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    Unable to sync Windows Mail with Windows Phone

    I am just new to Lumia device. I am having a 535 model. And here I am trying to sync outlook in this. I am having different email accounts here. And I want to sync that in the phone. I had already...
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    Windows 7 User Account pic size increasing

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer. I have recently changed my monitor to a 30inch size. When I am onto the login screen then I can see that the User Account pic seems very small in size. It...
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    What is RealSense and where it is used

    I just found that Intel is working on some kind of new technology called as RealSense. I am quiet not able to figure out what it is and where it will be used. And recently Intel just announced a new...
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    removing Vosteran search

    I dont know how this Vosteran search has been installed in my computer and now I am searching for a way to remove it. I have already run Norton Eraser and did a full scan but it cannot find anything....
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    What is most required to build a 4K pc

    I want to setup a media server at my home. And I want that this system must be able to provide 4K video output on all connected devices. Like a widescreen TV or a smartphone or tablet or even on...
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    Is it possible to run H.265 videos on Xbox one

    I got some high quality videos. The format when I check is in H.265. I want to know that can I run this type of videos on the console. I do not want to convert the same. Because I had seen that when...
  7. Sports is not a popular career choice in India

    I had seen many students not realy interested in sports in India. There are ample of people who are mostly interested towards a degree that can offer them a stable job. And other does not really...
  8. What do to if EXIF information of images are wrong

    I am trying to find out some solution for fixing the wrong information stored in the EXIF data of a raw image. I want some help here to make it proper. The issue lies with date and time. I do not...
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    Nero Portable vs. Nero full edition

    I am confused here to choose from a portable edition of Nero which is free and a full edition. I have a quiet frequent work of burning files to a DVD. So here I quiet frequently burn a disc and most...
  10. Is there any plugin to check issue with WordPress themes

    I am trying to find out a plugin which can help me to find out bugs behind WordPress themes. I am not able to find anything here. I want some plugin which can test and give me a detailed report on...
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    How long I can video chat on 1GB

    I am having TATA Photon and I had just recharged it. I am using a 1GB plan for Rs.250. I want to video chat with my relatives in Europe. I want to know that what is the maximum time will I get on...
  12. Intel Quad core cpu temperature jumps to 70 while gaming

    My friend has a Intel Quad core based system which has Asus board and 4GB RAM. I had notice that this system works well on idle model but as soon as I start any game the temperature jumps to 70 and...
  13. Advice for reliable motherboard under AMD 990FX

    I need advice for some reliable motherboards under AMD 990FX chipset series. For a gaming pc requirement. Some of my friends are having AMD 990FX based pc which is amazing for gaming. They are...
  14. Unable to write memory error on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    There is some memory error on Windows 10 Technical Preview and I am unable to use it properly. I am getting a memory write error on the same and after that Windows 10 shutdown on its own. I want...
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    What is new in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is going to be the new game in the battle game list. After BF4 I think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be the next game that can offer extreme level action. But...
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    Are compact 3D printers affordable today

    I want to know about compact 3D printers. This have been recently launched. I am trying to find out the cost of the same so that I can get one. I want to this for project work and I am yet not able...
  17. MSI H81M-E35 for building a overclocking system

    After searching for long time on the web I found MSI H81M-E35 as a decent board for a gaming pc. I have a requirement for motherboard that can offer me two benefits. First for gaming on multiple...
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    Does for lan gaming we need any antivirus

    I am playing quiet many games on lan and online. And a number of time I have to install lots of lan clients. This are like game clients which allow me to connect. I want to know that does it is...
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    Looking for good portable tower speaker

    I am looking for a portable tower speaker. When I search on web I can find full size speaker which I dont want. They are quiet costly. I do not want to go with the regular one. I had used a 5.1...
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    Anyone playing How to Survive

    I had seen a trailer video of How to Survive and I want to know what kind of game it is. I am willing to play this but I am not able to figure out whether it is a first person shooter or third person...
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    power supply for Gigabyte R9 290

    I am having a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 with FX8320 CPU along with Gigabyte R9 290 graphics card. I was using the Corsair 750Watt Power Supply which recently died. So, I am now looking to buy a new PSU...
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    What does a rootkit virus do

    I need a bit information about the rootkit virus. What they are and how it works. I had seen my antivirus giving me a warning about the same. But it is not cleaning it. Whenever I start my pc I get...
  23. Macbook Air freezing whenever I play any movie on Youtube

    Whenever I try to play any movies on YouTube my Macbook Air is freezing. I am trying to stream video files on the same on full screen and this is freezing up. I am not able to use the same. I have to...
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    Blue Screen error on HP Compaq 15-s001TU

    I am getting blue screen error on HP Compaq 15-s001TU laptop. I am getting this constantly when I turn on the laptop. After restart it works fine but when I start any application or any game this...
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    Where to find cheap led lights for camera

    I am looking for a simple led light mount for my camera. I am going to take a few photos of plants in night and due to low light it is very hard to take pictures. The flash only work when you are...
  26. What are the chances available to recover data from damage rar archive

    I have some rar archive with me. I had created this to copy my data on multiple places. The archive is around 700MB in size. This consist of images, and documents. I was selling my old laptop in...
  27. AVAST is detecting C:\Windows\explorer.exe as virus

    There is a weird issue in my system. I just changed my antivirus. I was using MSE before. I removed it and installed AVAST and updated the same. The setup and updates was fine. But after that when I...
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    Windows 8 or Windows 7 for gaming

    Which platform is best for gaming. Windows 8 or Windows 7. I am going to upgrade my system this time and I am planing to spend a good amount to buy a new high end system. I am getting a Windows 8...
  29. Does installing antivirus slow down Windows Surface tablet

    I am going to get a new tablet and this time I am planing to get a windows one. I had seen a few good models in a nearby shop. Among which Dell Latitude is really amazing. I want to know that does...
  30. How to easily migrate a entire html website to WordPress

    I have a html site which is based on company profile. There are few more sites on different topics. I hd taken the project to migrate those sites to WordPress. The site owner wants to update thing on...
  31. Winzip crashing while running game setup directly from lan

    I have a few games copied on a pc on the lan network. It is shared and accessible to everyone. Most of the games are in iso format. I open them in winzip and double click on the setup.exe file to...
  32. Indian government planning to all village panchayat by net

    India is said to be a land of villages, where 70 percent of people lives in rural area's. The existence of technology is very poor in our country, even srilanka and Malaysia are far ahead. As BJP is...
  33. Rstrui.exe error while trying to create a system restore point on Windows 7

    I am having issue with creating a system restore point on Windows 7 system. I am unable to figure out why I am getting this rstrui.exe error on the same. What does this exe file refers to. I am...
  34. Realtek HD Audio driver crash while playing dvd through vlc

    I am having annoying issue on my system. Whenever I try to play video file I am getting a video driver crash issue. It keeps on appearing. I had tried to resolve the issue a number of time but it...
  35. Copy fail error while moving file through Input Director

    I am trying to move files through input director. I copied the file and then moved to the desktop of lan pc and clicked on paste. But it gave me a copy fail error. I want some help here to fix this...
  36. Mini iTX case suggestion for ten dual core cpu office pc

    I am looking for some good mini iTX case. I want to use small one because they occupy less space. And also they are easy when you are shifting. My
    client has a pc requirement for 10pc and he has a...
  37. How to find ram compatibility with old motherboard

    How to find which ram is good for a old motherboard. I am not really sure about the hardware stuff. I have a desktop and a laptop. For the desktop thing I can atleast open the cpu case and check. I...
  38. computer fails to load because of overheating

    I am using an old computer with Asus P4C800 Deluxe motherboard. When ever I start my pc then it tells me that computer fails to load because of overheating. The heatsink and fan that I am using is...
  39. What is the difference between BenQ XL & RL monitor series

    BenQ has two series of gaming monitor. They are XL and RL. I want the exact difference between both of them. As the XL series name suggest it can be associated with the size. The max size monitor...
  40. Asus T100 black screen at shut down problem running Windows 8.1

    I am using Asus T100 tablet which is running on Windows 8.1. Whenever I try to reboot this tablet, it hangs for a minute and then gives me a black screen. After this issue, I have to soft reset the...
  41. Which mobile phone are going to get Android 4.4 KitKat update

    Which are the devices in the market going to get this latest Android 4.4 KitKat update. I am having a LG phone but I am not really sure whether I am going to get any OTA updates or not. My friends...
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    unable to eject a disk from Dell XPS One 27

    I have purchased a new Dell XPS One 27 2 months before and am facing some problem with it. I am not able to eject a disk from the disk drive. If I am touching the disk eject icon then I can see the...
  43. Which one among java or dot net has more better career scope

    I want some advice on two programming language. First is java and second is dot net. Many of my friends are recommending me to go with dot net as they found more jobs in it. But I had seen that java...
  44. Sleep mode not working on Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH board

    There is a bit issue with Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH board. I am not able to put the system on sleep mode. I had tried doing this a number of time but it fails to work. I a not able to figure the reson...
  45. When Lenovo is going to release windows phone

    There was a news that says that Lenovo is now working on a Windows phone. But they had not confirmed any model or price. I am looking for a bit more information on the same. The Vibe Z is one of the...
  46. Very slow internet connection no Alienware M17x R3

    I am having a bit issue with Alienware M17x R3 laptop. I am not able to get proper internet speed on the same. It is very slow. The same net works really fine on my tablet. But when I connect it on...
  47. No audio while important avi video from Movie Maker

    I am trying to merge a few clips in movie maker. This all clips are taken from a mobile phone. All this videos are having audio. When I made a movie out of that by adding captions and images in...
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    Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 525

    I am stuck between two devices. The first one is newly launched Moto E and the second on is Nokia Lumia 525. Moto E is android and I had seen tons of positive feedback on this. While it is not...
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    Dell Precision 690 DVD RW stopped working

    I am unable to figure out what really happened to my system. The dvd drive has stopped working on its own. It was working fine last week. I had played some movies through the same and it worked...
  50. watching streaming video makes firefox to consume more RAM

    I have installed the latest Firefox browser in my system. I have noticed that when I am watching any streaming video from youtube or some other websites for more then 2 hours then Firefox consumes...
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