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  1. Re: All downloads through IDM corrupted on Windows 10

    I do not think there is any download manager better than IDM. It is lot more better and easy to use. It is smooth and has settings that you need to download files. You can create a folder where you...
  2. Re: What could be the license cost of official Windows 10 version

    I agree with that. Yet it is not clarified officially that Windows 10 will be free for Windows 8 users. We will have to wait for the final version to be coming out in the market. I am quiet sure that...
  3. Re: Will Windows 10 work on a Dual Core system with 1GB RAM

    According to me it will work well if you add one more stick of 1GB ram on the same. I think that will be enough. Windows 10 is not a very resource intensive. Compare to Windows 8 it is more lighter...
  4. Re: Where to download Virtual PC Edition of Windows 10

    Compare to Hyper-V, Vmware is the most simplest one to use. You just have to load the iso file in that and follow the procedure. Like you do while installing windows through bootable drive. For...
  5. Re: Suggestion of adding Windows 7 64bit on iMac

    I always found this complicated. Mac OS does not offer you a straight way of dual boot. It is not easy. But on regular hardware, Windows 7 is lot more compatible. You might face big issue with...
  6. Re: Is there a way to install windows back again without keyboard

    You can find ample of cheap ps2 keyboards on ebay and you can use the same. I am quiet sure that it is not really possible to install windows without having a keyboard. You are going to install...
  7. Re: Linux Mint 17 USB Install failing with invalid file system error

    The error is because of improper partition. You have to check that first. I am quiet sure that will be enough to fix the issue. Do this, insert a windows bootable drive and format the partition to...
  8. Re: Windows 7 crash with blue-screen on Sony Vaio SVE1513CYN after driver installation

    There is some wrong drivers installed on your system. Due to which it is crashing. It is good if you can run system restore and then try to update drivers back again. I am quiet sure that will be...
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    Re: Windows 8 setup crashing from iso

    Just run the setup through a usb drive. That will be also simpler. You can download and install windows 7 usb dvd tool. This tool will create a bootable pen drive for your system. You can boot by...
  10. Re: System restore point gets deleted on its own in Windows 7

    Windows get slow down as you keep on adding new things. And many free programs comes with additional utilities. I had also seen people blindly installing software from torrents. Which spread this...
  11. Re: Svchost.exe CPU Usage goes to 100% when connected to internet

    SVhost.exe is not associated to one application. It is works in association with different software in your pc. Even if you try to terminate it your system can fail to work properly. So it is right...
  12. Re: Windows 8 keeps on acquiring network address

    Can be problem with the network adapter. You can simply disable and enable it back again. That will be enough to fix the issue. For that go in network and sharing center and then from left site click...
  13. Re: What are the new features of Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty Tahr"

    The new update came out with a 5 year support. I think you must upgrade that instantly if you want to checkout what are the new things in it. I always look for more customization which is not...
  14. Re: Alternative operating system I can test other than Windows

    You can try Chrome OS. This one was released a few time ago and this OS is open source. It is free and it is considered as one of the most fastest operating system. That means you can install it on...
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    Re: Unable to mount ubuntu iso on windows 8

    Can be problem with the mounting tool you are using. I will recommend you to use daemon tool lite. This is a free tool and it is one of the best mounting application. Remove the existing one. If the...
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    Re: Ramdisk vs page file which one is better

    I think page file is the best way to keep your system performance high. Here you can buy a few ram sticks if you think your system is very slow. And if you want a instant solution then you can try...
  17. Re: Windows 8.1 update always shows 15 pending updates

    Try to boot your pc in safe mode and run the update. If it is not working then you can go in Control Panel > Uninstall program. Here you have a section on the left side where you can find view...
  18. Re: Black screen on Windows 7 logon after Catalyst Update

    Boot your system in safe mode. You can do that by hitting F8 constantly when you turn on your pc. In safe mode you can try troubleshooting the drivers. You can first try repairing it. That means...
  19. Re: Simple raid configuration for data backup on Windows 8

    I do not think that is efficient. There will be always risk of looking data. I found the Google Drive solution more better. I am having around 5GB of important data. This is a mixture of audio, pdf...
  20. Re: Blue screen after shifting pc from home to office

    You will have to provide the entire error code to get solution. Each of this blue-screen has some stop error. It is quiet long and that will help you to deal with the problem you are facing. I also...
  21. Re: Windows 7 slow after installing Windows 8 UI pack

    System restore is just a temporary solution. If there is any virus issue then it will not be resolved. You have to anyhow format your pc. Boot your system in safe mode first. Then uninstall the ui...
  22. Re: Dual Boot Windows Menu is not visible on Dell Laptop

    EasyBCD can only help you to add or remove entries on existing dual boot system. You cannot repair a bootloader through the same. It is better if you go with complete re-installation. That is the...
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    Re: HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

    Sometime security applications cause the issue. You have to turn them off to fix the problem. Even after doing the safe mode thing if this does not work then just check it once under Services in...
  24. Re: MAC OSX - Kernal trap error + Hardware test code

    In your problem the error code which you had listed shows up two different issue. The first can be due to ram. You have to check the rams are proper or not. There are some memory testing tool which...
  25. Re: Tool to view hidden processes not displayed by Task Manager

    Process Explorer is good according to me. It is fast and has better way to show information. This tool has process through which you can terminate many number of processes in your system. You can...
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    Re: Bsod 0x80000000000000 on Windows

    Looks like something is not stable in your system. Try re-installing Visual C++ and then test back. You will have to re-install all essential software in your system. And also go ahead with driver...
  27. Thread: .squashfs file

    by CGale

    Re: .squashfs file

    Squasfs is not a file but it is a kind of file system. It is used on Linux system. And to open any file based on that you will need a Linux OS. You can try using Ubuntu or any free Linux os on your...
  28. Re: Is it possible to dual boot Windows 8 system with Windows 7

    I will recommend you to backup your data before going go ahead with any changes. You can create a bootable usb recovery easily on your existing Windows 8 system. Later on you can go ahead with setup...
  29. Re: Is Windows 9 desktop a rumor or upcoming version of Windows 8

    I also saw those post. They are all fakes. Mostly rumors. I do not really think the upcoming version of Windows is going to bring any changes. They are going to stick with the same Metro UI from long...
  30. Re: Benefits of installing the new Linux Kernel 3.11.8

    It is always recommended to update the new kernel. It enhance your system performance. The new one Kernel 3.11.8 offers new updated drivers. It is going to boost the output of graphic card, wireless...
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    Re: Will Windows 8.1 run on 512MB of ram

    You can test it. But the output will not be so great. Windows 8.1 needs a bit better hardware and if there is a dedicated video memory then the output is more better. I had seen this in old system...
  32. Re: Windows 7 re-installation giving boot manager missing error

    Can be a memory issue. I had got the issue while installing windows in a old laptop. It was a Core 2 Duo system with 500GB hard drive. Due to virus it was working slow. So I thought to re-install...
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    Re: What is new in Debain 7.0

    The new edition will power your cloud requirements. It is common that many are now working on offering a stable cloud support. So that you can access your files from any place you want. This new...
  34. Re: Remove media disk error on formatting netbook via Windows bootable usb

    Somehow it is always complicated to install windows again and again. That is the reason I always keep a image file ready. It is same like formatting. Whenever my system has a issue I run the system...
  35. Re: Message box scrolling on Windows 7 is not smooth

    Remove the ram and install it back. It can be a ram issue. Try to change the slot. Hook it on some other working slot and test back. I am sure that will be enough to fix the issue.
  36. Re: Windows 8 just keeps on restarting to install updates

    Can you mention the KB number of that update. I think I can help you in locating a proper hotfix for that. Sometime updates causes new issue in the system. And to fix the same Microsoft offers a...
  37. Re: Windows 8 always logs to temporary profile but wont login to default profile

    Looks like issue with damage system files. That can be avoided by running a system file checker. Launch cmd in safe mode and then type sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will scan your system for...
  38. Re: Hard Drive Comparison for Windows Vista setup

    The rpm thing here is helpful for those who are really serious about data backup. Like taking regular data backup from one pc and copying them to some other in the network. If the drive speed here is...
  39. Re: No suitable graphic error after re-installing Windows Vista

    The error is associated with your system graphic card. Vista is not able to detect any of those due to which you are facing problem. Just keep on install drivers the problem will be resolved. Try to...
  40. Re: How to fix damage Windows Updates on Windows 7

    That is the reason I always go for manual process of update. When you click on manual updates, windows will give you the list of recent updates .You can ignore which is not required and apply...
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    Re: Migrating Vista setup on a different pc

    No you cannot. There is no way to migrate a operating system. You can just more your files. That's also. Also for that there are some automated backup tools that can regularly backup your files and...
  42. Re: BSOD on Windows 8 after adding a new motherboard

    That is because you had change the hardware and you will have to update your system drivers. I will advice you to install Windows 8 back on your system. Which will be more appropriate. Just...
  43. Re: Constant web camera crash on live video streaming on windows xp

    There are some free web based service that offers you directly stream video through the web cam. It works really fine. You just need to connect your web cam and the camera turns on the website. Later...
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    Re: Monitor CPU performance on Ubuntu

    At the time of installation had you created a Swap space. In Windows you do not need to create a separate partition for Virtual Memory. Windows itself manages Virtual Memory based on a limit. But in...
  45. Re: Windows 8 - BSOD ERROR 0x00000124(ntoskrnl.exe+52a489)

    There are possibilities that some newly installed application might be causing this BSOD. However, I am not so sure about it but I would try uninstalling recently installed application one by one to...
  46. Re: Windows 8 installation gets stuck with an error on 80 percent

    Conditions that should be true before installing windows 8 on any system
    Run Windows 8 upgrade assistant tool and do the suggested task.
    If you are updating to windows 8 over windows 7 then make...
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    Re: Can I run Windows 8 on HP Mini Note 2133?

    I tried running Windows 8 on HP Mini Note 2133 and the results were not good. Windows 8 installed properly without any problems and also started properly in this laptop. The problems began after I...
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    Re: Windows 8 error code 0x80042316

    Another method of keeping the Volume Shadow Copy service free is by adding some files to the windows/system32 folder in Windows 8. Use command prompt to get to this folder add then add the following...
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    Re: OS X Mountain Lion installation corrupted

    You can remove the install app by holding the option button down and then entering the Purchases tab. It is not linked to any other app and thus you can delete it without any fear. I know that since...
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    Re: Good and bad points of Windows 8

    I think that the interface of Windows 8 is made like that of smartphones. But this interface looks great in the smartphones because of their use and their screen size. But here in desktop PC, it all...
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