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    Re: Is there any Custom ROM available for Oppo R5

    Custom roms are not available. But you can root the phone and play with various apps on it. You can also easily restore the stock rom. I found some guides which I had linked below. Check them for...
  2. Re: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    There is not much debate on the battery temperature. I had seen on many forums that people show up a bit issue due to rising temperature. And the devices which they had mentioned where mostly local...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 overheats?

    Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones are using 14nm chipset of Exynos 7420 along with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The CPU used on this smartphone are four Cortex-A57 cores running at 1.2ghz and four...
  4. Re: Where to find stock rom for LAVA Iris X1 Grand

    I am also finding the same. This is a new phone released in the market. And yet there is no stock rom found. The best way to find is through the build number. You just have to search on Google and if...
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 530 vs Lava Iris Win1

    Compare to LAVA, in Nokia Lumia 530 you will get more durable design. Nokia devices are good in terms of performance and battery life also. There is no huge difference in the terms of hardware among...
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    Re: Motorola Droid Turbo bluetooth problem

    If you are having any problems with Bluetooth connection then can you tell us whether you are connected to any Wifi? I ask this because I was always facing problems with Bluetooth on my devices when...
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    Poll: Re: Huawei Honor Holly vs Moto E

    My friend just bought Huawei Honor Holly. It is a nice phone with good hardware in it. It comes with quad core processor and 1GB ram. It also has a 8MP camera with flash on the same. The screen size...
  8. Re: How to find in iOS which app is accessing my private data

    Apps does not access private data on their own. It is done when you allow them to do. And you can also stop them by removing it. It is very important that you properly see before adding anything....
  9. Re: Oxigen Wallet keeps on resetting new password on android

    This is weird. I am also dealing with the same problem. I want to transfer some cash to my friend through Oxigen Wallet. And I am also trying the same. I do not understand if I had reset my password...
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    Re: LG G3 Aux plugging in car problem

    There was some type of fix given on various website for this aux cable and Lg G3 phone issues. You can try it and see if it works for you or not. First connect one end of the aux cable to the LG G3...
  11. Re: What to use to clean mobile screen before putting a new screen guard

    I am using one. I got that online. This liquid cleaner is designed to clean the tv and laptop screens. I used that on my mobile regularly. It just clean up the dust and make the screen a bit flashy....
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    Re: Does there is a spamming issue on Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is the new platform for fraud. And you must stay alerts from the same. WhatsApp allow you to create a fast communication networks and it is also widely used. That is why it is now used for...
  13. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 connect and disconnect on its own

    I think this is a driver problem. You have to update that first to find out the solution for the same. I think installing Samsung Kies will do the job. Samsung Kies offer you the latest usb drivers...
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    Re: WhatsApp not working on Nokia X

    The first thing you must do is backup your whatsapp things in your pc so that if you try to troubleshoot then you must atleast have your data. For that connect the phone to the pc through usb cable...
  15. Re: Want some help to move all iPhone contacts to iMac

    It is possible to sync the contacts with your mac pc address book. And you can do that through iTunes. You have to connect the same and there you have to click on sync. iTunes will automatically sync...
  16. Re: Playing modern combat is bit tough on Android

    There must be a proper control that would help you in dealing with the issue. You have to check the controls first. Keep touch and motion sensitive a bit low. If it is fast then it will not be easy...
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    Re: Annoying touch-pad of Sony Vaio SVE15111EN

    You have to update the touch-pad drivers which will help you more in fixing the issue. You can find the drivers on the official site. I am not quiet sure about this. Touchpad drivers add reliability....
  18. Re: Next launcher slowing down other apps on Galaxy Tab 2

    There can be too many application in the tablet due to which you are having the issue. You have to remove that first. You can use a app cleaning software for the same. A app cleaner has all things in...
  19. Re: Managing day to day work through a good note taking app

    Note taking apps comes with limitation. That means you can only add or remove text. I manage my stuff through a Excel sheet. I create a date and
    then add the stuff to do and check that daily. Not...
  20. Re: ES Explorer freezing while streaming file through wifi

    The issue can be with your videos or internet connection. If you are streaming heavy video files then it will freeze. Compare to them if you are streaming small clips then they are more helpful. You...
  21. Re: Looking for a good auto wifi app for android

    This type of feature is available in high end android smartphone like Samsung Note 3. It has a location based wifi option through which when you are in the particular place where wifi is on it will...
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    Re: Using Xbox Controller on PC

    It will work. Microsoft is working on the compatibility thing. You have to simply wait back for the driver update. Because without that it will not be easy to pair the controller with the pc. I had...
  23. Re: Having issue with brightness control on Ubuntu on ThinkPad X140e

    This is a common bug with few laptops. You are unable to use brightness control. There is a fix for that, through which you can use the same function back again. For that first you have to find what...
  24. Re: Acer Aspire 5742Z-4512 rebooting on new 8GB RAM

    Before buying have you checked the ram compatibility. You have to check the specification here where you can get more detail about the ram. Like what is the max size this laptop support and how much...
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    Re: Unable to buy Moto E from Flipkart

    Wait back. There are many people who are trying to buy at the same time. Once the product is added in your cart you can order it. But this is really bad to find that Flipkart cannot handle the sale....
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    Re: Camera quality of Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z2

    I think Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best one. It is having a camera bit lower than Sony Xperia Z2, but the output is great. This phone has a 16MP rear camera. It comes with f/2.2 aperture and 1/2.6...
  27. Re: How transfer all android phone photos to pc through wifi

    You can use a memory card reader. Just move all your photos to the SD card and buy a cheap usb memory card reader. There are ample of them available. I always take backup through this. I use it to...
  28. Re: How is performance of Lava Iris 504Q+ mobile phone

    The hardware configuration is quiet impressive. At a price of Rs.14K lava is giving out a nice performance phone. As per the configuration I am quiet sure that the hardware is good here. 1.3GHz Quad...
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    Re: Compact size android phone for gaming

    The only device which can fulfill your requirement is Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. It is a smaller edition of Sony Xperia Z1. It gives you a 4.3inch screen with good hardware. It is costly but best for...
  30. Re: What is the limit of a device to connect on mobile hotspot

    There is no limit. But your device will get extremely slow if more than 2 or 3 device are connected. You wont be able to use your tablet. You can set a connection limit under Manage Users > Max...
  31. Re: Want help in installing Linux on ASUS ROG G750

    Ubuntu will work well on ASUS ROG G750. You might face issue with the wifi card. You have to locate appropriate drivers or else it won't work. It will work fine if you are using it on the stock video...
  32. Re: How to delete unnecessary files from Nokia Lumia 920

    You can connect the phone to your pc and you will get a removable storage icon in My Computer. Right click on that and you can see the amount of space left inside it. You can use a third party file...
  33. Re: Performance and battery life of LAVA-Iris 550Q

    This phone is comes for Rs.13000. It has a very large battery. Which is 2600mAh. I think this will be locked. There are few high end devices in the market that comes with 2000mAh battery maximum. So...
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    Re: Anyone tried Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

    Galaxy Camera 2 is different compared to other point to shoot. It is a value for money product because it gives you many features. This camera gives you a big 4.98inch Super Clear LCD capacitive...
  35. Re: Unable to use Instagram after updating to iOS 7.1

    Try re-installing. This will fix the problem you are facing. After performing new updates there are chances that many apps will stop working. You just have to re-install that back again.You can try...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 with FM radio

    There will be no FM radio in Samsung Galaxy S5, it has been confirmed. Most of the users now a days use Wifi connection to get live streaming radio stations and it is better than the inbuilt FM...
  37. Re: Multi-tasking not working after updating to iOS 7.1

    It is bit weird. I had also gone with the same update and there is no such problem. In my case the phone is working. I am able to switch between different applications. I had gone with the update...
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    Re: Oppo N1 support for 4G

    Since its a chinese phone, they dont need any other market like USA or Europe to be their consumers because China is their main consumers. There are many other brands that come with 4G support...
  39. Re: Most common video format that any android tablet can read

    Here video format depends on the codec. Almost all android phone comes with H.263, H.264 AVC & MPEG-4 SP codec. This codec helps you to read video format like 3gp and mp4. While some phone also...
  40. Re: Loud fan noise and vibration on Acer Aspire S3

    I think the fan is damage. Due to which it is making noise. You can take the same to service center and get a replacement for the same. Do not attempt to open up on your own self. It can cause...
  41. Re: Where to find latest firmware for Acer Iconia A1-810 tablet

    You can try resetting the tablet. For that turn it off first and then hold the power + volume down button. This will start the reset mode. The tablet settings will be restored. If this does not work...
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    Re: WD Passport Not Recognized on my System

    Incase the drive powers up and you head the drive spinning then it is an operating system issue. You can try to connect your WD hard drive to another pc and see if that works. If it is a Windows...
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    Re: Dell Laptop Latitude E6510 Black Screen

    The problem that you are facing could also be happening if the inverter or backlit has gone bad on the LCD screen. So if you are under warranty then try to send it to Dell support for repair. In the...
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    Re: need games and apps for MT6235 iphone 4s

    I have heard that in most of the china mobile phones you can try to download and install the games from the browser itself which comes preinstalled in your phone if other files like .mrp or .nes or...
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    Re: BlackBerry tools with Mep Reader

    While most of the blackberry phones that is purchased in contract comes in locked version, so to unlock it to be used with another mobile network or sim card there is a code used for such purpose....
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    Re: Troubleshooting various chromecast errors

    I had tested this on my laptop and it worked really well. I do not think this would have any kind of connectivity issue. Google has smartly designed the dongle that offer appropriate output.
  47. Re: Does Acer W510 Tablet has scaling option for gaming

    No it is not present on the tablet you had mentioned. You have to play the game on low settings. Or you will have to upgrade your tablet to some other gaming one. I had seen the specs. Even after...
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    Re: trackpad issues with Acer Aspire S7

    Can you try to uninstall and reinstall the latest trackpad driver for your Acer Aspire S7 by downloading it from the Acer website. After that if you would like to enable the 2 finger touch popup menu...
  49. Re: Acer Aspire S7 wont wake up from Sleep sometimes

    In your Windows 8 operating system you need to open Device Manager by pressing and holding the Windows logo key and X key. After you get the list of hardware categories you need to search the device...
  50. Re: Is it possible to encrypt data on Android phone

    There is no other option other than adding a third party app for the process. You have to download one from Google Play and use the same. Or else this is not going to work. So just get a good third ...
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