtube on the eReader then I scrolled down...
  26. Re: cannot download and install Office 365 Home Premium

    I would suggest you to first restart your computer and then try to redownload the Office 365 Home Premium suite. If still you are getting the same problem then you can try to run the fix it from the...
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    Re: windows media player 13 download

    Well, there is not much information given from Microsoft anything about Windows Media Player 13, whether it is available for download via an update or from direct link or what so ever. But I would...
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    Re: Netflix Error W8156-8000FFF on Windows 8

    So, I was searching for the registry key for Netflix and I was supposed to get this entry - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Audio]...
  29. Re: How to run WD Anywhere Backup Premium on Windows 8

    Well, I was using this WD Anywhere software just fine on my computer that was running on Windows 7 without any issues. But after when I upgraded to Windows 8, then I started getting compatibility...
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    Re: Outlook 2013 stuck at "Loading Profile"

    I was having the same issue and I did all the method of restoring to previous state and also did the repairing of Office but didnt succeed. But later on after reading some articles I found that that...
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    Re: Alternative for Ultramon

    Have you tested DisplayFusion? It has been developed to address many issues and it will simplify the dual-screen functioning as well. Changing wallpaper is done by some users on a regular basis, but...
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    Re: HD videos play very slowly in VLC 2.0

    Turning on the Windows GDI video output won’t help. It might give you balanced refresh rate in your video, but it will compromise the quality of the video greatly. You will notice lower brightness...
  33. Re: Need information on Windows Phone 7 applications

    At the launch will not work. with System Center Configuration Manager and business applications will be implemented through the Windows Phone market. IT departments must prepare for telephone support...
  34. Re: Unable to install Corel Video Studio X3 on windows

    I have gone through this same issue and I’d like to recommend you below steps to resolve your issue. Go to start and after that make stroke on the run. Now under the run type: regedit and then hit...
  35. Re: Conflict Error hr: 0x80070643 on launching Messenger

    Not being familiar with how remote support other works that I'm going to invite an important person in my laptop and see if you can give the impression of being there with the intention of the way,...
  36. Re: Outlook Express Inbox Emails Have Disappeared After Power Outage

    I have same issue on mine system as well and to solve this I have followed the following steps and it has been resolved mine issue. To do this make hit on the start and after that go the search and...
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    Re: POP3 Password Box "Grayed Out" on Outlook 2007

    I have same issue on mine system and I have followed the below steps and after that mine system was resolved. To do this make stroke on the start and after that click on the run. Now under the run...
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    Re: Outlook does not respond while sending email

    I think you have not installed a virus on your system and this virus might have been the culprit behind the Outlook program off to try to download the Microsoft security essentials on your system and...
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    Re: Need help to remove regwork completely

    I would like to suggest you to perform the Diagnostic startup and after that try to uninstall your software and I hope this will solve your issue. To do this go to the start and then make hit on the...
  40. Re: Does my MSN Messenger is crashing due to power outage

    I would like to suggest you to perform the system file checker and so that you can solve your issue. To do this follow the steps below:

    Make select on the start and then go to the run. Now under...
  41. Re: I am getting Error code: 0x80070426 while trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials

    I have faced same issue and I have followed the some steps here and then its work for me. To perform this follow the steps below:

    go to start icon on the desktop and then make hit on the run and...
  42. re: unable to install WMP on windows 7, Error:"Windows Media Player is not installed properly."

    I have faced this same issue and I have followed the below steps to resolve mine issue. To do this follow the steps below: first unlock the start symbol on the desktop and then go to the run and...
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    Re: How to solve Flash11.ocx error

    Could not find the file "flash.ocx". This is the kind of message you may encounter one day or one with your software if they require flash to run. This kind of message, for now I only saw that on...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 and POP3 problems

    The limited permissions can have the consequence that you do not see any hidden files or copy and can not access your account (which is hidden on c) actually it would operate as follows: File -> Add...
  45. Re: I want to run Access 2003 application in Windows 7

    I have also faced this kind of issue actually 4 months ago I am also going through this with the seven 64 and access 2003 and the office 2010. In that I locked on the net devoid of any solution. When...
  46. Re: Cannot install Outlook Social Connector (KB983403) ?

    I will instruct you how to install it in simpler terms.
    If you have Microsoft Outlook Social Connector 2010, 64-bit Edition, do one of the following:

    Use Microsoft Update (recommended)....
  47. Re: How to convert a decimal number into words in Excel using VBA?

    After entering into the VB editor , you will have to type the code for formatting and you can put a button on the form , which you can use to do the conversion function. On the single click event you...
  48. Re: Cannot open the powerpoint files in MS Powerpoint 2007 created in older versions of MS OffIce ?

    I am very sorry to tell you the MS Office version of 2007 which you recently installed a few days back will not be able to open in the older version of Office tool of 1997 year and some time not...
  49. Re: Important criteria when purchasing security software

    When I bought my laptop was pre-installed Norton. This program is blocked almost all my programs, So that I eventually wanted to delete Norton. That did not work. Until I came out that I can only...
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    Re: OpenSuSE 11 is not free any longer

    Nearly everyone of the larger Linux builds have a contribution service for tech support but offer a free downloadable that does not come along with live support or a printed manual. Seeing how Suse...
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