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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    If you are looking to create a new account then it will give you a new OneDrive storage along with your new email account. Even if you manage to rename your account then it will just change your log...
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    Re: best social media plugin for wordpress

    There are many similar Wordpress plugin of social media, one such is called Social PopUP. You can use this plugin to display a popup or a splash screen whenever a new user visits your website. In the...
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    Re: How to remove Luhe.Fiha.A, what is it?

    I would suggest you to download a tool called AdwCleaner which is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This...
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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    Can you try to clear all your browsing history and also all the cache for more than 10 minutes or so. By doing this, it might be possible that some unused memory will become free in Google Chrome....
  5. Re: Google Play Store error "background data disable", how to enable it?

    Even I had similar problem and I also didnt know how did I even restrict this option in my smartphone. In any case, you can go to Settings and then on the Connections area simply scroll down to Data...
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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    Did you try to review your Windows updates, there might be something updated which you dont know much about. Are you also trying to log into that second Windows account or are you just running that...
  7. Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    You might have a broken extension or one of the extension is not working well with another of the extensions installed in Firefox Add-ons. You can try to disable them and re-enable them one by one to...
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    Re: Error Code 9C59 with Internet Explorer 11

    If the above solution doesnt work then use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files. To do this, click Start, type Command Prompt or cmd in the Search box, right-click...
  9. Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    You will need to have a OneDrive link of the user's Public folder and only after that you can access that folder. So, you will have to ask the owner to share link of the Publich folder and to do that...
  10. Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    There is another addon called Rebrand that you can install in your Firefox browser that is able to change the brand name and also the brand images and icons. If you want to use the wizard then try to...
  11. Re: youtube full screen video shows white border at bottom

    Well, have you tried to install the latest video drivers in your computer and also tried to uninstalled and reinstalled your Chrome browser as well. If this doesnt solve the issue then you can try to...
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    Re: Word 2010 - Undefined bookmarks problem

    When you are doing something in a copy of the original document then choose the table of the contents and then use Ctrl+Shift+F9 to convert it to ordinary text. After you have done this then copy and...
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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    Are you trying to upgrade via the Wifi Internet connection or using the Kobo Desktop software. I think that it would be good if you can use the Kobo Desktop software because it will be able to get...
  14. Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview and Silverlight problem

    Did you make sure that you are using or have installed the updated version of Silverlight in your pc? If yes, then also ensure that if Silverlight add-on is not disabled in the Internet Explorer 11...
  15. Re: install third party apps on Nook HD Tablets

    You can easily restore the Nook tablet firmware to 1.4.0 version by downloading the Nook Tablet restore file from here. After downloading it, do not rename it. Now copye the same file on a micro sd...
  16. Re: Folders and Files shared on Skydrive with me wont show up

    It was told that there will be a update coming in the Windows 8.1 Preview version to fix this issue but still nothing has come yet. Right now to access the shared folder or upload anything to it we...
  17. Re: receiving mail notifications

    Right now, Skype is the default messenger that has been integrated with Microsoft, which was previously using Windows Live Messenger. And till now Skype doesnt support mail notifications, it could...
  18. Re: solving "You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with"

    Most of the users were facing this issue and therefore this problem was submitted to microsoft experts for checking purpose. In any case, to prevent getting this error message when accessing your...
  19. Re: horizontal lines in the middle of the screen in Kindle Keyboard ereader

    Well, if you have bought your Kindle Keyboard ereader from Amazon website then you should go to that website and then click on the “Manage Your Kindle” page and you will find a link that will...
  20. Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    It seems to have become a custom for google to change good functions from their products. It was one of the most useful features and now after changing it, they say that they have done a great...
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    Re: Opera Next 15 missing features

    It seems to me that Opera Next 15 is a similar build like Chrome browser. There are no difference when you will work on both the browsers now, only the name difference you will notice, lol. You wont...
  22. Re: transfer downloaded ebook to Kindle from Mac

    You can try to go to the Manage Your Kindle page in your Amazon account on the website and then pick "Transfer via Computer" and then choose your Kindle 3 so that Amazon will encode a file that will...
  23. Re: Internet Explorer 10 wont work in desktop mode on Windows 8

    All you have to do is, search for internet option in Metro and open it. After that you have to go to Programs tab and manage addon and then disable addons that you will not use and check if that...
  24. Re: remove from google chrome

    This problem usually happens when a third party software is installed on the machine or computer and those software might be having an additional installation package of the same search engine and...
  25. Re: How to move Hotmail folder (.ost file) to another location using Outlook 2010

    All you need to do is go into Tools and then Account Settings. After that on the data files tab choose the data file for the account. After that you can try to turn off "cached mode" on the advanced...
  26. Re: Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones Announced

    "MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" have already agreed with the company Mozilla's support in promoting the mobile platform Firefox OS. "Many of our customers live in developing countries, and their requests...
  27. Re: Microsoft rumoured to acquire Social Network Yammer

    For Microsoft it could strengthen its offering for Office 365 that is already offered by SMEs which is a turn-key solution to hand their website with desktop applications, and a solution for Exchange...
  28. Re: Lamborghini Announces TL700 smartphone and L2800 tablet

    It is really a shame to see devices with such luxurious feature coming with Android 2.3 operating system, which was a mere discussion in the 2010 year, as people are now talking much about the...
  29. Re: New 3D Maps of Google & Offline Access to Android and IOS Unveiled

    What remains to be seen on this announcement is whether these maps can be also used in Google Navigation. It was also announced that the accuracy and resolution of these views in the street has been...
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    How to print documents with Office 2010

    Nothing is easier than printing a text or a spreadsheet? Even, there are command that contains options which are often unknown. Here are some key points for Word 2010.

    Printing with Word 2010
  31. Internet Explorer 10 will have Adobe Flash Player Support

    Finally the next version of Internet Explorer (10) will be developed to host Flash Player.

    In February, Microsoft had sought to confirm previous remarks by explaining that plugins like Flash...
  32. Re: Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia : The new PDA formalized

    One of the main feature of the Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia is the size of its screen that is: 3.2 inches (which is approximately 8.1 cm), instead of the usual 2.8 inches (which is 7.1 cm). The screen...
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    re: Idt High Definition Audio codec

    If you have windows xp and you are facing the same problem then you can even try to troubleshoot this sound issue by following the below steps:

    First right click on your "my computer" icon on...
  34. Re: Too many cookies are getting collected in Internet Explorer 8 that cant be deleted as well

    You can even try to run Malicious Software Removal Tool provided by mircosoft. The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows...
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    Re: Sonic MyDVD Plus driver problem

    Yes, you can now try to install Sonic MyDVD Plus on your computer after fixing the registry that you have described. Alternately you can also get the AVS DVD software which works just as well. Hope...
  36. Re: Motorola Fire XT (XT531) Smartphone Announced with Android 2.3 and 800mhz processor

    I have heard that this device, known as XT531, which will be marketed as a Fire XT is supposed to be an affordable entry model which will arrive in China this month on the market. After then only it...
  37. Re: Logitech Announces The iOS Squeezebox Controller App

    There are 2 good reasons:

    1: This allows us for secure access. Anyone who can not take control of your Squeezebox connects over an indescribable way to your wireless network

    2: The advantage...
  38. Re: Some media sites are not opening on internet explorer 8

    It may be the virus that is affecting the computer to not go for that particular site. Always use a firewall when connecting to the Internet. There is a presence of spyware that redirects to another...
  39. Re: Severe missing keystroke on internet explorer

    I have faced the same issue and I would like to advise you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this make right click on the system tray and after that select the Start...
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    Re: 'Coreflood' botnet Disabled by US.

    While some security experts believe that cyber-criminals behind Coreflood have earned tens of millions of dollars, the only financial data published in a complaint are related to some victims of...
  41. Official Windows Live Messenger for Android releasing this Monday, April 11 2011

    Microsoft will release the first official client dedicated to Windows Live Messenger, its instant messaging client on Monday for Android. Voluntarily with an interface similar to the PC version of...
  42. Re: I am frequently getting the home page every time when i open a new tab page.

    New Tab page provides an interface similar to Internet Explorer 8 is the new tab. Allows easy access of the markers in a single click and also customize Google search on the best way I can find...
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    Re: Windows 7 "Remove from this list" problem.

    As per your description, I suggest to clear the keys in the registry to have a test firstly, you may refer the following link to perform this.
  44. Re: file share witness problem in windows 2008 cluster

    If you are getting the problem of "IP Conflict" then this main problem might be related to FSM. The node might be accessing the same quorum share, but they are not accessing the same qourom GUID. The...
  45. Re: How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

    Log on to your machine by administrator username and password, not open the control panel and proceed to user account option and from there delete the particular user account, by which you are facing...
  46. Re: Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

    go to start menu type and insert "msconfig" into the search command panel and press ENTER. This will open the startup option. From that window click on option which is named as "selective startup",...
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    Re: windows 7: showing error in page file

    To reduce the pagefile size, go to the start menu, under that proceed to "Control Panel", in that window look for the System icon, double click on that option and from the properties option proceed...
  48. Re: Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

    I think the software of the camera is might be corrupted, so for that you need to re-install that one. Locate the software from the control panel and remove first then insert the installation disk...
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    Re: Not able to boot my Dell Inspiron 1546

    I think this might be the graphical interface issue that you are using. If possible then start the machine in safe mode and go for the device manager by right click on my computer or locate the...
  50. Re: windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock at logon

    If you are using the Microsoft keyboard then this is simple to turn off the keyboard input during the log on to machine. Done by me , and this is the simplest way to turn off the keyboard setting...
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