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  1. Re: Bash command to delete entire Files from folder

    I think kattman is correct. In Linux/UNIX shell, the command to empty out a directory is

    cd "/path/to/directory"
    rm -rf *

    If you are looking for bash-like commands on windows,...
  2. Re: biterscripting file search

    I recommend looking at the state of the files you suspect are missing. Download a scripting tool like biterscripting and list the files with this command.

    cd "/path/to/folder" ; lf

  3. Re: Comparing columns and returning value

    For comparing two columns (let's say A and B), enter this forumla in row 1, column C.

    =IF(A1>B2, A1, B1)

    1. Any value beginning with = is considered a formula.
    2. The syntax =IF(x, y, z)...
  4. Re: Script needed to Delete Files in a Directory Based on Date

    @ Yellowblock

    I am not sure if I fully understand, but sounds to me that you want to delete a file "deleteit.txt" that is a week old. There are multiple files called "deleteit.txt" on the...
  5. Re: Windows Batch file to output directory names and size to txt file

    I assume you want to start in /Movies folder, list the name of each subfolder, and list the size of the .mkv file within that subfolder.

    This script will work.

    # Script ListMovies.txt
  6. Re: VBScript for parsing multiple text files

    This is not vbscript, but may be helpful. This script is in biterscripting. It will create a tab-separated Excel file from all *.txt files under a given directory. The excel file will be created in...
  7. Re: Automatic download of data from website that requires login and password

    I will be quite surprised if this can be done using firefox, without proper login and password. I am not saying it can't be done, just saying that I can't imagine how it can be done, and I will be...
  8. Automatic download of data from website that requires login and password

    I recently wrote a script that automatically downloads data from a website that requires login/password, without actually logging in manually. I wanted to share it with those who may be needing...
  9. Tip: Small script to download youtube videos

    Here is a script to download videos.

    Save this script in file C:/Scripts/Hex2Ascii.txt.

    # Script Hex2Ascii.txt
    var str value, replacelist
    set $replacelist = "...
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    Re: PHP to search contents on web page

    This is not PHP script, but you may find this script useful. Just take the algorithm and put it into PHP.

    Biterscripting script SS_FindStr.txt. It's called as

    script "SS_FindStr.txt"...
  11. Re: Difference between awk and sed scripting

    awk and sed both originated in UNIX.

    At the highest level of description,

    awk is a tokenizer.
    sed is an automated editor (stream editor).

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    Re: Batch File to Move or Copy Files

    # Script MoveExe.txt
    var str source, destination, list, file
    lf -r -n -g "*.exe" $source > $list
    while ($list <> "")
    lex "1" $list > $file
    system move ("\""+$file+"\"")...
  13. Re: Copy, move, rename file via programming

    Although old post, this is in case someone in future has the same problem.

    You may want to consider a biterscripting script for file manipulation like this. I wrote a quick script.

    # Script...
  14. Re: Script needed to Delete Files in a Directory Based on Date

    Yes, there is a way to execute this script with a double-click.

    Create an icon on the desktop, and assign it this command.

    "C:/biterscripting/biterscripting.ex" "C:/Scripts/DeleteFiles.txt"...
  15. Re: Unable to read Specific Lines of text in c# program

    This is an alternate way to approach it. You may like it for its simplicity. This script takes 3 arguments.

    # Script m2n.txt
    var str file, m, n, content
    cat $file > $content
  16. Re: Script needed to Delete Files in a Directory Based on Date

    This script will delete all files that are not modified in n days within the directory structure d.

    # Script DeleteFiles.txt
    var str d, n, list, file
    lf -r -n "*" $d (($ftype=="f") AND ($fmtime...
  17. Re: How to remove leading whitespace from each line?

    Do you want to preserve "empty" lines or delete them ?

    Here is an alternate biterscripting script with line-by-line control.

    # Script LeadingWhiteSpaces.txt
    var str file, content, line,...
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    Re: How to convert wav file into mp3 file?

    I am suggesting one more approach. You will need lame for audacity (or another converter tool that has command line interface). This biterscripting script will convert all .wav to .mp3 in the...
  19. Re: Automatically remove large files from hard drive

    For deleting files, a manual interactive approach is always recommeneded. However, if you must do this automatically, the following script will delete files based on specified criteria - top folder,...
  20. Re: Server config file - batch editing script

    Nice print server script.
  21. Server config file - batch editing script

    I had seen this question somewhere earlier but can't find the thread. Here is the question reworded.

    Here is the script to do that in biterscripting.

    # Script Substitute.txt
    var str...
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    Re: Editing text file using a batch file

    Here is a more general approach. Put a list of hosts (or their ip addresses) in file C:/Hosts.txt.

    # Script HostsScript.txt
    var str hostlist, host, path
    # Read the list of hosts.
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    Re: White space in vi editor

    Thank you for posting your final approach.

    If you want to automate this, you can use the stream editors available in biterscripting. For example, to replace all non-printable characters with...
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