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    Re: Start service error 193 0xc1

    The problem lies with the service failure. It is not proper due to which you are getting the problem. I think you will need to run a repair setup of windows and then I am sure the problem will be...
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    All this should be done at the time of...

    All this should be done at the time of configuration. If you had applied settings on minimum and if still the complexity does not meet then it simply means that recently someone has modified the...
  3. Cannot delete songs from Windows Media Player Library

    I am using Windows 7. I have Windows Media Player 12 on it. It is the default media player on my system. Now the songs are loaded from My Documents > My Music folder. There were some sample audio...
  4. Re: Windows Mail could not be started. (0x80070002)

    Thanks a lot for the steps buddy but that dint worked as well. I tried renaming the folder and restarted the PC itself . But still when I start Windows Mail, getting the same thing.

    What else?
  5. Windows Mail could not be started. (0x80070002)

    I was using Windows mail on this Vista computer since a long time. Don’t know what went wrong today suddenly, when I try to open Windows mail, I got a pop up saying “Windows Mail could not be...
  6. Automatic Wifi setup failed on Windows Vista 64bit

    I have a 64bit Vista system. There is a wifi network at my home that uses WPA security. The network is detected and connected to the system. But the issue is that it works only by manual settings....
  7. How to remove a running process that gives you "access denied" when you try to kill it

    I need some help by which I can get rid of those process which do not allow me to kill them. For example GoogleUpdate.exe. I am using Windows 2000. When I try to kill the process I am getting a error...
  8. Windows Media Player 11 cannot read cd on Windows Vista

    I need help to solve some issue I am facing on Windows Media Player. I am using the latest edition. I have a Vista laptop. When I insert a audio disc in the laptop I got a error message on the screen...
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    No network connection error on windows Vista

    My internet was working well for some couple of days. I am using a Vista system. There are two Windows XP computers also on the network. Both are still working fine. After a few time the computer...
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    Try to free more space. Go in your windows...

    Try to free more space. Go in your windows partition and see the total amount including everything. You can then simply on that basis create a separate partition where you can keep everything. The...
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    Windows XP fails to detect 1GB RAM out of 3GB

    I had added a 2GB RAM Stick on my system. It was having 1GB before. Later on I checked in Properties there it shows only 1.7GB RAM. It is not finding all the ram. My friend suggested to add more ram...
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    Malwarebytes false positive response on screen

    I am using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. I had just updated the most recent antivirus definition. After update I scanned the system and nothing was detected. I think there is some infection in the...
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    Re: LDAP query can it be done ?

    From groups prespective the members attribute sounds the one that you're
    looking for. You can try some links below that have information on using it very well. You can refer the same to collect more...
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    Re: Monitor Driver Update

    Thanks friend but that dint helped either. There were two files in the downloaded provides two files including AF715.ICM and AF715.INF. Wherever I locate them so that the so-called Wizard can install...
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    Monitor Driver Update

    Hi, i am using Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3. My monitor is using 2001 Plug & Play monitor driver which now i want to replace with the monitor manufacturer's 2003 driver. But i am not able to...
  16. How can I get rid of Internet Antivirus Pro Adware

    My system was suddenly infected with adware. It is some Internet Antivirus Pro. I am getting constant popup on my screen and it is really very frustrating to work. My system has started working very...
  17. Error 8007066F after running Microsoft Office Update

    I am facing a bit complex issue here. I am getting Error 8007066F after office update. I thought this would be fixed by performing the update back but still the same error persist. I cannot find any...
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    Default path stationery folder

    I need some help to change the default path of stationery folder in Windows. I am using Outlook as default mail client. I need some help get rid of the same. I checked in the Tools but there is...
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    Network icon says not connected but I am

    I own a new dell laptop. The model number if Inspiron 1720. It has a wifi internet connection in it. I am having a local internet service. There is a model with wifi support in it. For the first few...
  20. Installing Codecs without install Windows Media Player

    My office PC is connected to a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 where we are not allowed to install Windows Media Player. Now I want to use first frame of an .mpg, .avi or .wmv extracted using Video...
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    Computer Browser Service not working

    There are 2 computers and a Xbox connected to my network. The computers are having Windows XP and Windows Vista. In Vista network I can see that is connected somehow there is a error mark in the icon...
  22. NetStumbler doesn't work with my Netgear WG111V2 USB adapter

    How can I configure NetStumbler on NetGear WG111V2 USB adapter. I cannot find any solution for the same. I am using Windows 98 SE here. It is a old OS but I am sure there would be some settings that...
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    VPN Connection failure on Windows Vista SP1

    I need some help with VPN connection with Vista. I am not able to work on the same. I facing a error on connectivity. I had upgraded to SP1 and the problem started appearing and before that things...
  24. Remote event viewer access without being an admin?

    Hello, I’m running a windows 2003 server and trying to allow a set of access to developers so that they can view my event viewer logs remotely using an MMC snap-in but I don’t want to provide...
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    Cannot find compmgmt.msc in Windows XP

    I need some help here to locate compmgmt.msc in my system. I am not able to add any external drives. When I go in Computer Management I am getting a error that Windows cannot open this. It is located...
  26. No exe file is working properly in Windows Vista

    I got Windows Vista pre-installed on my Acer laptop. It is just a new system purchased last week. I am trying to install Winrar on it. When I run I got a message on screen that this .exe file is not...
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    How to cancel a CHKDSK /F in progress?

    I was running chkdsk on my system. The command that I had used was chkdsk /f. Suddenly there was power failure when it was almost going to get complete. I restarted the system and chkdsk started...
  28. How 2 connect old computer db9 port to new laptop with db15 or usb

    I have a Windows 98 desktop pc. I bought a new Windows XP laptop. Now I want to connect that old 98 computer to the new desktop. I am trying to do that through null serial modem cable. Later on I use...
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    Re: Autologon - Shift key not work first time

    Thank you very much for the help MikeY007. So that was wrong. Your tip worked fine.

    Help appreciated.
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    Autologon - Shift key not work first time

    We have a small network in our office with few client workstations running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and fully updated with all recent patches. One of these computers is having some problems with...
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    Active Directory and DMZ

    I am dealing with a issue while working on sharepoint. It is a port of domain and it is inside DMZ. There is a separate domain which is working inside the corporate network. DMZ is a kind of trusted...
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    Re: Increase bandwidth for VPN users

    VPN delivers a security connection. It is essential that you must know the entire process how it really works. The reason that you face on low bandwidth is because VPN is working on a encrypted...
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    How enable network adapter in script?

    I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 computer. It is on lan. There are some 4 more computers. I am looking for some script or batch file through which I can enable or disable network adapter. I am trying to...
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    Unable to send e-mails

    Just setup Windows Mail on a new laptop and configured few email addresses. The issue am facing is when I click on send it gives pretty long error message. There is no problem with receiving the...
  35. missing error while upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2007

    I cannot upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007. I am using Office 2003 Student Edition rightnow. I had bought the upgrade, but when I perform the setup I am getting error. I cannot find any...
  36. You do not have permission to access portions of System State\Registry file

    I am using Veritas 8.6 for taking backup in my system. I am using this from some months and it is working fine. Recently I had made some changes. After that I am getting constant error and the backup...
  37. Re: Unprotect document in Word 2007 that was protected in 2003 ver

    Did you tried to search in F1. I am talking about the help and support column. There you can find out the entire set of details which will allow you to remove the restriction. There is one more...
  38. Windows Media Player freezes whie playing shared media files

    I am trying to configure my Xbox on Windows network. I have a computer which has Windows Media Player 11. When I try to share the media the system freezes and nothing happens. Sometime it freezes for...
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    Try to restart the server and then check back. I...

    Try to restart the server and then check back. I am sure this will be resolved on single restart. There can be some multiple errors also which can be fixed by using Chkdsk. Also verify your system...
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    There are some set of link that can guide you....

    There are some set of link that can guide you. The best place to find information on the same is to check out KB article of Microsoft. It has detailed information on what you are looking for. First...
  41. Use Windows 2003 CA to create a web server certificate with alternative DNS names

    I am having a very basic issue related to Windows Server 2003. In my setup the exchange server uses SSL. It is using it own internal signed certificate. I want to change that. All users on the...
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    Acer 3680 does not connect to wifi network

    I am trying to connect my second Acer 3680 laptop on the network. It has Windows Vista basic in it. There is a active wireless connection available but somehow it is not able to work. There is a...
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    Re: 1 NIC only in SBS 2008???

    Thanks for the same unidentified, but I already read that and posted my query here.
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    1 NIC only in SBS 2008???

    I read somewhere that SBS 2008 is going to have single NIC configuration, is it correct? If yes, then I think they should rename it as "Medium Business Server 2008."

    Can someone give me some ore...
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    If you don't mind, then i will suggest you to buy...

    If you don't mind, then i will suggest you to buy a version of Office2003. It includes Access, you wont have to install it standalone. I think buying a version of Office2003 will be a better idea, it...
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    Ideas for Windows Media Player 12

    I am making this thread to request some new features in Windows Media Player 12. I hope someone from Microsoft can read this and add in the upcoming edition or provide us update for the existing one....
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    Remotely rename computer and join to domain

    I need some help to create a script that can allow me to auto rename a computer. I am having a series of systems on the network. It is not possible for me to rename all of them one by one manually. I...
  48. Re: AIOC.exe has encountered a problem-Dell Printer won't installl

    Thanks for your input HELLIAN, even i think the issue is surely with Dell's drivers but they are not accepting the same instead blaming that there is glitch in Windows XP which can be fixed only...
  49. AIOC.exe has encountered a problem-Dell Printer won't installl on

    I am using a Dell XPS Laptop running with Windows XP Media Center OS. I recently bought two new All in one printers, it is Dell 926 and Dell 944. Now though the laptop and Printers are of same brand,...
  50. Did you checked all the options where were...

    Did you checked all the options where were available in the shared toolkit. I think you must try that once and then go for any other third party tool. I am not aware about any tool, but there are...
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