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    Re: Yontoo 1.10.03 problem

    There is another handy tool called AdwCleaner which effectively removes unwanted software. The majority of malware installed without your knowledge and not detected by your regular antivirus will be...
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    Re: How to remove fixmyregistry.exe file?

    The best tool to remove all this kind of malwares is Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware that will allow you to eradicate active malware infecting your machines. The rather simplistic interface is divided...
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    Re: Googleupdate.a3x error message

    Another great tool that you can use to get rid of this virus is Malwarebytes Antimalware software. It is a utility to remove all kind of spyware on your computer like malwares, worms, rootkits,...
  4. Re: Can others see your browser history if they are on the same wifi

    I am having a similar kind of setup at my office. All our pc is connected through Windows server and the pc has a tracking software. This software creates a log of things we do. It generate a report...
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    Re: how to remove Win32.downloader.gen

    This trojan can be easily removed by the Spybot Search and Destroy software. All you need to do is simply restart your computer and then press F8 to get an option for the Safemode with Networking....
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    Re: How to get rid of Optimum Installer

    I am using HitmanPro to get rid of adwares or malware from my computer. It is a standalone program which looks for unknown and suspicious files and provides a score for each of them using a patent...
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    Re: removing ExpressFiles

    You can also get another tool named Hitman Pro which analyzes your system for malware infection using G DATA, Nod 32, AVIRA, Prevx and a-squared, analyzing cloud for suspicious files detected. By...
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    Re: hijacked by V9 Portal site

    Your browser shortcuts will be also hijacked, so you need to also clean those manually. To do that, search for the browser shortcut and then rigth click on it and choose Properties. Now in the...
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    Re: How to get rid of directdr virus

    This type of malware are auto run. They are triggered by own. And the most common thing they do is hijack the browser. Sometime later you will also get lots of popup adds on your screen. Here using a...
  10. Re: Can I install Spywareblaster on a system that already has Avira

    I do not think it will work. You have to check that once again. Just try to install and see if you are having any problem or not. But if you get any error then just avoid the same. It is right that...
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    Re: removing PUP.datamngr virus

    The PUP.datamngr virus usually redirects your web page to some other website. So first you will need to remove it from the Internet Explorer browser or any other browser's add-on, as suggested above....
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD supports 64gb memory card?

    There was one guy on other forum who said that his Kobo Aura HD ebook reader was not able to recognize the 64gb microSD card. When he inserted the 64gb card inside his ereader then it gave him an...
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    Re: How to remove linkbuck virus?

    You can also use a tool called TDSSKiller to remove the linkbuck virus from your pc. TDSSKiller is a utility that was created in order to provide a simple means of disinfecting any system that...
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    Re: Irex DR-800 firmware update

    First of all download the latest RC4 firmware for your Irex DR-800 ebook reader from this link. After that you need to put the contents of the zip files on the SD card in this location -...
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    Re: How to install Kobo app on Kindle Fire HD?

    I have also noticed the same problem on my friends Kindle Fire HD if he is trying to install from other websites. I think that amazon is using some kind of security in this version of kindle and...
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    Re: TB Verifier.dll virus?

    I was able to remove this dll file by CCleaner tool. First you have to install CCleaner and then run it. After that click on Tools in the menu and then click the Startup tab. Now find the entry on...
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    Re: Event ID 1168 NTDS General

    It looks to me that there might be a name conflict in the Domain Controllers OU. So you can try to use an account with Enterprise Admin rights and test. If you are asked for any password then try to...
  18. Re: how to move WINS from server 2003 to server 2008

    You can try to run mixed environments with 32/64bit if you want but Windows Server 2008 R2 is only 64bit available. If you dont want to test the migration steps then you can run into some issues but...
  19. Re: Cannot copy FILE: The specified network name is no longer available

    There are few things which you can try out to fix the issue. You can try first pinging the other system. To do that find the IP address and then ping. If you are getting response then the system is...
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    Re: dnsetw.mof file missing

    The instant way to fix the issue is by installing Windows server 2003 SP1. This will fix the issue. You can simply install the same and check back. You can also go ahead with trying run Windows...
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    Re: Project crashing, .mpp Corrupt

    There is a tool called Project Recovery Toolbox that can be used to recover information from corrupted Microsoft Project files (files in the .MPP format). Project Recovery Toolbox is designed to get...
  22. Re: FATAL: Failed to get notification handle, hr=80070057

    Try to install the first updates without using the web page or by installing it from the notification area. Just try to ensure that Windows Update is set to check for new updates automatically, it...
  23. Re: How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

    Incase anyone is using a Virtual Host and their IP Messenger is taking the Virtual Host IP Address as the primary IP then they have to disable the Virtual Host network in order to get the messenger...
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    Re: Unable to create new Mailbox in Exchange 2007

    Have you tried to ensure that the user who used to create mailboxes is a member of the 'Recipient Management' group? If you want to run the Granular Recovery Technology backips and restores of...
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    Re: How to remove VAF music toolbar

    Also download a tool called SearchReset extension, by searching it on the internet, and install it in your pc. With this tool you can directly reset the search engine and homepage of the browser to...
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    Re: getting rid of

    The is not a virus but it is part of the Google Ads. Google uses it to track your behaviour on the internet and then throws what you search on the internet by displaying...
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    Re: charger replacing for NOOK HD Tablet

    If you have some kind of problem with the NOOK HD Tablet charger then you can also replace it if you want. You will also get it for free absolutely, just try to call on this number 1-800-THE-BOOK and...
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    Re: infected with DMUninstaller

    This toolbars generally come with some free software that you install in your computer. DMUninstaller is nothing but an adware type that supports freeware or shareware products you have installed....
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    Re: getting rid of PUP.Optional.Conduit.A

    Did you try to install any free software some days before? If you had then you might have install the Conduit software with the free software that usually asks you to install all this bloatwares....
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    Re: cannot remove Adware:Win32/FastSaveApp

    I think that there might be a software called Save By Click that might be installed in your computer. So once you uninstall this program and in all the internet browser once you disable it, then you...
  31. Re: ordering Kobo Aura HD from official website

    If you are ordering Kobo Aura HD from their official website then you can expect atleast 5-14 business fays to get your ebook reader shipped at your doorsteps. And if you are really annoyed then you...
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    Re: How to remove PC Power Speed Virus

    You might have installed this PC Power Speed scanner in your pc by mistake and therefore to remove it you will have to go to the Control Panel and then Uninstall a Program area and then search the...
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    Re: removing PUP.optional virus

    You might need to run TFC to clear temporary files from your pc. So download TFC by OldTimer from here and then save it to your desktop. After that close any programs that are open and then open...
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    Re: On a router what does WPS button do

    It is a strong feature. There are several benefit of using this SSID. It simply offers a random SSID. And the same can be only accessible after adding the pin number. So if there are any guest in...
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    Re: How to hide hostname from router

    If you want to hide your Computer Name from displaying in Network, then go to Start and then in the Search Bar type cmd and press enter. After that in the command prompt you need to type the...
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    Re: What are the things that make you happy?

    I love listening to music and it keeps my mood happy all the time. There are many type of songs that can fit my mood and the lyrics used in the music for what I am feeling at that moment. Whenever I...
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    Re: How to edit Kindle browser's bookmarks

    Yes, there was a guy who created an online Kindle Bookmark Editor. It usually takes the binary bookmarks file and enables us to edit it easily. You can go to the link below to find out more...
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    Re: How to uninstall Delta search

    This Delta that is installed in your computer is a program that offers a web search engine. It is also a toolbar that gets installed in your browser and promotes different free programs and such,...
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    Re: got a phone call from AMMYY Scam

    Those guys are totally scammers and they will install adware/malware on your pc and thus you will be convinced buying the antivirus from them at a heavy price. I still dont know how do they get the...
  40. Poll: Re: Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    Actually there was no need of mentioning the specifications list because Xperia Z Ultra obviously seems to be better then Mega 6.3. Thank you though for the same. No matter there is a negotiable...
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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Well, I am using my Nook Glowlight without any issues for about 6 months now. I havent seen any problem with the screen and also with any touch till yet. I think that if anyone who wants to be on a...
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    Re: AVG 2013 will not scan

    You can easily get AVG 2012 by searching it on google and install it in your computer. So, after downloading this version you will have to uninstall all the traces of Avg 2013 from your pc. And for...
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    Poll: Re: Vote for Top Benchmarking Software

    For graphics card testing, 3DMark 11 is the best to determine its performance. It is a well-known software by games. The software will usually display 3D environments and then put the score forward...
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    Re: Best Cases for Kobo Aura HD Ebook Reader

    I bought the SleepCover for my Kobo Aura HD Ebook Reader just recently. The plastic cover on the back was not so impressive. I actually bought it from a place where it said that this cover was made...
  45. Re: Run AVG AntiVirus with MalwareBytes real time

    You can use the below method to exclude Malwarebytes from AVG antivirus:

    Before installing the Malwarebytes Pro version, you will have to disable real-time file protection of the AVG antivirus....
  46. Re: McAfee will stop running and goes to sleep, please help

    It could be a problem with the automatic hibernate and sleep function used in your pc, so try to prevent it by following the below method:

    Open Power Options by clicking the Start button...
  47. Re: Is Zend Studio worth package for development

    I will give you a list of framework which are popular on the basis of ranking list. The topmost framework is Yii. Because of its stability and features this is one of the best yet. The second one is...
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    Re: Suitable rss reader for linux

    If you need a advance tool to organize the feeds after download then you have to go for Rssowl. This app is available for other platform also. It is like a plugin which works quietly for your RSS...
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    Re: How to get Power Nap in older Mac system

    That is the reason it is being said to use when you have connected the system to power adapter. Also you must disconnect any usb or additional drive if connected to the system. Because that will...
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    Re: Which is the best james bond video game

    I will stick with everything or nothing. Because I had played and it is too good. The game provides a mixture of action and racing. This is never found in other bond game series.
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