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    Re: Sigmatel S90 china mobile PC suite

    Hey you can check out below thread, it has a china mobile phone suite and if you are lucky then it might work out for you. China mobile phones uses proprietary operating system and it’s quite hard...
  2. Re: 2 x ATI Radeon HD 5830 in crossfire freezes while playing games

    If the cards are working fine alone and have the same version of driver installed then they should work fine in CrossFire. Since they are not, I guess there is something wrong with your Motherboard,...
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    Re: Inicio.exe system error

    Inicio.exe system error is part of the Panda antivirus suite and is a virus. Since you are getting Inicio.exe system error than manually check out your system and see if it is present. Generally it...
  4. Re: Best motherboard for Intel Core i3-3220

    See if you don’t mind spending a bit more than your budget then you can check out below ones:

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
  5. Re: iphone 3g keeps rebooting after updating to ios6

    You can follow these steps for restoring your iphone with iTunes:

    First Launch iTunes in your computer and Connect your iphone to it.
    Once your phone gets recognized, select it within iTunes,...
  6. Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    I agree, using operator website for recharging our phones is safest. Just to share I have used rechargefreak and paytm both and I have never got cheated but I don’t refer to them anymore. It is...
  7. Re: Updating to flash player version gives script error

    I wanted to know if you have tried using some other browser than Internet explorer, if not then try using firefox or chrome and see if you are able to update flash player successfully. Until then you...
  8. Re: Sleeping Dogs is a completely broken game, has a lot of bugs

    There can be different reasons for it:

    You might not be having compatible driver for running the game, in that case you can try installing different version of latest driver for finding out the...
  9. Re: Sleeping Dogs is a completely broken game, has a lot of bugs

    I think that there might be something wrong going on in your system, I had preordered Sleeping Dogs and I am playing it since the day it became available. I haven’t faced any issue with the game...
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    Re: Office 2010 Error Message OXC0150004

    I wanted to know if you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it again? If not then give that a try and see if things are working fine after that or not. Just make sure that you are making a clean...
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    Re: Flash Player in Windows Mobile

    User Agent Switcher Is good but it won’t work for all sites, just wanted to share that Most websites only a piece of information called User Agent. It helps in identifying the type of browser one...
  12. Re: Can I use AMD HD 7000 with Mountain Lion

    Yes AMD HD 7000 is listed as Not Supported by Mac OS X which includes recent versions like Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. Your friends have said you the right thing. Your card needs to be...
  13. Re: Netflix not working after updating to Firefox 14.0.1 on Mac Snow Leopard

    Silverlight 4.0.60531.0 is not the latest, its Silverlight 5. Anyways I wanted to add that I have checked regarding your issue and have come across other peoples facing the same message. It seems...
  14. Re: Getting white screen in video even after installing flash player on Firefox 13

    I was facing the same issue previously and this is what I had one to fix it:

    Uninstall current Flash Plugin by going into Control Panel -- Programs and Features

    After that click on this link...
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    Re: Looking for a Good PHP Editor

    There are some other good options; you can check them out as well:

    PHP Designer
    Zend Studio
  16. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H keeps locking up and turns off

    Overheating can appear when one is overclocking his/ her system or when there is insufficient cooling for the cpu. Since you have mentioned that you are not overclocking the system at all I guess...
  17. Re: Best and Compatible touchscreen monitor for windows 8

    I am having a “HP Compaq L2105tm 21.5-inch Widescreen LCD Touchscreen Monitor” you can get it for $279.00 and it is quite compatible with windows 8. I have used 8 developer previews on the same...
  18. Re: Motorola Atrix HD camera's white balance is not proper

    Below is the list of Best HDR camera apps for Android:

    HDR Camera
    Retro Camera
    Photaf Panorama Pro
    Pro HDR Camera
    Camera ZOOM FX
  19. Re: Asus P8Z77-V PRO BIOS 1206 download and information

    If you are trying to install the Asus P8Z77-V PRO BIOS 1206 from USB pen drive then, I would say that you shouldn't do it. I tried it on my PC and my PC has gone down. The USB pen drive was...
  20. Re: Which operating system is good for overclocking

    In that case you can try overclocking your Intel Core 2 quad 2.4 gghz, there are a no of softwares for monitoring the cores and temperature while overclocking the same in short you will have to...
  21. Re: Will HTC EVO 4G LTE get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    I am not very sure but according to my sources this is what I have found so far, phones that will be getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for sure:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy S3
  22. Re: Need a cabinet/case for Asus Crosshair IV Extreme

    Hey you can check out Cooler Master HAF 932 I think it will be the best choice for your AMD FX-8150 Black Edition and Asus crosshair IV extreme motherboard. It has 3 120 x 25 mm fans for excellent...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Sola lagging bug

    As far as a workaround is concerned you can try out repairing the software via PC Companion. If you are not aware of the same then I will like to inform you that PC Companion acts as a portal to Sony...
  24. Re: Google Sky Map on Kindle Fire is Weird

    I just wanted to know that have you rooted your Kindle Fire?? If not then I don’t think it will work properly. The reason behind the same is that Network based location is not capable of working on...
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    Re: Intel Dp55KG stops and beeps twice

    Two beep code sounds to be an issue with the video card or the ram, you will should check them out first. If the board is having integrated video card and then you can try booting the system without...
  26. Re: "File Creation Error. Unable to rename/copy audio file" with CamStudio

    There are a number of bugs in CamStudio and File Size is one of them. Its not actually a bug in CamStudio but then it is a limitation that is being imposed according to the AVI specification....
  27. Re: M2Ts File gives no audio when imported to VideoWave in Roxio Creator Pro 2012

    I will suggest you to better create a restore point with windows and after that try using Revo in the MODERATE mode. When you will use Revo it will open Creator 2012 uninstaller, simply run the same....
  28. Re: M2Ts File gives no audio when imported to VideoWave in Roxio Creator Pro 2012

    Well, DivX Plus Converter is not so effective as even i had used it. And yeah, i had faced the same problem as above where i was not getting Audio from the files in VideoWave. As per my experience,...
  29. Re: Can’t make Skype video calls on Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512

    There are possibilities that your subscriptions options might have got messed and you need to change the same. I am not sure if this will work but you can surely give it a try. Just logon to Skype...
  30. Re: nintendo wii screen goes blank when playing Super Mario Bros

    In that case I just wanted to know if you are having issue just with Super Mario Bros or with some other game as well?? If you are having this issue with just Super Mario Bros game then there might...
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    Re: Nintendo Dsi does not charge

    Since you have checked out the battery and there is nothing wrong with the same I think there is something wrong with the consoles main board in your case. If you want to check out the fuse then I...
  32. Re: Harley Quinn’s Revenge has invalid serial key

    I know what can be your problem can be. My friend brought Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge and in the serial key he got, there was alphabet ‘G’. The serial key was printed in such a...
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    re: Nintendo Dsi does not charge

    I think that there might be something wrong with the battery. Have you tried out inspecting the battery and checking if it is connected properly or not? If you want you can check out the golden...
  34. Re: Streaming videos freezes and becomes unresponsive on any browser

    I just wanted to know if you have tried out the below things? If not the try them out and post back the result that you might be getting so that I can have a better idea of your case.

  35. Re: How many maps in Alan Wake's American Nightmare?

    There are five maps in the Fight Till dawn mode of Alan Wake's American Nightmare. The first map that is unlocked by default is the Cemetery. It is typical graveyard with tombs all over and a huge...
  36. Re: BSOD caused by Ntkrnlmp.exe in Windows 7

    I am aware of the BSODs caused by Ntkrnlmp.exe and it is basically related to Driver, RAM sticks, Windows update, power supply and so. I will suggest you to first check these things out and let me...
  37. Re: Cannot boot from DVD on Asus P8P67 DELUXE for fresh installation

    Hey thanks for the same I have now tested out my system with other dvd drive that I had taken out another one from a working machine and now the system is booting up fine with the dvd. I am not sure...
  38. Re: Cannot boot from DVD on Asus P8P67 DELUXE for fresh installation

    Your issue is appearing to be weird now. I mean if the dvd drive is getting recognized by the bios then why isn’t it reading the dvd properly. I still think that there is something wrong with the...
  39. Re: Cannot boot from DVD on Asus P8P67 DELUXE for fresh installation

    Is the dvd drive detected in the BIOS. I know that you are not able to check out the same for now as the windows is not booting but I think that you should try clearing the cmos first. You should...
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    Re: Can I play angry birds on TV

    Yes you can get the “Menotek Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter” and connect it to your tv and phone for playing the game on tv. Some additional details of the “Menotek Micro USB to HDMI MHL...
  41. Re: Windows 7 Aero gets Turned Off itself randomly

    If you want then you can try out the below solution for enabling the aero quickly as well:

    Just go in to Control Panel> System and Security> System and then click on Advanced System Settings in...
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    Re: No sound coming on my Ipad 3

    Your issue seems to be weirder. Anyways I just wanted to know that are you running multiple application at the same time?? I mean I am not very sure but if yes then you can try closing all the other...
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    Re: No sound coming on my Ipad 3

    I have faced the same on my mobile phone, I mean it used to show headphone connected and I used to not get any sound from the speaker, you might be getting sound from the headphone right?? If yes...
  44. Re: Is there Nemesis Mode of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for PS3?

    Nemesis mode was exclusively meant for the devices made by Microsoft. It seems that Microsoft must have paid enough money to make the developers of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City to make the...
  45. re: Getting error "windows has encountered a problem connecting with a device connected to your computer" on intel DG43GT

    Since you are having issue with the installation of operating system on Intel(R) Desktop Board DG43GT, so you can try out Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) which is a method for booting from a...
  46. Re: Forgot log on password of Toshiba Excite AT205-T32

    In that case I will like to inform you that I have searched out for the same and have found one to be suffering from the same but then he was able to get rid of the sane by trying out the solution...
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    Re: Toshiba Excite tablet screen is freezing

    Before I suggest you something about the same I just wanted to know the below things:

    Have you tried inspecting the battery??
    Since you have mentioned that the issue has started suddenly I...
  48. Re: Will Samsung Galaxy S III work on T-Mobile

    In that case I will like to inform you that the T-Mobile calls 4G as their 3G HPSA network and they have not yet rolled out from the LTE so for getting the T-Mo 3G one will need to have phone...
  49. Re: Queries regarding Outbreak in Blades of Time

    The tree keeps summoning six AI minions which come to attack the characters. Among the six units, four units use melee attacks and two use ranged attacks. The first priority for them is to destroy...
  50. Re: Adding Dan Hibiki in Street Fighter X Tekken

    Dan is already present in the game. Didn’t you notice in the tutorial mode that the training instructions and dialogues present in upper tabs. It is the Dan Hibiki itself, in the pink clothes and...
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