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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    Lenovo phones are easy to root if you are having stock rom with you. This device usually comes with simple features of rooting. This is a Android 5.0 Lollipop rom available for this model. You have...
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    Re: High disk usage on Aspire V11 laptop

    There can be some application which is causing the issue. I had seen this issue when my antivirus is active. When this thing keeps on scanning files on the background the disk usage remains high. And...
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    Re: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    On my Galaxy Note 3 I have been using SoundCloud app which has been working absolutely fine. It is an Android application that allows you to capture music and share them privately or publicly on...
  4. Re: Does turning off a laptop directly in sleep mode can cause issue

    Many does not really recommend you to do this. It is better to check out for performance stuff. In a newly formatted windows the boot and shutdown time is quiet fast. It does not really take much...
  5. Re: What is Pushbullet app and how does it works

    Pushbullet is a simple app that link your desktop with your mobile phone to share links, images and text. It works well if you have a lot of sms and chatting job. You can type your message in the...
  6. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 connect and disconnect on its own

    I will still recommend you to change the usb cable. It looks the issue is with the cable due to which the connection is failing. You have to change that and get a new one. Try to connect the phone...
  7. Re: Samsung Galaxy S Duos unable to move app to memory card

    Do not overload your device with too many apps. You are using Galaxy S Duos. It does not has a good hardware and I am quiet sure your entire device will keep on freezing after that. It is good if you...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Z2 back panel is loose

    Can you try to get some rubbee tube or a grease from any hardware store and then take a little and use it on the flaps rubber. I was also using this Sony Xperia Z2 phone but was quite disappointed...
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    Re: Xiaomi MI 3 list of problems

    Well, did you both try to go a factory reset by going in to settings and checked if that corrects the problem. Just go to Settings > Backup & Restore > Factory reset. Other possible reason could be...
  10. Re: Is it necessary to add Screen protector on Smartphone

    Smartphones are costly and screen is the most vulnerable part. Whatever you do, the screen remain in the focus. By adding a screen protector you are just saving your phone from getting scratches....
  11. Re: How to replace Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-Pen Nib

    You can buy that if you are not able to find that. You can order that from Amazon. I had seen a package that come with stylus and nibs. You can get that and use it. But if you can find the nibs in...
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    Re: Unable to buy Moto E from Flipkart

    I accidentally added two products in the cart. Now I want to remove the black one and only want to buy the white. I am constantly getting internal server error. I am not able to place order. Flipkart...
  13. Re: Want help to move old iTunes playlist from old pc to new

    It will take great skills to transform the old photos in a working one. It is essential that you must take your photos to a good photo studio. They will repair it and will give you fix for the same....
  14. Re: Good spy applications for android smartphone

    There are so many applications. I do not think you can test each of them. And those which are effective are paid. For calling purposes you can use Cell Tracker. This app is quiet nice and give you...
  15. Re: Advice for buy new battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

    I am also doubtful about a new battery. If you want buy from Samsung. It is always to use the official one. If you use a some third party battery there are changes that you can face some hardware...
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    Re: LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

    If you check the hardware you will find that both of this phone fall in the same category. Both are high end. LG G2 can be stronger only if it has a more powerful processor. Almost all high end phone...
  17. Re: Want help in installing Linux on ASUS ROG G750

    I test different distro through live cd. This help to find out the interface and other stuff. Many recommend Linux mint because of its simple interface. It is fast and great for office work. But if...
  18. Re: Dell XPS 15 screen flicker on extreme gaming

    Overheating is common in your case because your putting your system to extreme limit. If it is a desktop then it will be more easier to manage. We have ample of solution for keeping a desktop cool....
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    Re: Acer Iconia W3-810 Tablet charging problem

    Well, I think that it will be good if you contact Acer support since it looks to me that the battery is either open or not connected properly in the device. Did you by any chance drop the tablet at...
  20. Re: How to upgrade Acer Iconia A210 Tablet to Jelly Bean

    I was also facing a issue with the same kind of update process. I was trying to run wrong update file on the same. Later on I went with the official download which I found on Acer site and it worked....
  21. Re: Brand new PS4 bricked while playing GTA 5

    Firmware update can fix the issue. But it is essential that the console must work. If it remains stucked on one place you cannot go ahead with the firmware update. I had seen in news that a few...
  22. Re: Troubleshooting various chromecast errors

    If you own a new tv with latest usb and other stuff then you don't have to worry much. Chromecast will work on the same. But if you have a old one then you will not get proper output and face issue.
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    Re: acer 4736z laptop body damaged

    I was exactly going to say to look at the online stores like ebay website for your laptop model and find parts or dead systems which have good plastics and hinges. Just swap the damaged parts into...
  24. Re: How to flash official Jelly Bean ROM on Acer Iconia Tab A210

    Don't go with any custom update if you are thinking of the same. This will create a big issue and will cause you a problem. It is fair to use the existing version only and wait back before any...
  25. Re: What would be the cost of laptop with 1TB storage

    There are 2 models you can go for. The first one is HP Pavilion 15-e017AU Laptop which is the cheapest and best one recommended comes for Rs.29000, the second one is Samsung NP305E5A-S01IN that...
  26. Re: Acer Aspire S7 wont wake up from Sleep sometimes

    Can you tell us whether it was working fine in Windows 8? If it was then I assume that at the time of upgrading to Windows 8.1 operating system there could have been some problem. Have you tried...
  27. Re: Is it possible to encrypt data on Android phone

    It is available on branded models. You have to try to find the same in specification. Make a list of phones you want to buy and then check the specs one by one. You will get more detail about the...
  28. Re: Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    I find it very strange that you are not able to see the messages on your phone even though it is appearing in the Nokia Suite. You can try to restore your mobile phone to the factory settings and see...
  29. Re: Want to buy External hard drive under Rs.4000

    Yes you can get can get usb 3.0 in that price. You can get the regular usb 2.0 with 500GB storage space. Transcend StoreJet 25M3 is one that I saw. It is a
    2.5inch hard drive with usb 3.0 port that...
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    Re: yellow hue problem with Nokia Lumia 920

    Yes, the problem occurs after updating the Lumia 920 to Amber firmware and to fix this issue a new level of firmware update would be needed for the camera. I think that Nokia is blaming it on the...
  31. Re: Which one is better between iPad Air and Windows Surface 2

    iPad is always my favorite. The new iPad air is more sleek and amazing. It give you a thin design with great features and more better touch support. This time Apple really marked this tablet more and...
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    Re: LG G2 lagging issues

    Can you tell us how many apps have you got installed in your LG G2 phone? Do you use the stock launcher or some third party launcher? I have not heard any LG G2 user complaining about lagging issues...
  33. Re: Does Ascend P6 will have heating issue like Xperia Z1

    In future many mobile are going to come with lower power cpu. This processors are design to work with minimum power and offering you good performance. This low power cpu remains cooler compare to...
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    Re: Which laptop is best under Rs.20,000

    You will get ultrabooks at the price. Also called as netbook. They are cheaper and comes with Intel Atom or celeron processor. They are ideal for day to day job and quiet easy to carry also. You can...
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    Re: What is the cost of Lenovo A10 in India

    It is the first android based notebook which has a hybrid design. That means you can use it like a laptop and you can also use it like a tablet. The cost is not revealed yet. And I do not think any...
  36. Re: According to you which tablet screen size is the most comfortable

    I will also recommend you to go for 10inch tablet. The reason lies with big screen. If you go for a HD edition then it is far more better. A HD screen allows you vibrate screen. Go for Samsung. It is...
  37. Re: enable keyboard auto-complete suggestions in Galaxy Note 2

    Yes, it definitely seems like a bug that has happened and many users are facing this issue. I guess Samsung needs to address this issue and follow it by releasing a patch to fix it. Till the time...
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    Re: Cost of 64gb pendrive in Indian market

    I think it is right to go for a external storage. 64GB usb is not worth enough. Because here you are getting a 500Gb space which much more higher and offer you the same kind of portable features....
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    Re: Any Android 4.3 Custom ROM available

    There are certain custom rom available but they are only meant for high end devices like HTC and Galaxy S4. You cannot use them in the regular system. It will be complicated for you to run the setup...
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    Re: What is new in Android 4.3 JellyBean

    There are always changes. There are some additional benefits over the older one. The main thing that this new version add is more performance and stability due to which your device can work for...
  41. Re: What is the maximum Zoom in output of Lumia 1020

    The camera zoom in is great. But I am also not really sure about the specs. The camera output by Lumia 1020 is great enough to give you a clear picture and nice output. You can watch out some samples...
  42. Re: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    I would suggest you to go for Micromax Canvas 4 smartphone because it has got many similar features like Galaxy S4. You will get the mobile in a aluminium body and the best part is that you can...
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    Re: Pebble Watch app problem in HTC One

    Hi Antrix, can you try to deselect the gmail acount on your smartphone and then try to re-add it. After that ensure that the notifications are turned on, and then try to set up your Pebble...
  44. How to check display manufacturer in Sony Xperia Z

    I dont know for sure whether Sony uses 2 display manufacturers but there is some steps to check whether your Sony Xperia X has different display manufacturers or not. So, first of all you will need...
  45. Re: Sony Xperia Sola Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available

    It was being announced already in an earlier news that the update to Android 4.0 for the new Sony Xperia Sola including other smartphone models like Xperia P, and Xperia U, will begin at the third...
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    Re: How to install IOS 6 on iPad 3

    You can install the IOS 6 beta version in your ipad 3 but you will have to sign up on the apple developer site and only after that you will be able to install it. Apart from that, since its already...
  47. Re: Rattle Sound in Nokia Lumia 900 did you noticed ?

    Nokia Lumia 900 rattle because of auto focus lens, try to switch from movie mode to camera maode, you would hear a click noise of auto focus lens moves. I hope this would be cause of the rattle, till...
  48. Re: Reinstall option disappeared after updating Nokia 701 to Belle FP1

    I had the same problem in Nokia 701. I updated the software using the nokia ovi suite. But was not happy with the Belle FP1. The Belle FP is having many bugs and problem. I needed to reinstall the...
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    Re: VPN support for Windows phone 7

    In my association the just door to our network via VPN, which is only available for executives / IT.? Apart from that, if you need your email address you have to walk off to his office. However, for...
  50. Re: Getting “Marketplace is not available in your country/region” error while install applications from Market Place

    I have just created one more windows live ID but, tell me how to remove the earlier windows id on my phone. I have HTC 7 Mozart 7.
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