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  1. Re: Assassin's Creed Rogue crashes after first cutscene

    It looks me that you will need to complete this game further or fully until you can unlock the Fort missions. For this you will have to complete the mission of Fort de Sable most probably and there...
  2. Re: Total War: ATTILA crash at title screen fix

    This problem seems to be happening with AMD graphics card owners at the moment, dont know if it is happening with Nvidia card owners as well though. First make sure that all your graphics card driver...
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    Re: Evolve game crash to desktop

    For me this game is working fine, even in multiplayer mode. I am guessing that the crash might be happening due to some specific device that is installed in your computer. If you are using multiple...
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    Re: Lords Of The Fallen crashes at intro video

    There is a fix for this Lords Of The Fallen game crashing on your machine. With this solution you can also solve the low FPS problem. So, first of all open Steam and then go to Lords Of The Fallen...
  5. Re: How to remove black bars in The Evil Within

    There was a guy called Drogean at Guru3D website who was able to make a trainer that removes the black bars in The Evil Within game. Apparently, that post seems to be deleted from their website....
  6. Re: Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut crashes on desktop

    Can you try to clear the UGC from Shadownrun Returns and see if that works. To do that exit Steam and then re-open it again. After that open the Steam workshop under Shadowrun Returns. Now click on...
  7. Re: error "OpenGL context creation failed" while trying to play Train Fever

    Which graphics card model are you using in your computer? This game Train Fever requires OpenGL 3.2 that is not supported on all the graphics cards. Even if you have a supported graphics card then it...
  8. Re: Dead Rising 3 crashes to desktop every 10 minutes

    For many Nvidia graphics card users there is a solution for this crashing issue. All you need to do is rollback to nvidia driver version 335.23 and this will fix all the crash to desktop problem in...
  9. Re: getting "The player has left the session" in Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I assume that unless the game gets laggy as hell, you should not get that error message. If any players leave the game while playing in a match then you are supposed to get that message. This is just...
  10. Re: How to play Risen 3 Titan Lords in fullscreen mode

    To play this game in fullscreen mode, you will have to go to the directory where you have installed this game first - \Steam\steamapps\common\Risen 3\data\ini\. After that search for and open the...
  11. Re: Risen 3 - Titan Lords crash to desktop while launching

    I would first of all suggest you to disable SLI first and then try to launch Risen 3 game. You see, most of the new games now a days dont support SLI feature. So you end up removing the SLI function...
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    Re: unlock pre-order DLC in Sacred 3

    Well, have you tried to restart the Steam client? After doing that you the DLC should be downloaded in your pc assuming you have pre-ordered the game in time. If this doesnt work then try to verify...
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    Re: unable to start Grand Chase game

    I am also having similar issues while starting this game on my computer. When I am trying to open it through Steam then first the client will popup but within few seconds it will just disappear...
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    Re: The Red Solstice will not start

    Can you tell us what antivirus software you have installed in your machine? It might be possible that it is blocking the game or Steam client when you are trying to play the game. You should check in...
  15. Re: King's Bounty: Dark Side game crashes after update

    Well, can you try to lower the graphics settings in-game and see if that works. Also try to de-activate shadows, V-sync and anti-aliasing. With this effects turned off, you will get a lower gameplay...
  16. Re: stuck at "This choice is blank!" in The Wolf Among Us Episode 5

    Even I was facing that glitch one time in my computer. So, I just quit the game and after that started at that checkpoint again. I was getting the very same thing and then this game started up with...
  17. Re: cant find free DLC with Sniper Elite 3 game

    I assume that even though you have bought the key from some local store, you didnt activate it before the release of the Sniper Elite III game in your region. If you have activated it before the...
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    Re: GRID Autosport freezing solution

    First of all try to reinstall the Nvidia Autosport Game Ready drivers comepletely. After that do a fresh install of the game with all settings set to high and all the advanced settings turned on. If...
  19. Re: Watch_Dogs crashes after few minutes of playing

    Watch Dogs on my pc was also crashing alot so after a long time searching I found out that if we disable both the Steam and Uplay Overlay then it will solve the problem of crashing. To do that you...
  20. Re: Cold, Cold Heart dlc infinite falling at Alibi Bar

    Have you tried to change the graphics settings to the lowest possible? Also try to deactivate the DirectX 11 in the game which might be making the game unstable. If this doesnt work then try to...
  21. Re: fix for Xbox 360 controller while playing Finn and Jake's Epic Quest

    This game does support Xbox 360 controller and the controls are already setup by default. You wont be able to customize the controls either but still there are 3 presets that you might be able to...
  22. Re: Warlock 2: the Exiled Application aborted and crashing

    I assume that you should turn off the Vsync option from your graphics options. I am only using the d3doverider and force vsync and it has solved the vsync issues for me. If this still doesnt work...
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    Re: online co-op in LEGO: The Hobbit game

    You can try to email the developer of this LEGO: The Hobbit game and ask them whether there will be support for online co-op mode in this game or not in the furture update. I also think that the...
  24. Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation HD Save game location and download for PC

    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for PC was recently launched by Ubisoft so I dont think anybody would have completed this game fully. There seems to be 9 sequences in the PS Vita version of this game...
  25. Re: Call of Duty: Ghosts save game download for pc

    I have played the Call of Duty: Ghosts game and have completed all its campaign long time back. But I have not unlocked all the 100% achievements or unlockables. You can download the save game from...
  26. Re: error E82000002 with Playstation 4, unable to connect to PSN

    Yes, it is possible that the PSN service might be technically down. Some users might be still online but still there are many who will get dropped connections though. In any case you can go to the...
  27. Re: Contrast game error "Failed to create the D3D9 device"

    Have you made sure that you are using the latest video card drivers that you are using in your computer? If even after having the latest drivers you face the same problem then you need to go to...
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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    I have heard that How to Survive game uses autosave system. I played this game for atleast 5 hours and quit and started it at the same level. Also on another note, you need to run back to the boar...
  29. Re: bought Goodbye Deponia Premium Edition for pc and didnt get soundtrack and bonus

    Do you mean that you have pre-ordered the Premium Edition of Goodbye Deponia game for pc and now you cant find its premium content? I think that you should look into the 'Premium Content' folder in...
  30. Re: how to play Air Conflicts: Vietnam with a controller

    The developer of this game has said that this kind of problem will be addressed in the upcoming update and only after that this problem will be resolved. There are some users who have set the...
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    Re: How can I play Battlefield 4 Beta

    Recently it was said that if any gamer wants to play Battlefield 4 beta on his pc then he is supposed to have 64bit operating system to access it or otherwise it will not work on a 32bit OS version....
  32. Re: Rise of Venice has stopped working error

    Well, if the game is not working then it might be that the game files are corrupted and you will need to uninstall and then again reinstall the game that should work. Or else there might be some...
  33. Re: how to save manually in Legends Of Aethereus

    Most of the game that are coming now a days dont have manual save options and I think that in this Legends Of Aethereus game also saves are automatically saved after completing a mission when you get...
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    Re: Alien Rage Unlimited fps cap

    The main concern with Alien Rage Unlimited game is that it uses a native resolution of 720p and therefore if anyone is playing on a higher resolution then they will face fps dropping problem in this...
  35. Re: enable FOV option in Day One : Garry's Incident game

    I was going to ask the same question whether there is FOV option in this game or not. I have seen that many of the Unreal Engine game has got the FOV option so we can atleast hope for one in this...
  36. Re: Grand Theft Auto V installation on Xbox 360 stuck

    Well, if the above solution is not working for you then there might be some server issues from where you are downloading the game. Try to download after a while and see if that helps. Or else quit...
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    Re: Plants vs Zombies 2 for pc download

    I checked some gameplay videos of Plants vs Zombies 2 on youtube. The guy was playing this game on his iPad I guess and in the end he said something like Plants vs. Zombies 2 will soon launch on PC...
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    Re: Rayman Legends.exe stopped working error

    There was a guy on Ubisoft forum who said that he was able to solve this problem and to do so open uplay and then log into uplay and then select Go Offline. After that we have to disable wifi network...
  39. Re: Lost Planet 3 crashes to desktop on my pc

    What graphics card do you have. Check that you have not overclocked the graphics card in your pc. Even if it is not overclocked, then try to underclock your GPU and see if that works. If I play...
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    Re: Saints Row 4 crashes every now and then

    Are you sure that you have the latest graphics driver for your video card, just try to get into the Nvidia settings and download it from there. Its been almost 5 hours I have been playing Saints Row...
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    Re: How to get crosshair in Payday 2 Beta game

    All you need to do is just focus your looks at the downside of the guns or rifle and you will make a great hit. In any case, I should agree that this game must include the option to enable to disable...
  42. Re: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition lags at some stages with slow motion

    Apart from the Graveyard stage, I am also getting lags and slow motion on the throne room of Shao Khan's. But when I choose another stage then it works fine and gives almost 80fps rate. I dont think...
  43. Re: Mod download for Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete Edition for pc version

    I thought that the config.ini file is totally different than it is on the gaming consoles. So, it seems that the file type of the characters in the game will be different as well. Also, a one-button...
  44. Re: Ride to Hell: Retribution error "RTH.EXE stopped working"

    You should first check for an updated driver for your graphics card and install it for the support of the latest games. Also, you can try to play the game in Windowed Mode and check if it runs...
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    Re: Gunpoint game for Mac

    Well, you can obviously install Bootcamp and use Windows 7 on your Macbook and play on it. Since this game is very basic, you do not require a powerful pc to play the game. Infact you can use...
  46. Re: D3D9 error while launching Remember Me game

    Well, if nothing is working for you, then you can try to change the reolsution of the game and play it in Windowed Mode, but to do that you there is some file that you need to open to change it...
  47. Re: How to play co-op or splitscreen in Resident Evil: Revelations

    Well, let me tell you that if you looking to play this co-op mode in the main campaign in this game, then there is no options to play so, which is by game designed itself. Actually, if you start to...
  48. Re: Bioshock Infinite continuously freezes after 2 minutes of gameplay

    Try to play the game in offline mode of Steam, to do that follow the below steps::

    First of all start Steam online and then ensure the "remember my password" box on the login window is checked...
  49. Re: Crysis 3 crashes at chapter 2 Welcome to the Jungle

    There is also a possible solution for this problem. Any person who has completed the 2 chapter of this game, can directly upload the save game for chapter 3 of Crysis 3, so that people who are having...
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    Re: Want to buy Xbox 720 or Playstation 4

    I have heard that Xbox 360 will have 8-core processor with 1.6 Ghz x64 architecture. It will be divided into two modules with the same number of cores. The cache of 2MB and same will be opened using...
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