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    It is not a complicated process. You will need to...

    It is not a complicated process. You will need to run a wizard for that and then check back it will work fine for not. The wizard will help you to setup a group policy that would allow you to manage...
  2. It is new office 2007 and hopefully to get a old...

    It is new office 2007 and hopefully to get a old interface you have to install office 2003. That is the only way to get old interface back or else there is nothing you can do. It took me a long time...
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    You can do the same from Gpedit.msc. Just type...

    You can do the same from Gpedit.msc. Just type this in the run box and hit enter. You will see local security policy. The same is also available on the DC. You have to use the GPMC to modify the...
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    Skydrive is a part of Windows Live Software....

    Skydrive is a part of Windows Live Software. There can be issue with the application. You can try re-installing the entire package back again and then see whether it works fine or not. Sometime the...
  5. Need help with settings up dependencies in Project

    There are two task in my Microsoft Project File. Lets assume them as Task A and Task B. The first one here is takes around 90 days to complete while the second one takes around 66 days. Now the thing...
  6. RE: spoolsv.exe - Application Error, after updating to Winodws XP SP3.

    Well i was thinking i was alone with this problem but seems like i have a buddy too. Even i started getting problems with my printer since i upgraded to SP3. Whenever I try opening Printers & Faxes...
  7. Thread: User Limits 2008

    by Jhal

    User Limits 2008

    Hi, I have a Standard SBS 2003 network connected with 60 users. These users work alternatively on the basis of 3 weeks. I mean, 3 weeks ON and 3 weeks Off. And hence we have 30 systems connected with...
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    Re: Adding Printer to Limited User Account

    Thank you very much for the help Agilet. That's all i wanted to know. It makes sense to me. I will try it out next time I go to the library.
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    Adding Printer to Limited User Account

    One of my friend who works in library has total 10 systems connected to a wired network. First we installed a Printer on the main host computer and shared it as we do normally. As of now all 10...
  10. Netopia 3347NWG with Remote Desktop and Remote Web Workplace

    I am having a Netopia 3347NWG router on the network. It is working with a dsl connection that is using PPOE. There is a WAN adapter to which it is connected. There are 6 workstation on the network...
  11. Server setup hangs during "registering components" at 13 min mark

    I need some serious help. I am facing problem with server setup. It is working but it fails on registering component. I found a microsoft link on which there was some solution mentioned but it did...
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    I am here trying to do something similar. First...

    I am here trying to do something similar. First of all it is better if you must avoid forward lookup zone of subdomain on the root. Later on you can simply delegate the dns query of root dns for...
  13. Samsung CD-ROM keeps on re-appearing in Windows XP

    After clean Windows XP installation I am trying to create some new CD. There is a single internal CD drive in the system. When I insert disc the CD rom disappears. But it appears back again. I cannot...
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    deleting files where the filename is too long

    I need some urgent help from you all with my Windows Vista. I have few files on my system with very long name. There are bunch of such files on my system eating up huge space. Hence i wanted to...
  15. Wifi of HP Pavilion dv6676us laptop stopped working suddenly

    I am having a HP Pavilion DV6678US laptop. It came with Vista pre-installed. It was working fine. I am using a Linksys router. I had connected the laptop on the wifi network. There was no issue with...
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    Windows Vista Connection Status Unknown error

    I had started hating Windows Vista. I am not at all happy with the upgrade. I thought this would make my connectivity much better but due to some reason the system just failed to respond properly. I...
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    Help to Remove Internet Speed Monitor Adware


    I am having some serious problems with my Windows XP computer. Dont know from where i got installed and Adware called "Internet Speed Monitor." This keeps poping up on my screen every minute...
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    RE: DirectX c install issue

    Hey even i am facing similar problem on my system having DirectX 9.0(c) at present. I am trying to update update from DirectX (b) to (c) it gives me the same two errors, which are:

    "cabinet file...
  19. Blu-Ray playing on Vista Media Centre Software question

    I need some help here to find out support for Blu Ray disc on Windows Media Player. I am using Windows Vista. I cannot figure out any way to play blu ray disc on it. I thought it is going to work...
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    WMP Media Sharing Problem on DLNA devices

    I had installed Windows Media Player 11. I bought a DLNA media server also. It is compatible with my PS3 device. I had configured all stuff and things are working well. The PS3 is detected in the...
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    I think after restarting the service the issue...

    I think after restarting the service the issue will be resolved. You will have to first stop and then restart it back so that it is applied properly. To do this you will need admin privileges. Go in...
  22. Thread: USB Audio Codec

    by Jhal

    There is a bit issue with ION USB Turntable. It...

    There is a bit issue with ION USB Turntable. It works really well with the wav files on my pc. But there is some problem with audio. When the audio is created it is much more bigger compared what I...
  23. Re: Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

    This looks some kind of permission problem with Microsoft Office. It is essential that when you run a setup it ask you that you want to install this for all users for only for specific admin account....
  24. Re: Location of Windows Registry File not RegEdit or other programs

    Looks like problem with corrupt system file. It is necessary that you must run system restore and then check back. System restore is a good way of getting old settings. But it is not for sure that it...
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    I also think the problem that you are facing is...

    I also think the problem that you are facing is due to download location. While security application does not block this kind of downloads. It is easy to find it on different websites. The download...
  26. Re: Nero problems: NMIndexStoreSrv.exe and NMBgMonitor.exe cause heavy CPU-Load

    I think you can disable both of them and it will be more helpful for you in getting more performance output. The application NMIndexStoreSrv.exe is mostly located inside Nero folder. There is a .pf...
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    Exporting assignment information to Excel

    I need some help here to find out a proper way to export Microsoft Project files in Microsoft Excel. I am sure there is way to do that but I am not able to find it. There are number of resources used...
  28. Thread: Lyromedia Webcam

    by Jhal

    Re: Lyromedia Webcam

    Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. In that click on Device Manager and look for the web camera. Right click on the same and choose update drivers. Select automatic installation and then...
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    Re: STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

    I got the same issue. It occur only after installing new windows update in the system. The system was working really well before. I thought new updates will be better for my system. But the system...
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    KB888111 - UAA High Definition Audio class

    Hello, I’m looking for Universal Audio Architecture High Definition Audio class driver for my system Windows XP Sp2. I found one here;en-us;888111...
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    Re: CDROM and DVD not recognized

    Go on the official manufacturer website of that optical drive and locate the drivers there. I am sure that will be more than enough to fix the problem. In that you can simply update the drivers and...
  32. Looks like some problem with the settings. Due to...

    Looks like some problem with the settings. Due to which it is not applied properly and you are getting the problem. Try to reconfigure it back again. You can go in event viewer to find out any...
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