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    Re: Netgear JNR1010 router dropping wifi signal

    It is not a signal dropping problem, it is a range issue. Your mobile device is out of range due to which you are unable to get it connected. The best way to fix this issue is to find a proper place...
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    Re: What is the role of http

    There are different type of communication standard that are required to establish a connection between client pc and a serve. HTTP is one of them. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. When you...
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    Re: Software to manage a Windows 7 lan network

    You can do that through Windows server. You can manage various windows pc on the lan network through that. You have to simply configure windows server first. And then you can use Active Directory....
  4. Re: It is pain to manage multiple wireless repeater

    I do not think repeaters are great enough to help you. The best thing to do is simply install a cable line in your office. You can use a high speed switch with a load balancer. Many high end routers...
  5. Re: Copy error while transferring files through wifi

    The issue is not with the files or with the tablet storage it can be with the app. There are other apps also available that can help you to do the same. You can use ES File Explorer. This app works...
  6. Re: Shared files not accessible on Windows 8.1 pc

    Go and just check in Device Manager that the card you had installed is not having any warning sign on the same. If it has then it means you are not having proper drivers. You have to update it back...
  7. Re: Constantly getting could not connect to server error on Filezilla

    The first thing you have to do is make sure that the ftp server login details are right. Filezilla works well if you are having the right login stuff. You can get the detail from cpanel. You can do...
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    Re: Unable to find adhoc network on Windows 8.1

    It is available in Windows 8. You are just unable to find it. You can locate that in wifi setting. For that the first thing you have to do is enable Internet Connection Sharing so that you can share...
  9. Re: Malware slowed down IE and crashing constantly

    If you are using Firefox then try to check in tools and then click on addons. Inside that you can find out a few simple way to resolve the problem you are facing. To test you can start Firefox in...
  10. Re: What is the difference between a regular and gaming router

    Gaming routers are design for fast lan. They have advance options to configure gaming network while in regular one you get limited bandwidth and features. For example D-Link DGL-5500. It is a advance...
  11. Re: Virtual Wireless router vs physical for small home network

    I am using virtual router software at my home. I had installed that on my dell laptop. The limitation is that the wifi will only work if you turn on your laptop. And then it remains off. That's it. I...
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    Re: High latency on home router

    Change the patch code and check back. I think that is the problem. You had connected the router to the lan port. Just for the testing purpose get a new patch cord and connect the router to the model...
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    Re: WD My Book Live Dual very slow on backup

    The external drive speed is based on the rpm. Most commonly you can find 5400 rpm drivers in almost all network drives. It will be slow if many people are trying to access the hard drive at the same...
  14. Re: Performance wise which is better between Virtualization & Remote desktop

    I will recommend you to go with remote desktop. You don't really need internet for that. You can use it through lan. Configure static IP on the system and test it out. This will be faster and will...
  15. Re: How to find that someone is using my wifi connection

    You can find that through the router. When sometime device connect to it, every router has a page where you can see the connected devices. If you find any suspicious device connected disconnect it...
  16. Re: Cheap antivirus for 15 pc with reasonable security features

    Norton AntiVirus 2013 comes for Rs.270. It is a single pc edition with 1 year support. You can buy this one. It is cheap and reliable. You can also try to find a multi-user pack in the market. That...
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    Re: What is Prelaunch.exe file doing in my usb

    Boot your system in safe mode and run a full system scan. Then check back. Once the file is quarantined it does not spread. It looks some of your data is having that infection due to which it is...
  18. Re: Does a virus spread from virtual machine to outside OS

    There are chances of spreading because the files which are infected lies on the same hard drive. It is better to use a good antivirus to avoid any issue. A good antivirus in your virtual machine plus...
  19. Re: What is all those buzz about sim card hack on the web

    First of all it is recommended that you must not keep any account details in your mobile phone. It is for your safety. Even if you keep the account number never keep the passwords. This would be...
  20. Re: Which processor will be good to run Vmware server

    I think it requires a powerful system with good ram support. Go for 64bit system only. While for processor you will need to find something that support virtualization technology. I had seen different...
  21. Re: How to increase the performance of Windows Server 2008

    Just launch Task Manager. Go to the Performance section and see what you find there. In that verify the cpu and ram usage. If that is high then you have to find the associated service in Processes....
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    Re: What is new in Windows Server Essentials

    Windows Server Essential plays a vital role in server configuration. It allows you to use it like a bridge in terms of setup, installation and migration. I will recommend you to through some guide on...
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    Re: Is Bull Guard Antivirus good for laptop

    Bull Guard is a good antivirus. It offers you all those features which you simply get it any other paid antivirus. It comes in the list of top ten antivirus in the market. It has a powerful...
  24. Re: How to keep windows security from virus via removable drives

    For that you will need to tell the users to scan the usb or memory card and then open it. You have to manually teach them one by one. I had also faced the issue. The place where I stay is shared by...
  25. Poll: Re: Linksys EA4500 vs. Netgear WNDR4500 vs. Asus RT-N66U router?

    The speed of these routers are same, all three routers can provide you with 450 Mbps speed for both download and upload. The Wi-Fi speed might vary depending upon the device you are using. Since the...
  26. Re: Immunize feature of spybot is not working for all browser

    I think there is a simple mistake that both your people are committing. Might be you are not trying to run Spybot S&D as administrator. It has been already mentioned that running Spybot S&D as...
  27. Re: Error on screen that Avast cannot protect emails

    Got that error switch to avg. There are tons of free antivirus on web that you can try out. Get any better free edition on your system and try that. Again if you get any error switch to other.
  28. Re: Is Tikona a better option than using BSNL wireless EVDO?

    I guess it would be much better if you ask any of the recent users about the Ticona connection. They are the best person who can suggest you about the current performance of Ticona. Because...
  29. Poll: Re: Best way to remove software from your computer

    There are many ways including many software’s which uninstalls all the unwanted software’s from your computer. I use “Uninstaller Pro” as it helps you to remove all the software’s which you...
  30. Re: Can we make free call via Viber on Blackberry

    Sounds interesting. I am using an Android device but have never heard about Viber. As you guys discussed above about its free calls and sms, it really impressed me. I think its an useful information....
  31. Re: Confused between Windows Phone Mango and Windows Phone 8

    If you are not aware of anything related to these operating systems, let me tell you some important features about the same. Windows Phone Mango is also known as windows Phone 7 Mango. Here, Mango is...
  32. Re: Error "Failed to operate disk. Please resubmit after restart" on LinkStation Pro Quad LS-QVL

    Do you have live ubuntu CD? If yes then you can boot your computer from ubuntu live CD and after that try to format the drive manually. See if that allows you to format that in this way.

    If this...
  33. Re: No fix IP Address for wired devices on Netgear N300

    Let me know whether you have setup router as a DHCP sever? If your answer is yes then router should be reassigning the IP address. DNS should be mentioned when user is trying to connecting with their...
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    re: DP35DP Windows Error Code 43

    I am using the same mother board from last five years and having no problem at all. I think that they are not providing the driver for windows 7 64bit. I suggest you to download the windows vista 64...
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    Re: Unable to open ShieldsUp webpage

    I think it has to be the opera browser because I am having opera 11 browser it is not getting opened there but the same web page is getting opened in the other browser such as Firefox and Google...
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    Re: Suggestion about Rising Antivirus 2011

    This antivirus is being developed by Chinese company, so if you try to find out official website then it will be totally in Chinese. There is no complaint about this antivirus, if you are going to...
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    Re: Should I go for Avira free?

    You should not go for free version in my opinion. Though if you prefer to go for free version then also you are going to get enough protection on your system. if you are not having any major issue...
  38. Re: Installing php-apache on Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 NAS gives error: apache.postinst returned 1

    I have tried to solve this problem by editing the httpd.conf file from apache2 but after editing the httpd.conf file when I tried to install apache at that time I get error. I have tried also tried...
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    Re: 2.27RU Firmware for D-link DIR-615 B2 router

    I would like to say that one of D-link employee have told that “As you know, security is a top concern for D-Link and we are going with the Wi-Fi Alliance to guarantee the security and appearance...
  40. Re: How to block number of attachment while sending email on MS Exchange 2010 SP1?

    You will be able to get your requirement by making use of routing agent. Make sure that you are not using Office 365 as it does not support for Agents. There should be some code which would check...
  41. Re: Unable to access machine after configuring VPN through Smoothwall Express 3.0

    After reading out your post I can only make out that there must be some devices that might be missing the routing. Basically if you see people do configure and setup the routing manually. Even I had...
  42. Re: Can I dump storage pool data to the network share?

    To get your requirement you should perform below mentioned steps.

    First of all you have to run below mentioned command to get snapshots of all replica volume

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    Re: Novell Netware 6.5 for Linux

    NetWare 6 was released in October 2001. This rendition had a streamlined licensing scheme, taking into account user and not on servers. This will be diminished permit prices and permitted an...
  44. Re: Can Dlink DIR-655 router be used as a access point or a bridge?

    I don’t think so Dlink DIR-655 can act as a repeater it can only work as AP. If you want then you can use the same SSID as the host Wifi but you need to look that channels should be different. I...
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    Re: Find who is using my wifi

    Yes there is a way by which you can know that who is using your Wi-Fi. You can check indicator lights in the router which shows the internet connectivity, hardwired connectivity and other wireless...
  46. Re: Firmware upgrade fails in Dlink DSR-500N router

    If you are facing same problem even after performing above steps then you should contact Dlink support and then you have to tell them about the firmware upgrade issue and after that they will provide...
  47. Re: Unable to connect internet while using Dlink dir-655 router via ZyXEL PK5000Z

    In my case same problem was occurred and I have tried to search the answer on internet and after spending some time I came to know that by changing PPPoE setting to “Always on” this problem can...
  48. Re: Unable to access allowed device using MAC filtering on Dlink DIR-825

    Well I was also facing from the same problem which you have mentioned over here. you should check and confirm that reserved IP addresses is set to On for router as well as all the devices. I...
  49. Re: What is a greater threat to Publishers? Amazon or Piracy?

    This discussion is a very appreciable innovation by your institution disagreeing totally to what was suggested in the very first reply. Here, the choice of words is the game. If you ask me to answer...
  50. Re: Security pertaining to personal mobile phones.

    It is definitely needed. I can say that without the slightest of doubts. When a client provides you with his most crucial, sensitive and vital data with something called trust it is your sole and...
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