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    I do not think the problem lies with Exchange...

    I do not think the problem lies with Exchange Server. The issue can be with the connectivity also. It is correct that you must first verify the ip configuration. You can try to add a manual ip...
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    SBS 2008 Backup Disk Full

    I need some help with cleaning the backup drive of SBS 2008. I am using a external hard drive for that. There is a schedule backup which works automatically on a prescribed time. Now I thought it...
  3. Complete uninstall hardware driver from XP and driver cache

    I need some help here to configure Windows XP. I had installed a software in my computer. This software uses some kind of usb lock. I saw a video tutorial of how to use this. In the video it does on...
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    You will need to re-install windows movie maker...

    You will need to re-install windows movie maker and I think you can download that from web. It can be a compatibility problem also. Did you get any error while running it. Is there was any problem....
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    Re: spell check not working in Word 2003

    It is always recommended that you must perform a clean installation instead of upgrading. Because in upgrade there are chances that some internal system files are not properly overwritten and you get...
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    Re: USB external hard disk problem

    I appreciate you help JUSTICE but i have already tried that and it dint helped. After uninstalling and clicking on Scan, system finds and installs the device and drivers ans confirms saying me that...
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    USB external hard disk problem

    I am using a Windows XP based desktop. Recently updated it with Service Pack 2. Everything worked fine for few days but now something went wrong automatically. I have few external hard drives and...
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    Safely Remove Hardware icon doesn't appear

    I have a old desktop running with Windows XP SP2. Since last few weeks it is not showing up the “Safely Remove Hardware” that use to placed in the System Tray. I have tried various USB drivers...
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    fix OFFLB.EXE freezing computer

    I’m using Office 2007 on Vista Ultimate. Everything was working great until last week. Now whenever I work with any office programs, after few minutes my system get freez and nothing happens. This...
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    desktop tab in display properties disappeared

    As I remember I changed my wallpaper a month ago on this Windows XP running desktop. Now today I thought to set a new wallpaper but when I right clicked and went to properties I was surprised to see...
  11. Multiple network displayed in Vista, and Internet is not working

    There is a weird issue with my xp system. I am having around 7 pc on the network. I had moved my old windows xp computer to office and connected it for guest use. On lan it is detected but it is...
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    I am using Windows XP. I am looking for...

    I am using Windows XP. I am looking for appropriate drives for S3 Virge DX/GX. I am trying to find some help to locate proper drivers for the same. I am trying to configure multiple monitor on the...
  13. RE: Remote Web Workplace - Page Cannot Be Displayed Error After Lo

    Hello Maee, first of all thank you very much for the help. I checked the Microsoft KB about migrating SBS 2003 to new hardware. But as it was very large and time consuming to read the entire article...
  14. Remote Web Workplace - Page Cannot Be Displayed Error After Login

    At present I’m updating my old SBS 2003 server with new hardware but got stuck somewhere and hence need help from you all guys. Actually when am trying to connect to the RWW, I can get to the login...
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    Re: svchost.exe using too much memory

    Download and install Process Explorer in your pc. It is a nice utility that gives you information on all running process in your system. It works really well in finding out information on the...
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    Re: stop 0x00000067 config initialization failed

    The issue looks like somewhat related to the RAM. Just check the ram sticks installed in your pc. If there are additional RAM sticks installed remove them one by one and check whether your pc is...
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    Re: unmountable boot volume

    I will recommend you to remove the drive first and connect that to some other pc. Backup your data and format it completely. There is link below that will help you more in fixing the problem you are...
  18. Configuration of AT&T Uverse on Windows Media Center

    I am going to subscribe for AT&T Uverse service. It is a online TV. There are two TV tuner card in my system. There is also a receiver attached. Here the receiver is working fine, and also the media...
  19. Yet Another Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

    I started getting Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error since 3 days ago on this Windows XP system. I never has any problem on this computer in past 1 year. Runtime error occurred all of a...
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    Even I think that this is something about the...

    Even I think that this is something about the video driver. It is essential that you check the same. It happens a number of time that sometime new drivers are updated and this kind of issue appear....
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    Re: Can't change desktop background

    Did you tried system restore. I am sure that will help you. It is necessary that you do not install themes from third party sources. Ample of them are buggy. There are some customization tools also...
  22. 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for (incoming email)

    There is a problem with my system. I am working on a new server. I had configured it properly and created around 20 users. Later on I recreated the AD accounts due to some issue. I migrated them to...
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    If still after removing updates things are not...

    If still after removing updates things are not fixed then it is better that you perform a clean installation. That is the only way to get rid of problem you are facing. When this kind of issue appear...
  24. Windows file is missing or corrupt:System32\drivers\ntfs.sys

    I am having a Windows XP desktop. Yesterday I noticed Automatic Update running with windows drivers. Suddenly I faced power cut for about 2 minutes which caused unexpected shutdown between the...
  25. How to increase brightness of border in Windows Media Player 11

    When I play some video in Windows Media Player and launch full screen there is a bit dull border. The place where black border lies. I am trying to find some help to increase the brightness of that...
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    Re: Outlook 2007 slow typing

    It looks that your system is working slow. The problem does not lies with Outlook. You have to simply ensure that your have maximum free ram to perform the action. Try to check the same in Task...
  27. Windows Explorer has stopped working on Windows Vista Ultimate

    I bought a DVD of Windows Vista Ultimate. It has installed it and it is working quiet fine. The system works properly but whenever I copy some file from one folder to another it gives a error that...
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    Re: How to format 320GB drive to FAT32

    Actually my system has 2 IDE bus & 2 SATA slot, My old UDMA-33 disk were already there, w/ FAT32 partitions & XP installed. I just added one SATA HDD to the SATA0 slot and use XP to format it. Only...
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    How to format 320GB drive to FAT32

    This is Windows XP running with 320GB HDD. It is intended to copy over 60GB files from old UDMA 33 HDDs which were all formatted in FAT32. In order to format the SATA II Hard Drive i followed the...
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    Bad DirectSound driver. Error code 88780078.

    I was working with Pro Tools (a audio sequencing program) on this Windows XP based desktop during which somehow it got overheated and restarted. After restart when the system was up I tried playing a...
  31. Error Windows media player not installed properly

    I am facing issue while configuring Windows Media Player 11 on a server. There are around 4 different computers on the workstation. Somehow I am getting a constant error while using Windows Media...
  32. Failed to access the metabase, error code is 80080005 (Server execution failed).

    I have a SBS 2003 running connected with various clients. Today when I checked the Event Log, I found the following error listed:

    “Failed to access the metabase, error code is 80080005 (Server...
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    Run windows update. It think there is some issue...

    Run windows update. It think there is some issue with the connectivity. You must forward a port through security application. And basically it blocked by firewall only. I am also using vpn and at the...
  34. Re: error in Excel: "Compile error in hidden module:

    Hey guys, I’m also struggling with the same error message with Excel startup. I followed the KB Article provided above but none of those fixes helped me. During troubleshooting the problem I also...
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