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  1. Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Capture wont work

    Hello KevinKetan,

    Hope you know that you need to keep the buttons pressed together for atleast 2 to 3 seconds to capture the screen. I have seen most people just press and leave, that’s wrong....
  2. Re: Sony rolled out 14.1.B.1.510 update for Xperia Z Ultra

    Talking about complete list of features in Z Ultra 14.1.B.1.510 update, it brings One-handed typing Xperia keyboard, X-Reality for mobile, background is changed from Black to Grey, Side bar in App...
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    Re: No WiFi after installing Wind 8.1

    Just in case if you are still not able to fix the problem, have a look at these similar discussions with working solutions:
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    Re: Lumia 920 Exchange Account Error 86000c4c

    Those multiple devices are the cause of error you have mentioned in the subject line. You should always delete all unused phones from there to use your other active accounts. In order to delete the...
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    Re: How to trace lost Lumia phone

    I dont think there is any such service available for Lumia or any Windows Phone by Microsoft. The only thing i can see is Ring, Lock and Erase option in case you lost your phone. Have a look at this:...
  6. Re: What is the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The price is still unknown in India but they have revealed its prices in other countries with contracts. For example, AT&T has already started taking pre-order for Note at the price of $299.99 (Rs....
  7. Re: File location in Windows Phone 8 smartphones

    There is no way to do it. You will need to devote few hours and manage your folders on SD card, make a file type in one folder so that you can know where the files would be located.
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    Re: Access Point pop up on Lumia 620

    You should first turn off 3G data, go to settings and delete all access points available. Restart the phone and create new single APN for your 3G network. Or alternatively get it from your network...
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    Re: IE 10 on Surface Tablet wont play Videos

    If i am not wrong,. you are facing the problem with Metro IE, isn't it? This is because the Metro IE in Windows 8 RT devices wont support any Add-ons. So if it is so compulsory to use Internet...
  10. Re: Reinstalling Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1

    No matter which Windows version you are using or whichever IE version it is, there is no way to uninstall or reinstall Internet Explorer because it is the built-in Windows Component. However if you...
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    Re: Unable to use Skydrive on Windows 8.1

    There are actually two updates which can fix the SkyDrive problem in Windows 8, those are KB2868581 and KB2871052. I dont think that any of these updates are available for standalone download...
  12. Re: Leaked Amber Update now available for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

    Well I have also provided the Video URL. You should have watched the same for the complete details. Anyways, here are the major new features which has been embedded with WP8 Amber update:

  13. Re: Leaked Amber Update now available for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

    Yeah, i even saw a video on YouTube showing the performance on new AMber Update on Lumia 920. The new firmware seems amazing. It has improved the performance to extreme level with some new features...
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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 crashes

    Have you installed one or more add-ons to the browser? if yes, i guess there might be any add-on creating this problem. I am using the same IE11 since a month now but haven't faced a single crash so...
  15. Re: How to disable login state in Chrome Browser?

    Are you talking about chrome's login or any website login which were open in chrome?

    If it is about chrome, than its a google ID that keeps your browser synchronize so that where you open chrome...
  16. Poll: Re: Blackberry Q10 Vs Blackberry Q5 Comparison

    I have never thought for gaming on any Blackberry devices until the Z10 game. Hence comparing these devices on gaming basis is not good. And if we compare them on performance and the features, then...
  17. Re: How to disable Charms Bar and Apps Switcher in Windows 8.1

    You can do this making a small change in registry but before going for the same i will suggest you not try to it unless you have knowledge of registry because a small mistake can damage your system....
  18. Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 showing only 3Gb built-in storage

    If i am not wrong, you might have backed up your original ROM before rooting the device, right? This is what most of the techy people do in order to be on the safer side so that they restore the...
  19. Re: Skype 4.0 download for ASUS Nexus 7 tablet

    If you are searching it directly from tablet and it is not showing up in the Play Store then obviously it is not available for the same. But as i can see your post was made about a week ago, that...
  20. Re: Increase Safari browser's Toolbar text size

    Alright, try out this. With Skype installed on your smartphone, go to Settings > Apps. Locate Skype, tap it, tap on ‘Clear Data’. If prompted with any thing, tap OK. Once cleared, uninstall it...
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    Re: is running very slow

    I think it is only you or atleast not me because even i am using Outlook since months and never noticed any such problem. Outlook is completely as web based application and it should work like all...
  22. Re: Hard drive locked and unable to boot in Windows 8

    Are you sure you haven’t protected the hard drive using Bitlocker? If yes, then just try out this:

    Insert Windows 8 Installation CD
    Boot from CD/DVD
    Select Repair your computer
  23. Re: In Internet Explorer 10 Adobe Flash Player is not working

    For Internet Explorer:
    First of all make sure you have Flash Player plugin installed on Internet Explorer. Check it in Add-ons. Secondly, disable the ActiveX in IE browser. It is well know for...
  24. Re: Windows 8.1 can be installed on Windows 7 or only on Windows 8?

    Hey guys, there is still time for Win 8.1. When Microsoft will release the new OS, they will surely provide the detailed information about the same including what system requirements it need. I think...
  25. Re: How to get Jelly Bean Quick Settings feature on ICS

    Wow, thanks for sharing this buddy. I never thought i can use to this on my ICS running mobile but this App made it possible.
  26. Re: Wi-Fi connection issue with TP-link Wireless N Router on Android phone

    I suggest that you change the channel of Wi-Fi from your TP-link Wireless N Router. I had an iPhone 3G which never used to work with the default channel that the router had set by default. I had to...
  27. re: How to rename files based on other files with VBScript, help

    I have the basic syntax for renaming the file using the software developed in Visual Basic 2012. Here is the syntax,
  28. Re: Cant get latest adobe flash player update, screen shows "blocked plug-in"

    Most probably the reason behind this on apple devices is the outdated or older version of flash. if the flash is outdated they wont contain latest security updates and hence system disabled them...
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    Re: Windows 8 RTM builds glitches

    Happy to work on Windows 7. I got a nice offer for upgrade but I ignored the same. I was not aware about the glitches in it. Hope to get a much stable and better version in coming editions.
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note VS Galaxy Note II

    Guys, check out the complete list of specifications and changes done in new Samsung Galaxy Note 2:
  31. Re: Importance of Social Networking in E-commerce

    Social site also act as a window for your competition in the market. You can check what others are doing to target more people. There are other number of modes that you can try to advertise but those...
  32. Re: USB or wifi tether working on Motorola Photon Q

    There are few very good and effective tethering apps which i have used. you should try out those. First is "Wireless Tether for Root Users" It is free app and works great with easy configuration. if...
  33. Re: Need software to blank desktop screen for windows 7

    In case you want to do this to protect it from anyone to watch them on your desktop, you can create a file that will black down yoiur desktop with a click. To do this, go to desktop, right click and...
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    Re: Overclocking Google Nexus 7

    I am not sure about the same and if I am having this one I would never overclock it. There are tons of limitations on this devices. You cannot just overclock and destroy the cpu instantly. This...
  35. Re: How to activate Windows 8 with multiple activation key

    Best part of these steps is when you run the second command mentioned above, it also removes the "Windows 8 Enterprises" Watermark from the right bottom corner as well. Just be sure to enter the...
  36. Re: Bluetooth not working properly in Samsung Omnia Windows 7 phone

    Yeah, thats correct. There is no Bluetooth feature in any of Windows Mobile 7 or 7.5 (Tango). If you want bluetooth, you will need to wait for few more months as Microsoft is going to launch Windows...
  37. Re: Micromax Funbook Pro heating up while using usb

    I have a iPad. It also heats up when I play game. I have to keep it near ac to cool down. I contacted apple center for the same. They said it is not a major issue until you face charging issues.
  38. Re: Jelly Bean update release date for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Relax dude. Galaxy S3 is indeed one of the best devices compared to iPhone or One X and should obviously get Jelly Bean update. As i too have a GS3, i keep searching for news about launching JB for...
  39. How to install Windows XP without using bootable flash drive or Cd Drive

    Some times we come in situation where we dont have either CD drive in our system or it is it working and some times where our system wont allow us to boot from USB. If you think how it can be...
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    Re: Download Limiter for Firefox Web Browser

    It is right that if you go for a additional web browser like Wyzo you have to install that. And you said that in your office pc you are not allowed to add any third party software. I had checked...
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    Re: MSI R7970 Lightning overclocking

    Temperature is a big issue while overclocking any peripheral. The rise in temperature can lead to damage of your MSI R7970 Lightning graphic card if not controlled properly. You need to provide...
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    Re: Download Limiter for Firefox Web Browser

    There are many download manager for Firefox. One of them is FlashGot. This is one of the popular tool you can go for. You can simply download the file by right clicking on the same. It would make...
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    Re: When Bad Company 3 is coming on Mac

    There is no version yet available for Mac system. And it does not looks that the developing company looks interesting in creating a mac edition. I had checked the official website and the version on...
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    MapMyIndia Carpad 5 GPS Android Tablet

    MapMyIndia is a Delhi based Indian Company which deal ins providing online maps and gps solutions. You might have easily notice a pre-installed app in your smartphone before Android was popular....
  45. Re: For only Rs.5 we can get Set Max HD on Airtel DTH

    That is the reason I do not stick with featured plan. It is better if you buy a all in one pack. And if you pay that in yearly advance you can get a good discount for the same. You also have all the...
  46. Re: Unable to install APK since installed 'Screen Filter' on Nexus 7

    Well i dont think there any such problem screen filter app. Rather it works great on my tablet. I guess there would be any such problem with your device itself. But as you said the problem started...
  47. Extreme Corsair Frio Advance Cpu cooler for Intel Core i5

    Thread 3 -- Extreme Corsair Frio Advance Cpu cooler for Intel Core i5

    Tags -- corsair, cpu cooler, heatsink

    Looking for extreme cooling solution for your overclocking system, have a look on...
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    Re: Best Cabinet between 4k and 5k Rs.??

    If you want to get a cheaper one then you can get NZXT Source 210 for around 2.5 k, just go through its feature and specification below for better idea:

    Wire Management Support with...
  49. Create a Recovery Partition using Gigabyte Xpress Recovery 2

    System Recovery is a crucial process which cannot be ignored simply by depending on any third party devices. Companies do invest heavily on data protection and system restore. For larger enterprise,...
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    Re: Google Nexus 7 now available in India

    Nope, there are no promotion offers or any free stuffs you get with the device. They are just selling the tab for the mentioned price. But yes, you can get few facilities like ‘Cash on Delivery’...
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