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  1. re: AppleMobileDeviceService.exe slows the CPU and doesn’t sync iPhone 4 with iTunes 10.4 and windows XP

    I have the same problem. Absolutely frustrating! No application for Apple (Safari, MobileMe, and QuickTime) will work since I updated my iTunes. Also when I go to the iTunes store, which does not...
  2. Re: How to import Windows Media Player Playlists, into iTunes Playlists for iPod

    I think you will able to get the software on the internet and also you will be able to get the software and also you will be able to do the transfer of the file form one player to another, hope you...
  3. Re: Getting blank iTunes store window in iTunes 10.4

    I think that there is some problem with the itunes 10.4. I would suggest you to downgrade the version. I had also experienced problems with itunes 10.4. I had installed itunes 10.4 and since then I...
  4. Re: Clicking 'include Video' in Sync Photos crashes iTunes

    Are you sure that the video you are trying to access from the library actually exist in its actual location. According to me you should first make sure whether all the videos are there from where you...
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    Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    I would suggest you to go to the android market and you will find all information regarding the vlc player. You can also try out the Rockplayer. It is very good and somewhat like vlc player. It Plays...
  6. Re: How to build VMware 5.0 environment for home lab

    I'm actually keeping an eye on the T610 server for when you're ready to add another host. That is, if I have a server that is used from the guy who hosts my mail server? You may be able to get a few...
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    Re: Different -x parameter in VMware workstation 8

    If you accept the request and choose to stop, not the virtual machine bar.vmx be suspended?

    Is it important that you use-x? Can you reproduce this issue separately if you open Windows VMware...
  8. Re: Client Operating system freezing often in VMware workstation 8

    Same here unfortunately

    VMware Workstation running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    No difficulty with version 7.1.
    enhanced Windows XP virtual machine to version 8.
    Now the operating system...
  9. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    That seems a likely indication that it will not work on a host Windows 7, but either way it certainly is not conclusive.I wish someone with a machine running Windows 7 WorkStation 8 could try this...
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    Re: Long mode not working in VMware workstation 7

    I looked everywhere in the BIOS of virtualization technology and could not find it. I think I'm at an impasse.
  11. Re: How to convert VMware workstation 8 to VMware workstation 7?

    We're definitely looking into troubles installing VMware Tools. We are seeing the same mixed reports is about people who have problems with installation tools and we are trying to find the root...
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    Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Flash as a design program (in the structure of Flash CS3/4/5 Pro) is all in all conventional and surprisingly profound in its competencies. I think provided Adobe adjusts Flash/Director's yield to a...
  13. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    In the event that you are running windows XP utility pack 2 try not to run document IE8 until you have downloaded aid channeled for you will wind up with a great deal of situations. Been there done...
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    Re: Copyrights of Software

    As it right now stands, copyright case has been shaped in several divided examples or stages. The foremost arrange was to choose essentially if machine projects are protectable to any detectable...
  15. re: Can VMware viewstation/awd view client be encapsulated as ThinApp?

    Yes, however, depends on the version. I have successfully AWD ThinApp 2.3 and 2.4. The trick is to use what they call "the use of Citrix-style containers." Basically, your terminal server version....
  16. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    I have after instituted a few things but nothing that might as well upset the printer or upgrades. A modeler program, a CAD system, and an electronic schematic program are concerning all I have...
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    Re: Unable to install VMware workstation 8

    All workstations installers I've seen before - in other words, everything from 4.0.0 tend to unconfigure the key permits. Without an order to restore the facilities of the permits fail with different...
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    Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    I deal with about 70 computers and about six months in the past I chose to recovery the connection coin by utilizing Open Office. I'll unquestionably never do that again! Every living soul disdained...
  19. Re: Need suggestion for Best Sound Recording Software

    I have been utilizing Audacity for a significant while. It worked well for me. You would be able to download it from here. You need to download both Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder. Following...
  20. Re: How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    At one indicate OpenOffice and LibreOffice were one and the same but when Oracle procured the rights to OpenOffice, some people within the group severed and split the a few. I think they are...
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    Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    Now I'm running database big customers located in the application for my company that uses OpenGL for graphics and is doing quite admirable. Although still not be tested on my machine I would say...
  22. Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    F:\>dir misc\downloads
    Volume in drive F is 500GB
    Volume Serial Number is 60B0-5DFC
    Directory of F:\misc\downloads
    File Not Found
  23. Re: QNAP NAS with an option for SATA 2 drives and SATA 3 drives

    It might have a change but the blast speed of the drive (and that would be what they proclaim) isn't set up to compose a bean's worth of departure in your NAS when you're talking SATA2 or 3.
  24. Re: Need help for Microsoft Word 2007 Document password Recovery/ remove

    Well, a password in MS Word Document might be evacuated but cannot be recuperated. It is certain that in the event that you strive for quest for a unlimited product on web than you should not spot...
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    Re: Desktop redisplay after boot in Windows 7

    I f you go into SAFE MODE or utilize MSCONFIG to impair all StartUp procedures and re-boot, I'd suspect your 'situation' could go distant. Since your 'situation' is a particular application or...
  26. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    One thing concerning the mail delivery-this is the strangest part confidently some intimation to you regarding what is in fact going on. Following delivery of INBOX, I get a newfangled organizer...
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    Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    Note that the organizer in all likelihood to send your .pst document over point of confinement is the Send Items organizer. This is in particular risky provided that you send (or accept) a...
  28. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    Here's what I did to evacuate this underhandedly dull program as my default picture viewer:

    Click Start-Run
    In the Open line type the emulating then click OK: REGEDIT
    Go to...
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    Re: Package for headphone port for Ubuntu 11.04

    These types of driver which you’re talking ids supported by the Microsoft Windows and not by the any Linux versions. So you have to take the guidance of some Linux expert and may it happen that...
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    Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    What version of libselinux you? In meticulous, we have seen this error before as a result of an error in libselinux TLS which we consider was fixed with libselinux-2.0.100. I cannot be 100% convinced...
  31. Re: VMware view client disconnect after every 15 minutes

    I found my problem. One of my applications it overwrites the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ Userinit
    You need to...
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    Re: Unable to uninstall Alcohol 120% in windows 7

    sometimes when we didn’t got any option to uninstall the program we should try to remove them from “add and remove programs” under control panel.

    I used to remove any software from there...
  33. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    Maybe I wrote it not right - I have still old issue with pools. I add my finding - I found a workaround - create new pool, But it is not clear we issue.
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    If you have any questions about PCoIP protocol, or how to optimize remote access (network configuration, bandwidth, images, etc). Just go to Google and search for video tutorial on pcoip.
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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    I quite didn't would like to search for any responses on System Restore, regardless not as of this moment. Really, all I'm in the process of searching for is keys on this mystery file or whatever it...
  36. Re: How do you uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

    The OPERATING SYSTEM under idea exchange tries not to appear in add/remove and there is no uninstalling offer worth examining. Yes there is a quite particular scenario where there is a uninstall but...
  37. re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    In light of the fact that it happens when you run to print, beginning with your printer driver could be an exceptional put to begin.
  38. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    When files go out lost NEVER utilize the drive. NEVER establish applications to spot the indexes on that drive. MOVE the drive to an additional PC with recovery programming like RECUVA and get the...
  39. Re: Need device drivers for hp Compaq 8000 Elit CMT PC

    I would suggest you to check out the device drivers on the hp website. For that you need t visit the official website and then you will have to enter your model number and few details. Just check it...
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    Re: How to open .rsd files in windows 7

    You have to download the software form the net and then have to work on it, as you can’t make the file directly on the windows as you do with the other format files.
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    You should try the full variant of K-Lite Codec Pack , it support playback for several audio formats. It also has the VFW/ACM codecs which is used for encoding. This is suitable and has the entire...
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    Re: Possible to have sound in Adobe Edge

    You will be to get some tip and some method to add form the internet and you will be able to add the sound to the html and you will be able to get some good sound which will be there in the software.
  43. Re: Unable to run stylesheet in firefox && error: Parsing an XSLT stylesheet failed

    have you ever tried the same document to be open with another browser? if not then according to me you should first of all try that as if suppose you are able to open them in another browser that...
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    Re: Unable to install adobe edge on windows 7 64bit

    I think there is some problem with the operating system that you are using, because I though have the same operating system installed in the machine.
  45. Re: Backup and restore using virtual machine manager in Red hat Linux

    See while it comes to virtual machine manager there are so many thing that you can make backup of such as Virtual Machine Manager Servers, the SQL Database, Hosts and Library Servers, Hosts and...
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    Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    For more information you can take the help of the official expert. The expert person helps to you for solving this problem. I think the troubleshooting section of the manual help a lot to understand...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    This product is to be launched just before and if you want to use this then definitely contact the official site expert. You can also use the inbuilt edge software for this up gradation task. For...
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    Re: Unable to install downloaded adobe edge

    Nopes let me tell you as the software you have downloaded is for mac as well, but still you should try to make sure whether the version you have downloaded is for mac operating system, because of the...
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    Re: Adobe edge crashes while launching

    As the software you have installed needs graphic to load perfectly load thus you should make sure that the GPU you have installed if any have perfect driver, you should always update the drivers. and...
  50. Re: bridged network, DHCP not working with Lion OS and Fusion 3.1.3

    It has been a weird solution for me but the best part is that it has been solving my problem. So my case was like I have been trying to remove the virtual network card from the virtual machine and...
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