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    Re: Tips to stream video from Android to HDTV

    2). TV with HDMI Port and MHL Support.


    Almost all tv comes with hdmi port today. You have to just check one thing in the specification. Whether the HDMI port you has a MHL support or not....
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    Tips to stream video from Android to HDTV

    We are surrounded my many android device. And many of us are having a good device with us. Today we can found from low budget to high end android phone with many advance features. A few of them...
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    Tips to customize Gmail through Gmelius

    Gmail is one of the most popular email service. There are always new changes by Google to make it more and more interactive. Now there is one more way through which you can complete your boring Gmail...
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    Tips to speed Android Jellybean Tablet

    Android is quiet popular today. It offers us a amazing interface where we can do various things. We can install new apps and also play games on it. But we forget that when we keep on installing new...
  5. Sharing Music and Videos through Windows 7 Local Area Network

    Windows 7 comes loaded with some smart file sharing feature. With the help of that you can create your own media server. You can share your songs and video through it. You can even share your...
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    Blackberry Phone Device Switch Tips

    Ample of time we get stuck with data transfer after buying a new Blackberry phone. In this short guide I am going to show you different ways with which you can simply transfer your existing data to a...
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    Tips to choose the right monitor size

    While upgrading from old to new, anyone can be confused to find which one is best. Today we have mostly widescreen flat panel monitors available in the market. But which one fits well to your needs....
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    How to logon with a PIN in Windows 8

    Sometimes entering the whole password in Windows Live account every time for accessing application gets frustrating. To overcome this Microsoft have included logon PIN feature in windows 8 which is...
  9. Re: Tips to create your own Personal Video website

    In that case you can go for AceHTML 6 Pro, it is a good software for beginner web developers and is quite easy to understand. It is an effective tool for creating professional Web sites but you can...
  10. Tips to create your own Personal Video website

    If you are willing to share your pictures and video’s with your friends and family that are in GB’s then you can create your own Personal Video website referring to the below tips. Personal Video...
  11. Re: Maximum power consumption by a single GPU

    Graphics can sometimes consume more power than an entire PC system. Some high-end cards for gamers or professional users can be accommodated with a TDP (thermal design power, the entry for...
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    How to Install Adobe Reader on Fedora 16

    Adobe Reader is a viewer file format (PDF), developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, which will allow you to, among other things, display, create and modify files in this format.

    Installing Adobe...
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    Re: Hot Flash BIOS tips

    WARM FLASH METHOD (experienced only)
    Another is to flash the BIOS hot. The theory and practice indicates that the BIOS chip only works on startup. Once I start the PC (step the post and is the...
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    How to Install Flash on Samsung Galaxy Y?

    Here is a small information that I would like you to give on how to install flash on this mobile. Many people have come up to me and complained that this particular phone does not have a flash player...
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    Re: Tips to fix a zombie PC

    Here are some tips to see if your computer is infected and remedy the problem. How to save your computer

    Install anti-virus and anti spyware software from a trusted source. Anti-malware...
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    Tips to fix a zombie PC

    Do you know that your computer might be committing crime at the moment . Your computer may become a "zombie" if it is infected with a worm or virus and hijacked by a hacker. Here are some...
  17. Tips to get Windows 8 Features on Windows 7

    I think that Windows 8 is the first Windows operating system after Windows 95 with a latest and new style interface. This is the second time the Microsoft drastically modify the user interface....
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    Re: Practical advice about cell phones

    For me, Camera is one of the most important things to be considered. The resolution and quality of the cameras is lower than that of conventional digital cameras, but with some phones you can now get...
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    Re: Tips for Email Marketing

    You must become a friend to provide information and share experiences, just think as if they were your friends or, the more information and content you offer, have more...
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    Re: Study of computers impact on literacy

    I will further state that , the fear of a few educators at present is that computer teaching in schools will serve up simply to train data-entry clerks of the subsequently age group, low level...
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    Re: Tips for Virus Prevention and Detection

    Viruses can also spread from the memory storage devices. The nature of the virus to replicate and be added to a file or program. Today, equipment for data storage such as flash drives, external hard...
  22. re: How to add commas after each text in each cell using Excel Macro

    You should try this short macro, so for that you just have to create a sub procedure.

    Place the code in a general module.
    And after that select the range of cells in question then run the...
  23. Re: Beginners Tips on Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

    I have some more tips here for the novice. I had played the game and hope this will surely help you out.

    First you must take some time to learn the ability of different characters in the game....
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    Re: Does social bookmarking sites are useful

    Social bookmarking is extremely of use if you do it in a correct technique, it’s a better way to get short term traffic. For getting improved results from social bookmarking want some continues...
  25. Re: What is the difference between client-server and distributed architecture

    Thank you so much shrnmlss6 for such a easy explanation of difference between client-server and distributed architecture. I hope that this will be helpful to all others who are searching for the same.
  26. Thread: What is SEO?

    by D_chapple

    Re: What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search engine optimization and that is the process of improving the visibility of a website otherwise web page within the search engines from the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or...
  27. Re: Yahoo ID field is converting user ID to figures in yahoo messenger 11

    If you did not find a keystroke protection application or any such related program on your computer please follows below mentioned steps:

    again open the "Run" command and type "msinfo32" and...
  28. Yahoo ID field is converting user ID to figures in yahoo messenger 11

    HI, I have recently seen that the newer version of yahoo messenger is causing problem with too many people’s concerning the yahoo ID field.

    In other words the Yahoo ID field is converting...
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    Re: Discussion on Highest Paid jobs in India

    Career Management in the stretch across almost all industries and professions. Managers set objectives, operational plans, decide how to allocate staff and resources, and identify and analyze the...
  30. Re: Interview questions and tips for TCS (INDIA) regarding VMware

    Vmware Questions that can be asked in the tcs interview are as follows:
    • What are the three port groups present in ESX server networking?
    • What is the use of a Port Group?
    • How the...
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    Tips for iTunes Tagging

    iTunes is widely used and powerful media player. It is not just a player but provide a better support to organize your media files within one windows. You can play back, organize, your videos/songs,...
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    Re: Tricks and tips for Sony xperia Arc

    Use Go Luncher if you badly need Task Killer. Some programs fail to reappear; some do not is because some built-in feature / service demands back. If they have their roots seem to work best
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    Re: How to Make a Portfolio

    The foremost thing to do is contact the school or schools you are fascinated by and get their portfolio necessities and provision deadlines. Some schools could need just introductory fine art while...
  34. Re: What Is the Difference between a Jump Drive and an External Hard Drive?

    When choosing in case to buy a USB jump drive, or “blaze” drive, or an external hard drive, you should know the departures amidst the a few. In particular, their distinctions are:

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    Re: Weird And Wonderful Computer Furniture

    I see the health advantages they could actually focus and attempt walking to work in a team. While I like the second set-up of the tower and rack is being utilized, somewhat that now would be that...
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    Poll: Re: Call of Duty: Black ops Vs Crysis 2

    The 3D stands out the most exceptionally the same time as those successions that at present have a unyielding instinct regarding profundity to them. Whenever you need, you could probably constantly...
  37. Re: Tips for Preloaded Symbian Applications/System

    Automatically Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks
    In Symbian, there is no easy way to connect to Wi-Fi. You only need to activate Wi-Fi scanning. Depending on the device, one or two parts as follows:
  38. Re: How to Keep internet connection while switching user

    Thank you a lot Agamemnwn. That was very kind of you. I was having this issue from pretty long time and as i am not that good in computers, i was unable to find a proper solution for it on Internet...
  39. Re: Reduce the size of the tabs in Mozilla Firefox

    You can also change the size of your Mozilla Firefox tab by going to the about:config and reducing the browser.tabs.tabMinWidth from 100 to 10.

    Custom Tab Width option in Firefox also allows the...
  40. Re: How to use Xbox 360 on Windows Media Center

    I will go with XMBC. The setup and installation of that is really awesome. To install XBMC itself you can simply copy it to the Applications folder on your Desktop. You can then modify the install to...
  41. Re: Not able to reinstall AVG 9 Dell XPS 16 with windows 7

    Is there any other file of this antivirus program is still situating in your system’s hard drive, if yes then run the disc clean up process and remove them. I think this is occurring for the other...
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    Re: Taskbar items are shuffled in windows 7

    After applying the above mentioned processes if you are still facing the problem than simply proceed for the fresh installation of the operating system that you are using, run the OS installation...
  43. Re: Tips on FNC Punching Technique in Fight Night Champion

    (All techniques are taking orthodox fighter as a fighter)

    Left Straight (Jab)
    The Third is the standard straight left Jab. No passage in the vaccine and this is the fastest technique available....
  44. Re: Tips on FNC Punching Technique in Fight Night Champion

    Defensive(from the shell)
    Any technique that comes from Shell's defense. For the most part, all techniques can be modified to leave and end in the tank, but have negative aspects that is, start the...
  45. Re: Tips on FNC Punching Technique in Fight Night Champion

    This is essentially immobile. You have 24 techniques from the neutral position (when you use the analog control punch) and 12 techniques using the control buttons.

    This is...
  46. Tips on Punching Technique in Fight Night Champion

    I thought I would collect all the drilling techniques in one section. I'm going to reserve the posts of first and you can help and I'll add things as we go along. Feel free to really explore the...
  47. Re: How Eval() and Bind() methods differs in ASP

    The syntax to perform the databinding to controls that use the template approach has changed from version 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0, since the method DataBinder.Eval (Container.DataItem, "Field"), which...
  48. Change the permission level of a user in Frontpage

    In FrontPage, an administrator can change the level of access to a website that has been assigned to a user. There are three types of authorization:

    Explorer - the user can view the Web site...
  49. Re: Unable to display drives after installing windows 7

    After the windows 7 installation if you don’t see your hard drive then go to my computer right click the drive, go to properties, then security tab. At the bottom there is advanced button button,...
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    Re: Tips and Hacks for LG Chocolate Phones

    If you have not done the above steps, do the steps "Configure phone to contact your laptop over Bluetooth". Then simply do the following:
    Disable authentication methods:

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