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  1. Re: Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 operates only beneath enhanced operational mode

    I was also having this problems with the machine and for this we must have to installed an remover that will remove this Trojan from the machine, and that you can download from the internet.
  2. Re: is relevant knowledge or "rlvknlg.exe" a virus?

    as the extent to I know you must be having any other problem with the machine because I personally consider the process safe and It is unlikely to pose any harm to your system.
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    Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    It really seems like encryption should've been something they were working on for the Admin kit rather than your typical mobile phone.
  4. Re: Kaspersky Internet Security says it’s protected but the detailed report indicates a persistent Trojan exists

    Just about every last traces of those are pdm.rootshell discoveries. Pdm.rootshell is a behavioral detection. Since the article that is doing the detection is known, sheltered, from the official...
  5. Re: will kaspersky mobile security be installed in htc wildfire after I had installed in nokia

    Yeh is right that only one device works for the mobile antivirus security . And according to me your new mobile device should compatible for antivirus since most of the android os is...
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    Re: kms block in Kaspersky Antivirus

    You should try to turn on all your Enable Block. And also such error occurs when the default page of these application is changed by some other application, so you have to go for that and have to see...
  7. Re: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard featuring onboard 20GB Intel SSD 311 Series

    I would give just about anything to join more info about it. The world’s first motherboard to come pre-bundled with an Intel SSD 311 interposed Richard Chen, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at...
  8. Re: Gigabyte GA-G41MT-USB3- Video card with onboard video

    I suggest that you boot into windows then afterward update the numerous screen settings in both Windows and Nvidia Control Panel to make whatever LCD showcase is joined to your GeForce 210 the # 1 /...
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    Re: AAA enable password authentication failed

    Here are my entire users DataBase:

    server ~ # cat /etc/raddb/users
    username Cleartext-Password := "letmein"
    Service-Type = Nas-Prompt-User,
  10. Re: Service Policy rule setup on 5510 for SMTP traffic

    Alright, checked the running design and all looks peachy from what I could probably see/referred to. I've primarily examined the running config and chose the parts that identify with the Service...
  11. Re: Unable to access the external hard drive (Server) over the WLAN connection using Cisco switches at school

    Internet Connection (ISP) Room 1

    connects to

    Switch 1 (Room2) Dynamic IP Addressing (The WLAN Router and the Buffalo Server are connected to switch one)

    connects to
    Switch 2 (Room3)...
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    Re: ralink wireless LAN card only getting 1 bar

    If you still facing this problem and still you can’t find solution of this problem, then, you can also use a network test process for fixing this issue. Other simple technique is that reconnect...
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    Re: Is there any alternative to wireshark?

    Before more such suggestions come up I would like to sk from you is that are you looking for something that would capture the network data? So is that what you are looking for? So that I can suggest...
  14. Re: How to access active directory user account even while staying offline?

    It is possible to setup. I would say that when you create your active directory account, you must make sure that you check the box “create mobile account at login” this will make it possible for...
  15. Re: can cisco device be programmed to change the GUI

    I've been testing out with this new tool named LMS Prime 4.1, the GUI of this tool has a lot of improvement in it,it’s a bit easier to use with but at some point it is still confusing
  16. Re: Yellow notification icon in System Tray of MSE

    If you hide an icon, but then see it again the next time you log on to Windows. For solving your problem I must say that use to remove the presented malware or any other virus on it for the cleaning...
  17. Re: Installation of MSE advices me to turn on firewall manually

    While people were expecting Microsoft Security Essentials would be subscription based software. Mode of the time this software is to be free and if you choose this free software version then yes,...
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    Re: VLAN IP address vs. switch IP address

    Use the arp command to bind an IP address to the Mac address. This command will be works on the system for managing the IP address information for managing the data traffic. Command prompt has to be...
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    re: how to become a network professional

    According to my knowledge If you don't have time to study and learn you will never be a professional. So utilize your time in reading e-books and other articles related to networking
  20. Re: Internet completely shut down 4-5 times a day

    I think this problem has completely depends upon the router which is connected to this network. You can simply do the task of rebooting this router. The router is intended to reboot in order to stop...
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    Re: PCI Modem, can't get internet working

    It could also possible that problem arrives because of the different reason rather than cable connection or driver installation. I mean this internet accessing problem could be arrives because of the...
  22. Re: Unable to detect card reader on VMware view 4.6

    Some other points that may help someone lead me in the right direction.

    When attempting to connect to this pool with a smart card after entering the PIN login system returns and displays a user...
  23. Re: Unable to connect desktop after view 5 upgrade

    They present themselves as "available" in the View Manager.ESXi servers, Virtual Center, View Manager and View Composer has been updated.The driver says VMware SVGA 3D SVGA (Microsoft Corporation -...
  24. Re: What is the cost to upgrade VMware fusion from 3 to 4 or is there any discount?

    Well it's time for me to change the desktop side. Price $ 27.99 competitive upgrade.
  25. Re: VPN Port Forwarding for Mac Server in Netgear FVS336GV2

    Unfortunately, since the FVS336Gv2 is so new that no other firmware (including the initial release) is available for download. I cannot remember if it was regarding this matter or not, althought...
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    Re: VPN trouble with Netgear FVS336Gv1

    I observe only public ip on both ends. can you tell me your lan subnet ip
  27. Re: How good is Microsoft Security Essentials than Avast and Superantispyware?

    I have used all the three antivirus solutions and the most I liked is the Microsoft Security Essentials. It is very prone to catch viruses and malware. Personally speaking for me, Microsoft Security...
  28. Re: How to Create A Strong Defense Against Virus?

    Since you lack the capacity to enter the online world with your infected computer you will need to download and transfer any systems to the computer you're utilizing now and transfer them to the...
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    Re: 3g modem missing after install of windows 7

    The services.msc file on the windows 7 has provide the IP helper service. In that you can just use an proper services of that opened dialog box. Try this and see what happen onto it. then use ths...
  30. Re: Linksys E4200 router troubleshooting AE2500 adaptor

    Thus far, I know I would intentionally be able to compose my AE2500 connectors to quit working by transferring any record via wireless from one workstation to a different one. I attempted this...
  31. Thread: What is FTP?

    by HiSpeed

    Re: What is FTP?

    It is the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and it is a standard network protocol which is been used to transfer files from one host (computer) to another host (computer) over a TCP (Transmission Control...
  32. Re: Remove the welcome screen when user log on Domain

    When you configure a user account on Active directory Windows uses it default welcome screen. You can simply change this logon screen what you want. The welcome screen is the place where you can see...
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    Re: Cisco Linksys E3000 power LED keep flashing

    Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds and release. Wait 10 seconds and power cycle the router. Now connect via a computer connected to with 'admin' username blank password....
  34. Re: Help - Need to download Cisco Connect Software for Linksys E3000

    The installation way of this router with your laptop system has always been present on the manual of the router. But if you can face any problem then use the help of the official site expert. I hope...
  35. Re: Is my Linksys WMP600N Wireless-N Adapter is dead?

    I think that in your case the drivers are not working properly or it might happen that drivers for this card are not installed properly. For that reason you will need to insert the Setup disk to your...
  36. Re: Getting “error not message receiver” with Linksys WRT54G v4

    Press and keep the reset button in again for 30 seconds and release. Hold up 10 seconds and capacity cycle the router. Now join via wired PC to and arrange your router such as ordinary.
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    Re: Linksys E4200 with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

    I have printer connected to my E3200 USB and can print to it from my MS Windows PC, but without Cisco Connect tackling my Mac, is there whatever possible approach to join to this printer?

    When I...
  38. Re: Linksys WRT54G Netflix for ROKU streaming player

    I talked with the ROKU individuals finally and their suggestion is to run over to channel 11 (it is now channel 6). I attempted to accompany the above channel, but every last trace of the...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 DHCP Reservation

    Likely DO post your "/ipconfig /just for us. I'm not familiar with your setup, but assuming that I hold my laptop docked with the wireless empowered, I have several IP and MAC address in the DHCP...
  40. Re: Computer unable to see extender network- Netgear WN3000RP extender

    The addresses have a section titled "Manually connect without WPS", but the instructions say to use my computer to connect to the wireless network NETGEAR_EXT, but as I said you cannot see airport...
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    Re: Thinking of using the new netgear Wn3000rp

    Ok just do a simple ping test and then check if the wireless and internet access is ok or not? Just have a check about the same first. Go to the cmd and then enter ipconfig you will be getting the...
  42. Re: Netgear WNDAP350 2.4GHZ fails after 2-3 seconds

    Try turning off all advanced settings in WMM 802.11b/g/n network. observe what's exaggerated.
  43. Re: Does Netgear FVS338 support Windows 7 native VPN Client?

    Well netgear people are saying that it is not supported I have checked their official site of the website and there it has specified clearly that it is not supported. So that’s why I am giving you...
  44. Re: Ipod touch with Linksys E3000 DHCP reservation

    Please clarify some of the things that how are you using the DHCP reservation? If you are making use of the IP address or the MAC address? Are you getting this problem just when you place the Ipod...
  45. Re: Cannot get Nintendo DS and Wii online with Linksys WRT160N v2

    Are you getting some error from the Wii when you try to connect? If yes then please reply with that exact message so that we can give you some accurate solution for this.
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    Re: Netgear WN3000RP - review and purchase

    The only trouble is that the original firmware is full of errors. After initial setup, good luck getting back into the router settings if you have the operation. It just does not work. I am using a...
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    Re: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    Consistent with me you might as well attempt DMZ. You would be able to spot it in under wan setup where dmz need to be found and it will declare DMZ with box to sort the IP. This will do the work...
  48. re: Routers locks up due to Netgear FVS338 and Playstation 3

    Same situation with FVS338, I attempted with offbeat routers and the situation is just with fvs338, I overhaul final week the firmware for 3.0.7-24 but the situation still there.
  49. Re: Netgear FVS318G must be Recalled and Buyers Compensated

    I agree!! I acquired a FVS318G a month in the past and all I have had is only situations with it. I cannot manage to have the web utilities going up and down different times a day. We all need to be...
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    Re: Failures in Netgear RP614v4

    Utilizing PC's mac address under essential setting of the router and give its mac address if standard setup appears not get any free IP to the router for DNS issues. Most fit test is to utilize ISP...
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